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Author:   airbornecr7
Date:   Mar 30, 14 at 1:15pm (PST)
Subject:   Is PES 2014 still a terrible game?
Hey lads

I havent' played the game in months and got it in December. Funny thing is I absolutely loved the demo, it blew me away so I got the game

SoI am wondering

Do players still feel like a 50 ton truck? Are shots still delayed? Is the passing still a pile of garbage? Are the centerbacks still drunk? Are the goalies finishing up their steroid cycle? I looked around and couldn't find anything, that's when you know it's bad, the forum isn't even talking about the game anymore. even though they realased world cup shit dlc.

thanks guys.

I am not a pes basher in any way. I only plyaed pes13 and to me the best football game I have ever played. but I cannot play it anymore. I am way too good on it. My Real Madrid career mode I beat everyone 5, 6, sometimes 8 to 0. The AI is useless now. They do the same things, same runs, never shoot, and miss chances a turtle could tap in. I have tried every difficulty, professional, superstar, the one after professional, back to prof, and now superstar. My BAL guy is a legend for Barca but he is 27 and like 109, so what is the point? I score too many easy goals and win everything. I lost the world cup the season before the one I am on though, shocking loss I think it was 1-0. Never won the Euro either. Problem is I have to wait until then to actually do it, that means continue to play over and over. I tried making a new BaL guy or ML team but like I said, I am too good.

Author:   Parmar1993
Date:   Mar 30, 14 at 2:43pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Is PES 2014 still a pile of sh*t?
airbornecr7 - Just changed the title to keep it a bit more friendly. The game feels fluid and really fun to play since the new update last week and it's been massively praised by quite a few people on here and Twitter. It's worth getting if you can find a cheap copy, it's discounted on PlayStation Plus if you're a PS3 player.

I'd recommend the game now if you enjoyed 2013.

Author:   dronebrain
Date:   Apr 5, 14 at 5:40pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Is PES 2014 still a terrible game?
The game is still pretty bad. Doesn't compare to PES13 at all. PES14 is still clunky, unresponsive and inconsistent. Hope they do a better job for PES15.

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