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Author:   muddyfunsta
Date:   Mar 17, 12 at 2:34am (PST)
Subject:   The Old King Cole Battle
Old King Cole is in the train station in glitter gulch mine. You have to go down the stream, you do not need the talent torpedo. Make sure you have enough grenade and ice eggs, you may need some normal eggs. When you defeat Old King Cole, collect the Jiggy. Then go to the front of the train. Stand on the green pad with 2 circles, press B. You will get your train stations list, press A to select a station to go to. If you do not have train station in your list, you will not be able to ride on the train and will need to exit the way you came in. Tip: There’s one train station in the cliff tops. There’s a split up pad in Plateau. After you have turned into Banjo go up the slope. Jump on the square pad with Banjos face on it then press B and you will turn into kazooie. When you go up the slope as kazooie jump on the square pad as kazooie with kazooies face then the gate will open to cliff tops.

Author:   timberwolfv1
Date:   Feb 25, 15 at 8:59pm (PST)
Subject:   re: The Old King Cole Battle
I remember this battle, it was pretty fun, although I remember the camera angles being a little wonky and that did me in a few times

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