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Author:   linkoni
Date:   May 20, 12 at 3:01pm (PST)
Subject:   soul
name:soul age:15 race:Hyrule sex:male wepon:master sword (evil) and 2 blades bio:to take over hyrule and kill his brother link and then murder his god gondorf!once and for all

Author:   Dr.who
Date:   Jul 1, 12 at 5:54am (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
Righto! heres mine!

Name: Talawaiyne (Pronounced Tal-uh-wayn) A.K.A. Sage of Twilight

Age: Varies

Race: Twy-lian (Twili Hylian Crossover)

Birth Place: Outskirts of Ordon Village

Weapon: Sword of Twilight. A sword thats blade alternates between yellow orange blue and red. he can control Light and Shadow.

Special Powers: use of Tri force and Dark Triforce ( a red upside down triforce that can cloak the world in complete darkness.) the 2 tri forces together make a lock unbreakable by anyone but The Hero of Time (Link from Ocarina of Time)Dark Link, and the Savior of Twilight. ( A name i made up for Link of The Twilight Princess)

Background: He was born in the Ordon village and regularly practiced sword with his father link. when he was 10, the sage of darkness came to destroy hyrule but was stopped by link.when he was 20 the sage of light went rogue and tried to take over hyrule. Link was nearly killed because of this and Tal, had found his power within, using the tri-force, and dark tri-force symbols to make an un breakable prison to contain the two rogue sages. all sages appointed talawaiyne the sage of twilight, to have power over light and darkness. he used the temple of time to go 140 years in the past, to when death mountain erupted, covering hyrule in ash. the cause of this was that the master sword was possesed by dark link, and opened the gate to the twilight realm. Tal gaurded it for 120 years until a blonde guy that yelled "HYAH!" tried to get through. together, midna link Talawaiyne and even the hero of time, stopped dark link. midna decided to stay in hyrule and marry link.
Appearence as Young: Links hair style that is split down the middle into two different colors. Red and Black. His face is that of a hylians, half split between pale and black. he wears a cape that is colored White, Yellow, and Black. He is aprox. 5' 9 172 lbs. Old Sage: Talawaiyne has a robe colored the same way as his cape that covers his entire body, and a black and yellow cloth mask that covers all but his right eye.

and as for the cartoon, well EXCUUSE MEE PRINCESS

Author:   SouloverSpirit
Date:   Jul 3, 12 at 2:51pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
Name: Varies
Age: Varies
Race: A little known and incredibly rare type of Hylian, it is known as "Shapeshifter"
Weapon: Varies
Special Powers: Can turn into anything it has seen, as long as it is living (ex. It can't become a rock.)
Background: Abandoned at birth due to his or her strange ability, it was forced to grow up alone. Supossedly, as it got older, it became increasingly resentful of other races. It seems to have found more of its race once Ganondorf attacked Castle Town and conquered Hyrule. They become an 'enemy' by killing them, and thus taking on the role of the deceased, then gradually repeat the process.

As I said, very little is known about these strange Hylians, so that's all the info you get.

Author:   GaTheZakk
Date:   Jul 15, 12 at 12:54pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
Name: Isaac
Race: Gerudo
Birthplace: Another continent somewere outside Hyrule

Isaac was born and raised in a town called Imil until one day he learns that he must seek out his true heiritage thus leading him to a new continent, the land of Hyrule.
During his adventure he meets many faces some nice, some not so nice, some just down right strange.
Isaac thinks Gorons are dumb, Zoras are pretty cool, but then this one type of people he encounters seems rather familiar to him, the Gerudos, he later finds out that he desends from Ganondorf, the great Gerudo king of evil.
Also in his adventure he crosses swords with Link, Hyrule's greatest hero and defeats him.
Isaac's intentions for Hyrule are still unknown to this day.

Isaac's look
Isaac looks rather simular to Ganondorf.
He first wears a purple tunic with a blue cape, but later changes his look to resemble his ancester, Ganondorf, of he still keeps purple and blue his primary colors to his uniform.

Author:   Suisei
Date:   Jul 17, 12 at 4:21pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
LInk's son and has the future master sword called the star blade has white hair, green eyes, and feels lonely sometimes but has a fairy named Isha. Suiseis dream is to become the greatest descendant of the Hero of Time and he promises that no monster (including Ganondorf will get in his way) beacause he is determined to make his goals and dreams come true >:P[[link name=][/link]

Author:   Tails Doll
Date:   Jul 19, 12 at 7:45am (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
Name:Reaper(What People Call him.)
Powers:NightVision,Invisibility,Breathing Underwater.
Background:Was Told the Hylians Destroyed his home and wants to get rid of EVERY Last one of them.
Weapons:Silver Scythe,Steel Longsword.
Dislikes:All Hylians(Mostly Link)
Birth Place:Zora's Domain.
Wears:A Black Cloak Designed for Him.

Author:   Fireball54
Date:   Jul 30, 12 at 8:47pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
I have two characters and the are unbeatable because no matter what the can both regenerate themselves from the smallest particle ever.
Name: Maverick
Race: unknown but they appear to be immortals
Age: 4 billion
Info: Super strong can lift objects with weight as 200 Jupiter's. Way faster than the speed of light and his family is unknown. He cannot tell a lie and is a force of justice even someone trying to blackmail someone else is a crime to whatever is race is and anyone caught breaking more than 9 laws would utterly vaporized. He wields a sword that can cut through anything and cannot be destoryed it is pretty much like the sword in thexskyward sword game but much much stronger and deadlier. He cannot be out matched except by his rival The mega shadow
Abilities: He can use the power of the elements along with magic.

Name: The mega shadow
Race: same as Maverick
Age: unknown
Info: Pure evil and as strong as Maverick his sword is like Maverick's in everyway but it is dark. Speed is the same as Maverick's. Not much else is known
Abilities: He can control the power of darkness and thunder. Can hypnotis people to do his bidding. He has been a thorn in Maverick's side for over 5 thousand years and has broken over a total of 60 different laws from each race that is known.

Beat that suckers oh wait you can't because my guys cannot be defeated.

Author:   Fireball54
Date:   Jul 30, 12 at 8:50pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
Sorry about (thexskyward) it is vet hard to type on a kindle fire.

Author:   SouloverSpirit
Date:   Aug 1, 12 at 6:36am (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
Name: None
Age: Probably around 300 million years
Race: Deity
Weapons: Anything and everything
Special abilities: Can make whatever it wishes come true.
Background: It was created by Din, Farore, and Nayru, to destroy the land in case of emergency. For reasons unknown to even the goddesses, it awoke on its own and began to destroy the heavens. In a desperate attempt to save their own asses, the three goddesses sent it to a hidden temple, deep under Hyrule. Time stood still there, which would keep it from moving. However, it managed to get free somehow, and dug its way into the Sacred Realm within the Temple of Time. It grabbed the Triforce on its way out, and absorbed it. With the Triforce at its command, and knowing only that it must destroy the land, it set out to cleanse the world of life.
It is currently locked in a battle with the two characters above this post, Maverick and The mega shadow, who have teamed up temporarily to remove this great threat from the world. However, it seems to have the upper hand, and will soon destroy The mega shadow (because he [I assume it's a he] is the weakest).

There, Fireball54, I beat your characters. One is pretty much dead, and the other probably won't hold out long without support. So, HA.

Author:   Me!
Date:   Aug 1, 12 at 11:47am (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
I <3 mine! I went as her 4 Halloween!Here she is.

Warning!:the following includes some spoilers to Ocarina of Time because that is the main game she would appear in.

Name:Din Hyrule (named after the goddess and a member of the royal family)
Age:17(1 year younger than Link)
BP: Gerudo Vally
Weapons:Archery,Mega-Biggoron sword,bombs
Special powers:Telepathy,teleportation,flight(read description),super strength(but she looks weak so watch it)
and she can move things with her mind
Background:Her mother was killed by Ganon when she was 1,and she met Link when she was 10.She has a very famous half-sister named Zelda and she is more of a bad-a rebel of a princess that hates it when people discriminate her because of her race.Her mother was queen of Hyrule until she was killed and now Din has a step-mother and a half-sister.after her friend in kokiri disapeared, she went to the forest where she reunited with Link after 7 long years. eventually they were married and became the new king and queen of Hyrule.
Description:gerudo red shoulder length hair,big blue eyes,black glasses,red lips,and she wears dark colored tunics,black tights,and black thigh-high/high-heel boots,and from one of the great fairies she got fairy wings.Her original hair color is gerudo red,but occasionally she dyes it or streaks it.She has 3 piercings in her pointy ears,2 studs at the top and 1 hoop around the bottom.
Note:she is in no way afraid to take ur head off do do not offend her or be able 2 duck and jump at lighning speed.

btw i thought of the name Din and being named after the goddess way before i knew about Din the oracle.

Author:   zelda majora's mask'
Date:   Aug 18, 12 at 12:09pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
Race: garudo sheikah fairy goron zora deku deity but normally hylian
BP:castle town
Weapons:double scyth g,throwing stars s,bow f,fist g,martial arts z,spinning,bubbles d,magic long sword and sheild d,and finaly a kokiri sword and sheild
Special powers:he has many masks
Background:he is the son of the happy mask sailsman when his dad left and didnt come backhe went in search of him and found his way to the woods where he found a own after going far from home he jouneyed to the mountains where he found a fairy in a land slide and the fairy lost its memory and after many more journys they met a kid named link kasm dousnt know link and (spoiler) neither douse navi anymore and she turned a differnt color but they go adventuring and have lots of fun times

Author:   doodledamsel
Date:   Aug 25, 12 at 1:52am (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
Name: Lulie
Age: 17
Race: Twili
BP: Twilight Realm
Weapon: Daggers in design of Twilight Sword
Special Powers: Create Portals from Twilight Realm to Hyrule and Magic
Background: Born in the Twilight Realm, Lulie was an admirer of the Dark Magic, but also Hyrulian Magic. When she was young, she had constantly been in a magic library that belonged to her father's friend. She studied up on magic and became Torolo (Father's friend) apprentice. As she grew older, so did a desire to see the rest of Hyrule. Using all of her wisdom in magic, she figured out a way to make portals between her world and Hyrule. She traveled between the two freely, and learned of the different magics, lands, tribes, and myths. During the time of Midna destroying the mirror, Lulie had created her own portal for the first time and went through it.
Appearance: Lulie is 5'9" and weighs 112 pounds. She has bright orange hair that is pulled back into a high ponytail, and red eyes. She is thin and toned, and she has bluish/grey skin, with her lower legs and upper torso black, she also has the brights designs over her skin. She wears a cloak, a small maroon gem on her forhead, as well as black anklets and bracelets.

Author:   The N-Man
Date:   Apr 9, 13 at 9:59pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
So, this is inspired by AWESOMENESS!!! XD

Name: Noria
Race: Hylian/Sheikah
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Weapon: A Magic Dagger
Relatives: Link (Cousin)
BP: Unknown

Description: A beautiful, blonde, young woman with hazel eyes and high cheekbones. She resembles Link in many ways. She looks soft but in reality she is a stealthy warrior with the instinct to kill. She is very much in shape and can use a variety of weapons, although she prefers to use her silver dagger, which is known to have some mystical power.

Bio: She was born into Kakariko Village. Her mother's name was Carona, and her father's name was Korhan.
Her connection to Link existed on her mother's side of the family, while Sheikah blood existed on her father's side of the family. At age 19, Ganon had planned to raid Kakariko Village. Somehow, the Village had found out ahead of time, which resulted in all of the warriors standing guard, day and night. Her father knew they had to get their daughter safe from the dangers that will arrive soon. So, against her mother's will, she put on her cloak and darted off into the night sky on horseback. Suddenly, her father runs after her, screaming her name at the top of his lungs. She stops to let her father catch up. He entrusts her with his favorite silver dagger. Then, as quick lightning, she disappeared into the night sky.
She found herself entering the Gerudo Desert. She didn't know anything about the Gerudo women. Soon after she arrives, she quickly becomes friends with all of the women there. She is taught the ferocious techniques of the Gerudo and becomes one of them. She adapts to their ways and forgets all about her family at home.
One day, when she is fully trained, she finds her silver dagger in the bottom of her daypack. As soon as she saw it, she remembered all about her past. She then realizes her destiny.
She sets out on her quest to kill Ganon.
She meets Link in the process and the two become battle partners (THEY ARE NOT IN LOVE THEY ARE COUSINS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!XD) as well as best friends. Together they defeat Ganon and reclaim Hyrule.

Thanks for reading!

Author:   The N-Man
Date:   Apr 16, 13 at 10:10pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
Hi! I'm back! I'll most likely going to make more characters so..... yeah. I made a whole lot of other characters but..... THIS STUPID WEBSITE STOPPED WORKING ON MY OTHER LAPTOP!!! -Based off of OoT 3DS-

Name: Zalo
Race: Sheikah
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Weapon: Spear/Magic
Relatives: Impa (Mother)
BP: Hyrule Castle

Description: He's tall, muscular young man with brown-hair and a sparkling smile. He is kind, handsome, and quick on his feet. He is extremely skilled with a spear, proving this at a young age.

Bio: His mother's name was Impa, who was sworn in as a loyal body guard to the Royal Family of Hyrule. Who did she guard, exactly? Princess Zelda, of course. At the time of Zalo's birth, Zelda was about four months old. "It's time!" Impa says. " The baby's coming!" She was rushed to the hospital wing immediately. She gave birth to beautiful baby boy. Zelda's father had some carpenters travel to the castle to build Zelda and Zalo a nursery for the two to dwell in. Zelda's father put the two together only because he wanted Zelda to grow up feeling like she had a sibling.
As time passes, the two become the best of friends. They have many crazy adventures, some dangerous, some courageous, some even inexplicable. Until one day......
Both of them were about twelve years old. It was a stormy night, and Zalo was fast asleep. A man with green skin and reddish orangish hair riding on horseback aproaches Zelda and the two briefly exchange words when she starts screaming at the top of her lungs. Impa darts to her feet, snatches up Zelda, and hops up onto her pony with Zelda. The two dash off into the stormy night. BUT THEY FORGOT ZALO!!!
When Zalo wakes up in the morning, he doesn't see anyone at the castle. He heads towards the market to find a Kokiri kid with blonde hair and a green tunic. "Hmmmmm...." Zalo thought. He remembered about something Zelda said the other day. He decides to follow this Kokiri (STALKER!!!), who was apparently going to the Temple of Time. The Kokiri placed three gems onto an alter and then plays a tune on an ocarina. A hidden door slowly opens revealing a room with a sword stuck in a stone. " Okay, now it's weird. he thinks. He thinks for a moment and decides to read his mind (like I said, STALKER!!!) using magic Zelda had taught him secretly. He finds that Zelda has ran away with his mother. He then decides to gather his valued items and set out to find his mother and his best friend.
He finally finds them, one day, hidden in a small village far away from Hyrule. Impa says she must leave and that Zalo must protect Zelda with all of his power. He agrees, and lets his mother leave again. For the next seven years, Zalo and Zelda fight the most fearsome battles, learning much along the way. Until Zelda wakes up and says the hero has returned and she has to leave. She disguises herself as a Sheikah and goes by the name Sheik. She then departs, leaving Zalo to fight his own battles. He does well on his own. He survives easily and decides to slowly make his way back to Hyrule. When he arrives there, he sees that peace has been restored to the land he heads straight for Hyrule Castle to be greeted with warmth. He continues life as he would have seven years ago. And they live happily, ever, after. Or did they? -Maniacal Laughter- TO BE CONTINUED (maybe)

Author:   The N-Man
Date:   Apr 17, 13 at 6:20pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make your own Zelda character
What's up people? I'm making another character and it's going to be cool. By the way, all of my characters are based off of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (A.K.A. OoT) for 3DS. I also recommend playing this game (with 3DS, Wii, or even N64) because it's an awesome game. Also, if anyone has questions about the game, I'm an open book! Glitches, Cheats, Secrets, Easter Eggs, etc. I know everything about the game (even how to beat the running man--THERE IS A WAY!!! I can prove it). Enjoy!

Name: Konti (Kontia
Race: Kokiri
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Weapon: Slingshot/Magic Ring
Relatives: Saria (Sister)
BP: Kokiri Forest

Description: A short, stylish child with blonde hair and an elvish grin. Her eyes are electric blue and is full of mischief and curiousity. She has a magic ring which can let her blend in with her surroundings, which nicely adds to her ability to run quickly. She is also handy with a slingshot and always a glowing fairy named Dole.

Bio: She was born (even though they're are all kids ) in Kokiri Forest. She had Kokiri royalty in her blood, so she received a silver ring with the family crest engraved on it. This ring was known to have a magic power, which Konti discovered was camoflage. She grew up a normal Kokiri life, and proves herself to be very clever and athletic. She always wondered about the areas outside of the Kokiri Forest. Then one day, she hears a rumor about a Kokiri who actually left the forest. She was stunned. No Kokiri would even dare leave the forest. Or would they? She decides to ask Saria about the Lost Woods. She had not actually been inside the Lost Woods quite yet. Konty was extremely curious about what lied in the woods, and needed to know how to navigate herself anyway. Saria told Dole (a.k.a. Konti's fairy), who can remember everything, the directions and where to go and where not to go. She remembers all of it, and the two set off. They just wander around for a little bit, until they find a small hole that led to a small grotto. "Cool!" Konti says. She looks around and finds a tiny tunnel and decides to burrow into it. As soon as she comes out of the other end, she sees a brown treasure chest. "Wow! I wonder what's inside....." she says in awe. She slowly opened the latch on the chest and peered inside. "A slingshot!" she exclaimed. But suddenly, a rumbling noise followed by a scream startles Dole and Konti to the bone. A Redead (from OoT) creep out of the ground. Konti tells Dole he needs to target the Redead's weak spot so she can use her slingshot to bring it down. Dole agrees and zooms in. Konti quickly reacts and started to fire rapidly. The Redead quickly dies (again) and the two rejoice. They quickly make their way back to the forest and tell Saria about everything that happened. She also says she wants to explore the rest of Hyrule. "If your heart is set to it, go ahead. And just remember, I am not afraid to back you up. We can communicate through our rings, so call me if you need me. I love you. Goodbye." Saria says. Konti bids her goodbye and leaves.
She is now famous throughout Hyrule and is known as an extraordinary Kokiri explorer. She is friends with King Zora, Princess Ruto, Darunia, Impa, Nabooru, and even Zelda! Her current whereabouts are unknown, but she will only get more famous. She also finds Link on her quest, but decides to ignore him.

Hoped you liked it! Please tell me what you think of my character! Thanks.

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