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Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Sep 17, 12 at 8:41am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Antonio Cesaro music hit and the fans jumped up on their feet. The fans erupted into a mixed reaction of boos and cheers as Antonio Cesaro stepped out onto the stage. Antonio Cesaro threw jacket off onto the stage as a smirk came across his face. Antonio Cesaro started down the ramp, insulting a number of the fans as he made his way down. He slowly walked over to where the ring announcer was standing and procured a microphone. Antonio Cesaro then climbed into the ring, still looking around at the packed auditorium. Antonio Cesaro put the microphone up to his mouth as his music came to a stop. Antonio Cesaro continued to look around the packed arena who was now chanting abuse to him.


Antonio Cesaro merely smiled as he looked around the arena still, he was feeling electric as he took the microphone down from his mouth. After a few more moments of soaking in the peoples reaction, Antonio Cesaro put the microphone up to his mouth and started talking, speaking with a fire in his voice.

The fans erupted into boos as Antonio Cesaro took another quick breath. The fans were really getting into Antonio Cesaro promo. Antonio Cesaro was on fire, he felt like the fans were completely in his hand. Antonio Cesaro cleared his throat as he looked around the arena again; he placed the microphone up to his mouth and then continued talking.

Antonio Cesaro smirked as he dropped the microphone from his mouth and the fans booed him once again. Antonio Cesaro paused for a second as he looked around the ring, he realized the intensity level he had just produced was something the fans weren’t necessarily used to, especially from him. Antonio Cesaro reeled it in and went back to talking as he raised the microhpone back up to his face and started to speak into the microhpone for perhaps the final time.

Antonio Cesaro finally dropped the microphone as the fans erupted into boos. Antonio Cesaro was no doubt ready for his match as he looked around the jampacked arena. Tonight, Antonio Cesaro was going to do his best under the given what happened to him last week to make sure that he wouldn’t be stopped.

Author:   bobbpugg5
Date:   Sep 17, 12 at 1:39pm (PST)
Subject:   an hour, a laptop, and an idea? giddy up

Derrick Bateman

{"Ladies and gentlemen, this is another milestone day in America." Our hero, Derrick Bateman is seen standing triumphantly on the top of the a building, a majestic blue sky in the distance and a magnificent, waving red, white and blue flag is behind him caught in the beauty of the wind. This vignette of The Mantastic One is being broadcast to not only the live audience in the arena, but to the millions of homes and illegal streams that are watching this on their Monday night. "Tonight marks," Derrick proclaims, "another amazing step that I am making for all the Batemaniacs out there. I am moving one step closer to the ultimate prize in this industry. I am mere inches away from grasping the TCW World Heavyweight Championship. And tonight, I am placed in another TCW Series match. After I vanquish my two foes tonight, I will stand tall. Tall on a mountain top. Tall on a skyscraper. Tall on America."

"Tonight, I am placed in another Triple Threat match. That's right, my fourth of four triple threat matches through my career here in TCW. I am the master of the triple threat match. I am familiar with the ins and out of that style of match like it's a long, lost lover. I am dominant in that match, as dominant as anyone else in TCW. I have all the confidence in the world that I am going to pick up the double-you tonight. My two opponents, despite their size and strength, will realize that Derrick Bateman aint the brother to mess with."

"Ryback, I respect you. I truly do. You are a monster of a man, and truly a colossus in that ring. I respect what you can do in there, but I know what I can do. I got the swift feet. I got the more cunning brain. I got the stings like a bee. I know I can take you down Ryback. Because I've seen alot like you, man, and D-Bates has taken them all down. I've seen your archetype come and go a lot of times in this business, and you just don't have the lasting power of Mr. Derrick W. Bateman. I've seen the Bull Buchanans come and go. I've seen Luther Reigns come and go. Golga, Mr. Hughes, Tyson Tomko, Snitsky, Johnny Stamboli, Heidenriech - they all end the same way. Mark Jindrak, Michael Tarver, Nathan Jones…all have come and…" Bateman takes a moment and realizes the name he mentioned last. "Well, maybe not all of them are gone. But Ryback, I'm not saying it's going to be easy. I'm not saying it's something I want to do. But Ryback, you stand in the path between me and the TCW World Heavyweight Championship and the American Destroyer is going to take you down."

"Now moving on to my nemesis, Nathaniel Jones. We meet again, old friend. And I mean 'friend' sarcastically. Me and you met before in the TCW Series. And that match wasn't too kind to either of us. But I remember one particular moment in that match that requires a little bit of payback. I was about to pick up the win against John Cena, and our good buddy Nathaniel hit me with a flavor-packed big boot right to my mush. I got knocked right out the ring, and got up with enough time to see the ref slap his hand down to the canvas for the three, giving Cena the win. Thanks to Senor Jones there, he gave me the first loss in my TCW life. Or rather, my first non-win. And now, like a young Titus O'Neil, I'm going to make it a win. Jones, I am going to avenge what you did to me last month. I will crush you like a little Australian wallaby. Actually, scratch that. They're too cute to crush. You, on the other hand, are perfectly crush worthy. Nathaniel Jones, you are going to feel the brunt of freedom…" Bateman raises his left fist. "…And justice," and Bateman raises his right fist. He shakes an eyebrow directly into the camera as his lowers his named weapons that most just call hands.

"And don't think I've lost sight of the big picture here, gentlemen," Bateman added. "I already know how that Triple Threat match tonight is going to go. All of my Batemaniacs know how this match tonight is going to go. It's a forgone conclusion. Ryback and Nathaniel Jones are going down. But there is still an x-factor in this equation; an unknown that can strike at any time. An unseen force that is a bane on America at large, Justin Bieber. Biebs already helped Nathan Jones in our last match. And now he's playing mind games with me, arriving to the arena that TCW is holding their event in and trying to get into my head. I don't know why. I don't know what his ultimate goal is that he's working for, or why he's seemingly picked me as his target. But right now, those worries are on the back burner. The fact that Biebz visited Nathan Jones' home-country of Australia literally a week before he was in the crowd to distract me during a Nathan Jones match - that's not important right now. It's duly noted, but it's not the focus now. To get to the title, I have to look past the beautiful hair of Justin Bieber and into the reflective domes of my opponents tonight. I'm going to win this match not to spite Justin Bieber, but to keep the pride in chicks and America." Bateman puts freedom and justice attached to his hips in a heroic pose. The sun begins to set in the distance, the magnificent American flag waving behind our hero as this vignette fades to black.}

Author:   Suzaku_Firebird
Date:   Sep 17, 12 at 2:32pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Finishing Moves:
Winds of Change (Spinning Side Slam) l Wasteland (Forwards Fireman's Carry Slam)


Victory. One is always happy about achieving it, or at least is most of the time, but does it really matter? Does winning matter in a world full of fantasies and lies? Where people are fine off playing make believe in a world where they think anything is possible?

The cameras cut backstage to an awaiting Todd Grisham, fixing his tie as he is given the go ahead by the cameraman. He nods and asks everyone to welcome his guest at this time, Wade Barrett. The fans boo as the camera pans out, giving us view of Wade, dressed in a beige blazer over a dark gray shirt and a pair of khakis. Wade just nods his head before Todd begins the interview.

Todd Grisham: Wade, last week you secured your first victory here in TCW pinning Doink the Clown. And following last week's showing, Doink seems to have....snapped. How do you feel that effects your chances with your match involving him tonight?

"I suppose I could go along with your tedious charade for just tonight Todd. After all, though you didn't abide by my request for you to stop lying to me last week, you have been kind enough to not make hiding behind lies a common occurrence, so I shall return the favor. I do not believe that Doink turning from a foolish clown that seems to have no reason left to be in this business "snapping" is going to have an effect on anything. With how he has been acting, not just tonight, but throughout the entirety of his career, I don't believe he has even been of the right mind, let alone after being abused by his foolish little sidekick. And to be even more honest, I don't care if I win or lose tonight, though I suppose I've made enough points about the irrelevance of some victories in the past few weeks already."

Todd takes note of Wade's "leniency" and glances off to the side. He ponders for a moment before asking the next question.

Todd Grisham: Now Wade, tonight your match is a Triple Threat match, against Doink and Trent Barretta. How do you feel about your opponents and your match tonight?

"Well Todd, I believe I just answered you how I feel about Doink. And as for Mr. Barretta.....there is one thing similar between us aside from our last names. Both myself, and Trent are talented superstars, regardless of what people say otherwise. Trent is a man who I have faced off with multiple times in the past, and though I have beaten him with ease each time, he is not someone to look past. Though like Doink, he is insane. Utterly insane. I believe in the past in this industry they "made" Kane attend "anger management." Both Doink and Trent need to see a therapist and get whatever is wrong with them worked out. There is nothing more pathetic than pitiful men trying to charade what they are not, even more-so when the charade leads to them acting like people who belong in mental wards."

Todd nods his head and pulls the microphone back before Wade shakes his in disapproval. He takes back the microphone and continues.

"Now Todd, while it has been quite refreshing being able to share my honest opinion while actually allowing you to do your job, I do not feel like I should put up with this act any longer. Todd, I have no reason to hurt you, unlike I had to use Mr. Matthews, who I hope is recovering well, a few weeks ago. Please do not supply me with one."

Todd is quick to see where this could be going, just agreeing with Wade and walking off screen. Wade makes sure Todd is far off with no chance of deciding to have a second thought before continuing on.

"Now then Mr. Barretta, Doink, this message is not just directed at the two of you, but at the rest of the roster. Change is coming, regardless of what people want. What people want is to hide behind lies, which I will not let happen. Winds of change are blowing, and they aren't winds of new blood in this industry, they are winds that are coming to blow away the curtains of lies that are constantly put up by fools. Fools with ego, fools with terrible ideals, fools with empty dreams. They do their best to hide the truth with their avalanche of lies. But it will not work, not forever. To quote Buddha, though not an icon of my preferred culture, is an icon all the same: "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." You will not hide the truth. Not forever, and pretty soon, no longer at all. That is the truth, or at least one of the truths, behind the Barrett Barrage, and it will not be stopped."

Wade drops the microphone and tells the cameraman to shut the camera off. Wade walks off as the camera follows him before Wade glares back over his shoulder, acknowledging the "lie" by the cameraman. Startled by the intensity in Wade's eyes, he shuts off the camera right then and there, the screen turning to black.

Author:   Metallica
Date:   Sep 17, 12 at 5:46pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

CM Punk

After his loss last week in a triple threat match, CM Punk hasn't been seen or heard from, Punk seemed to have a pretty odd week also, not only did he have an altercation with Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler, but he went off on a seemingly strange rant about, chaos a familiar force and a CM Punk era which will dawn.

The cameras come back to the arena with the fans on their feet screaming and shouting at the top of their lungs, the screaming is cut short by a static sound echoing around the arena followed by some familiar song lyrics "Look in my eyes.. What do you see? The cult of personality!" Living Colours 'Cult of Personality' blasts through the P.A and CM Punk walks out from behind the curtain. He is greeted with a loud pop from the fans and a few unnoticeable boos too. Punk walks straight down to the ring with a serious look on his face, he walks up the ring steps and grabs the microphone which is left on the ring apron, Punk then gets in the ring and immediately begins to talk.

"Cut my music. [Music stops], I'm not even going to discuss much about last week, I wasn't pinned and therefore I didn't technically lose despite it going down as a loss in the record books. My main issue is two men who go by the names of Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose. [Crowd Boos], I'm not exactly sure what it is you guys have in terms of an issue with myself, but last week, Dean you muttered something along the lines of "You have no idea what's coming"? Seriously, you want to mumble little threats to me, that's fine, maybe next time you'll actually say something to my face rather that cower behind your little friend Dolph Ziggler, because once the CM Punk era is in effect and the order which shall rise from the grave, there isn't a force within the TCW that is going to stop this chaos and disorder. I don't have to explain what this is because when it does happen, it's when anyone will least expect it and it will change the face of the TCW forever."

As Punk takes a short breath, the fans in attendance are puzzled by what Punk is talking about, Punk paces around the ring looking somewhat distracted, but he begins to talk some more.

"Now on to my opponent for this week, Mark Henry yet you're another person that gets in my way of the Punk revolution, you mentioned earlier about me wrecking your car? Seriously? What planet are you on? I'm not a thug and sure as hell wouldn't wreck your crappy little car, maybe your fat ass didn't realise when you leaned or sat on your car that it was in fact YOU who caused the dent in the car, I do my business in the ring and speaking of doing my business in the ring, that's exactly what I will do tonight when I kick your ass and make you wonder why you even bother to show up to work anymore, you haven't been relevant since you were in the Nation of Domination, but even then you were just the muscle in the team, honestly, the only time you were even funny is when you were caught in bed on GTV with Mae Young.[A roar of laughs echoes around the arena] You see Mark, or can I call you Mizark? Yeah I remember X-Pac dressing up as you and doing a better impression of yourself than you could ever do, which isn't hard to stand around looking like a useless piece of nothing is it? At the end of the night Henry, It's going to be me with my hand raised and I have nothing more to say on this matter or anything else, I'm done!"

CM Punk drops his mic on the floor with a mixed fan reaction, the fans have no idea how to take Punk lately, he seems to be losing his mind and acting a little crazy. Punk climbs on the top rope and shouts "Best in the World" to the fans before leaving the ring, walking up the ramp, going backstage and getting a diet soda. The camera's then cut to...

Author:   Suzaku_Firebird
Date:   Sep 17, 12 at 7:13pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Finishing Moves:
Winds of Change (Spinning Side Slam) l Wasteland (Forwards Fireman's Carry Slam)

We cut to ringside where Michael Cole and Tazz are deep in discussion about tonight's main event Triple Threat match, Cole on the side of John Cena, Tazz on the side of The Rock. The two go back and forth, with Tazz bringing up Wrestlemania 28 and Cole having to back down from the debate as he tries to think up a rebuttal. Tazz sits there gloating before they cut to Lilian Garcia in the ring.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Wade Barrett!

Wade Barrett Titantron

"Collapse" by Adelitas Way hits the P.A. system as the fans let out a chorus of boos at the bare-knuckle brawler makes his way out from behind the curtain. Hands in the pocket of his beige blazer, Barrett slowly walks down to the ring before stopping at ringside and stares at the crowd members at ringside. He stares at their multiple signs, chuckling here and there are some he believes are "clever." Moving on, Wade steps up the steps into the ring and beckons for the microphone from Garcia who obliges.

Wade just tilts the microphone back and forth in his hand while nodding as the fans continue booing him. He just shrugs his shoulder and takes a spot in the corner and leans into the turnbuckles until their is a large enough gap in the boos for Wade to being speaking.

"I believe I said a few weeks ago it was rude to interrupt someone who was speaking. It is also rude to deny someone the opportunity to speak because you do not want to his opinion if only because it disagrees with yours. Now if I had broken some form of rule and gotten my microphone cut off, more power to you all, but when I come out here to do my job, I honestly expect to at least be able to speak."

He pauses as he expects a chorus of boos to begin again, and though there are a few throughout the arena, they did not start up in such magnitude. Though more than likely due to the crowd members catching their breath still or not feeling like taking part in a chant again, as opposed to Wade's opinion on manners. Though taking advantage of the absence of excess noise, Wade continues on.

"Now out here tonight, I could continue to insult those who I will call my foes tonight, but that is not a proper way of doing things. After all, if all the happens is two or three men bashing each other time after time again, this would only turn us into snobby teenage girls fighting over something insignificant. Or I could go on about the Barrett Barrage and my plans to rip away the curtain of lies that are constantly put up. However, I honestly have no desire to do that tonight. I will be honest, I came out here just to irritate you people. I had no plan tonight other than to be interviewed by Todd Grisham earlier tonight, but when I saw how much time that took and that I had extra time before my match tonight, I decided to "entertain" you all with my presence."

Now refreshed and aware of Barrett just being there to piss some of them off, the crowd echoes into boos once more. Wade has a hearty laugh at their trouble and just nods his head before climbing out of the ring and handing the microphone back to Lilian Garcia. He cracks his knuckles and walks around the ring once more, deciding to "entertain" fans as they hurl comments at him. Booker T tries to make heads or tails of this as Cole and Tazz just give up go back to their debate between The Rock and John Cena for tonight, either ignoring or oblivious to the fact that Bateman is also in the match. After Wade makes one last lap around, responding to the hate comments with some of his own, loud enough to be audible by the camera, most of them about Americans, before heading back up the ramp. He turns around as he gets to the top of the ramp and loosens up his wrists before laughing and saying he's just telling the truth and heading backstage as we cut to commercial.

Author:   Jaffers
Date:   Sep 18, 12 at 3:46pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Live Monday 17th September, Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

The opening video package comes to an end, and we cut to inside the arena where a lively Pittsburgh crowd are ready for the second edition of TCW WarZone. The cameras pick out various fan signs, as we’re given a panoramic sweep of the crowd. After a minute or so, the cameras cut down to the commentary team who’re ready to get the show underway.

Cole: Welcome to another edition of Mayhem!
Booker: Only two weeks left until our first pay-per-view!
Taz: Our first match should really excite the fans in attendance and the millions watching live from their living rooms.
Cole: That's right, Taz!

Wade Barrett vs. Doink the Clown vs. Trent Barretta
Tripe Threat Match

Wade Barrett looks none to pleased having to deal with two of wrestlings jokes tonight. A clown and... Trent Barreta. He quickly send Trent to the mat with a stiff right hook then charges at Doink across the ring. He leaves the ring and Barrett gives chase. Doink rolls back in the ring with Barrett only a few steps behind him. What he isn't ready for though is Trent Barreta. He runs the ropes and SUICIDE DIVE! The fans cheer as he crashes into Wade, leaving Doink in the ring alone. He panders to the crowd with silly gestures that were meant to be funny, but were instead a little creepy. Trent rolls Wade into the ring and hops up onto the apron. Doink runs over and gives him a shoulder to the stomach before he pulls Barreta into the ring and whips him into the corner. Doink follows up with a running clothesline to the defenseless Trent in the corner of the ring. He whips him again, looking to do the same move apparently. Wade Barrett has another idea though as he gets to his feet and nearly takes Trent's head off with a big boot! He looks at Doink and cracks his knuckles, the Clown looking frightened. Barrett throws a jab, and another, then a hook! He pummels Doink's stomach in the corner of the ring before he hoists him up to the top rope. Wade tries to superplex his opponent but Doink battles him off and pushed Wade down to the mat. Trent charges at Doink and nails him with a top rope frankensteiner out of nowhere! He climbs back to the top rope and leaps at Doink's body but Wade catches him on his shoulders! He smirks and send Trent Barreta crashing onto the chest of Doink with a Wasteland! He covers Trent, 1...2...3!

Cole: Did you see that?!
Booker: He's too quick, Cole. He was always one step ahead of the competition.
Taz: I'd hate to be Doink right now. His chest must feel like it's caving in.
Cole: Looks like Jeff Hardy has something on his mind.

Jeff Hardy is standing in the centre of the ring as the camera zooms in on him.

Jeff: Ive been in TCW for what, 3 or 4 weeks now? And i've been disrespected by Alex Riley, Dolph Ziggler and Brock Lesnar. Im tired of it. So tonight against Kane.. It's going to be my last match here in TCW. And who will replace my spot here in TCW? Well you will have to wait till after my match.

the fans stare at Hardy in shock as he exits the ring.

Taz: Woah Hardy's leaving? Such a shame, let's get on with the show though.
Booker: That's gonna be a hard match to follow!
Cole: Yeah, but I'm sure these next three guys have enough in their lockers to match, if not better it.

TCW Series
Ryback vs. Nathan Jones vs. Derrick Bateman

Triple Threat Match

Ryback and Jones snarl as poor Bateman looks out of his league. The bell sounds and he gulps, before he shrugs his shoulders and runs at Ryback. A wild lariat out of nowhere from Ryback sends the fans into a frenzy. Bateman clutches his neck and heads for the outside, perhaps he should just leave now. Ryback turns his attention back to the giant stood before him. Now it was Jones' turn to show off? Bateman climbs to the top turnbuckle and looks for a crossbody only for Jones to turn around and catch him. Before he can do anything though, Ryback charges at him and pulls of a sloppy looking dropkick that send Jones falling backwards. The ref starts a count with Bateman covereding Jones, 1...No! Jones throws Bateman off with next to no trouble at all, as if Bateman weighed only a few pounds. Jones got to his feet and threw a wild right hand at Ryback but he evades it and sends a right hand in the opposite direction. It connects and send the Aussie back a few steps. He whips Jones into the corner and nearly snaps his neck as he follows up with a vicious clothesline. Jones stumbled forward, completely clueless of his where abouts, and Bateman drops him with a dropkick of his own this time. Ryback smirks and lifts Jones to his feet and hoists him up onto his shoulders... The ring shakes as Ryback brings Nathan Jones down with full force for the Shell Shocked! Without a word he leaves the ring... Weird. Bateman doesn't ask why though and jumps on top of the motionless Jones. The referee, as well as the confused fans, make the count. 1...2...Er, he stops. He jumps to his feet with a grin on his face and a lightbulb above his head. He slaps on a simple crossface to Jones and watches on as the referee calls for the bell! Jones had no choice but to tap, he'd already gone through enough punishment. Bateman, under extremely weird circumstances, gains maximum points!

Booker: Haha! Bateman with a vital victory there.
Cole: Still remains to be seen whether he'd have won without the help of Ryback.
Taz: What was his deal anyway?
Cole: Who knows Taz, but I'm sure this isn't the end of the rivalry.
Booker: And even if it is, I'm not sure Bateman gives a damn. That submission victory gives him 10 points.

The camera cuts backstage where Josh Matthews is stood with a mic in hand. With a grin on his face the fans begin to wonder who must be stood next to him. He lifts the mic to his mouth and in typical fashion introduces himself and his guest.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman; I'm Josh Matthews and my guest at this time is none other than The Viper, Randy Orton!

The fans cheer at the top of their lungs for Randy as the camera pans to the right to reveal him opn on-screen. He smirks as prepares to ask him a question. The fans have missed him a helluva lot apparently.

Josh Matthews: Randy, we've not seen you on TCW television for weeks now. What brings you back?

Orton looks at Josh with a cold stare then speaks into the mic, the fans loving every minute of it.

Randy Orton: Unfinished business.

He walks off down the backstage area to tend to his "unfinished business". Josh nods at the camera and it cuts to the announce table.

Cole: Randy Orton is back!
Booker: And it looks like he's got some unfinished business!
Taz: What gives you that impression?
Cole: Yeah Booker, is that just a hunch?
Booker: Funny guys, real funny. Just go to the next damn match.

Alex Riley w/ Layla vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Dean Ambrose
Singles Match

The two make their entrances as the commentary team continue to laugh at Booker. Dolph wastes no time as the bell sounds and instantly starts assualting Riley. Layla shrieks as he barely has any time to leave the ring. A-Ry fights back thought and pushes Ziggler away before he leaps up for a dropkick! Layla cheers him on from ringside as he begins to mount an offense. He lays into Ziggler wtih a flurry of stomps. Ambrose jumps up onto the apron though and causes enough of a distraction to allow Ziggler to take back the momentum with a cheap low blow! Riley falls to the mat and Ziggler covers, 1...2...No! He slams his fists on the mat in frustration before he lifts Riley to his feet. He nails him with a few right hands before lifting him high for an impressive suplex! Another cover, 1...2...No! Riley refuses to give in. Ziggler whips A-Ry against the ropes and as he retruns locks in a sleeper! Riley looks to be drifting in and out, this could be it. The referee raises Riley's hand and lets go... He doesn't respond. He does the same again... Again he doesn't respond. One last chance for Riley to stop his hand from dropping and fight his way back into this. The referee raises Riley's hand one last time... Yes! He stops his hand from dropping, just, and begind a fight back. Elbow shots to Ziggler loosen the submission beforehe drives Ziggler's back into the turnbuckle! Now free, Riley starts to excite the fans with his exciting moveset. He whips Ziggler against the rope and.. Armdrag. He then heads to the top rope and, as Ziggler gets to his feet, nails him with a crossbody! He isn't done though as Ziggler gets to his feet Riley looks to end it. He looks for the Riley Elevation but spots Dean Ambrose walking over to Layla. The British Diva isn't fond of Ambrose and begins to walks away. He follows and she trips in her heels and falls to the floor. Ambrose stands over her with a sadistic grin on his face. Riley releases Ziggler and runs to the side of the ring to tells Ambrose to back off. This gives Ziggler enough time to jump up behind his opponent for the Zig-Zag! He pulls him to the middle of the ring and covers, 1...2...3! Ambrose raises Ziggler's hand in victory as Layla tends to Riley on the outside.

Booker: Dean Ambrose basically cost Riley the victory!
Cole: He should have just finished the match then and there. Ambrose wouldn't have hurt Layla, it was all an elaborate plan.
Taz: I've got to agree with Cole here, Booker. He had the match won but threw it away. Only himself to blame, man.
Booker: What was he even doing here at ringside!?
Cole: Supporting Ziggler, much like Layla was supporting Riley. C'mon Booker, tonight's just not your night.
Taz: We've got another TCW Series matchup next. Mark Henry takes on CM Punk in what is sure to be a great match.

TCW Series
Mark Henry vs. CM Punk

Singles Match

Mark Henry and CM Punk tie up as the bell sounds. Henry uses his superior strength to launch Punk into the corner of the ring. He smirks and offers Punk a second chance. They lock hands this time but Punk has a better idea and delivers a knee to Henry's gut. It's quickly followed up with another knee, this time to the slightly bent over Henry's head! He stumbled back and leans up against the rope. Punk charges him down and leaps at Henry, striking his knee in the face of Henry for a third time! He nails The World's Strongest Man with a bulldog this time and looks for the win, 1...2...No! Henry powers out and uses the ropes to help him to his feet. Punk throws a wild kick towards the head of Henry but it doesn't quite work out. Henry grabs the ankle of Punk before it hits his head and shoves Punk to the floor. He then drops a huge elbow on Punk's chest! 1...2...Punk kicks out! Henry lifts Punk up and bodyslams him back down. Could have just left him down but it's too late now. He runs off the ropes and nails a big splash! It looks all but over and he hooks the leg, 1...2...No! How did CM Punk kick out? His ribs must be broken! He struggles to his feet and throws right hands at Henry, Henry replies with a headbutt! Punk isn't done though and out of nowhere lands a right kick to the back of Henry's head. He forward and Punk tried lifting him up on his shoulders, but can't manage it. Henry drops Punk with a clothesline then looks for one more huge smash! No! Punk rolls to the side. He waits for Henry to get to his feet and tries to lift him one more time. Some how Punk mustered up enough will power to lift him! GTS! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3! Punk gets the points!

Cole: Big win for CM Punk!
Booker: My money is on him to win this entire thing, dawg!
Taz: Will be interesting to see if Henry can pick himself up from this loss.
Cole: I've just got word something is going on backstage! It's... Randy Orton!

The cameras cut backstage to Randy Orton shouting and trying to get into the office of Eve Torres. He kicks the door and it falls off it's hinges! He storms in looking for Eve as the camera follows behind him.

Randy Orton: Thought you could get rid of m--

The camera enters the room and Randy Orton is floored! The fans watch as Randy Orton is brutally beatdown by Stone Cold Steve Austin! He stomps a mudhole into Orton's chest and helps him to his feet to continue the beatdown all over the office.

Steve Austin: Maybe you should knock first you crazy son of a b--

Austin is sent back a few steps after a stiff right hand from Orton as tries to mount a comeback. He throws Austin across the desk before a large group of men come to break the fight up. The security make sure everything is okay before Eve Torres walks into the now trashed room. She smirks as Randy stares her down, held back by several men.

Eve Torres: Glad to have you back, Randy. I see you've already met your opponent for our pay-per-view in two weeks time.

She smirks as Orton is ushered out of the room by the group of men restraining him. The camera fades to black as Eve looks at her totally trashed office.

Cole: Chatoic scenes backstage.
Taz: Looks like we have out first match for the pay-per-view though!
Booker: That's going to be one helluva match, dawg. I can't predict who's going to win.
Cole: Neither of them by the looks of that brutal battle that just took place. They'll probably kill each other in the middle of the ring.
Taz: Yeah! What was going through Even's mind when she booked that match I wonder.
Cole: Well the show must go on and next up with have Kane versus Jeff Hardy who is still looking for his first win.

Kane vs. Jeff Hardy
Singles Match

Kane stares a hole through Hardy as the bell rings. Hardy isn't scared though and starts the match off as he runs at Kane looking for a clothesline. Nice try Jeff. Kane grabs Jeff by the throat and smirks. He lifts him up off the mat and CHOKES-- Oh! Jeff Hardy kick Kane in the stomach and break free. He follows up with a dropkick to Kane's knee. As the Big Red Machine is down to one knee, Jeff runs off the ropes and nails Kane with a dropkick to the face! He covers, 1...No! That won't be enough. Kane gets to his feet and nearly takes Jeff's head off with a vicious uppercut! Hardy falls back and Kane whips him off the ropes for a big boot! he covers, 1...2...No! Jeff will not die! He gets to his feet but.. Who's this!? A masked man hops over the barricade and slides into the ring. Kane, Jeff and the ref stand confused as the masked man pulls out a lead pipe. He levels the referee first then proceeds to lay into Kane and Jeff! He leaves the ring as this match is called off. No Contest!

Jeff gets up, stumbling to his feet

Jeff: Kane. That was a great match. We both gave it our all, it's a shame neither of us could be victorious. So thank you. Thanks for a great match. Now. As you all know. Im going to announce who will be replacinh me,here in TCW.

The crowd boos as they dont want to see Jeff leave TCW.

Jeff: Well, I put alot of thouhght into my choice..... And the person I chose to replace me was......... Nobody... Why? Because the Extreme... NEVER.... DIES!!!!

The fans roar in excitement and joy so much, nothing can be heard except the cheering. Jeff starts to raise his voice in an angry way as the fans settle down.

Jeff: Antonio, Dolph, Alex... Us four. TLC. At this PPV. Settle all the differences we have with each other. No rules. And that means you can have your masked man to help you Alex. Now i don't care what you say about me. Im staying for a long... LONG time

Resserected plays throughout the arena as Hardy drops his mic and exits the ring.

Cole: What the hell?!
Booker: Who was that?!
Taz: He just took out Jeff Hardy and Kane! This guy means business.
Cole: Well it looks like it's time for the Main Event!
Booker: Antonio Cesaro has his work cut out for him here. The Rock and John Cena are trouble alone but both at the same time? Good luck, dawg.

Main Event
TCW Series
John Cena vs. The Rock vs. Antonio Cesaro

Triple Threat Match

John Cena and The Rock ignore Cesaro and stands face to face. Cesaro doesn't take to kindly to this and pushes inbetween the two icons. They look at him and The Rock throws the first punch. Cena follows up with another and together they send him to the outside. Rock starts his attack on Cena and throws him into the corner. After a few shots to the face Rock hoists Cena to the top rope but Cesaro hold Rock's foot so he can't climb up and perform the superplex. Cena takes advantage and knocks Rock over with a top rope shoulder block! Cesaro climbs into the ring and nails Cena with an astonishing Uppercut! The fans are on their feet as Cena rolls around in agony. Cesaro turns his attention to The Rock and helps him to his feet before telling the fans to shut up. He then proceeds to chop The Rock several times, his chest turns red raw almost instantly. Cena breaks it up and kicks Cesaro in the gut, then follows up with a DDT as quickly as humanly possible. The Rock doesn't appreciate the help and nails John Cena with a chop of his own as he gets to his feet. Cena chops back, The Rock throws a curveball and instead of chopping Cena again he kicks him in the stomach. Suplex from The Rock! Cesaro gets to his feet and The Rock raises his eyebrow! Rock Bot-- No! Cesaro elbows The Rock in the side of his head then sends him towards the ropes. As The Rock returns Cesaro throws him up into the air and nails him with a mesmorising Very European Uppercut! Rock slides to the outside so Cesaro can't get the cover. Smart on his part. Cena tries to get involved but Cesaro is too much for him and looks to finish the match. Neutralizer! He covers Cena, 1...2...3!

Cole: Antonio Cesaro wins with a dominant display against two the the industries finest!
Booker: That's how you get it done!
Taz: That's a career defining victory right there. He could go on and win this series!
Cole: That's all for this week, we'll see you next week, live from Cleveland!

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Sep 19, 12 at 1:04pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Alex Riley
Finisher - Ry-Plex - Snap Fisherman Suplex

Alex Riley and Layla's fourteen month anniversary fell on the day of Warzone. Knowing A - Ry, Layla would never assume he'd take a day off, so they settled for the nicest restaurant they could get to at midnight on a Monday, Denny's. It was post show, and Riley was beat. He ordered the steak and eggs meal, and she ordered a salad. The "date" was silent thus far. Riley could tell that Layla had something on her mind. And once he asked her, he kind of regretted it.

Layla: You really have to ask what is bothering me? You lost! You lost, you lost, you LOST! *Riley's brow furrowed at Layla's response. Many people looked over at the loud couple. None recognized Riley.* Do you ever realize that you haven't one a match? And you've faced nothing but dunces! Losers! Like Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam! And you can't pick up a win? *Riley's mouth hung slack.* And, I realize, people lose matches. I realize that. But you aren't even upset! You're happy. You should be ashamed!

Riley: Layla! Calm down! *He lowered his voice when he felt more eyes on him.* I'm not happy that I lost. I just know that there's always next week. I'm not going to put my failures on anything else. I'm not going to blame Jeff Hardy for getting pinned, Dean Ambrose for his mind-games, or even you...

Layla: So this is my fault? You lost because I was there? Realize this, I want you to win! I don't care if Dean chases me, you keep your head out of your arse, and in the match! This isn't WWE anymore! You have to win, or you'll be gone! Forgotten! The fact that these people still cheer for you is ridiculous!

Riley looked down at his food. He hadn't realized it showed up. He was speechless, and he felt broken. He knew everything she was saying was true. But he couldn't think like that. He'd learned better. He'd learn to always be the better man. Never to blame anyone else.

Riley: What do I do then? Embrace the hate?

Layla: What does that even... Shut up. Ry, you know I adore you, you know I love you, and you know I want to see you succeed! These people love you! But... What has that gotten you?

With that, Riley pushed away from the table. He stood up and turned to walk away, but stopped. Then he turned back to Layla and slammed his fists onto the table.

Riley: What have the people given me? They made it worth rolling out of bed and hitting the gym for hours on end! They made it worth working my ass off to be able to steal the show! I may not be to a point where I'm the best, but I'm not going to take an underhanded tactic! I'm not going to cheat. I'm not going to bully. I don't care if I lose every single match that comes up until I get fired! But I'll never, ever, break my loyalty to those people. And Layla... You have to realize that. It's who I am.

With that, one of the waiters put his hand on Riley's shoulder, and Riley left. Layla sat there alone for a while, before eventually leaving to follow him.

Author:   RatedRViper
Date:   Sep 21, 12 at 7:49pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
The camera zooms in on Hardy who is standing next to the food

suddenly someone hits him in the leg with steel pipe. Jeff drops his food and falls awkwardly to the floor

The assailant continuously wacks Hardy in the leg with the steel pipe. Almost breaking it. Jeff screams in pain as Thr man delivers a final blow to Jeffs leg, breaking it, then swinging at his face

Masked Man: Jeff. You never should have shown up tonight. Why? Because noe your unable ovwalk due to a broken leg and now you cant even hear me as i jst knocked you out! I huess the Extreme can die.

As the man turns arounf he stops in fear staring at a man holding a microphone

the camera only shows the reaction of the man at this time

Man: I guess we havent met

The fand roar in joy and explode in cheers as The camera zooms onto........... EDGE!

Michael Cole: Oh My God! Thats Edge! Its The Rated R Superstar! Can you believe it!

Edge runs at the Masked man and spears him through the food table

Edge: Brock.. Tonight its no longer Jeff and you. Its me and you. Amd at the PPV... Im taking Jeffs spot. Jeff and i may have had our differences.. But now... We are good mates and will help each other out no matter the consequences

the canera fades as Doctors run to Hardys aid

Author:   StraightedgeXSavior
Date:   Sep 22, 12 at 8:32pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler

Cameras cut out to the ring after seeing the "Rated R Superstar" making his first appearance here in TCW.


The familiar theme song hits for Dolph Ziggler, and Ziggler comes walking out from the back in his Silver trucks with his Pink "It's Not Showing Off" T-Shirt hanging from behind. Walking behind Ziggler is none other the the "Cougar" Vickie Guerrero. As tons and tons of boos echo throughout the arena, Ziggler turns around on the stage and taunts at the top of the ramp and flinging his hair gel into the crowd. Then continues to make his way down into the ring with Vickie. Ziggler lets Vickie into the ring first, then steps in grabbing the microphone off of the announcer.

"I try and try not to come out here every week to say something that happens in the back or in this business, but Jeff Hardy would come out here week after week. And talk about how the extreme never dies, well looks like he overdosed again and got caught in the head with a lead pipe."

The crowd boos and chant for the last time "Hardy!"

"Just when I thought this place was getting better getting rid of that screw up Jeff. Edge has to come back and make a return. Seriously Edge! You retired, you aren't Brett Favre you can't just retire and then decide to come back. Edge, you are out of your prime your not as focused as you were before. Leave before you get hurt again and I break your neck!"

The crowd starts to boo Ziggler, and starts to chant "We Want Edge!"

"You guys aren't getting Edge! Your getting me!"

The crowd starts to boo louder and louder.

"Edge, we will meet when the time is right, but now I want to take this time and talk about my tag team match tonight. The last time Ambrose and myself teamed up we destroyed Alex Riley and Jeff Hardy. And this time we are facing Doink the clown and Alex Riley. two men that are not focused enough to want what Ambrose and myself want. Dean and I have proved we are the face of the tag team division, we are the future of this company! We will go into this match tonight and win again, because that what we do best!"

Ziggler looks away from the camera and moves the microphone away from his mouth. Then holds it back up moments later.

"SHOW!......OFF.............LATER MARKS!"

Ziggler's theme song hits and Vickie and Dolph make their way to the back as the camera fades.

Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Sep 23, 12 at 3:10am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

We cut backstage to shockingly see Antonio Cesaro standing backstage with none other than Todd Grisham. Antonio Cesaro was without Aksana and he looked quite prepared for this interview. Todd Grisham looked up at Antonio Cesaro and then rubbed his hands down his small black and white suit and then cleared his throat. Todd Grisham then sent a small grin to Antonio Cesaro, and Antonio Cesaro just nodded. The pace went back and forth for a several seconds, but the silence was shortly broken. Todd Grisham raised the microphone and asked his first question. Knowing that Antonio Cesaro was a busy man and did not like to have his time wasted he knew that he had to make this interview as short and as simple as possible.

Antonio Cesaro merely smiled once again, he knew the question was quickly approaching and it did, he smirked. Antonio Cesaro was going to enjoy answering this. All day long he has planned how this match against Derrick Bateman will go, so far he is the only man that has defeated him and Antonio Cesaro is looking to get some serious payback. Antonio Cesaro gave the camera a nice look as he raised his eyebrows, as he began speaking on the topic given to him.

Antonio Cesaro quickly takes a break, running out of breath rather quickly. Composing himself, he smirks lightly as he looks away from Todd Grisham and straight at the camera, focusing on it and it alone so that the people will see it in his eyes that everything he says is the truth that he means what he is saying to them. Antonio Cesaro was serious about tonight; this was his only chance, his only opportunity to correct his mistake and he was going to do that by defeating Derrick Bateman.

Antonio Cesaro pushes the microphone away from his face, he looks at Todd Grisham with a small snicker as he rubbed his chin, Todd Grisham nodded. Antonio Cesaro then turned his back to him an walked away as he walked down the corridor, he has said what he wanted and he was done speaking, it was time for action.

Author:   RLFierro
Date:   Sep 23, 12 at 8:05pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
THIS RP IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: RLFierro & The Voiceless

After the commercial break, we are brought back to the live crowd here in Ohio, who are going crazy for all their favorite superstars to enter the WarZone! Their excitement is momentarily interrupted when a certain Diva appears on the titan tron and catches the attention of the crowd. TCW's newest addition, Layla is sitting in a "director's chair", looking at herself in the mirror as the make up lady applies the hairspray. Layla is continuously smiling, seemingly amazed at her make up lady's work. Layla begins to make small talk.

Layla looks up to the make up lady after a few seconds, wondering why she hasn't gotten a response and sees that she is shocked and pointing in the mirror. Layla turns her head and in the far back corner of the hallway, a figure can be seen staring at the two, but no face to can be seen. Layla seems a tad bit horrified and confused before standing up and turning to face the strange figure. She looks as if she is about to say something, but the figure moves towards her. She backs herself into the wall as the figure moves forward and the figure becomes more clear. It is none other than the man that chased her around the ring last week, Dean Ambrose. The crowd is very vocal about their displeasure from this madman. Ambrose just sadistically grins at Layla, who is becoming more and more terrified. She flinches as Dean's arm comes towards her, but sighs in relief as she opens her eyes to see his arm next to her face on the wall and Ambrose leaned in front of her. She tries to run the other way, but in one swift moment, Ambrose plants his other arm on that side, blocking Layla in. Dean continues to smile as the make up lady is seen shocked and terrified just as much as Layla. Finally, Ambrose speaks.

Before Dean can finish his sentence, in a moment of sheer anger, Layla spits right in Ambrose's face! The crowd lets out a major pop for the Diva, but it quickly vanishes once Dean starts to chuckle to himself. Layla is disturbed beyond measure and can't even find words to express anything, starting to say a word before becoming dumbfounded. Dean quickly grabs her by her throat and squeezes very slightly, just enough to hold her in place. Dean's mood suddenly changes from chuckling to almost a whisper coming from his words.

Suddenly, an arm comes across Ambrose's skull, who falls and lets Layla go. Layla backs off and it's revealed to be her boyfriend, Alex Riley! The crowd lets out even more of a pop as Riley starts to stomp on Ambrose, who just laughs at every kick, no matter how much force Riley puts behind it. Riley screams in anger, realizing he's not hurting the madman. Alex pulls Dean by his hair, who is smiling like the sick bastard he is! Riley throws Dean into a catering table, a storage cart, and finally back around and tosses Ambrose into the make up mirror! The shattering of glass and the crashing of Ambrose's body hitting the floor hits the arena and Riley's breathing overcomes the audio. Layla runs over to her boyfriend and hugs him. Riley becomes too focused on comforting his girlfriend that he doesn't bother checking to see if Dean was still down and gets met with a pipe to the back of his head! Layla tries to hold her boyfriend up, but can't as the two fall to the floor. Ambrose lets out a sadistic grin once more and see's both are motionless and unconscious as the camera's roll into commercial...

We come back from commercial with Riley sitting in a metal fold out chair being attended to by medical personnel. Riley holds an ice pack to the back of his head before realizing what had happened and quickly looks around, not seeing Layla anywhere in sight. Riley tries to stand, but is held back down by doctors checking on him. Finally, Alex speaks.

Riley looks as if he was about to cry. The love of his life had been kidnapped by Riley's arch nemesis, Dean Ambrose and he didn't know where to even begin looking... The crowd was dead silent, knowing what had happened in the commercial break and hopefully TCW officials or Riley himself can retrieve Layla from "The Most Dangerous Man in TCW", but who knew at this point? Not Riley, that's for sure... We cut to another commercial break as the screen begins to fade to black.

Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Sep 24, 12 at 12:03pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

The camera's return from a commercial break and go backstage to a personal gym in the arena. Antonio Cesaro is seen in the gym as he is working out and preparing for his main event match against Derrick Bateman. It would seem that he is taking this seriously as he works on the punching bag, really working up a sweat as he stops and then heads over to the weights. He gets down onto the bunch and starts doing his weights as after several push-ups of the weights he places them down and sits back up. He pulls his bag over and then opens it and takes out a towel and a bottle of water. He drinks some of the water and then pours the rest over himself as he then uses the white towel to dry himself up with. He then stands up and walks back over to the punching bag and goes back to work on it as he turns his head around and watches as the gym door opens and in walks Aksana.

Antonio Cesaro merely glances over at her and smirks as he goes back to work on the punching bag. Aksana seen this and her smile quickly fades away as she looks over at him menacingly, but even with her staring daggers at him, Antonio Cesaro was not paying her attention. Antonio Cesaro at this moment is focused, he is imagining it is Derrick Bateman as he continues to batter it as Aksana closes the door and walks over to him to stand at his side, her hands were folded over her chest as she just stares at him.

Aksana then unfolds her arms and then places them on her hips as she moves closer to him, Antonio Cesaro was forced to stop hitting the punching bag as he stopped it swinging with his hands and just placed one hand on it and stared at Aksana.

Aksana would push the punching bag out of Antonio Cesaro hand and move right in front of him, she is a lot smaller than him and so she has to stare up at him. Aksana did not like the way she was being spoken to and she was going to let Antonio Cesaro know that he cannot decide when she comes and goes.

Aksana had said what she needed to say and she gave Antonio Cesaro a sly smirk as she then turned her back to him and walked away from him. Antonio Cesaro stood there shocked at the way she spoke to him as he then quickly hit the punching bag one more time and then quickly spoke up once again before Aksana left the gym.

The emotion on Antonio Cesaro face dropped considerably as he was serious with everything he has said to Aksana. Antonio Cesaro would then turn his gaze away from her and go back to working out on the punching bag, but Aksana hangs around at the door for several more seconds and then speaks up to Antonio Cesaro.

Aksana then nods as Antonio Cesaro and then slowly turns around and exits the gym leaving Antonio Cesaro alone with his thoughts. For several seconds Antonio Cesaro just stands there as the punching bag swings back and forward. Aksana had put him in his place, he had to win this match no matter what, he had to prove that he has what it takes, Antonio Cesaro will not lose to Derrick Bateman a second time, he will even the score and show him that he is the better man.

Author:   Metallica
Date:   Sep 24, 12 at 12:42pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

CM Punk

The camera's cut backstage outside of a locker room and on the locker room door is a hand holding a lightning bolt in the colours of white and black, this logo is very familiarized with CM Punk, a roar of cheers echoes around the arena from the fans in attendance. As the camera pans out a little, Todd Grisham is shown standing by holding a microphone, he has his usual friendly smiling face.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentleman, I'm Todd Grisham and I am standing by waiting to here from non other than CM Punk!

Just as Grisham finishes talking, the door handle turns and then the door opens, CM Punk walks through with a grin on his face, the presence of Punk gives another roar of cheers from the fans. CM Punk is also wearing what appears to be a new t-shirt, this t-shirt is all black with his well recognized logo in the middle being just all plain white. CM Punk smirks some more and waves at the camera before being interrupted by Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: CM Punk, you are without a doubt on a role here in the TCW and have yet to be pinned despite a loss in a triple threat match a few weeks back, you've had the pleasure of beating some of the best in the business so early on and this week, you face Trent Baretta, your thoughts?

"My thoughts?, You want my thoughts? I am actually appalled that someone like me even has to be in the ring with a jobber like Trent, I don't know exactly what the management here in TCW has against myself, but it seems to be a trend within my career. My run within WWE had exactly the same issues, I was being disrespected a great deal, but that's the past, now and I mention again, I have a match with a nobody, if that's not bad I'm in the very first match of the card, i should be main eventing shows but whatever, the fact is by the end of tonight I will have yet another win as I climb the ladder of success here in the TCW."

As Punk finishes talking, a loud "CM Punk" chant starts within the arena, but is quickly interrupted by Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Punk, may I ask, you have been mentioning some very strange things over the past two weeks such as an 'order' and chaos, among other things too, what exactly is this CM Punk era and what do we expect from it?

CM Punks smirk on his face turns in to a slight angry frown, he folds his arms and his body language completely changes.

"Who are you to even question me? What I have in store is nothing to do with you or anyone else for that matter, there will be chaos and disorder and my order that will come and when it does arrive you will damn sure know about it, there is no way in hell that I would even think about telling you, you're just a stupid journalist and once again I'm faced with speaking to one who is asking me ridiculous questions. Let me just tell you this Todd, the foreseeable future holds something big for the TCW, something in which the world has seen but has yet to see and that's all I am telling you. The CM Punk era is going to change the face of the wrestling world forever, until then, you will all just have to wait."

CM Punks aggressive turn gets mixed reactions from the fans, there are a lot of noticeable boos within them too. Punk was just about to walk away until, again, Todd Grisham stops and asks one final question.

Todd Grisham: Punk, just before you leave, what is the issue between yourself and Deam Ambrose and his tag team partner Dolph Ziggler?

CM Punk unfolds his arms and slowly walks back up to Todd Grisham, this time he gets right in his face.

"Seriously, what is it with you, Coach and any other of you so called 'interviewers' and your pathetic questions? Me, Ambrose and Ziggler have no issues, I made it perfectly clear a few weeks back when I told them to stay out of my way and since then, nothing. I am the best wrestler in the world and I think those two have learned to steer very clear of myself and so should anyone else on the roster, so if this stupid little interview is finally over, may I now leave, because you're starting to piss me off!"

As CM Punk finishes screaming those final few words in Grishams face, Punk storms off down the corridor, eventually going off screen. Todd turns back to the camera with a shook up look on his face and takes him a few moments to get his words out correctly.

Todd Grisham: Err, err, err, Well back to you guys at ringside.

The camera's cut back to the arena.

Author:   bobbpugg5
Date:   Sep 24, 12 at 1:05pm (PST)
Subject:   one less lonely josh


{The globe is a large place. A bit of an understatement, yes, but true none the less. There are billions of individuals all over the globe, all working, learning, and taking care of themselves in one way or another. Most of these people have heroes, idols, and people that they look up to. They look towards these idols during their everyday lives, maybe for a model of where to take their life. Maybe for someone to live vicariously through. Maybe just to break up monotony of the everyday, seeing everyone around them as normal and mediocre as the rest of them. Regardless, these idols and celebrities are revered all across the land; television shows, magazines and major websites dedicated to following their every moves. Regardless of how much they want it or deserve it, these celebrities can go around and work themselves into any facet of entertainment at their whims, to advertise their own brand and raise their own fame. It is a cycle that can continue for their entire life.

TCW, being a global entertainment brand, has unspoken influence that spreads wide. As such, various celebrities and idols are partial to using WarZone or any of this wrestling and entertainment company's many brand channels to hock their wares. And tonight to no exception to the celebrity cycle. Only tonight is strange because this celebrity's intent is not as clear. It is not simply to promote a new album or movie or DVD release. In fact, no one is really sure why he's here. Or, more to the point, no one is really sure why he's involved in TCW and it's current goings-ons. It may not be known now, but one man intends on getting to the bottom of it. But sadly, he's not here right now, so Josh Matthews will have to do.

TCW's resident interviewer is standing backstage, wearing a suit that he probably bought when it was on sale, holding a microphone and a painted on smile. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am extremely proud to introduce my next guest," Matthews boasts. "He is a beloved pop icon, a multitalented artist  who has sold over 15 million records world-wide, and a TCW fan. My guest tonight, ladies and gentlemen…Justin Bieber." The camera pans back slightly and reveals that Matthew's words are true. One of the biggest pop stars of today, Justin Bieber, is standing next to Josh Matthews, with a perfectly quaffed hair do and a most stylish vest and long sleeve shirt combination. He has a billion dollar smile and not even a hint of a wrinkle or freckle on his fresh face. The echoes of the crowd are heard at home, women's high pitched cheers emanating through the backstage hallways. A good chunk of the crowd is booing the young star as well, for reasons that range from hating his music all the way to remembering his recent seemingly negative interactions with Derrick Bateman. Josh Matthews intends on getting to the bottom of this with his hard hitting questions.

"Mr. Beiber, wh….."

"Please," the mega-star interrupts. "Just call me Justin." He bats an eyelash at the camera and you can hear ladies orgasming all over the country. Josh straightens his neck out and continues with his question, now with a modified delivery. "Now, Justin, the people want to know, what exactly are you doing here in TCW?" Justin takes a moment to collect his thoughts and angle his good side toward the camera before answering. "Josh," he began, "I'm a fan. I'm a big wrestling fan and always have been. So when I saw that TCW was in town two weeks ago, I decided to stop by and visit. And from that moment, when I saw what all this was about, I was hooked. I love the live shows. I love how TCW does there thing. And I love seeing it from behind the scenes here. So I'm here tonight for the same reason that all the rest of these people in the audience are - to watch the show."

Josh Matthews, smile still plastered on, nodding at the pro-company sentiments that his guest just uttered, continues with his next question. "Great. Now, the past few weeks, you have actually been more than just a fan here on WarZone. One of the men in the TCW Championship Series, Derrick Bateman, has aimed at you with an allegation that you cost him a match a few weeks ago. And since then you've been here backstage telling him 'good luck' and we all are left in the dark on what is really going on. Can you elaborate on your relationship with Derrick Bateman?"

"Josh, what you've seen with me and Derrick is all that's happened with me and Derrick. And I want to kill the rumor right now, I did not mean to cost Derrick that match a couple weeks ago. Yes I was in the crowd for his match, but only to root him on. Only as a fan, you know? If I somehow distracted him and maybe cost him the match, then I am really, really, really sorry. So when I was backstage and wishing him good luck, I really meant it. Over the last month of TCW, I have become a big fan of Derrick Bateman's and I honestly want the best for him here. I'm going to take a stance right here and now and say that Derrick Bateman is going to be the next TCW World Champion. And that's Bieber approved," J-Biebz proclaims. An audible cheer comes from the crowd as the Batemaniacs cheer for this wish. Whether or not they like Bieber didn't seem to matter for that moment. The steady stream of boos started back up not long after that. It should be noted that the pop star isn't phased in the least by the negative reaction he gets. In much the same way as John Cena was in the past, the crowd was polarized by the squeaky clean recording artist but he is not going to give them the satisfaction of reacting to it.

"Now Derrick doesn't know that I'm here tonight," Bieber says with a grin, "so I'm going to try to make up for what I did a few weeks ago. Tonight, he's in a match against Antonio Cesaro and I don't really like this guy. So if Derrick isn't going to talk bad about him, then I will." Josh Matthews is a bit confused by this latest comment and the lack of his faux smile makes this evident. Bieber, smiling from ear to ear with excitement, is going to cut his first wrestling promo. "Cesaro, you are going to get your butt kicked. You got that? Derrick has beaten you before and he's going to do it again. And you can take you and your ugly face and go home. And you can take Aksana with you. She's just so annoying. But I know you don't have much choice. Because you're ugly, Antonio. They should call you Ugly Antonio. You're not the heart throbs like me and Derrick Bateman are. Why don't you just go back to Sweden and leave all of the TCW fans alone. We'll all be a lot happier. So scram, and me and my favorite wrestler Derrick are going to celebrate with a par-tay. So don't be so angry, and don't be so cocky. Because when it comes to Derrick Bateman…" Bieber takes a pause, closes his eyes, quietly clears his throat and sings out, "never say nevvverrrr!"

A smattering of women's screeches are still heard, but they are all but drowned out by the boos of the live crowd, not appreciating his singing or his second hand enthusiasm for Derrick Bateman. Josh Matthews is happily shocked at the impromptu promo and song, or at least that one line, and exclaims, "Wow! Justin Bieber, everybody. Thank you so mu…" Josh's praise is cut off by a full palm placed over his face. Justin is taken aback for a moment but then when he sees who the hand belongs to, his signature smile returns to his mug. The camera pans back and follows back from the palm attached to Josh Matthews face to reveal the arm, body, face and full body of the Savior of the Modern Man, Derrick Bateman. The echoes of the crowd in the main bowl of the arena turn to a raucous ovation and cheers for The Mantastic One. Derrick soaks in the adulation for a moment and then begins speaking.

"Hold your horses, Josh-Gosh-Bigosh. I have a quick something to say to our friend here, J-Biebz." Bateman's face is very stark and ready to talk business, quite opposite from the giddy look on Bieber's face. "I understand that you have your following. And I understand that you want to be a fan. And that's all well and good. But I'm man enough to tell you the harsh truth right here. It's fine that you are a fan of mine, but to get into my business and cut a promo for me? Nah ah. I'm not going to allow that. Everyone knows that I'm beating Cesaro tonight. That's a forgone conclusion. I don't need a pop star with beautiful hair to do my dirty work. Sorry dude, but Derrick Bateman is going to stand on his own two feet and do everybody here proud by turning Cesaro into just another piece of rubble on the side of the Alps. Just call me kryptonite because I'm going to pick up win number two against the Swiss Superman tonight. And Bieber, you should go and be a fan. Coming out and doing what you did here tonight isn't needed or wanted with this crowd. See, if we had a venn diagram between Batemaniacs and Beliebers, it would just look like two separate circles. You're not exactly welcome here in the roster of TCW. And Justin, I will say never. Never will Cesaro beat me. And never will I be a Belieber. And never will I not love chicks and America." Bateman looks to the side, just off camera, with a stare that looks like it should accompany a laser beam shooting from his corneas. He walks off to a huge applause and cheers from his adoring public, leaving behind a stunned silent Josh Matthews and Justin Bieber. It would be safe to say that a good portion of the world has a new idol as WarZone fades to black.}

Author:   Kid Clutch
Date:   Sep 24, 12 at 1:47pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
The cameras come back from a commercial break, to spot one of the most annoying presences in the ring: John Laurinatis. This man is almost a cancer for ratings but somehow TCW keeps giving him airtime. With a solemn look on his visage, Johnny waits for the crowd to settle down before staring with his diatribe.

Laurinatis: I have something important to say concerning John Cena. A few weeks ago, he slammed me on the ground, almost causing me permanent damage to my spine. That was uncalled for. I had to stay home for a few days to recuperate myself. Now, I’ve seen a lot of troublemakers come and go, but I believe Cena is the worst of all. Because he relies on people like you to keep supporting him, and thus getting away with whatever the hell he wants. You people will give him a pass to do what he feels like, and that could prove to be very chaotic in an environment like this one. I am simply looking out for the benefit of this company, and… [crowd boos] since I am LOOKING OUT for the benefit of this company, I believe the best course of action is to remove Cena from the TCW series, and wait until he has learned a valuable lesson.

The lights dim as a familiar theme tune blares the speakers - here he comes! The crowd pops as Cena comes out with his million-dollar grin and makes numerous violent gestures to the crowd. John Cena looks at the crowd before walking down the ramp as Laurinatis stares at a spastic Cena. He taunts to the crowd and stops walking to look at the cheering crowd. Once he’s captured the grandeur of the arena, Cena runs to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He climbs on the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd. Having done enough to rile up the arena, John Cena gets down and asks for a microphone. Lillian gives him one and Cena walks around the ring, with the microphone in his hands, looking at the crowd, and stops walking and raises the mic up to his mouth.

Booker T: The crowd loves him, Cole!

Cole: Of course!

Cena: Big Johnny!! What's up with you, man? You look tense. Is there a problem? You don't seem too good. Man, you better stop complaining day and night about me, sounds… sounds like you have a vendetta against me of some sort. I’ll be the first to admit, I lost last week… and usually you should be happy about that, but you’re still going on and on about how much of a cancer I am to this company, and—you know what? If you think I am much of a cancer, why don’t you be the antidote? [crowd cheers] Yeah, why don’t you do something about it!? Where I come from, we have those who talk about it… and those who BE about it. Just like the Cenation. I know each and every person in the Cenation, we don’t just talk. We hustle! We all ride together! [crowd cheers] And we gonna go LIIIIIIIVE together! [crowd cheers] We all ride by our words, and if you got a problem with that… I’m right here. Up to you if you're gonna do something about it.

With confidence exuding from his aura, John Cena walks around the ring with the microphone still up his mouth. It’s like he still has something to say. But John Laurinatis won’t let him the pleasure as he retorts immediately.

Laurinatis: Let me stop you right there, Cena. You may think I’m aimlessly taking shots at you, but I have very good reasons, ok? You think this is a joke to you. You think everything is a joke. It’s always the same with you, and I don’t believe you’ve changed one bit. I still remember the Attitude Adjustment you gave me two weeks ago, and that leads me to believe without the shadow of a doubt that you’re still as twisted as they come. You don’t deserve to be the World champion, and I’ll be damned if I let you--

Cena: I hear a lotta talkin’ but I don’t see any action. [Laurinatis glares at Cena for the interruption] Listen to me, and you listen to me good. You may still remember me as the guy who walks around here without a care in the world, but deep inside me, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everything I do, I do it with pride, attention and great determination. TCW is anything but a joke to me… and the World title even less. So if you truly believe the words you say, let me be the first to tell you you’re talking straight out of your ASS! [crowd cheers] I have stated several times now that I don’t care how many men I go through, how many elephants or monsters I have to slam to the ground, how many snakes I have to get by despite their unethical tactics, how many obstacles I have to jump through – one day, I WILL be the World Heavyweight champion, if that’s the last god damn thing I do!!

Powerful words resonate throughout the arena resulting in an appropriate retort by the crowd, emanating massive support for the determined warrior standing in front of the now slightly worried road agent. As Cena’s face turns slightly red, John Laurinatis glares at him still without letting himself fazed by any amount by the situation occurring currently. But Cena’s eyes could be well enough to make any competitor crap his tighties.

Cena: You got strings you can pull? Go ahead, do your worst. Throw everything you can at me, because once you’re done you bet your ass that I won’t be laying down without a fight. Which is much more than I can say for YOU.

The crowd pops as the tension seems to be getting fiercer by the minute. After a minute of exasperation, Laurinatis looks at the crowd and suddenly slaps John Cena. Cena keeps his head turned away as the crowd boos loudly. Cena then answers with a punch and the two go at it. They trade punches as the crowd cheer and Cena evidently gets the upper hand. Cena irish whips Laurinatis and back tosses him. Johnny quickly gets up and Cena clotheslines him off the ropes! Cena taunts like crazy to the crowd before directing the "You Can't See Me" taunt towards the annoyed road agent, who embarrassingly staggers himself up. Cena's music hits as the crowd pops and Laurinatis mouths off several choice words, favoring his head from the previous little scuffle. Cena taunts and climbs the turnbuckle and the crowd keeps cheering. Cena gets down and goes to the edge of the ring, letting his newfound nemesis know he means business. Cena points at him while shouting and does the "You Can't See Me" taunt once more. The crowd cheers as TCW goes to a commercial.

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