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Author:   Loki2013
Date:   Jan 29, 13 at 5:32am (PST)
Subject:   Guide for Zenonia 5 Needed - Dont make me do it!
Hey Guys,

I have been through this great game twice now.

I have a Level 109 Wizard & a Level 109 Berserker. Both very strong but lacking really top quality items.

I would like someone to do a guide for this in terms of where they have found the best items dropped.... Aside from "In the graveyard" which is kinda obvious!.

I would like someone else to do it as I am busy with my characters and intend to soon start spending a small amount of money (that i dont have) on some zen to play about with.... But I wont be going mad.

They should give you more freedom free of charge than they do (eg moving upgrade stones should be free or at least resetting the slots).

Thanks guys!


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