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Neoforums Smilies

Thanks to contributions from our great forum members, Neoseeker has a growing list of quality "smilies" or "emoticons". This document is designed to be a map of sorts for the smilies, because there are too many to remember off the top of the head.

Please use these smilies sparingly and with class... smilies are awesome fun when used in moderation and really add to the character of the forums.

Customize and Custom Smilies

You can customize what smilies show up in your forum posting form, and also add up to 5 completely custom smilies of your own by editing your smilies.

Smilies List

Here's the list of "offical" smilies.

:) :P ;) :( 
:| ;( :D :confused: 
:cool: :# :o ^_^ 
:colored: :thick: :angry: :ashamed: 
:hypno: :_puke: :sonic: :sonicshadow: 
o_O :laugh: :angelwings: :_devil2: 
:angel: :blackeye: :_dead: :_devil: 
:eating: :_phantom: :rainbow: :sleeping: 
:annoyed: o.O :_dumbfounded: ¬_¬ 
:blinkyeyes: :rolleyes: :moony: :_oooh: 
:shifty: :_oops: :notamused: :whatever: 
:suikiasmile: :coolcat: :lock: :redanger: 
:frag: :skully8: :_ps_tri: :_ps_circle: 
:_ps_x: :_ps_[]: :_ps_up: :_ps_right: 
:_ps_down: :_ps_left: :_ps_l1: :_ps_l2: 
:_ps_r1: :_ps_r2: :epic: :bigfrown: 
:happy: :salty: :shocked: :_pointy2: 
:XD; :nothappy: :ninja: :shroom: 
:1up: :kirby: :_pokeball: :yoshi: 
:samus: :snake: <3; </3; 
:yinyang: :triforce: :mario: :luigi: 
:holymateria: :meteormateria: :_pointy1: :_dragoniteballz: