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Author:   RYAN LEE
Date:   Jan 22, 13 at 7:02pm (PST)
Subject:   Java download not running on windows 8
i recently decided to get back into runescape, yes i know "lmao rofl you play that lame excuse of a mmorpg?!?!?!?!? ur g@y bro!" whatever. but i'm having difficulty installing java on my new laptop with the shiny new windows 8 os. i've noticed others we're able to do it no sweat, so i'm wondering how the hell they did it? i downloaded the right version for firefox (32 bit) and everything but the damned thing wont start the installation... like at all. it doesnt even come up with the security warning or whatever, it just sits there... doing absolutly nothing. if anyone could help or offer advice i'd appreciate it

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