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Fractured Soul: Deep Void

Fractured Soul: Deep Void, as its name implies, is a game with a unique duality to it. This 2D platforming shooter required the player to play one game on two screens at the same time. The player controls which screen is "active" at any given point of time, meaning they can escape certain death on one screen in favor of delightful safety on the other. It's truly an experience only capable of existing on the Nintendo 3DS.

The core feature of Fractured Soul: Deep Void is a single button that swaps the player from one screen to the other. Meanwhile, on the other screen, a mirrored ghost still remains. This ghost will copy every action that the player makes, but otherwise have no presence regarding gameplay. They'll hover over pits, take no damage from bullets and have lasers burn right through them. So long as the player is on the opposite screen, the ghost is otherwise invincible.

Thus does Fractured Soul: Deep Void find its depth and challenge. The player will be tasked with jumping between the two worlds in order to conquer all manner of obstacles. A gap too wide in one world will have a precise platform waiting in the other. An enemy impossible to defeat in one world can otherwise be ignored by passing over into the other. Brief jumps to avoid bullets, followed by a return in order to lay waste are common -- it makes all manner of gameplay a puzzle.

As for story, well, try tying together parallel worlds, a sci-fi world involving robots and spaceships, and some sort of death counter. What I'm trying to say is the story is the experience and otherwise there's not much else to Fractured Soul.

Fractured Soul: Deep Void is an exclusive title for the Nintendo 3DS, though the original Fractured Souls which features similar ideas and mechanics is available on PC.


Fractured Soul's 3DS dual screen platforming releases tomorrow, launch trailer delivers

Not for those who easily get motion sickness

Sep 12, 2012, by Rory Young | 2 comments

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