Freaky Flyers (GC) Cheats

Freaky Flyers cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Prof. GutenburgUnlockable during Torpedo Run. Once the stage has started fly left above the rocks and you'll spot a submarine (yellow). Destroy the submarine to unlock Prof. Gutenburg.
Margaret BasherDuring your travels through Thugsville, you will encounted a harbour. Once there, fly across the water and under the bridge you just exited and you will find three ships. On one, there is a crate holding a British flag. Shoot this to unlock Margaret Basher.
Sammy WasabiYou need to go to the dense bamboo forest of Monster Isle, situated before the flying green suited monster. You will encounter a large building boasting four guns. At the top you will see Sammy Wasabi with an animal, shoot this animal to unlock Sammy Wasabi.
Andre LatoiletteYou need to find a building on top of a rock sporting a crane after Bigfoot Mountain. In front of the building is a snowman look alike of Andre which turns out he is trapped inside, shoot this to unlock Andre Latoilette.
Sheik AbdulJust after the start of the race, you will see a light coloured square structure. You will find Skeik Abdul being assaulted by a guy suited in black with a sword. Shoot him to unlock Skeik Abdul.
Cactus RoseAs the race starts at Coyote Canyon, dive down to your right to a street in the small town. Fly through this street and you will end up at the town hall and will see Cactus Rose being hanged with a hangman's noose. Shoot the gallows to save her and unlock Cactus Rose.
Island JackTravel to the jungle of Danger Island and fly below the tree tops to the far left. You will encounter a giant snake constricting a guy. Shoot the snake and you will unlock Island Jack.


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Unlock Pilot X
You need to play through X, the last level in adventure mode. Destroy his robot and Pilot X will become a playable character in all the different modes bar adventure mode.


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Unlock Everything
Start a file with the name ZENBU.