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Author:   Flipcarroll
Date:   Jan 28, 13 at 8:29pm (PST)
Subject:   Razer Electra Popping Sound
I have had my Razer Electra headset for a while now, and when I first got them they were amazing. It took me some time to get used to the shape of them, but once I did, I loved them. However, when I had some friends listen to them, they said that there was a popping sound that made it sound like it was playing a really low quality song really loud. I have not noticed this at all, the only time I have ever heard anything similar is when I was listening to a very bass heavy song and there was a bit of static when I turned it up a lot. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem, or if there is something messed up with my pair.

Author:   crossmansam
Date:   Feb 5, 13 at 9:25pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Razer Electra Popping Sound
I've been looking over google for some time. It seems no one else has this problem with them.
I see you mention that you listened to a very heavy bass song on loud volume, this may be the cause. I hope I've started to help...
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