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Author:   Simon the Nekonin
Date:   Dec 14, 07 at 4:43pm (PST)
Subject:   The Fire Emblem Test
2 weeks for this.

PM me for the answers, the winner is the person who said the most right answers.


Question 1:
a) Who was responsible for the Serenes Massacre?
b) What was his/her intent (what drove him/her to do this)
c) How was it done?
d) Who was kidnapped?

a) Ashnard
b) To get his hands on the medallion
c) Killed the apostle of Begnion and caused rumours that blamed the herons.
d) Lillia

Question 2:
a) What is Greil's first name?
b) What country did he used to serve?
c) What post did he have?
d) Who killed him and why?

a) Gawain
b) Daein
c) One of the four Riders
d) The Black Knight killed him to get the Medallion

Question 3:
a) What were Ashnard's true motives in the game?
b) On an hard play through, what does he do when you kill him?
c) What was Ena saying about Ashnard to Kasati?
d) What were Ena's reason for wanting to be near the king?

a) To spread war across the land to revive the dark God within Lehran's medallion
b) He touches the medallion and goes more insane
c) She was saying that the king doesn't care about Daein anymore, and his true motives were to engulf the entire nation in war, and he was using Crimea as a stepping stone to get into Gallia.

Question 4:
a) Why was Soren not enthusiastic when General Zelgius of Begnion came?
b) Why did Soren agree to help the group defend the Apostle's ship.
c) Is Soren and Beorc, a laguz or branded?
d) What was Soren doing before the war started?

a) He thought Begnion were trying to claim the win as theirs, and Crimea would fall under their leadership.
b) To gain Begnion's favour.
c) Branded.
d) Studying in Melior

Question 5:
a) What does touching the Medallion supposedly do to someone who cannot control the chaotic energy?
b) Who stole the medallion from Mist?
c) Who originally owned the Medallion, and how did Mist get it?
d) How did Elena die?

a) Touching the medallion makes the holder go beserk.
b) Nasir
c) Lehran passed the medallion to Elena, Mist's mum, who gave it to Mist
d) Elena was killed by Greil

Question 6:
a) What happened when Greil touched the medallion?
b) What did Elena say to Greil after she took the medallion out of his hands?
c) Why doesn't the Medallion hurt Elena or Mist?
d) Does Mist have the great eye sight, great hearing, great tasting skills, the great smelling skills or great touching skills

a) Greil went on a killing spree when he touched the medaillion.
b) Elena forgave him as Griel slowly drew his sword out from her chest.
c) The medallion doesn't hurt Elena or Mist since they have strong balance.
d) Mist has great hearing skills.

Question 7:
a) What were Marcia's reasons for joining the Greil Mercenaries?
b) Why did Zihark join you?
c) What is the relation between Rolf and Shinnon?
d) What inspired Mia to stay with the Greil Mercenaries.

a) She wanted to find her brother, and couldn't stay with the Begnion Holy Knights will all those Tax collecters taking money because of her brother's debts. Also to repay Ike for helping her earlier.
b) To help and protect laguz (he is fighting for your cause)
c) Shinnon is Rolf's teacher
d) Ike's leadership inspired her to stay

Question 8:
a) The prime minister of Begnion is referred to as three things in game. What are all of them?
b) What did he disguise himself as in Chapter 10?
c) Why do you think the Black Knight did not attack the Prime Minister of Begnion?
d) If Ike had never met the Prime Minister back in Crimea, what do you think would've happened when they reached Begnion?

a)Duke Persis and Sephiran
b) A monk
c) The Black Knight works for Sephiran
d) There would've been no one to prove it was actually Princess Elincia, so Ike would've been rejected help.

Question 9:
a) What was Sanaki's intents the whole time while Ike was in Begnion? (What was she planning on achieving)?
b) What is her middle and Last name?
c) What are the three Bishops called in the castle when you first see her at the Begnion Castle?
d) Which Bishop had bought a heron from Naesala?

a) Stopping laguz slavery, making things right with the herons.
b) Kirsch Altina
c) Hetzel, Lekain and Oliver
d) Oliver

Question 10:
a) What were Reyson's reasons for forgiving Naesala for selling him to Oliver.
b) How would you describe Naesala's personality?
c) What are their songs called?
d) Which song was sung to save Ena's mate?

a) If Reyson was never kidnapped, he wouldn't of found his sister in the forest.
b) Betraying conniving scoundrel
c) Galdr or Galdrar
d) The Galdr of Release

Question 11:
a) Why does Kurthnaga say that he can't let Ike stay for one night in Goldoa, but still offers his courtesy?
b) Who is Kurthnaga, and how old is he?
c) Who are the kings of Phoenicis, Goldoa and Gallia?
d) Which leader was Prince Rammon friends with?

a) His father would never approve.
b) Prince of Goldoa, about 100 year old.
c) Tibarn, Cainhegis and Deghinsea.
d) Cainhegis

Question 12:
a) What is Elincia's middle and last name?
b) What is her uncle's name?
c) What is her special sword called?
d) Name three of her old heartfelt friends.

a) Ridell Crimea
b) Lord Renning
c) Amitti
d) Lucia, Bastian, Geoffrey

Question 13:
a) What was the horrible thing witnessed at Gritnea Tower?
b) What effects did it have on the people that saw it?
c) Which infamous character did you see here as well?
d) What was the good news about seeing him?

a) They saw lots of dead laguz carcasses.
b) They were all disgusted.
c) Naesala.
d) He saved Leanne.

Question 14:
a) How is Deain getting Laguz on their side (or getting laguz to fight with them)?
b) When Ike defeated Gashilama, what do you think was inside the cargo he seized?
c) What is Deain's view on Laguz?
d) Are there any Laguz slaves in Begnion?

a) Giving them Elixirs to warp them out of their natural state. Some laguz are actually hired though. (Crows)
b) Laguz, dead Laguz or Laguz skins (never specifies, but this is most likely).
c) They are evil dirty scum.
d) Yes.

Question 15:
a) Why did Jill join your army?
b) What was Shiharam forced to do to gain Deain's favour?
c) Why does Petrine think very lowly of Shiharam?
d) How did Shiharam lie to his daughter, and for what purpose?

a) Jill joined your army because, after you defeated the ravens, Jill saw how the dragons actually helped them. She thought maybe she was raised to believe a lie, and wanted to learn the truth.
b) Open the Talrega gates.
c) He is 'just a foreigner'.
d) He told her to believe that Laguz are just sub-human. scum, just so he could follow the customs of Daein.

Question 16:
a) What does Ike do straight after the war?
b) What happens to the medallion in the end?
c) What is Ike's opinion about Sephiran after they have a chat at the end of the game?
d) What does Sephiran talk to himself about out aloud after Ike leaves the screen, and he's the only one there?

a) He wants to help restore Crimea, and rips his Lord title off.
b) Mist gives the medallion to Reyson.
c) He is actually quite rude.
d) Sephiran says that the seeds of war have just been planted, and maybe Ashnard's motives actually came true in the end.

2 marks for each part of a question. If you don't know the answer, take a guess, I might be able to give you one mark or maybe a half mark or something for being on the right track about something.

Total: 128 Marks.

Good Luck! It's a lot, but let's see how much attention you were paying!

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EDIT: Added answers since it's over.

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Author:   Simon the Nekonin
Date:   Dec 15, 07 at 7:06am (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
Note: Please PM the answers to me, not post them here.

Author:   Simon the Nekonin
Date:   Dec 17, 07 at 12:58am (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
Oh ****

PM me for the answers, the winner is the person who said the most right answers.
Ahhhh! No!

I meant send what you think the answers are, then after two weeks from when I posted that is up, I'll post the correct answers, and mark everyone's.

So yeah, let's see if you can beat your peers.

Author:   Dragon
Date:   Dec 17, 07 at 9:02pm (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
I don't think I get it...

Why are there 4 questions for every...question?

Author:   Ultima228
Date:   Dec 18, 07 at 9:16pm (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
dude this test makes no sense what so ever can you please explain it?

Author:   Rex Raven
Date:   Dec 19, 07 at 3:54am (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
quote Ultima228
dude this test makes no sense what so ever can you please explain it?
What's the big freaking deal? Just put your answers in this format:


Author:   Simon the Nekonin
Date:   Dec 19, 07 at 4:14am (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
quote Dragon
I don't think I get it...

Why are there 4 questions for every...question?

It goes by topic. So, for the Sephiran topic, I had four questions on him. For herons, I have four about them.

Each small question is worth 2 points, meaning a question as a whole adds up to 8.

If you find out you didn't do so well for one question, it means that your knowledge isn't too good for that part. If you got full marks for a question, it means you know a lot about that section.

Doing this quiz is as simple as answering each question. (I know it's long, but this is to decide how smart you are at FE).

So, if you follow Rex Raven's format, just place the answers.

I'll make an example set of questions just to make sure you understand.

Example questions:
a) Who is Ike's dad?
b) What colour is Ike's hair?
c) Who is Mist's brother?
d) Name the first character you ever fight.

Example Answers
a) Greil
b) Blue
c) Ike
d) Boyd

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Author:   InsanityS
Date:   Dec 19, 07 at 12:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
quote Simon the Nekonin
c) What are their songs called?
Whose songs? Reyson's and Naesala's? As in the songs listed in the sound test?

Author:   Simon the Nekonin
Date:   Dec 19, 07 at 12:16pm (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
What is the specific word for the songs that the herons sing?

Author:   InsanityS
Date:   Dec 19, 07 at 12:40pm (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
Oh, what the heron songs are referred to. I see.

Author:   Simon the Nekonin
Date:   Dec 20, 07 at 3:10am (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
By the way guys, you need to spell the names of people correctly, or I might deduct marks. So if you wish to see your answers again to check for mistakes, just send a PM and I'll send your answers to you.

Author:   Ultima228
Date:   Dec 20, 07 at 4:34pm (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
well i still dont get it but whatever.

Author:   The Deathwind
Date:   Dec 20, 07 at 5:28pm (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
It's Greil, not Griel.

Author:   Dart fan
Date:   Dec 20, 07 at 7:08pm (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
Well I know the anwser for all the questions from 1-10 but after that I was just like screw this. Sorry Simon but this test is was to long. :/

Author:   Simon the Nekonin
Date:   Dec 21, 07 at 9:40am (PST)
Subject:   re: The Fire Emblem Test
quote The Deathwind
It's Greil, not Griel.
Was that the only spelling mistake you spotted? Lucky me. (Fix'd now)

Sorry I just had to make it long to cover everything (well, a lot of things).

Ultima228 - Just write down the answers! It's that simple. Answer every question! I don't understand what there's not to 'get'.

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