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Author:   donny
Date:   Jan 28, 01 at 4:29am (PST)
Subject:   x-squad level 3
does any one know where the lift is when you open up the door

Author:   jake
Date:   Jan 7, 02 at 3:16pm (PST)
Subject:   re: x-squad level 3
hi i hope you can help me out- i have bought two x squad games and when i get to end of level one and it says push start button to continue the game freezes !! so i figure it has to be something stupid i am doing that it does this . thanks

Author:   Fritztoten
Date:   Apr 5, 02 at 4:08pm (PST)
Subject:   re: x-squad level 3
Jake I had the same problem with level 2 to 3, I was using a Game Shark, and I think thats what is freezing it up. The ONLY way I could complete 2 and go to 3 was to re-start level 2, and play through it with NO codes activated. I think when using those Game sharks things they are whats lockin' it up, if your not using them, then I'm as lost about this as you. Let me know if your not using a shark, and if someone has a better answer for you, because I too am having this problem.

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