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Author:   darksummoner81
Date:   Oct 1, 12 at 1:22pm (PST)

two 5 Star Cards

Lord of inferno and phoenix (One of the best 5 Stars)

For a good AA or ULTRA RARE from LOC for one 5 star.

looking for things like tengen or near equivalent value.

email me at

Author:   UAEglory
Date:   Oct 11, 12 at 10:34pm (PST)
Subject:   re: TRADING GC FOR DS
I want lord of inferno.
what do u want from the below list for it ??

170 EP
Blood Sword Tengen (AA+) Maxed (S3)
Night Emperor Vecator (AA+) Maxed Celestial Lightning
Sara (AA+) Maxed (S3)
Adan (AA+) LvL60 (S5)
Vlad (AA+) maxed (S5)
Rot Cast (AA+)
Vlad (AA)

Flame Kagutsuchi (A+)
Magma Dragon (A)
Frenzy Dragonite (A)
Magic Light Dragon (A+) (s4)
Marbas (A+) (S2)
Blood Flame (A+) (S8)
Bloos Flame (A+)
Dust Colossus (A)
Sea of Clouds (A)
Death Call (A)
Magic Light Dragon (A) 4 cards
Balrog (A+) lvl 56 (S2)
Brave Pharaoh (A+)
Deep Sea Destruct (A)
Devil of Endless night (A+) Maxed (S9)
Jiangshi Fighter(A)
Vert Vucub (A+) maxed
Blazing Dragonoid (A+) (S8)
Hellfied Asura (A) 3 cards
Paimon (A+) maxed (s5)
Paimon (A+) (S4)
Scrap meat (A+) Maxed
Blunt Blade Devil (A+)
Birth Fiend (A) 2 cards
Grand Color Bird (A) 2 cards
Astaroth the Accuser (A) 4 cards
Shadow Soul Knight (A+) lvl 62
Ring Dragon (A+)
Deep Dark Demon (A+) Maxed (S6)
Flame Tarasque (A+)
Furnace Dragon (A+) Maxed (S5)
Kyuuki (A+)
Pabilsag (A+) (S8)
Devil of the Abyss Maxed (S10)
Hellfire Talos (A+)
Sear Djinn (A+) (S4)
Wretched Black Wing (A+)
Hellfire Talos (A) 3 cards
Sear Djinn (A) 3 cards
Dragon of Mars (A)
Ladon (A+) (s3)
Nidhogg (A+)
Skeleton Minotaur (A+)
Ladon (A+) 2 cards
Beelzebub maxed (S8)
Gangrene Roc (A+) (S5)
Child of Pit (A+) LVL 41 (S11)
Child of pit (A) 4 cards
Cruel Black wings (A+)
Scorn Black wings (A+)
Dark Elf Berserker (A+)
Blood Blob (A+) (S8)

LOC cards
Master Tinkerer Apprentice lvl 60 (Ultra Rare) maxed (S8)
Deus Ex Machina (Rare EX) lvl 41 (S4)
Athena (ultra rare)
Eager Ammit (Rare EX)
Pondering Belial (Rare EX)
Deranged Nightmare (Rare EX)
Ominous Reaper (Rare EX) 3 cards
Herolord Verethragna (Rare EX)

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