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Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Sep 27, 12 at 6:47am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Alex Riley
Finisher - Ry-Plex - Snap Fisherman Suplex

Part 2

The limousine pulled away from the curb, carrying A - Ry in tow, presumably to the arena. The man sitting across from him glowed with excitement. True, he had just had a good time with a lady much younger than himself, so what would cause A-Ry to think that he was excited at this new prospect? After two minutes of feeling the limousine turn corners sleekly and speeding up ever so nicely, A-Ry finally was comfortable enough to ask his "captor" what was on his mind?

"Why are you staring at me?"

This seemed to wake the older man from his trance. He pushed his hand back through his yellowish grey hair, and then ran his hand down over his mouth. The man, now fully revealed to be the legendary Ric Flair, the Nature Boy.

"You see kid, it's been a long time since I've been in the presence of someone in the business. I've been doing nothing but wheelin' and dealin' since my last run in the industry a year back. Forgive me if my people skills are a tad off. But here's the thing... Fate works in mysterious ways. And there's a reason that that young girl needed to be dropped off at that airport, and that reason is, you and me."

Alex Riley decided to ignore the idea of the woman all together. He had never once even considered prostitution a decent manner. He shuddered to think of what liberties Dean Ambrose might think he could take with Layla.

"And kid, let me tell you, I can take you places you can only imagine! Look at what I did to the careers of some of the biggest names in wrestling! Randy Orton made his name in Evolution! The same with Dave Batista. And who knows where HHH would be if he hadn't had that focus on him in Evolution. And as an active competitor, I worked with the best team in the business! The Four Horsemen! Plus, all those guys I put over since. All those titles I've won! I'm a sixteen time World Champion! That's something that no one in this industry has come close to beating! As a matter of fact, your opponents for tonight don't have TOGETHER as many world titles as I've had! And I know you've held zero titles all together. You haven't had a lick of gold, just like Randy Orton and Batista hadn't before Evolution!"

"Ric, I understand where you're coming from. But I don't cheat. I've never cheated in my life. I've never had someone do dirty work for me. And I never will accept that kind of advantage. Doesn't that kind of rule me out as an associate of you, who's cheated all of your life?"

Ric Flair assessed that valid point. He and Riley may never have proper chemistry together. One of them would have to change, and it obviously wasn't going to be the Nature Boy.

"Well, you're right on that. But I'm sure we can work a compromise. I'll tell you what, I'll mentor you, manage you, but that's as far as I'll go. I will never be more than a voice in your ear."

Riley seemed to accept this compromise. Flair continued.

"Let me start off by telling you about these opponents of yours. You have Dolph Ziggler, who's a wannabe Naitch if I ever saw one! He's a show-off? WOO! He's a blonde? WOO! He sells moves well? WOO! He has catchphrases? WOOOOOO! Now let me tell you something about that. Dolph Ziggler is the threat in this match. He's not going to stop at ANYTHING to win. He's a great competitor, and he has in his head that he can beat you, and that goes a long way in the ring. He has pinned you before, and that's what he'll dream about every night, as he drifts off to sleep. The fact that he can beat you! The fact that he bested you! And what you need to do, is prove him wrong! There's no cheating in a TLC match, no such thing! So anything he does, you won't be breaking any moral codes to do! You can be as much of an opportunist as he is, or as Edge is for that matter!

Speaking of Edge, you'll have to watch out for him. He's washed up. He's injured. He's seemingly half brain-dead because he's here to fight even with that threat of becoming paralyzed! But that's nothing to get excited over, because A-Ry, let me tell you, WOO! that's just what a man needs to look for the best way to win! Edge is going to try an be the most efficient he can be! He's going to hang back and let you and Ziggler kill each other, and he's going to pick up the win!

So what you're going to do, is strategize! Woo! You can fight smart, and still fight fair. What we're going to do is this..."

The conversation was abruptly ended as the limo pulled to a stop. Ric Flair raised his hand, cutting off his own speech. There were matters to attend to, papers to sign. Ric Flair would be in Alex Riley's corner for Path of Destiny. Which was fittingly named for just what Ric and Riley planned to set out on, together.

Author:   StraightedgeXSavior
Date:   Sep 27, 12 at 12:01pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please helping and welcoming to the ring, acompanyied by the ring with Vickie Guerrero, "The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler!"


Dolph Zigglers theme song hits and Dolph Ziggler comes walking out from behind the curtains and walking behind him in a cheetch dress and her cougar necklace on is Vickie Guerrero. Dolph stands at the top of the ramp and turns putting his back to the TCW Universe. Ziggler slicks his hair back then flingings the hair gel at the TCW Universe. Ziggler and Vickie then continue their way down to the ring. Walking up the steel steps Ziggler grabs a TCW labeled microphone and holds the ropes down for Vickie to get in the Ziggler himself jumps over the ropes. As the crowd chants "Ziggler Sucks" Dolph just stares at the TCW Universe then holding the microphone up to his mouth. Ziggler is getting aggraved so Vickie takes the microphone from him.

"Excuse Me!"

Vickie shouts at the TCW Universe to try and quiet them down but it only makes them louder and now start to chant "Shut Up Vickie"

"I said excuse Me!!"

Vickie shouts again but this time louder and the universe gets louder.


Vickie yells one more time, but Ziggler takes the microphone back from her and pulls her back and behind him.

"Week after week, people come out to this ring, and can't keep my name out of their mouths. Yea, I know I'm the "Show-Off". I know i am everybodys hastag heel in TCW, but that doesn't mean you can come out here and run your damn mouth, about me! Alex Riley, it seems the TCW Universe and the board love seeing us competeing against and each but that doesn't bother me, I don't mind whooping your ass week after week. But this time is different, I can use tables! I can use ladders! Also, I can use steel chairs! Riley you don't stand a chance against me, sure you might get in a shot here or there but that won't matter!"

The crowd begins to chant "Shut Up Ziggler!"

"You people can boo me all you want, it is not going to get into my head. Everytime you guys boo me I do more just to make you guys boo me more and to boo me louder! Not only am i facing Riley in the TLC match. I am also facing the "Rated R Superstar" Edge. And I'm not gonna come out here and not give Edge the credit he deserves. Edge did it all it previous companies, being World Champion numerous times, and also a numerous time tag team champions, and more. Edge, is one of the best wrestlers ever. Sure he has speared me over and over and over again, but since the last time we fought. I have gotten better, tougher, and angryer. Sure, I saw your match last week against Brock Lesnar, is was a great match. And yea, sure, Dean Ambrose and myself lost, but that not going to put Dean or myself down. This is the pay per view, this is "Path to Destiny" this is everybodys time to shine here and make an impact! This Sunday, I am making my impact and showing not only Riley and Edge, but everybody in the back Ziggler isn't here to play games, I am here to win gold and to be the best or part of the best!"

Ziggler winks at the crowd as his music hits one more time and he drops the microphone and exits the ring with Vickie as the cameras fade to black.

Author:   joey_hynes
Date:   Sep 27, 12 at 5:32pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

The Rock
Finishers: The Rock Bottom/Peoples Elbow/Sharpshooter
0-0-0 Face

as time apporoaches rock sits in the locker room watching TCW learning wat goes on in that place rock decides to pm the chairman and Cm Punk about the contract

''listen i need this moment to shine and fight wrestlers the way i can.

rock waits until a pm popped up with punk and vince.

rock decides to be face and electrify everyone in the compeny.

rock feels happy to be in a amazing sport and promises to give the show he does.

back in 2003 tcw was debuted members got on really quick.

but which show?

Pm Rock for questions

Author:   StraightedgeXSavior
Date:   Sep 28, 12 at 8:31pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler

A live stream starts on YouTube of "TCW Download" starring the "Show-Off" himself, Dolph Ziggler! Zigglerr appears on the screen with a blue and black suit on with his blonde hair slicked back.

"Welcome everyone to the second episode of the most must see YouTube show by TCW, this is TCW Download, starring, me! Dolph Ziggler! Last weeks episode already has over a million views, because I am the most must see TCW wrestler right now. But let's get into our first clip of the day."

The first clip shown shows two teen boys on a trampoline and one bounces as the other pushes him in mid air and the kid comes crashing down onto the steel frame of the trampoline, smashing his private area off the frame and screaming and crying.

"Oh man, I'm sure every male knows how that feels, except of course for Edge. But on to our next clip!"

This clip shows a 17 year old boy doing parkour and jumpin from table to table. As he is jumping from table to table, as he jumps onto the last table he breaks the table and falls through the table breaking it and hurting his back. That clip is followed up by another clip of someone else having bad luck at the last second. It shows a 16 year old teen boy running and jumping over hurtles in a race, and as he approaches the last one he doesn't jump quite high enough and falls over it and smacks his head off the ground.

"Damn, maybe those guys should've worked harder, like I do every damn day. But those two boys do remind me of someone else I know. Who is it....hmmm..Of yea! Alex Riley! Those two kids are just like him they make it to the end but then they go crashing down, just like what is gonna happen this Sunday, when in my Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match while Riley is standing on top of the ladder reaching to win the match, I will be there to push him off and be declared the winner! I am the most must see TCW wrestler! I work day in and day out of this company, proving to myself, and showing off to the world why I am the future of this company, and the entire wrestling business! No one has nothing on me! Not Riley, not Edge! Nobody!"

With that being said the live YouTube stream ends.

Author:   Suzaku_Firebird
Date:   Sep 28, 12 at 9:26pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Alex Riley & Wade Barrett

The following RP was co-written by The Voiceless and Suzaku_Firebird.

Part 3

Alex Riley and Ric Flair stood in line, shoulder to shoulder. One may assume their at the DMV, but the assortment of people around them proves otherwise. This was the line where prospective TWC wrestlers vied for contracts. In front of Flair and Riley; The International Sensation Sin Cara!

TCW Representative: Sorry. Your track record shows an awful amount of botching. Next!

"My name is Allllllbeeerrtooo!!! Deeeeeeel Riiiii--!"

"Boring. Next!"

"Uhhm, hi, I'm Colin Delaney..."

"Get out of line."

After a few more "prospects" got turned down, Riley and Flair were at the front. The TCW representative was obviously interested, and waved Flair and Riley forward, into a room off to the side. In that room, was another representative(a young, attractive red-head), who explained that this was where pay was negotiated and papers were signed. Flair was already in! No questions asked!

"Ric, while you take care of this... there's something I need to do. Think you can handle it?"

Ol' Naitch took one look at the sexy red-head, looked back at Riley, and popped his eyebrows. Riley smiled and turned out the door, which Flair shut behind him.

Part 4

Riley found himself just where he planned to be: The door of Eve Torres. He knocked, and was called in. When he came in, he saw none other than Wade Barrett in the office with Eve. From the tension in the room, Riley can tell there was a heated argument a second earlier.

"Eve, I know you're busy, but this is urgent. I need you to switch Wade Barrett and I, and I need you to do it now. Dean Ambrose has Layla, and I have the right to get my hands on him."

With that, Wade Barrett was out of his chair, and just feet from Riley. A-Ry stood his ground, but it was evident that Wade was the bigger man.

"Really now Alex? And what makes you say that? Alex, I say this as honestly as I possibly can, you are out of your god damn mind if you believe that you have enough justification to violate my right I've earned to compete in a title match."

"Easy solution. You and the title come to the TLC match. Dean Ambrose doesn't deserve a title shot anyways! He's KIDNAPPED someone!"

Wade Barrett shifted suddenly, as if he was going to hurt A-Ry. Eve stepped in the way, diffusing the situation.

"Alex, that wouldn't be very fair to Mr. Barrett, to have his odds severely lessened. Besides, if I made such a hasty decision to change a match based on request, what kind of manager would I be?"

Wade glances over his shoulder staring at the General Manager as she watches the two men. She puts on a calm face as she sits at her desk before Barrett turns back around and speaks to Riley.

"For once I am on the same side as Eve. Riley, I do not agree with Dean's.....methods, that does not mean the consequences for him should also effect me in a negative fashion. Though I still find wins and losses irrelevant in the trivial world of lies, that does not mean you, who have only won one match, and that match because of your partner, should be allowed to rip me away from a title match that I have earned."

Wade stares defiantly at Riley, who shows no desire of backing down. Barrett just smirks before turning around and walking towards the opposite side of the room. Riley begins to open his mouth to speak, but Wade instead cuts him off.

"Alex, though I will not allow you to change my title match into the TLC match, more so because I have no desire to face another man who doesn't know when to quit, nor will I allow you to insert yourself in the match instead of myself, I do have a deal for you. Riley, you want your hands on Dean. I could attempt to see how much easier it would be for you to do that. I'm not saying I would get myself disqualified blatantly in my match by bashing Dean's skull in with a steel chair, however I wonder how many times I could push the referee to the brink of calling the match in my favor....."

Noticing where Wade's thought process is going, Eve darts up from her chair and into the face of Barrett. Fear apparent in her eyes, Eve still attempts to do her job despite the sinister grin on Barrett's face.

"Wade, what you're suggesting's just insane! Josh Matthews, two cameramen, and now going into a match not with the intent of winning but just hurting your opponent?! That's sadistic! I won't stand for it!"

Wade's smirk slowly dissolves into a disapproving scowl. He cracks his knuckles, causing Eve to retreat back to her chair. With the General Manager no longer imposing herself on the discussion, he turns back around and faces Riley.

"Alex, I can hurt people and I'm very good at it. You can decide what you wish me to do to Dean tonight, how far you want me to push the boundary that has been given. Ask yourself this question Alex, and answer it honestly. Do you just want to get Layla back....or do you want Dean Ambrose in a full-body cast?"

Riley stares at Wade who offers his hand out in agreement. Riley glances down at Wade's hand before trying to fathom what Wade just offered.

"Wade, let me tell you something. As much as you'd like it to be, this isn't a world where people like you prevail. In the end, people who take the wrong route always fall behind. So, no, I'm not going to put in any special regards for you to hurt Dean. But you do what you have to to win your title. And when this all comes full circle, neither you nor Dean will have a damned penny to your name."

Riley turns away, ignoring the hand of Barrett and leaving the office in a huff as Wade just shakes his head in disapproval. He looks over his shoulder once more at Eve before following Alex's lead and leaving the General Manager alone in her office as the screen cuts to black.

Author:   bobbpugg5
Date:   Sep 29, 12 at 8:56am (PST)
Subject:   despite the header, no d-bry here

Derrick Bateman

{"John Cena. Antonio Cesaro. CM Punk. And you?" Johnny Curtis sneered as he leaned against the locker room cubicle holding his gear for the night. The NXT winner, enhancement talent and generally strange guy is standing up in the locker room, looking down and talking to someone. If the header didn't tip you off, the TCW camera pans down to the other half of this conversation and sees everybody's favorite patriot and ladykiller, Derrick Bateman. Bateman is sitting on the bench of the locker room, his elbows on his knees, eyes viewing a distant nothing, trying to concentrate. His face is that of deep thought and annoyance; his thought focused on his upcoming main event at TCW's first pay-per-view event and the annoyance placed squarely between the shoulders of Johnny Curtis. "Of those four names," Curtis continues, "which doesn't belong? Mega stars, men who have traveled the world, revolutionary superstars…and  Derrick Bateman. One of these things in not like the other…"

"Shut. Up. You," Bateman retorts. "My name may not be as well known as theirs. And maybe I will never make as much money as those guys. But some snarky remark from you is not going to knock my confidence. I still haven't been pinned here in TCW, and most people can't say that….including you, Johnny." 

"I haven't been pinned in TCW either," Johnny Curtis returns. 

"On TV, you might be right," Bateman counters, "but if you count dark matches, then your record is zero and sixteen." Curtis has no witty retort to this truth. "But a win streak isn't on the line here. I'm in this Championship series, fighting against seven other people who are all substantially better than you. And at Path to Destiny, even more people are fighting to get into the title hunt. Now instead of the original eight, who are tough enough to take out every week, now I might have to deal with Doink or Dude Love or Brian Kendrick or…"

"THE Brian Kendrick. Get the gimmick straight, dude," Curtis says to keep kayfabe alive and breathing. "And knowing you, you'll somehow find a way to stumble over your own ass and beat them, even though I won our season of NXT and technically never got the title shot I earned and yet somehow you got in this title series and now are…."

"Could we notch the hostility down from a nine to about a five, please?" The Mantastic One asks as politely as he could, obviously hearing a similar pity-me speech several times in the past. "Johnny, the reason you never got a title shot was because no one cared. The reason I'm in contention to get the belt is because people do care. And the more I beat guys like Antonio Cesaro, Nathan Jones and the Ryback, the more I get my name out there, and the more credible of a wrestler I become. I'm constantly hearing from all these guys that go out there and cut a promo on me saying how, 'Oh, I'm not even in the same league as Bateman. Oh, Bateman isn't even at my level.' Well guess what? I've hit my level cap. And if I'm not in your league, then move to a different softball division. Because this 'guy that shouldn't even be in the match' just beat you in the main event."

"Dude," Johnny Curtis moans out, now annoyed at Bateman, "you have to get off this high horse. Flash in the pan? Sure. But long-term main evener? Not a chance, man. I mean you barely eked out double-yous against Cesaro, what makes you think you can take out Cena and Punk?"

The leader of the Batemaniacs takes a breath to wonder why he hangs out with this guy and barks out, "I know I can take out those three. Cesaro still hasn't beaten me, despite all of his poppycocking and threats to me, I am still two and oh against him. And  he can go over to his little lady-boy Aksana all day, every day and try to feed his own Swiss-chocolate loving ego but we both know the truth. Beneath my luscious head of hair and his Google chrome dome, we both know the absolute truth; that for whatever reason, he can't beat me. Maybe it's some sort of giant mystical conspiracy theory, maybe it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, maybe I just have better national pride than he does. Whatever the case is, I know that come Sunday, I'm going to go undefeated with three wins against him."

"Whatever, man," Johnny quipped, now just tapping his hammer fingers into his iPhone screen instead of listening to his supposed friend. Bateman, however, is not even looking over at Johnny Curtis anymore. He is focused onto the task at hand and his mind is on Planet Stasiak somewhere, scrambling for clarity but thinking of nothing but his future opponents.

"CM Punk is a different story," Bateman argues. "Punk really thinks he's a one man revolution. He really thinks that he's better than the rest of the roster. He thinks that because he says it, that somehow makes it true. He does nothing but call himself 'best in the world' because he is hoping that a magic grasshopper will come by, hear that, and make it actually happen. But until then, he's just a Pepsi drinking, big-headed jerk. He would have a throne made of the rest of the roster, he'd sit on it everyday. This guy is the judge, jury and veterinarian of his own country in his mind."

"CM Peru," Curtis spurts out in passing, never looking up from his Run Roo Run game.

"Punk has all the talent of a Hardcore champion, and needs to get past his own self-importance before he can reach the top in this company. If he doesn't respect me, and he doesn't think that I'm worthy of being in the same match as him, then he'll get no respect from me. I'll punch him right in the tattoo. I'll be all like, 'Hey Punk, what 'cha doing' and then I'll be all like 'BLAM' and rock him right in the face. I'll just take his tattoos and lay 'em out on the dresser and bang dem things with a spiked bat like 'BLAOW.' Or something like that, I don't know. I haven't decided yet."

"And then there's John Cena," Bateman continues. "Cena is a different story entirely. As opposed to the other two, Cena's not a given. I know I can beat Cesaro. I know I can beat Punk. But Cena is a different animal. Cena is a mountain. There are no guarantees that you can climb to the top of a mountain. But I'm damn sure going to get a sherpa, get some tennis rackets for my feet, and try to stick an American flag on top of that sum'bitch. I might end up a frozen patriot half way up there, or just turn around three-quarters up like JBL, but I'm going to give it my all. And if I can make it to the top, I'm planting my flag, yelling out to the Gods above, and DBD'ing that frickin' mountain into the ground. Cena is one of the top stars in the business, in the last decade and now. Getting a win over him isn't a matter of ego or promos or hype…it's all in that ring. And I'm going to give it my all to win. Main eventing the first TCW pay-per-view is nothing to sneeze at. And a victory in it – being the last shot of the show as it fades to black – that'd be pretty cool. Pretty damn cool."

Bateman looks over after finishing his diatribe and Johnny Curtis, as opposed to listening to his passionate monologue, is still tapping away on his iPhone, passion going completely over his head. There is a thick awkwardness in the air, Bateman looking at Curtis and Curtis looking at the Retina display in his palm. They don't speak for a few more seconds before Johnny looks up and utters, "Oh, you done?"

A deep sigh. "Yeah," Bateman moans out, "I'm done."

He gets up off the locker room bench to leave with Johnny, who finally slides his iPhone into his pocket. As they exit the room, Johnny Curtis hurriedly asks, "Oh yeah, dude, what's up with all the heat between you and Justin Bieber?"

"Man, don't even get me started."}

Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Sep 29, 12 at 12:42pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
A Role-Play Written By RatedRViper and ADA 2

The camera zooms in on Edges 'The Cutting Edge' setup in the ring. All of a sudden, Metalingus by Alter Bridge plays and Edge runs into the ring, wearing his street clothes that he wore earlier on

Edge: Ladies and Gentlemen. Welome to..... The Cutting.... Edge! Now this is my first episode of this here in TCW but i know how to do it. So first off, i would like to talk about that TLC match. In sure it will be a great one and good luck to all the competitors... You'll need it

The fans chant Edge repeatedly as Edge takes a seat on the stool

Edge: Now then.. Back to the show... My special guest tonight.. Is none other than... Antonio Cesaro! Come on down Antonio

There was shockingly no theme music for Antonio Cesaro as he walked out onto the main stage, his hands behind his back as he paused for several seconds. He waited until Aksana came out with him as they both then looked at one another and walked down to the ring. Aksana reached the steps first and walked up them and got into the ring; Antonio Cesaro walked around the ring and then grabbed a microphone of the ring announcer. With the microphone in his hand he rolled back into the ring and then stood up walked over to Aksana and stood by her side as he stared at Edge. He held onto the microphone firmly as he just stared right through Edge as he then raised the microphone upwards to his mouth and then began to speak.

Antonio Cesaro: The only reason I have accepted this guest spot on this pathetic show is to put you in your place Edge. If there is one thing I hate is the so called legends of wrestling and hall of famers taking up all the spotlight and Edge that’s what you are doing right now. You are taking up the spotlight that rightfully belongs to Antonio Cesaro. Everyone is talking about you, everyone is talking about Edge. Nobody is talking about Antonio Cesaro and that sickening’s me, it truly does. I have been the face of this company right from the start and yet I still don’t get the respect and the attention that I deserve, yet you walk in here recently and all eyes are on you. You have only just joined this company Edge; in my eyes you are nothing more than a rookie. Your past counts for nothing Edge. All of your championship reigns they mean nothing to me it is what you do here and now that’s what counts and right now you count for nothing. You have a Tables Ladders and Chiars match and everyone is talking about that, everyone is talking about your match with those idiots Alex Riley and Dolph Ziggler, nobody is talking about me and the fact that I am main eventing this historic show!

Antonio Cesaro would start to lose his temper as Aksana moves closer to him and leans up and whispers into his ear telling him to calm down. Antonio Cesaro just nods his head as he then looks at stool beside him as he then moves to it and just sits down on it. He looks at Edge who was less than impressed with what he just said, but Antonio Cesaro doesn’t care as he moves the microphone back up to his mouth and starts to speak into once again.

Antonio Cesaro: I am in with the chance of becoming a champion here, I am on the verge of becoming the main superstar of this show and when that happens Edge then people like you will become irrelevant. You are a relic of the past, a novelty act and that’s it. You will break yourself tonight in your Tables Ladders and Chairs match and when you do that you will save me the trouble. You see ever since you arrived here I have had my eyes on you. Everything you stand for, everything you do, it makes my blood boil. You call yourself a wrestler, but all you are is just a stuntman. All your good for Edge is getting his with chairs, falling of ladders and crashing through tables, that’s your career summed up in one sentence. You’re a black spot on the wrestling community and you need to be taken out. You want to see what wrestling is Edge? After you get beaten in your Tables Ladders and Chairs match what my match and I will show you a thing or two. I will show you how you are meant to perform, I will show you what a truly wrestler is Edge…I will show you what Antonio Cesaro can truly do.

The camera zooms onto edge as he is about to speak. He looks quite calm even from those words from Antonio

Edge: Big, Harsh words from a Weak, Little girl... Take a look at this

The camera zooms into the titantron as Antonio stares at it

Edge: You see. Thats why i got such a big reaction... Because... Because i actually accomplished something. Yeah you xould be the champion soon. But then i will just take it from you. I will earn my shot thwn spear you and take you out. But... I do agree with you on one bit... That Dolph and Riley are idiots.

Antonio walks over to Edge and stares at him for 8 seconds before punching him in the jaw several times. As he goes for the fourth, Edge moves out of the way and delivers 5 of his own punches, sending Antonio out of the ring. As Edge follows, Aksana picks up a chair and hits Edge in the back. She throws it behind him as he turns around. Quickly reacting, Antonio picks it up and hits Edge in the back with it. Throwing the chair in the ring, he rolls edge in before getting another chair. As he picks edge up, he swings at Edges forehead, but edge moves out of the way, runs to the ropes and spears Antonio. He grabs the first chair and puts it under Antonios face then picks up the second one. As he raises it, Aksana takes it and rolls out of the ring with it, allowing Antonio Cesaro to escape. Edge stands by the ropes staring at Antonio then suddenly Metalibgus by Alter Bridge plays and then soon the camera fades.

Author:   Disenchanted
Date:   Sep 29, 12 at 4:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

September Edition

Hey everyone, hopefully you’re reading this and not just skimming through looking for your own names, lol. Good to see the rp starting off well, as always we had our people who signed up and then didn’t bother doing anything, but we’ve got rid of them now and at the moment I think we’re pretty cool in terms of activity, obviously everyone has bad weeks but on the whole everyone seems to be rp’ing fairly regularly. This PPV week is looking good so far, already read through some of the rp’s and it’s good reading for the most part. Nice to see so many people co-rping as well over the last few weeks, I always find it more fun when I’m working with someone so it’s good to see a few of you giving it a try.

We’ve already put together a lot of the PPV, so it’s gonna be ready to go up pretty promptly tomorrow night, and it looks like a good show so far. With the series reaching the halfway point it’s pretty exciting seeing who’s placed where in the table, and the race for the Championship is really heating up now, with any one of a good few people still in the hunt for the top two spots which will form the Title match at the next PPV, in a month or so’s time. We hope people are enjoying the series and it’s translation to an rp, obviously with TNA doing it it’s way more complex with countouts and DQ’s and all sorts removing points and blah, but we’ve tried to simplify it and I hope people have enjoyed it.

Anyway, I’m rambling a bit now. I hope everyone is enjoying TCW so far, and I hope people make this final show of the IRP era of TCW a good one. Good luck one and all with their matches, and I hope you all enjoy the mag, and the show!

- TCW Chairman, Disenchanted.

-- --

The roleplay of the month thiis week goes too The Hazard! For this piece:

Cena went on to win that match against two formidable opponent in Nathan Jones and Derrick Bateman! Keep it up.

-- --

Nathan Jones vs. John Cena vs. Derrick Bateman

The match of the month this week is actually the match the RP above was for. Nathan Jones (Jaffers), John Cena (The Hazard) and Derrick Bateman (bobbpugg5) with TCW series points on the line. The Hazard came out victorious but it was an extremely close encounter. It didn't knock Bateman off his game though, he's now top of the TCW series with Cena right behind him. Jones however seemed to give up shortly after he lost. Perhaps he lost his desire to wrestle? Who knows.

-- --

-- --

TCW World Championship Series

Bateman sits at the top right now with Cena hot on his heels but come Monday it can all change. Brian Kendrick, Doink, Trent Barreta, Brock Lesnar and Dude Love all have the opportunity to get their name on the standings as well. With only a month left until the end of the series, everyone is going to be looking to gain as many points as possible. It remains to be seen whether some of the competitors early slip ups will cost them though.

-- --

Blast From
The Past

A member of the Hall of Fame returned to RPing this month. That man being bobbpugg5. Here's a look back at one of his favourite roleplays posted on the 21st of April, 2006:

quote bobbpugg5
The Following is a bobbpugg5 Production


{Oh! It's the day. Finally, we're here. After well over seventy days in the making, the return of your favorite superstar has come. We're here on Smackdown, and the announcers are marking out big time for this; almost as much as I am. Wow. Can you believe it? There's absolutely no way for me to live up to the hype I've built around this day. No way. This RP will be a collossol disappointment, much like the TNW Women's Division. Oh, shnap! I'm like a parody of myself. Or something like that. But getting back onto the subject of this big day, the camera zooms in on that lame duck Tony Chimel in the center of the ring. See seems to have something special to say. What ever could it be?}

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time I'd like to present to you, the TNW fans, our special guest announcer for tonight. I present to you, the legendary ring announcer, Mr. Michael Buffer!

{I asked myself the question; what can I do to make this RP bigger? Michael Buffer. But then again, almost every question I ask myself gets the answer of Michael Buffer. "Who took out the trash?" Michael Buffer. "What's the meaning of life?" Michael Buffer. "Did I leave the stove on?" Michael Buffer. That doesn't even make sense, but I don't make the rules. Don't kill the messenger, kill Deathman48. Oh yeah, Michael Buffer. After his name is called out by the sea cow Tony Chimel, a generic, up-beat music hits and to an uproarious live crowd, the legendary "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" guy makes his way down the ramp. Buffer waves to the fans as he slowly makes his way into the ring. You know the way, the way ever non wrestler gets into the ring; awkwardly. The peanut butter cup known as Tony Chimel hands off the mic to Mr. Buffer and we are only words away. }

Michael Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight will be a night none of you in attendance, or those at home will ever forget. He is checking in six foot and one inch tall and has weighed in earlier tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds. He is a nine time WWE Tag Team Champion and a four time WWE and TNE Intercontinental Champion. He is a former TNE World Heavyweight Champion and a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. He is the founding member of the sWo. He is Captain Charisma. He is the King of Peeps. He is the Master of the Unprettier. He is The Blunt One. Ladies and gentlemen, he is the one and only, Christiaaaaaaan Caaaage!

{This anticipation can be cut by a knife! The lights all around the arena fade to black with thousands of flashing camera seeming to make their own light. The camera is glued to the entrance ramp looking for any sign of life or some sort of music to play. Then, the familiar and oh so nostalgic music begins with the belting out of "CHRISTIAN!" with that opera twist. Again, our superstars name is belted out, everyone waiting for Cage to reveal his new self. But after the second operatic yell, the music cuts off. Everyone is wondering whether this was some sort of technical error or. . . . Wait! Something new is playing on the PA system. As the Cage Countdown begins from ten to one, a new song never heard in TNW is busting out. Even though those in the arena are confused, I can tell you that it's the Bubba Sparxxx's Back in the Mudd Remix. Awesome song. Download it illegally today. But I'm breaking character. The countdown reaches one and then rushes back up to ten as the tempo of the song rushes. The Titan-Tron has a video of a major city-scape, the name 'Christian Cage' creating a frenzy of cheers. As the lights pan around, they catch a figure on the ramp, facing the curtains. }

{Deafening screams are heard as the lights come back on and the figure is revealed. Short hair, no mesh shirt, and no golden pyros, but it's still him. They've been replaced with a short crew cut, jeans, a last name, and kickin' new Bubba Sparxxx music. Christian slowly turns around to his own chorus; not one in his old theme music, but a chorus of fans going insane. Christian turns around and grins at the thousands of Peeps still loving him after a three month absence. He slaps his chest once, twice, three times and points off into the crowd to even more pops. He slowly struts down the ramp feeling like the king for the night. And he probably is. He steps up the steel steps (duh) still in awe of the fans appreciation. He goes through the ropes and quickly jumps to the turnbuckle to slap his right hand on his chest pointing off to the crowd on Smackdown and around the World watching. He comes face to face with Michael Buffer and gratefully accepts his microphone after shaking his hand. Buffer, again awkwardly, goes through the ropes and down to the crowded little time keeper's area at ringside. Folks, it begins now.}

Christian Cage: . . . . .

{The "CHRIS-TIAN!" chant echoes through the arena and silences Cage.}

Christian Cage: Thank you.

{Do I even need to say 'pop?' It's become redundant at this point. Umm. . . . Yeah. I do. POP!}

Christian Cage: Well, finally, the Blunt One is back! And let it be known right now that the Cage has been dropped onto TNW. And what are the odds? My re-debut came on National Weed Day, 4/20. Wow, I couldn't have planned it any better. It's almost like wrestling is pre-planned. . . . .Ummm. . . .Naww. That can't be. I mean, how can anyone like, oh I dunno know, Boogeyman or Kane be planned out? They're so realistic. But I digress. See, I came out here to talk to all you people after oh so many months. I've got plenty to say since I've just sat at home training up for this day. And as you can see, I've been through a couple changes. First off, the golden locks have been clipped. Yeah, alot of people weren't happy since I brought that hair back from old WWE days but it was time for a change. And, the mesh shirts are gone. No matter how awesome they were, this is a new generation of Christian Cage. Oh yeah. That thing too. And this aint got nothing to do with copyrights. This is just another sign of the new era of TNW starting off with the new me.

Christian Cage: See, I used to do some drugs. I still do, but I used to too. And 4/20 is just the perfect day to show all of you the new Christian. See, after Clash of the Champions, after the Elimination Chamber match, I looked back at myself and realised that there was more to life than drugs. There was more to life than just hot women in every city you come to. There was more to life than the fun I had in that haze. So I checked myself into rehab. And there, with a clear mind and some time to connect with my mind, I realised that that more to life I was talking about completely sucked! So, I got out of there, smoked some endo with my boy Doink, and knew what I had to do. I knew that I had to come back to the place that made me king, right here in TNW. See, when I was here last, alot of people didn't appreciate my style. Cause I smoked, had some fun, and told the honest truth, people didn't like me. And hey, I can see why. If I was lying, being a "C U Next Tuesday," stealing from people without giving them any credit, and had a stick up my ss, and someone came out having a hundred times more fun who spoke the truth about me, I'd be pretty pissed off too. But like it or not, I'm the best thing going today.

Christian Cage: Now, like any other debut, I could cut it short, take the high road and walk away now. But if you'll allow me to, let me be blunt. There has been, oh let's say, a couple things I've seen on TV watching for these past three months that need to be spoken about, but no one has mentioned. And if I'm the only one with balls to air them out, then let it be. See, I know that I have enough change in my piggy bank to be happy even if what I say offends the big people. I know that this is just a hobby and there is a million other places that I can be right now. But I'm here because it's what I love. And it's only right that I say what I know is right. Me not saying the truth is like Shark Boy getting a win over the Undertaker. Wait. . . . .he did. Man, that's a weird as someone like Jerry Lawler as the TNW owner. . . . . Wait.

Christian Cage: But let's move on. When I'm gone, it seems like there has been one person who really dominated over the rest; Johnny Boy Cena. I'll admit, it's definately been his time. He's been around for a little bit and dominated over everyone in his way. He even beat me in the Elimination Chamber match, but then gets beat by Taker. Sure Taker was good back in the day, but now he's losing more than he's won. And he's our Undisputed Champ? I think I can dispute that. I can take that title and add some prestige back to it. Add some real charisma and persona back to that belt. Oh, and by the way, Nick Dinsmore, I got something to say to you. You keep coming out with your promos that make no sense, and even more bad, dissing my boy Doink. Me and Doink go back a long time, from before our time in sWo to this very day. So before you wanna run your mouth on Doink just to try and look better, think twice, if you even think once.

Christian Cage: Now, screw kayfabe, who snitched on KC Wolf? Come on, we weren't even the closest of pals, but I respect his work in this business. And I don't know who would even want to get rid of him. Getting rid of KC is as absurd as someone trying to trademark the use of a Farsi language in promos. Oh yeah, I went there. And while I'm on the topic of ridiculous people, two names come to mind, Shannon Moore and CM Punk. These two rebels without a brain keep thinking that they're being innovative and new by walking out of the company on the biggest stage of them all; Wresltemania. The fact that TNW still has them on the pay roll boggles the mind. They obviously don't care about anyone and when they get some sand in their vagina, they run off and listen to some cr@ppy music and, I dunno, paint their nails black or something. So I'm calling them out. Let's see if you even have the balls to answer me.

Christian Cage: Now, I don't claim to start the gimmick of having a superstar smoking weed. But dang people, this is like overkill! Izzy, Van Dam, me and a Pot on a Pole match at Backlash!?! I'll repeat because I don't know if you guys heard me right: a POT on a POLE match. Yeah, and I'm the one with the addiction. I'm not the one wrestling for the stuff. Listen, I'll ask for a hit of the stuff, but I wouldn't suspend myself thirty feet into the air to bring down a briefcase of the stuff. I know a guy uptown who sells Phillies without me tossing my body around a ring to get it. But you know what, that's not the only thing I've seen on TV while I've been gone. Know you, I've seen Triple H do a promo recently. I dunno, the way he does it reminds me of someone. Man, this is a real enigma. We'll need a mafia to figure it out.

Christian Cage: See, this is only the beginning. I'm not gonna be like Randy Orton or Chris Jericho who's lucky to stay here for more thna one week before falling back off the map. And I'm not gonna be the transitional champion like I was before. Yeah, I know it. I had the TNE World title once and it was the definition of a transition. But you know what? Having the title twice gets rid of that name on your record. And I know that the fastest way to get into the spotlight is to speak your mind. And what you just heard is airing out everything in the TNW that you need to know. I'm not afraid of anyone and I'll prove it here in TNW. These people on the roster think that they're God reincarnated and any loss is sacrilage. This is business. And I treat it as such. And as long as I have my millions. . .


Christian Cage: . . . And millions of Peeps backing me up, I'll be here week in and week out, having fun. I do what I do best and that's cut the BS from the business. I am the Blunt One. Not just from my habits, but from the fact that I'll be completely honest with you. The Cage has dropped on TNW and I aint raising it up until I am once again the TNW World Heavyweight Champion. And that, my friends, is awesome.

{Bubba Sparxxx's Back in the Mudd Remix hits the PA system for the second time ever as Christian Cage drops the mic and looks off at the crowd, applausing Peeps everywhere the crowd can turn. Christian slaps his hand against his chest and points off to the crowd again, showing his respect back to them. Smackdown slowly fades out to commercial as this epic promo comes to an end. Now that I've ended the description part of this RP, may I say DANG! That's one heck of a role play if I've ever seen one. And if you don't get why the title of this is Ether, you obviously haven't kept up to date on your hip-hop battles. Tsk tsk, I say to you. Tsk tsk.}
Christian Cage
The Preceeding has been a bobbpugg5 Production

-- --

Todd Grisham: So, Brian, thank you for taking the time out of your match preparation to join me here.

The Brian Kendrick: No problem, Todd. Always good to give the universe an insight into the life of one of the greatest superstars of all time.

Todd Grisham: ..Right. Anyway, lets start at the very beginning here. Why exactly did you choose that moment, with Ryback stood in the ring, the monster that he is... Why did you choose then to come out and make your TCW debut?

The Brian Kendrick: Well, Todd... It was the opportunity, of course. Like, people try and build this guy up as some kind of monster with a mass of muscle, some guy that can’t be beat, and it’s not worth even trying because he’ll just crush anybody that gets in his way... Well I’m not one to use statistics ahead of a match or whatever, but the guy’s lost like, three times this month. He really isn’t that scary. And obviously, when you’re faced with the chance to fast-track yourself into the World Championship frame, you do that. It’s a risk worth taking.

Todd Grisham: I guess that’s fair enough, but doesn’t it concern you that he really seemed ready to right all of the wrongs? He’s going to be coming at you like a ton of bricks at the Pay Per View, surely that’s at least somewhat intimidating?

The Brian Kendrick: Honestly, not really. I’ve been doing this for a long time now, sometimes I think people look at my babyface and think I’m some kind of new kid on the block... I’m a veteran now. I’ve been in the ring with some of the most legitimately intimidating wrestlers of all time, from Lesnar, to Kane, The Big Show... Nothing phases me now. Especially not some guy who’s walking around pretending to be like... What is he, some kind of robot? Like... Really? And all of this ‘FEED ME MORE’ stuff... I mean come on, how can Ryback still be hungry for more? The guy’s like 320lbs as it is, the last thing he needs is more. So, yeah. In response to your original question, no. I’m not in the slightest bit intimidated by him. I’m pretty sure my wits and intelligence will beat the gigantic meathead in the end.

Todd Grisham: Well, that’s some pretty incredible confidence coming from you, though that can’t be considered a bad thing I guess. Does this confidence continue into your long term ambitions for your time in TCW?

The Brian Kendrick: Oh, absolutely. I’m not just stopping at beating The Ryback. I’m here for the long haul. I wouldn’t be trying to get a place in the TCW Championship series if my intention was to muddle along and pick up easy wins here and there. I want to be the World Champion. It’s something that’s always somehow managed to stay out of my reach, no matter where I’ve worked. This time, it’s gonna be different. I’m taking it seriously this time rather than messing around and screwing myself over. I’m gonna be the Champ sooner or later, whether it’s next week, month, year. I’m here to achieve something, I’m not getting any younger. Just smarter, stronger. The Ryback’s only the start of my journey here, and I hope it’s a long journey.

Todd Grisham: Ok, now I’d like to play a little game I saw in an interview elsewhere. I’m gonna say a name, and I want you to say how you feel about that person. Totally honestly. Sound fair?

The Brian Kendrick: Well, I’ve got myself into trouble over stuff like this before but, whatever. I’m down.

Todd Grisham: CM Punk.

The Brian Kendrick: Well, he’s confident, I’ll give him that. I mean I wouldn’t go as far as agreeing with the whole ‘Best in the World’ thing, in fact I think he’s pretty average. But hey, the guy’s doing alright, so whatever. More power to him.

Todd Grisham: Derrick Bateman.

The Brian Kendrick: I’m not sure what that guy’s doing. I really don’t know. He’s just... Bizarre. And that isn’t like, a compliment in the Goldust vein of weirdness, he’s just a total douchelord. I don’t know whether it’s him being a freak or creative being dickwads and making him do something stupid for their own enjoyment, or what. I mean he’s winning, so fair going on that, but I personally think he’s a ‘tard.

Todd Grisham: Edge?

The Brian Kendrick: I’m not even gonna comment, I can’t say anything even remotely complimentary.

Todd Grisham: Ok well that was fun. I think we’re pretty much done here, so again, thanks for your time Brian.

The Brian Kendrick: Anytime, Todd. Thanks for having me.

-- --

Path To Destiny is only a day away. Heres a run down of the card from start to finish.

Only one of these men can join the other elite superstars in the chase for the TCW World Championship. Lesnar hasn't been doing so well over the last few weeks and Trent is still looking for his first win. Dude Love will walk into this match confident but with the stakes raised higher than usual, it's anyones for the taking.

After a good showing last month these two men, who failed to qualify for the Series, have been rewarded with a title shot. Dean Amrbose needs to concentrate fully on the match, and try and erase Riley and Layla from his mind. For the time being anyway. If Ambrose loses his focus, it could be a walk in the park for Barrett tonight. Only one man can become TCW's first ever Television champion.

Doink has embarrassed Mark Henry this month. Althought Henry managed to qualify for the TCW Series, he hasn't picked up a single point. Doink mocked him and the match was set. He got what he wanted and if he gets the victory over rival Henry tonight, greater opportunities may follow if he sits at the top of the standing in a months time.

This match originally involved Jeff Hardy. Edge attacked him though and has taken his spot. He got off to a better start than Jeff and won his first match. Now he's walking into his playground, the match he made famous. Riley needs to forgot about Dean Ambrose and worry more about his career. One wrong step, one lapse of concentration, and he'll have one big hospital bill. Ziggler has several toys at his disposal to show off but that won't win him the match. This one is sure to be a blood bath.

Randy Orton has been butting head with Eve Torres every week now. She tried to get into his head last week with a warm up match involving Kane. Orton however decimated Kane and sent a message to Stone Cold and Eve loud and clear; don't piss him off. This match was made a No Disqualification match but that doesn't play into either mens favour simply because they'll both use the rules to their advantage. Only one man will remain victorious and it remains to be seen why exactly Eve changed the match stipulation. Could she be planning a small cameo?

Feed Him More! Doesn't quite feel the same with Ryback performing terribly every week. Brian Kendrick is looking to take Ryback's spot in the TCW series and the 25 points will make him a huge deal. Will the much smaller Kendrick be able to overcome Ryback like many before him have? Or will Kendrick just be another, well his second, victim.

The Main Event! Four of TCW's biggest names squaring off in one match. Only one of them can take the spoils. Bateman can extend his lead in the series further, or any of the other three men can mount a serious challenge for the top spot. THis one be the last time these four lock horns, that's for sure. Could we be looking at the next TCW World Heavyweight Champion in this match?

Author:   Metallica
Date:   Sep 29, 12 at 5:42pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

CM Punk

The cameras cut outside to the Falls Cedar Bluff Convention Centre in Knoxville Tennessee, there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of screaming comic, TV and movie fans queuing up and already tons of fans cramped up filling the inside of the convention, with so many things to check out and do, more noticeably, as soon as the cameras are actually shown inside the building, they catch up with CM Punk signing various items from T-shirts, WWE belts, DVD's and Blue Rays, Punk is also signing copies of TCW's magazine which was released early for the fans who attended the event. TCW cameras along with Todd Grisham caught up with Punk for a few short words during his break from signing.

Todd Grisham: Wow it is electric in here! CM Punk, what has it been like in here this morning?

"The atmosphere in here is fantastic, the fans are going absolutely crazy! And I love it, I've been sitting down for the past three to four hours signing all sorts of items from the past and the present of my great Wrestling career, I've met some fantastic people here at this local comic convention and I'm very honoured to be here and promote the TCW and also this Sundays pay per view 'Path to Destiny'. I tell you what I am most looking forward too though, is a question and answer session in about half an hours time, I mean despite a lot of the fans being really great today as I already pointed out, I have also had to put up with some of these clever people hurling abuse at me, telling me I suck and how on Sunday I am going to lose, quite frankly that doesn't bother me in the slightest, it's all a bit of harmless banter and I will show everyone in the middle of that ring how I will win the TCW series fatal four way match. Well I better get going, I need some food and then I have, as I already pointed out, a question and answer sessions shortly, I'll see you soon, thank you!"

CM Punk finishes what he was saying and walks off to the Subway restaurant which is located within the building. The camera cuts back to Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: We'll catch up with Punks Question and Answer session shortly, until then, thank you for now.

Todd winks and smiles at the camera which then fades out and cuts to a panel of TCW officials, one chair space is empty, as the camera pans out, it shows a whole room chock full of fans who are eagerly anticipating CM Punks arrival, shortly afterwards, someone running the event makes an announcement over the microphone welcoming CM Punk's arrival, the fans go absolutely nuts and a very loud CM Punk chant starts off. CM Punk enters the room with his hands raised up, he has a cocky grin on his face, before making his way to the empty seat which was saved especially for him, Punk sits down and picks up the microphone which was left for him on the table and then begins to speak with the fans.

"Wow, thank you everyone, are we all ready for Sundays Path to Destiny? [A loud roar of 'YEAH' is heard] just as I thought, you know I've been wrestling for a very long time and it's every one's dream to climb to the top and win a world title in which ever company you choose to go in, I've had success in other companies and captured belts from there but my main focus is to beat my three opponents at Path to Destiny and win the TCW series, so what questions does anyone have?"

CM Punk moves the microphone away as he looks at all the hands go up in the air, he starts off with one gentleman sitting right at the front.

Fan1: For weeks you have been going a little crazy and off in some of your promos, you keep mentioning about the CM Punk era and a so called 'order' coming, could you enlighten us on what this is and is there a possibility we will see it this Sunday on pay per view?

As the fan finishes asking his question, Punk looks down at the table smirking, he then moves the microphone towards his mouth and answers the fan.

"I thought this one might be bought up first, I do not wish to answer than question since it may actually spoil things but what I can tell you is, when it does happen, you will know about it, you see I've had this brilliant idea from when I first joined the TCW and it's all slowly coming in to plan. As for this Sunday, there is no chance of it happening so soon and that's all you're going to get from me, so for now, enjoy my TV time and keep guessing as I keep teasing what is to come down the road and in the near future.

Next question?"

THe camera then fades out and quickly fades back in and has skipped a fair few questions since this is only a preview of CM Punk's question panel, the full show can be seen on bonus footage of TCW's 'Path to Destiny' DVD and Blue Ray. CM Punk decides to choose someone from near the back this time, at first he didn't get a good view of him, but as soon as the fan was chosen, he is wearing a John Cena t-shirt, which gains a lot of boos within the room.

Fan2: Do you honestly think you can beat John Cena? Let alone Derrick Bateman and Antonio Cesaro?

CM Punk starts to chuckle a little bit, he pulls a frown and grins, he grins some more listening to the "CM Punk" chant which has started off once again, Punk then responds...

"I was expecting one of Cena's army of weasels to sneak in here, the fact you paid forty dollars for that crappy t-shirt shows how sad you really are [the fans chuckle] and the fact you think you're clever even making a suggested remark, I am and I will continue to keep saying this because it's the truth and even your skinny little ass knows it, I am the best in the world, I am the best talker and I am damn sure the best wrestler in the world today. John Cena is a complete joke to the sports world, I believe he was labelled the five moves of doom at one point, he's a modern day Hulk Hogan, all muscle, no brain and can't wrestle for crap, the only difference is Hulk Hogan was very popular and could actually cut a decent promo on the microphone, John Cena is and has been boring for the past six plus years now, he was only ever entertaining when he was rapping and thinking he was actually African American. So you little Cena smark, I will beat him and along with Bateman and Cesaro at this Sundays Path to Destiny pay per view, this is my path to destiny and you can bet your ass that I will not and I repeat, not let anyone get in my way, I made that perfectly clear earlier this week and as I also pointed out, I will show you and everyone else in the middle of the ring when my hands are raised and the ring announcer is announcing me as the winner.

One final question?"

CM Punk then points to a fan wearing his white "Best in the World" t-shirt.

Fan3: Who has been your best opponent in TCW so far? And your thoughts on being ranked number two in the TCW magazine?

Just before Punk could answer the question, the fan he ripped in to earlier starts hurling abuse at him until security escort him out of the building.

"Yeah that's right get his skinny little ass out of here, so I can speak with educated fans who support real wrestlers. Now to answer the two questions I was just asked, should have only been one, but I'll let you off, I would have to say I enjoyed my very first match with Brock Lesnar actually, despite wishing I could have had a pay per view match with him, but that doesn't matter, we had a solid match on the very first TCW Warzone show, which in itself was a memorable night, I kind of look up to Lesnar as a muscular version of myself since we have very similar styles. On to the magazine, honestly, I couldn't care less where they put me, I am the best in the world and some journalist spewing his constant crap in a magazine, I share the same views as a newspaper, it's all made up garbage and does not affect me in the slightest, I prove myself in the squared circle in front of thousands of fans week in and week out, which I know all of you are aware of.

Well that's all from me, I really hope you enjoy this Sunday's pay per view and I will not let you down, thank you all for coming."

CM Punk stands up and smiles towards everyone who came to see him, he waves at everyone as he's leaving and on his way out, he leaves a very loud "CM Punk" chant one more time, as the cameras fade out completely.

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Sep 29, 12 at 6:57pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Alex Riley
Finisher - Ry-Plex - Snap Fisherman Suplex


Part 5

The scene opens just hours before the PPV kicks off. People are still in line outside the arena, there was a ruckus atmosphere. We even see one of the wrestlers signing autographs, before leaving for Subway. One fan spots the camera and spazzes out, waving his newly purchased TCW magazine in front of his face!

The screen cuts to black, and when it comes back, it sees another TCW magazine! These are all over the place! The screen pans out, and shows the reader of the magazine to be The Nature Boy! Ric Flair! He's in one of the training gyms, and we here the sound of a heavy bag being punched. Ric Flair flips another page in the magazine.

"Kid, you're not making much of an impact here."

We here a break in the steady padding, and then it starts back up, the same rhythm, the same pattern.

"You have your roster page... And... ohh! Here you are! Ohh..."

He lets out an exasperated "Woo" that sounds more like a sigh than one of his signature calls. The padding stops again, and Flair looks up and tells him to get back to the bag. The padding starts back up. Flair looks back to the magazine.

" 'Riley needs to forgot about Dean Ambrose and worry more about his career. One wrong step, one lapse of concentration, and he'll have one big hospital bill.' Well kid, I have to say I probably agree."

There is another hard pound on the bag, and then, seconds later, A-Ry enters the shot, wearing his wrestling trunks and a new T-Shirt that was base-black and had a white silhouette of himself and said "The Show" written under it. He tossed his white towel over his shoulder and ignores Flair telling him to keep working out. He snatches up the magazine out of Flair's hands and reads over that page.

" So, I need to focus. Focus. How the heck am I supposed to focus? Dean Ambrose kidnapped Layla! I'm not sure this columnist watches both halves of the show! I should be fighting Ambrose! Not training for this TLC! I should be..."

He's interrupted by Ric Flair flying up from his seat, and hitting him with a hard chop in the chest! Riley falls back a bit, dropping the magazine. Ric Flair still got it! He ran his hand through his hair, and his face showed a fierce temperament. Flair was pissed off.

"Listen kid, this business isn't about love! It is about war! You fight to make a name! You don't complain that management aren't giving you what you want! You have a losing record! You don't have what it takes, obviously! And you want my help? You want my advice? Forget Layla! You think Dean would hurt her? He won't. She's being well taken care of. Keep your head in the game! You have a match tonight, and one hell of a fierce one! Dean Ambrose should be the last thing on your mind! The columnist was right in what he said. If you don't have a clear image in mind of exactly what you want, you can never make it happen! This is how you make a name for yourself! You win, kid! Take it from me! You don't become a limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin' son of a gun by being distracted! You work for it! Every day, it should take over your mind! Because in the end, when you have that other guy's shoulders to the mat, or you're at the top of the ladder with the title in your hand, when you know you won, WOOOO! That's the feeling you thrive to live for! That's the feeling you live every second of every day trying to recreate!

You're up against Edge and Dolph Ziggler, and those guys are not at all people to be looked over! Edge is a legend! He's made his career in matches like this! You can't watch his highlight reel without half the footage being his death-defying stunts! And the other half of his highlight reels are, not suprisingly, of Edge's hand being raised in victory! And let me tell you, kid, those two are most definitely a correlation! Victory and putting it all out there come hand in hand!

And Dolph Ziggler may not have a highlight reel yet that doesn't involve an overselling of Brogue Kicks, but do you want to be the one on the receiving end of what he does to make that reel? Trust me, you don't! Dolph and Edge both know what victory feels like. And let me tell you man, so do I! And they're striving for that feeling I talked about, that feeling that every single soul in this business wants to feel! That's why I was the dirtiest player in the game! Because I lived for it! I'd do anything to feel it! And I know you disagree with cheating, but that leaves you with the only alternative! Putting your mind and soul into your performance! Be the best between the ropes! And to do that, kid, you have to light a fire in yourself! Channel whatever hatred you have for Ambrose into fuel for that fire! Tonight, I want that fire to spill out over the arena! And I want you to burn every doubt in everyone's mind, that Alex Riley isn't the best! Prove to them, that Alex Riley is the MAN

With that, Flair stormed out of the training room, leaving Riley looking at the ground. The camera went down to what A-Ry was looking at, and it was the TCW magazine. Staring up at the camera, was Alex Riley's roster page. His record, in bright red, was 1-3. The camera stayed on the magazine and seconds later, we hear a violent padding on the heavy bag. Alex Riley finally had his head in the game.

Author:   StraightedgeXSavior
Date:   Sep 29, 12 at 8:06pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler

The following is a exclusive. This exclusive video only showing on involves Maria interviewing Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero standing behind him. Maria welcomes everybody and introduces Ziggler and Vickie, as both of them walk into the screen. Vickie in a short dress with her signature "Cougar" necklace, and Ziggler in a pair of blue jeans with his pink "Show-Off" shirt which you can find on Maria holds the microphone up to her mouth.

"I would first like to thank you Dolph and Vickie for giving up some of your time and letting me interview you both. To start, Vickie, I would like to ask you, what makes you one of the most controversial divas ever to appear in the wrestling business?"

Maria then puts the microphone up Vickie mouths as Vickie steps forward a tiny bit.

"Well Maria, first I would like to thank you for wanting Dolph and myself on this. Second, I am one of the most controversial divas in this business, because of my powers, because of knowing the right people. I have helped and made everyman I have managed for become a champion, and most of them became a World Heavyweight Champion at that."

"That's all very true Vickie, and now if you don't mind I would like to talk to Dolph please."

The camera zooms in on Dolph Ziggler, in his jeans and t-shirt as the crowd boos.

"Dolph, we haven't really gotten to know each other, but I have seen you wrestle in many places, you are very talented and have achieved some great things in your career. But Dolph, what do you most want to accomplish here in TCW?"

Dolph stares at the camera and smirks as the crowd boos again.

"I want to accomplish a lot here in TCW. When TCW first opened up the roster grew quickly, and shut down some comes, this show made an Impact on it's first night. Every gave it their all in the first episode. But me, I came here not just to impress the fans, but most importantly to win gold, make many, and become a World Heavyweight Champion again! I am the most must see TCW superstar, fans don't buy tickets to see, Alex Riley, or the has-been Edge. They buy their tickets to see Dolph Ziggler! They want to see me, each and every night. Go out to that ring and show off to them and the world, why I am the future of not only TCW but the wrestling business. Pretty soon I will be getting e-mails and letters from all kinds of businesses trying to get me to join their roster."

The crowd continues to boo and chants "Ziggler Sucks"

"You fans, can chant whatever you want, it won't get inside my head, it will only make me madder, and tougher, and I am going to take out all of my anger! All of my frustration on Alex Riley, and Edge this Sunday! At Path to Destiny, I am walking into that tables, ladders, and chairs match and I am going to punish Edge! I am going to punish Riley! I am going to make them wish, they never had anything to do with me!"

Ziggler stares at the camera again, as the crowd is still booing him.


Ziggler takes a small pause.

"OFF! Later Marks!"

The exclusive ends.

Author:   RLFierro
Date:   Sep 29, 12 at 8:23pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"The Most Dangerous Man in TCW" Dean Ambrose

The stage was set, the arena is filled with die hard TCW fans who showed their support for their company by purchasing tickets and buying the merchandise. Within a few hours, many of TCW's finest would be stepping through those curtains and be apart of history. One of the those superstars is quite possibly one of the most hated wrestlers apart of the roster, that being Dean Ambrose. The crowd was definitely gonna be torn tonight on who they wanted to lose between Barrett and Ambrose. Before the commentators can speak on any matters of what would go down here tonight, the arena goes dark. A few child screams can be heard around the arena once the arena is engulfed in blackness. Finally, the arena is semi-lighten by the titan tron showing a picture. In red bold letters it states, "This message is brought to you by Dean Ambrose." And following the text fading to black, a a podium is shown. A light overhead brightens the podium, but otherwise it's surrounded by darkness. A figure comes into camera view and it's revealed to be Layla, Alex Riley's girlfriend. Mascara can be seen running down her face, obvious signs that she has been in tears since Ambrose kidnapped her. The crowd is dead silent, anticipating for Layla to speak. A piece of paper can be seen held in her hands as she steps in front of the podium. Finally, Layla begins to speak.

Tears can be seen running down from Layla's eyes as she chokes up even more. The crowd feels for her as the camera pans from the titan tron to various faces in the crowd. Many are jaw dropped with their hand covering their mouth, whilst some even are tearing up themselves. The camera pans back to the titan tron and Layla has been replaced. Standing before the podium is the man himself, Dean Ambrose. The crowd shows their hatred with gigantic amounts of heat as Ambrose just smirks. His black denim jacket has been replaced tonight with a new black t-shirt reading "WARNING: DEAN AMBROSE: EXPLICIT CONTENT" in white bold letters. Doubtful it'll be a best seller with this crowd by the heat they're sending Dean. He runs his fingers through his hair before speaking himself.

Ambrose lets out a smirk as he steps away from the podium and sends someone back towards to it. The lighting reveals it to be Layla once more, who has obviously been crying a lot more since Ambrose began speaking. Ambrose stands behind her with his arms wrapped around her as Layla begins to speak.

Ambrose chuckles to himself before turning Layla around and laying a kiss on her! The crowd lets out extreme heat as Layla flails around and tries to push "The Most Dangerous Man in TCW" off of her, but to no avail. Dean finally pulls himself away from her and pushes her a long as spitting noises can be heard from Layla. Both disappear from camera view as the screen fades to black and the camera's pan to ...

Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Sep 30, 12 at 1:48am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
Main Event - TCW Championship Series Match
Fatal Fourway
CM Punk Vs. John Cena Vs. Derrick Bateman Vs. Antonio Cesaro

Coming off of a commerical break, our cameras cut to the backstage area as the international sensation, Antonio Cesaro, is seen walking down the halls. Cameras would follow up to Antonio Cesaro and his frustration is quickly shown. Already aggravated with being flown with cameras, he listens to what the interviewer has to say before speaking out loud.

Antonio Cesaro rolled his eyes. It's the same questions that he has been hearing all week. It is the same question that he has heard since the match was created. They've been on his mind practically all day and it's most likely time for the international sensation to let out his anger and frustrations. With Aksana at his side, he pulls her into the camera sight for the whole World to see and slowly began to speak.

Aksana looked up at Antonio Cesaro as he still looked sore from what happened with Edge in the ring moments ago, but Antonio Cesaro was just brushing it off as he continued on speaking about his major match tonight which was far more important than the pain he was in.

Again Antonio Cesaro takes a small break as he cracks his neck from side-to-side. He looks down at Antonio Cesaro and whispers to her to leave him and get him some bottled water. Aksana merely nods as she then leaves his side as Antonio Cesaro looks back into the camera and then continues to speak about his match and his numerous opponents.

He has already talked about two of his opponents, John Cena and Derrick Bateman and now it was time to move onto another one. CM Punk. Antonio Cesaro moved his arms behind him and clasped his hands together as he stared on into the camera.

Antonio Cesaro then quickly moves forward, his hands move from behind him as he grabs onto the camera and pulls it into his face as he just stares right into it and smirks as he speaks seriously, sending a message to his opponents.

And with that, Antonio Cesaro stormed off towards his locker room to finish the preparation for his match tonight against CM Punk, Derrick Bateman and John Cena.

Author:   Kid Clutch
Date:   Sep 30, 12 at 10:23am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Wrestler: John Cena
W/L/D: N/A
Disposition: Face
Motive: Laying it out
Status: N/A
Setting: Backstage

The tension, atmosphere and hype are all at an all-time high; the crowd is ecstatic and cannot sit still if their lives depended on it. The cameras go backstage after a few interesting segments, to see what’s the next arc on tonight’s schedule. All those high-quality matches prepped for tonight are sure to deliver, on top of the awaited crowning of the new World Heavyweight champion. The new champion could be this guy, who is walking as determined as he’s ever been, with a mission to fulfill – cementing himself as the same status as the last business he’s been in: a conqueror. A hero, and a dynasty for many to try to overcome. John Cena, one of the measuring sticks of the wrestling industry, stands tall as he greeted yet again by Josh Matthews.

Josh: Um, John, your thoughts on tonight’s matchup, in tonight's coveted main-event matchup.

Cena: …hmm. [slight grin on Cena’s face as Josh gulps] You know, right before you interrupted me in my path, I had my mind focused. As focused as it ever could be. But now that you have me here, there’s no way I’ll hide how I feel… how I feel about this opportunity. This opportunity wasn’t just given to me, I have earned it through the skin of my teeth. Many times during my matches leading up to this event, I thought I wasn’t gonna make it. I thought I was gonna get swept off my feet. But every time, I have risen to the occasion, and I just keep coming back for more. I know it, my opponents all know it, Johnny Lame-anitis knows it… and the Cenation knows it.

Hearing those words lights up the children’s hearts, making them believe even more that Cena can overcome these odds. It’s always comforting to believe in the hero. The crowd let their cheers out, approving and encouraging on Cena’s words.

Cena: I vowed since the beginning of my career to never back down and to NEVER QUIT. It is the motto I live by, and dare I say, the motto I will die by. There’s not a second when I’m up and ready to go in the ring that I don’t think about the World Heavyweight championship. I have slept on it, dreamt about it, pictured myself with it. Holding that title is my ultimate goal. Like I said, I don’t care who I have to go through. I’ve been through all these guys, which is more than the average guy can handle – I mean can you believe it Josh? Monsters like Mark Henry, legends like The Rock.. prodigies like CM Punk and Derrick Bateman… I knew from the get go it wasn’t going to be easy. But I’m not just anybody. I am a revamped, even more fierce and more valiant John Cena, who will stare in the face of death if he has to, in order to win what is rightfully his: the World Heavyweight championship.

His words echo throughout the microphone showing a slight little problematic occurrence with the sound system – nothing too serious, but despite that the words resonated into the PA system sent a huge frenzy throughout the crowd, now as hyped as ever. Certain “Cena” chants even started to surface the crowd, allowing the mic issue to be resolved promptly as Cena lets the chants sink in for a little bit. Of course, some small boos followed here and there but nothing major. In these high stakes, many were backing the top dog.

Cena: Tonight, on each corner of the ring, I will face some fierce competitors. I got Antonio Cesaro, a man who… [interrupted by crowd boos] a man with his head stuck so far up his own ass he could use his scalp as a rectal Q-tip. [mild laughs] He believes himself to be brilliant, well if I told you what I truly thought of him, I think the show would be taken off the air. Maybe, maybe I am just bitter because he’s beaten me in the ring before. I can accept that. I brace myself for losses, but what he’s too stupid to know is that I come back harder than before. I will never stay down, I will fight back… and prevail! Which leads me to CM Punk… [crowd cheers] the best in the world – the best in the world… the best in the world. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that line, I’d be… well, not so far off from where I am now, but I digress. You can talk about it, or you can BE about it. That’s one of my new mottos, I’ve used it years ago and I feel it’s appropriate to bring it back now. So Punk, you wanna prove to be the best in the world? You'll have to go through me. And I don't mean just narrowly defeating me in a match with other guys in the mix, I mean go... through... me. But if you do win this match, I'll still give you credit. I'm not a guy like that, I give credit where it's due. You just have a lot to back up for what you say. And finally... Derrick Bateman. See, here's a guy who fascinates me. Spends more time on Twitter than I do. Does a lot of workout, talks a lot of smack. For some reason, I see bits of myself in you. Whether you find that insulting or not is up to you. But I respect you as a competitor, Derrick. If there was anyone in this match tonight I'd shake hands with before the bell rang, it'd be you. You also talk a big game but you got a certain way about it. What matters is the cards are set. Tonight, it's John Cena, it's CM Punk, it's Derrick Bateman, it's... what's the other guy's name?

Josh: Antonio Ce--

Cena: ANTONIO CESARO! Yeah, that goofball. It's all of us four in the ring, it's gonna be an epic battle, and only one will make it out of it alive! I hate to sound like a cliche action movie actor, but it's now or never. Once the dust is settled, and the smoke is cleared... we will see who is left standing. And given my track record, guys... I'd be saying my prayers if I were you.

On these heeded words, Cena exits left stage - I mean, he turns around and leaves the premises, leaving the crowd cheering and in a frenzy. Josh Matthews looks on innocently as the cameras then cut to a commercial break.

Author:   Smell The Chiken
Date:   Sep 30, 12 at 11:57am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Banner by Boomtax
Mark Henry

The crowd is jumping around, waiting for the matches to start. The first pay-per-view of the year, of the company, is about to begin. Fans look eagerly at the entrance ramp, waiting to see oen of their favorite superstars come out and talk to them. However, a Three 6 Mafia song comes on, and most fans are met with disappointment. Even the fans of the wrestler coming out are disappointed with his performance thus far. As the big man maneuvers his way through the ropes, he motions for a microphone. He rips it from the the employee's hand, and with the way he's pacing back and forth in the center of the ring and the serious look on his face, the crowd knows Mark Henry is here to talk business. For this reason, the crowd starts to boo.

    "Excuse me. [crowd boos] I said excuse me. [crowd boos] I SAID SHUT THE HELL UP! [most of the crowd is silent] Two weeks ago, a dear member of my family was assaulted. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, doin' nothing wrong, and he was attacked viciously, needing immediate attention. Yes, my car was hurt, and I promised it that I would make damn sure whoever was responsible would pay. Ladies and gentlemen, I got some news. This morning, a tape from a security camera was found that got the attack. In a bit, once it arrives here, I will play it so you all will know who is responsible for this horrific attack, but right now I want to talk about my opponent tonight and what is on the line. Tonight, I got to bite the bullet and wrestle a clown. Someone who barely qualifies as a wrestler, someone who wears more make-up than the GM. Doink the Clown. Honestly, I don't want to wrestle him. If I actually hurt him, something that is most likely gonna happen, I could be in big legal trouble. I can't afford a lawsuit, and because Doink don't got anything going for him, he'll probably hit me up big time. The only reason I am going through with the match is because if he wins he's in the TCW Championship Series. Him, Doink the Clown, someone who proudly refers to himself as "The Clown", on the same level as some of wrestling's greatest superstars, most notably myself, and having the very slim opportunity of being this company's champion? That's--hold on. I think my phone is ringing. Ah yes, I have to take this."

To the crowd's shock, Mark Henry puts down the mic, reaches into his pocket, pulls out an iPhone 5 (official sponsor of TCW), and talks to the person on the other line. Boos fill the arena as Henry holds his own private conversation in front of the thousands of fans in attendance. After some nodding of the head, Henry puts his phone back in his pocket and picks up the mic.

The footage plays on the titantron and the 240p quality is evident. However, a big black Hummer can clearly be seen. An unknown person falls into the side of the car. On the left side of the screen a colorful figure appears and starts beating the man. Soon the colorful man jumps onto the car and shows his face to the camera. No features can be made out, but his face is all white. Doink the Clown is the assailant. The footage stops and Henry turns around facing the announcer's table, then back at the entrance ramp.

Henry is cut off by dimming of the lights and a video playing on the titantron. Ominous music plays as dozens of candles appear on screen. The video then cuts back and forth to words. MARK HENRY...YOUR DAY...OF JUDGEMENT...IS TODAY. A celtic cross takes up the entire screen before it fades to black. The lights come back on as Henry looks curiously at the titantron before his music plays and he walks out of the ring. The crowd is not sure how to react to what happened moments ago, but they are still filled with anticipation for what's to come tonight.

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