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Author:   Feruna
Date:   May 02, 13 at 11:07am (PST)
Subject:   Behold: I'm selling my deck.
Hi guys,

Contact detail: kik = Feruna, kakao = Feruna
I don't sell my cards individually. You need to buy the whole package. Contact me for more detail. Payment using PayPal and in Australian Dollars (AUD). I may not have referral but you can trust me.
I'm selling my deck which contains the following:

Shivani (Max level/Base card)
Sekhmer (Max Level/Base Card)
Leviathan (Max Level/Base Card)
Agni (Max Level/Base Card)
Gilgamesh x2 (Both Max level/Both Base Card)

Thunder Dragon (Rage of the Heavens) - Not enhance
Elder Dragon (The Oldest) - Un enhance
Cerberus (Watchdog of Hell) - Un enhance
Bishop (Power of Prayer) - Unenhance)
White Knight (Heroic Figure) - Unenhance)
Lamia (Beautiful Hearts) - Unenhance
Paladin (Unbending Justice) - Max Level
Merchant (The customer is God) - Un enhance
Succubus (Bringer of ecstasy) - Un enhance)
Succubus Queen (Ruler of Love) - Un enhance
Court Entertainer (Spirit Dancer) - Unenhance)
Quetzalcoat1 (Ancient Faith) - Un enhance
Orcus (God of Death) - Un enhance
Hanuman (FirewindDeity) - Max Level
Ouroboros (Eternal Circle) - Unenhance
Ignis (Primevil Flame) 0 Unenhance
Shaman Queen (Glittering Goddess) - Unenhance
Krishna (King of Heroes) - Unenhance
Armor Dragon (Stout Defense) Unenhance
Archmage (Beyond Imagination) - Unenhance
Aldebaran (Guiding Light) - Level 48/50
Cyclops (Hungry Horror) - Unenhance
Nemea (Woodland Wildcat) - Unenhance
Water Dragon (Sentient Tides) - Unenhance)
Briseis (Serpentine Courtesan) Unenhance
Archbishop + - Unenhance
Mage Queen x3 - (Unenhance/Base cards)
Gaia (Unenhance/ base card)
Freyja (Unenhance/base card)
Diva x4 (unenhance/base cards)
Aeacus x2 (Unenhance/base cards)
Demonsword (Unenhance/base card)
Cybele (Unenhance/base card)
Beowulf x4 (Unenhance/base card)
Anu (Unenhance/base card)
Brighid the bold (Unenhance/base card)
Gerd x2 (Unenhance/base card)
Yinglong x2 (Unenhance/base card)
Abdel The Goliath (Base card/unenhance)
Atalante (Unenhance/base card)
Seraphim Angel x2(Unenhance/base cards)
Ajax (Unenhance/base card)

Hecatonchires (2nd form/unenhance)
Nemea x4 (unenhance/base cards)

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