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Author:   robertexendine
Date:   Oct 10, 12 at 7:59pm (PST)
Subject:   FT/Deity Wars/Dark Summoner Cards for Fantasica 5/6* cards
title says all, i have a ton of cards in both Dark Summoner and Deity Wars that i'm looking to trade for Fantasica 5*'s and 6*'s

you can most easily reach me via KIK messenger app, username: Boystuff

Dark Summoner Card list (A+ Cards)
LV.9 Beelzebub
Venomous Breath 7

LV.70 Slave Dance Sorceress
Increase Dodge Rate 2

LV.11 Uncouth Child
Critical Rate Up 6

LV.1 Dream Breaker Priest
LV.1 Scaled Chimera
LV.70 Evilmoth
Health Up 3

LV.70 Dawn Lilin
Celestial Lightning 1

LV.1 Child of Purification
Slumbering Breath 1

LV.70 Moonlight Selene
Increase Party Attack 8

LV.70 White Wing Sky Pirate
Increase Party Defense 7

LV.1 Silvery Goddess Queen
Increase Party Attack 1

LV.70 White Winged Elite
Agility Up 4

LV.70 Blood Blob
Slumbering Breath 6

LV.70 Blood Blush Vanessa
Decrease Enemy Defense 4

LV 70 Torrent Rusalka
Heal 1

LV.19 Spite Devil Mage
Decrease Enemy Attack 5

LV.70 Child of the Pit
Agility Up 7

LV.1 Dawn Lilin
Decrease Enemy Defense 1

LV.36 Time Void Golem
Increase Party Attack 1

LV.70 Black Gear Wraith
Impulse Down 3

Soul of Enlightenment
(6 more pages of A cards)

Deity Wars Cards
2x LV.80 Odin LR
5x Tsukiomi SR
LV.70 Empress Jessie Sophilatia SSR
LV.70 Guardian Angel Virtues SSR
LV.60 Eden SR
LV.60 Exusiai SR
LV.60 Supernal Judge Sariel SR
LV.60 God of Sky Horus SR
2x King Kujata SR
68x Life Elixir
41x Battle Elixir
(several Pages or RR and R cards as well)

Also Looking for Time Elixirs in Fatasica

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