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Author:   C_J
Date:   Mar 25, 05 at 8:50pm (PST)
Subject:   Madd Dogg Mission (helppp)
damn i must do now a mission of madd dogg in Las Venturas but everytime i start the mission than a scene will come but after that he says that i must rescue Madd Dogg and than if that is gone it will be mission failed even i didnt something

please can someone help me
i will be very thankfull

P.S i will not start a new game
i want something else

Author:   BeZ
Date:   Mar 25, 05 at 8:54pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Madd Dogg Mission (helppp)
i struggled to understand exactly what you were trying to say there but i think you were talking about the glitch where as soon as the cutscene ends its mission failed, as far as i know there are no fixes for this glitch so your just going to have to restart the game

Author:   TazzleRazzleDazzle
Date:   Mar 25, 05 at 8:56pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Madd Dogg Mission (helppp)
Yep, before this mission starts you should ALWAYS make another save just incase this glitch gets in, that way you can just not use that save and use the other one.

I don't know if that works as I have never encountered the glitch, but after hearing about it I always make a backup.

Author:   C_J
Date:   Mar 25, 05 at 9:00pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Madd Dogg Mission (helppp)
damnit than i must start all over againg
man i hate that glitch for 100%

Author:   Misbahudin14
Date:   Apr 23, 13 at 2:49am (PST)
Subject:   re: Madd Dogg Mission (helppp)
that means you are using cheats more than 500 times,chech the cheat counter in the Stats,and MISC.
Begin a new save game,and don't use cheat like a crazy.
I usually use Money+health+armor,good cops,and infinite ammo cheats every load a game,
hope it helps

Author:   Dilute
Date:   May 2, 13 at 9:24am (PST)
Subject:   re: Madd Dogg Mission (helppp)
You might have used a whole lot of cheats, and you are even warned before saving the game right there.
It would be better if you restarted the game. And as a challenge, try playing the game WITHOUT CHEATS. It is challenging as well as fun, and it sorta makes you feel proud that you did it ithout using cheats

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