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Author:   Homicide
Date:   Sep 10, 12 at 1:56pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

The Undertaker

The arena is quiet as we return from a commercial break when the lights go out and the arena goes completely dark.

Cole: Sorry ladies and gentlemen we seem to be having a problem without lighting.


Booker T: Oh man somethin is about to go down right here playa!

The gong is heard and music plays. The man from the dark side appears shrouded in the fog at the top of the stage. He’s robed in black and covered in spikes. Even the hood covering his head is covered in spikes. The dark lord proceeds down the ramp on his way to the ring as fans shout out at him.

Cole: I can’t believe it’s The Undertaker. We haven’t heard from him but once in three weeks.
Taz: Yea I wonder what he’s going to be doing out here?
Booker T: It can never be good when the deadman comes out here dawg.

The Undertaker is making his way up the steel steps into the ring when he raises his arms to his sides and brings the lights up. The Undertaker steps into the ring and grabs a microphone from a crew member outside of the ring. He paces around the ring for a few moments before stopping around the middle of the ring and brings the microphone to his lips.

The Undertaker: Kane….

The crowd erupts with cheers as Undertaker snarls at the name of his own brother coming from his lips.

The Undertaker: Kane you have awoken a demon I had long thought was laid to rest. Two weeks ago you interrupted my match against Randy Orton making me lose focus and the match. Last week you did the same making me lose to a damn clown!

Booker T: Aw damn dawg. The deadman seems pissed!

The Undertaker: Listen little brother, whatever animosity you have towards me you need to put it in behind you before you anger me. If you come out again tonight and try and cost me my match against James Storm I can promise you that I won’t rest until I have you by your throat screaming for mercy.

Taker takes a breath and lowers the microphone to his side and begins to stroke his long black spike like beard.

Cole: Ominous words from the Deadman. I wonder if Kane will heed his brothers warning.
Taz: For some reason I don’t think he will. There’s a reason behind his brothers attacks.

Taker brings the microphone back to his lips.

The Undertaker: Brother if you know what’s good for you then you will stay far away from me. This brings me to you James Storm. Tonight you step into the ring with one pissed off demon. I suggest you pack up your things now and head on home boy; this is a man’s game. If you show up tonight I won’t be held responsible for placing your tattered body into a body bag.

Undertaker drops the microphone and begins his walk out of the ring.

Booker T: Ominous words for Storm too dawg!
Taz: You ain’t kidding. If I were Storm I’d probably pack up and leave.
Cole: That’s because you’re a chicken Taz. Storm is a real man and will show up and give Undertaker a real fight.

Just as The Undertaker gets halfway up the ramp a giant explosion of fire cuts him off dead in his tracks.

Taz: Whoa!
Cole: Absolutely a message from his Brother Kane.
Booker T: I guess we know what his answer is to Undertaker.

Undertaker snarls and rolls his eyes in the back of his head behind the wall of fire. Cameras begin to fade to black and go to commercial.

Author:   CHKFLIP
Date:   Sep 10, 12 at 2:05pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Sad Clown.

Exordium; Another day, another loser. -
Hi kids!

Did you see it? Just like everyone's favorite clown thought... Undertaker was distracted. Who has two thumbs and took advantage of the situation? THIS GUY.

A victory over Undertaker and the debuting Trent Baretta is just another victory under the belt to use to my advantage once a TCW Heavyweight Champion is crowned through this points-style tournament. Speaking of which, was it just me or did Mark Henry's Doink reference come out of left field? Quite an insensitive man for being so large and black; especially considering his 'sexual chocolate' history with the likes of Mae Young. Nothing against the legend of women's wrestling but, come on, that might as well have been necrophilia. It was harder to watch than Chyna's home video with Sean Waltman.

Moving right along, this week's problem comes in the form of Wade Barrett... the wrestler famous for, well, nothing really. Another one of these 'tough enough' types that got a contract from a terrible spin-off reality show that didn't last (go figure). His YouTube videos make him out to be a beast of a man to his credit, but so is Undertaker, so go figure; the only distinct difference, however, is the fact that Barrett doesn't have a brother breathing fire down his neck so hot he can't help but watch his back. But what Barrett lacks in experience he'll make up for in powerful prowess. This much I know for certain... which is why I'll have to bring everything I've got to carry on the win streak slowly building steam. We might actually have to see a Whoopee Cushion from the top rope this time instead of the typical school boy swiftness I brought to the table in the last two matches.

Wade has failed at his prior two attempts at talking his opponents into submission. Lets see how he does with a cream pie to the face!

Scene; WarZone ENFORCER.
An ECW Style promo was coming to fruition this week; a simple TCW banner floating as the only background to a very serious looking Doink the Clown with arms crossed. Even Dink, though standing on a stool to be in the shot that was capturing his client from mid-torso up, had a look of fierce intensity. They were ready and able to bring it full bore to the barrage of hate that would be coming their way this week. As the scene set in for a couple seconds, it was Dink that took the initiative with a single pointer finger locked into the viewfinder of the camera capturing what was going to be about as serious as these two could ever get.

Dink slaps the palm of the hand previously pointing at the camera against his forehead. Doink is almost always slow on the upkeep. He can't be serious because it's just not within the confines of his jovial nature, but Dink could bring it all back. Dink was and always would be the brains to Doink's limited brawn in this equation. It was brawler against brawler this week and it's obviously up to Dink to get his client in the zone he'll have to be in to withstand the brutal lefts and rights that Wade is known to throw out. Dink turns to his client and slaps his four times in the chest before turning back to his pointing stance.

Doink kneels down almost out of view of the camera. Dink's confidence oozes through his crossed arms and approving head nod. It dissolves into another face-palm moment when Doink pops up with a huge smile and a bouquet of obviously fake white roses that destroy any semblance of seriousness that Dink had spent the last several minutes building up to. Dink was tapping his foot and leering through his fingers as Doink walks closer and closer to the cameraman as if Wade were the man behind the viewfinder. He offers them up and we see a hand extending to grab them when, to no one's surprise, they spurt water from just about every flower all over the man. Doink drops the flowers and holds his stomach as a deep laughter bellows through the room. He stumbles backward into the wall and holds himself up against it as Dink only glares at him. This continue for the next five seconds until Dink slaps the taste out of Doink's mouth very hard. The laughter stops immediately and they just stare at one another for several more seconds. Dink then hops off the stool and kicks it over as Doink gives a confused look with arms extended, completely missing what was going on.

Doink walks after his manager as the scene fades out.

Author:   Suzaku_Firebird
Date:   Sep 10, 12 at 3:34pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Finishing Moves:
Winds of Change (Spinning Side Slam) l Wasteland (Forwards Fireman's Carry Slam)


The anticipation is in the air as the crowd sits restlessly at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. They await the next appearance of a superstar after a chilling promo by the Undertaker and an entertaining show by Doink. We move towards our commentary trio as they also anticipate the night.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to TCW Warzone! We have what is sure to be a great Main Event tonight as John Cena, Ryback, and Mark Henry face off with one another in a Triple Threat between three absolute powehouses.

Tazz: What does that matter Cole, I mean really. We are in Philadelphia, home of Extreme Championshop Wrestling, ECW! This place is home to so many hardcore matches, it is insane!

Michael Cole: Actually Tazz it does matter. ECW has been defunct for years now. What matters is here, tonight, Total Championship Wrestling, in the Warzone here at the Wells Fargo Center.

Before Tazz and Cole can get into an argument, Booker T ends their bickering. Cole just tosses a snide remark at his partners before "Collapse" begins to play on the P.A. System

Wade Barrett Titantron

The bare-knucle brawler from Manchester makes his way out from behind the curtain, dressed in dark gray jeans and another Wade Barrett t-shirt. He rubs his hands together as he paces down the ramp, staring into the rafters. He lowers his view to the ring in front of him before glancing around at the crowd. Wade climbs into the ring and bounces off the ropes before punching the air to the disapproval of the crowd. Barrett beckons for a microphone and is handed one before he raises it to his lips.

My name is Wade Barrett. [What?] Your uncivilized "What?" chants will not deter me. My message will be shared, regardless of your protests. My barrage will not be stopped by juvenile disapproval. However tonight, I do make statements. Yes, I have been fruitless for victories within the past two weeks. I don't even know if that will change tonight. But defeat is a part of life. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. You will lose out in many, many things. If you don't believe so, you would be the most delusional, ignorant half-wit that would ever be my displeasure to meet."

The last comment is met with an echoing boo from the crowd. Wade laughs before speaking into the microphone once more.

"You people cannot seriously belive that defeat is avoidable in life. You will lose in life. Whether it be by a narrow margin or absolutely and utterly crushed. I don't care if you are disappointed to hear that, but facts are facts. Though I suppose most of you Americans live your lives off of lies, don't you?"

Once again, the crowd rains hatred down upon Barrett. Though he has supporters scattered throughout the crowd, they number little compared to those who despise Wade. He just shakes his head in disapproval before speaking once more.

You people are a perfect example of everything I have been talking about the past few weeks. Liars. Each and every one of you. I lie myself, I am guilty of that. However, that does not mean I lie to myself. I am not lying tonight. You people hide behind smoke and mirrors, make yourselves feel safe behind false words. You tell yourselves you are attractive, that you are smart, that you are going places in life, any number of things. All lies for you ignorant half-wits. You can boo me, cheer me, or just not give a damn, but what you people attempt to dispute are facts. I would cite the sources of those facts, but I doubt half of you can even read. So ladies and gentleman, stand, sit, or just turn your back on the truth. People lie. You suffer defeats through life. These are facts that you people need hammered into your heads. That is one of the few purposes behind my barrage. My campaign will not stop until it has been achieved. No matter how many times I lose. Because no matter how many battles end in defeat, I will win the war."

Wade drops his microphone and yells for them to cue his music. He slides between the ropes and to the floor below and walks back up the ramp, launching retorts at the crowd members next to the barricade.

Author:   Suzaku_Firebird
Date:   Sep 10, 12 at 3:54pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Finishing Moves:
Winds of Change (Spinning Side Slam) l Wasteland (Forwards Fireman's Carry Slam)

We cut backstage to Todd Grisham standing by with a microphone. He beckons the camera to follow him as he makes his way to the entry way of the stage. He spies Wade Barrett and calls for him just as Wade is about to turn down a hallway, no doubt toward the locker room to prepare for tonight. Wade just sighs and slumps his shoulders before turning and heading towards Grisham. Todd makes sure the camera is rolling before beginning an impromptu interview.

Todd Grisham: Wade, just recently you had some interesting things to say about your "Barrett Barrage." Now, we've heard from you mentioning about constant lies from society and how you felt the need to escape the lies, but why the sudden urge to "remove the smoke and mirrors" that you are so convinced exist?

Wade just shakes his head in disapproval before reluctantly ripping the microphone from Todd's hands. He opens his mouth to speak but pauses and just laughs. After he has had his chuckle, he begins to respond.

"Todd, I'm not delusional. I am not imagining the lies. I am listing facts for common people like you. None of you know how to truly deal with the truth, so you hide behind a bunch of lies. For example, a question, aren't you lying to yourself, telling yourself that I won't hurt you just like I did Josh Matthews last week? Aren't you trying to get yourself to believe something you don't accept as the truth.?"

Todd Grisham: I...I....Wade, I'm not really comfortable having to answer something like that. I don't think this is really relevant to the actual topic at hand. Now, if I could please continue the interview...

"Ah, but you are so wrong Todd. This is relevant. Now, are you going to answer my question honestly, are you going to spread the lie even farther, not just covering yourself, or are you just going to hide behind a false hope and attempt to avoid having to answer my question?

Todd Grisham: Wade, this isn't my job. I don't think I should be doing this. If you don't want to conduct a normal interview, I can go find someone else to interview until the show starts...

"Now Todd, that isn't what I asked you. But have it your way. Hide behind a lie. Sooner or later that wall will be broken down and the truth will come out. However, so this little session isn't full of lie after lie, I'll tell you my honest opinion. I find this interview a waste of time. None of these interviews really ever matter nor do they ever go how you or Mr. Matthews or Maria ever plan. Someone takes your microphone and rants off or someone starts violently assaulting you. Trust me, I know what it feels like to have nothing go as planned. But respect my opinion like I finally respected your decision to not tell the truth. Now then Todd, goodbye."

Wade hands the microphone back to Todd before smirking and walking away back to his original destination. Todd stares into space for a second before snapping himself out of it and walking off camera before we cut to black.

Author:   Jaffers
Date:   Sep 10, 12 at 4:12pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Live Monday 10th September, from the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA

The opening video package comes to an end, and we cut to inside the arena where a lively Philly crowd are ready for the second edition of TCW WarZone. The cameras pick out various fan signs, as we’re given a panoramic sweep of the crowd. After a minute or so, the cameras cut down to the commentary team who’re ready to get the show underway.

Taz: What’s poppin’ everyone, welcome to another edition of TCW WarZone! My name is Taz and I’m here with my broadcast partners Booker T and Michael Cole!
Booker T: I can’t wait for tonight’s show Taz it’s gonna be off the chain!
Cole: That’s right Book, and we’re gonna get thing started with a great match.
Taz: Damn right Cole, these next two mean serious business.
Cole: Indeed they do partner, as Brock Lesnar takes on Trent Barretta.

Brock Lesnar vs. Trent Baretta

Lesnar charges like a wild bull at Baretta, ramming him into the corner and shoulder thrusting several times, causing Baretta to collapse onto the ground in a heap. With things already looking bad for Trent, Brock picks him back to his feet and whips him off the ropes, and attempts a back body drop - but Trent hits him a kick in the face! Lesnar recoils, holding his stinging chest, and Trent hits him a clothesline, but he only stumbles backwards. Trent charges off the ropes, but Brock hits him with a clothesline, turning him inside out and nearly knocking his head off! Lesnar hooks the leg: one, two, thr-kickout! Unimpressed by Baretta’s spirit, Brock drags him to his feet, hitting a knee to the gut, and tossing him into the corner. He sprints right at Baretta – shoulder thruNO! Baretta leapfrogs and Lesnar goes shoulder first into the steel ringpost! Baretta follows with a sunset flip – 1, 2, kickout! Both men scramble to their feet and charge at one another, but it’s Barretta who gets his move in first with a dropkick to the knee! Brock’s on one knee, and Baretta hits him a stiff kick to the to the other leg, forcing Brock onto his knees! The crowd are getting behind The Dude Buster, and he charges off of the ropes – but Lesnar leaps back onto his feet and tosses Baretta across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex! Brock gets back to his feet, rolls his shoulders and snarls as he watches Trent use to the ropes to get back to his feet, seemingly unaware of the monster that stalks him. He turns around, and Brock grabs him, hoists him onto his shoulders but stumbles back and falls through the ropes. The two continue to fight it out on the outside, eventually being counted out.

Cole: Well that was anti-climatic.
Taz: You’re damn right Cole, we want better endings than that!
Booker T: Well we should get one in our next match.
Taz: Damn right, as The Undertaker takes on the Cowboy James Storm.

The Undertaker vs. Cowboy James Storm

Taker and Storm tie up in the middle of the ring, and Taker being the stronger of the two manages to force Storm right back into the corner. Taker lands some vicious right hands that drop Storm to his knee, he then Irish whips him across the ring into the other turnbuckle pad. He runs at him full speed going for a corner clothesline, Storm jumps out of the way though sending Taker crashing chest first into the turnbuckle pad. Storm goes straight on the attack, nailing Taker with stiff rights and lefts, he then loads him up and hits him with a huge suplex! Storm rolls in to the cover but only gets a one count. Storm doesn’t let Taker get back into the fight though as he goes straight back to work on him nailing him with more and more shots, he again goes for a suplex, this time though Taker fights out. Taker lands a few big blows on Storm that stagger him, he then lifts him onto his shoulder and drops him face first onto the turnbuckle pad for snake eyes! Taker then runs across the ring and rebounds at Storm to take him down with a massive big boot. Sensing the end is near Taker then calls for a chokeslam! But Kane’s pyro goes off again! Taker isn’t fooled this time though as he focus’ on Storm loads him up, and nails the chokeslam! Taker makes the cover 1…2…3!

Cameras catch up to Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero and sees them entering a strange room towards the back of the arena. After the bombshell Ziggler dropped on the world of having a tag team with Dean Ambrose, probably one of the most hated superstars at the moment, Ziggler is on edge. He looks around, checking to see if he'll meet a steel chair to the skull. Finally, Ziggler is man enough to open the door to the strange room, whilst Vickie holds on tightly to her man. Doplh obviously sees somebody and flinches back and lets out a scream while Vickie lets out a loud and obnoxious howl. They suddenly show a sign of relief and breath slowly but heavy, chuckling to themselves. Ziggler looks towards whoever this person is and begins to speak.

Ziggler says as the camera pans away from him, to show none other than Dean Ambrose wearing street clothes, obviously not prepared for his tag team match later on tonight. Ambrose doesn't look happy to say the least and it lets the watching world know it just by the tone of his voice.

And as he says that, Dean pulls the same railroad spike he used on Terry Funk a few weeks back from his jacket pocket! The crowd again gives major heat, seeing the tool that brought upon Terry's injury. Ambrose lets out a sinister chuckle and stares at the spike, like it were real and he wasn't a mad man. The two men walk out of the room, both smiling until their mood is changed when the camera pans and walking by in the backstage area is none other than CM Punk. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction, still unsure about Punk, both men stop and glare as Punk is smiling at the two other men before him and finally speaks.

"You two look a little disappointed to see me? I hear you guys are teaming up, but really this is almost one of the stupidest things I've ever heard to be honest, one guy who claims he's some hardcore nut-job and another who claims he's some sort of Mr. Perfect and Shawn Michaels love child."

Both Ziggler and Ambrose look at each other in disgust at Punks remarks and just before either men get to retaliate, Punk walks away and turns around to say...

"Oh and for the record, stay out of my way in future, unless you want to face a GTS, got it?"

Punk walks away smirking as the fans give a mixed reaction to Punk walking away, the camera's then return to Ziggler and Ambrose, Ambrose has a rather angry frown on his face and mutters something under his breath.

"You have no idea what's coming..."

Taz: Strong words from Punk!
Booker T: He looks all fired up for his match tonight!
Cole: Well that’s a bit later because right now we have tag team action.
Booker T: That’s right Cole, and it should be good!

Dolph Ziggler & Dean Ambrose vs. Alex Riley & Jeff Hardy
Tag Team Match

Dolph Ziggler and Ambrose smirk as they look across the ring at their opponents. Jeff Hardy starts the match for his team against Ziggler. The cocky Ziggler kicks Jeff in the stomach and throws him into his corner. Ambrose chokes Jeff while Ziggler distracts the ref. He tags out and Ambrose starts stomping a mudhole into Jeff. He tries crawling to his corner but Ambrose doesn't allow it an pulls him back by the ankles. Ziggler tags back in and gives Jeff a vicious punt to the side of the head, he covers, 1...2...No! Ziggler plays to the crowd as the boo him, this allows Jeff to get the tag! Riley, all fired up, enters the ring and clothesline Ziggler. He then proceeds to punch Ambrose square in the jaw, sending him face first to the mats. He looks at Ziggler as he gets back to his feet and kicks him in the get before he sets up for a huge Suplex! He covers, 1...2...Oh, No! A-Ry whips Ziggler into his own corner, where Ambrose managed to climb back up onto the apron and make the blind tag. Alex Riley nails Ziggler with a huge powerbomb but he isn't the legal man! Ambrose spins him around and performs his finishing move; the Midnight Special! He covers, 1...2...3!

Booker T: Impressive win for Ziggler and Ambrose.
Cole: Indeed it was Book.
Taz: Well our next competitors should put on an equally good match!
Cole: That’s right Taz, as it’s time for Doink the Clown to take on Wade Barrett.

Doink the Clown vs. Wade Barrett

Doink and Wade lock up in the center of the ring. The playful clown gives his opponent a thumb to the eyes but fails to take the advantage. Barrett, now extremely frustrated, lays into Doink with a flurry oh stiff shots to the jaw. Lefts and rights connect and send the clown into the corner. Barrett continues with the painful punches, this time laying into Doink's midsection. He whips Doink across the ring and follows behind quickly, nailing Doink with a clothesline as soon as he smashes into the turnbuckles. He pulls his opponent into the middle of the ring and smirks before bending over to cover.. Small package! That sneaky clown was playing possum! 1...2...No! Barrett kicks out but Doink now has the upper hand. He stamps on Barrett's foot and slaps him in the face before he kicks him in the gut and bounces Wade's head off the mat via a DDT! He rolls him over, 1...2...No! They both get to their feet and talk trash. Doink throws a wild right hand but Wade ducks and gives him one of his own! He whips Doink against the ropes and as he returns he hoists him up onto his shoulders! Wasteland! Wade covers, 1...2...3!

The leader of the Batemaniacs, and TCW's self proclaimed manliest superstar, Derrick Bateman, is backstage with Josh Matthews. Derrick is stretching and breathing in and out deeply, preparing for his upcoming match.

Matthews: Derrick, your Triple Threat match is up next. How do you feel your chances are?

Bateman: Joshua, I think my chances are extraordinary. Last week, I was involved in the main event Triple Threat match. And I let myself down. I let my Batemaniacs down. I didn't fully understand the risk involved in having not just one, but two enemies in the ring at the same time. Now I know how that match operates. I know the trials and tribulations that a Triple Threat match can bring about. I spent a long portion of last night Googling "three ways" and really boned up on the subject. And just to be safe, I was Googling "hardcore three ways" too. And since I know how dangerous these matches can be, I had to turn off Safe Search. There's nothing safe about these matches. I researched this topic…extensively, Joshua. And believe me, I am stronger for it. Especially my right arm. Luckily, that's my face punching hand.

Matthews: But what about your opponents, CM Punk and Antonio Cesaro?

Bateman: These men are obviously, great athletes. Both have amazing credentials and some independent wrestling fed experience under their belt. But this is the big time. This is another match in the TCW Series. And the winner is going to be one step close to that prestigious TCW World Heavyweight Championship. That is why we are all here. That is...

Derrick's eyes wander to something, or someone, off camera. Josh Matthews sees it as well, his jaw dropping as he takes a step back. The camera slowly pans to the right, trying to see who or what is stopping the interview. Standing next to them, in a casual gray zip up jacket, fashionable jeans and a perfectly adorable hair-do is teen icon and idol to millions, Justin Bieber. He looks right at Derrick Bateman with a smile. The Mantastic One is none too please to see him.

Justin Bieber Hey Derrick. Good luck out there.

Bieber walks off, leaving the crowd and Josh Matthews stunned. Bateman furrows his brow further, angrily looking at wind behind the pop star as he walks off. He grunts out one word in his anger.

Bateman: …Bieber...

Cole: That was…
Taz: I don’t know what’s going on with that guy half the time.
Booker T: Me either Taz, but he better get his head straight.
Taz: Damn right, ‘cos he’s in action next!

TCW Series
Derrick Bateman vs. CM Punk vs. Antonio Cesaro

Triple Threat

The three men all begin to circle the middle of the ring, and immediately Cesaro and Punk go on the attack knocking Bateman down in the corner. The alliance is short lived though as almost immediately Punk turns on Bateman kicking him in the back, and knocking him down to the ground. Punk than begins to attack Bateman throwing stiff kicks at his chest, he lifts him to his feet and Irish whips him across the ring, he goes for a back body drop, but Bateman counts with a running DDT. But as soon as he gets to his feet he’s taken down but Cesaro, who nails him with a clothesline. He then goes to work on Bateman hitting him with some stiff shots and lifting him to his feet, he loads him up and nails him with a huge back breaker, but Punk breaks up the cover before he can get the three. Punk then goes on the attack again hitting Cesaro with a string of kicks, before taking him down with a massive roundhouse. Before he can cover though Bateman is back on the attack, hitting him in the back of the head with an elbow, and dropping him with a huge back suplex. Bateman then lifts up Cesaro and nails the Deviant, the makes the cover; 1…2…3!

Taz: What a win for Derrick Bateman!
Booker T: And watch a match.
Cole: You got that right Booker that may be the match of the night!
Booker T: Well I think our next two competitors may have something to say about that one.

TCW Series
Nathan Jones vs. The Rock


Nathan Jones is one of the few men to make The Rock look short, but it doesn't stop The Brahma Bull from getting right in his face - but as the bell rings Jones hits a sly knee to the sternum! The big man clubs Rocky a few times and tosses him onto the corner. He charges, but The Great One reads the situation and side steps the big boot and leaves Jones hanging! He turns around, holding his hamstring, but Rocky begins to unload punch after punch, and a spit to the hand...but Jones lands a vicious headbutt! The Rock may not have a chance to showboat against this behemoth! Jones hits a kick to the gut, and lifts Rock up - powerbomb! He doesn't release, lifts him up again, and hits another powerbomb! He covers: one, two, thr-kickout! Jones lands stomps and then lifts Rock to his feet, whipping him off the ropes, but Rocky ducks, and lands a DDT! He hooks the leg of Jones - one, two, thrKICKOUT! Rocky gets back to his feet and watches Jones stir to his, and he grabs Jones from behind, but the power of the Australian is too much and he shakes Rocky off. The two men then charge at each other, but Rocky scouts the clothesline and ducks out of the way, and hits Jones with a flurry of punches, and again spits on his hand...and this time slaps the taste out of his opponent's mouth! Jones holds his mouth, then runs at The Rock - but gets met with a trademark spinebuster! Rocky stalks Jones as he staggers to his feet, and slowly turns around, nails him with a flying elbow which knocks him out of the ring. The two then begin to fight on the outside, and eventually end up in the crowd. The ref has no choice but to count both men out as they keep fighting.

The camera zooms in backstage to find Lita lying on the floor and Jeff Hardy fighting off a man in a black masl near the interview area

The masked man picks up a poll and aims for Hardys head

Jeff moves out of the way just in time and turns the masked man around then hits him with a Twist Of Fate

Camera man: Jeff. Jeff. JEFF!

Lita gets back up and climbs on top of a table and Moonsaults onto the Masked Man

Camera man: Dont do that Jeff

Jeff ignores the camera man and climbs up a 10 foot ladder as Lita places the masked man onto a table

Jeff jumps off and swanton bombs the man

Jeff gets up and stares into the camera

Jeff: Riley. First Brock and now me? I'm putting an end to this shit. Next week, Me verses you.... T...L...C... And just so you know.. Anyrhing goes. We use tables ladders and chairs. You saw what i did to your hired help. Well that will be 10 times as worse next week. Ill see you then

Lita moves infront of the camera

Lita: I've had enough of your crap vickie. And so has all of these people. So how about next week, Mme and you? Loser leaves this buisness? What do you say?

The camera fades as the TCW logo appears and eventually fades away

Booker T: Jeff Hardy seems a little unhappy.
Cole: Yeah, I’m not surprised.
Taz: Well, that’s all cool but it’s not main event time!
Cole: That it is, and it’s triple threat action!

Main Event – TCW Series
John Cena vs. Mark Henry vs. Ryback

Triple Threat

The three power houses all stare each other down in the middle of the ring, Cena throws the first punch which rocks Mark Henry a little. Ryback then does the same, and the two begin in a who can hit Henry the hardest exchange. They eventually manage to force Henry into the ropes and out of the ring, and the two then stare each other down. They both tie up in a test of strength, but both seem evenly matched. The two then trade shots, and again neither one seems to be getting the other hand. Cena runs and Ryback and goes for a shoulder block, but he’s just met with a massive headbut to the midsection. Ryback then goes on the attack, kicking and punch Cena. He lifts him overhead and tosses him across the ring. He runs at him looking for a splash but Cena dives out of the way, Ryback then turns around only to be met by Mark Henry who is sprinting at him and takes him down with a spear. Henry makes the cover, but only gets a two count. Cena now goes on the attack, hitting Henry with a running shoulder block as he gets up, he continues the attack, and hits a massive fisherman’s suplex. The effort seems to have taken a lot out of Cena though, as he lays on the ground trying to catch his breath. Ryback then tries to sneak the win by nailing Henry with a massive clothesline as he staggers up. Henry kicks out at two though. Ryback gets to his feet and calls for the finish, but as he turns around he’s lifted onto Cena’s shoulders and hit with a massive F-U! Cena makes the cover 1…2…3!

Cole: John Cena picks up the win!
Taz: Cena is lookin’ impressive, he’s my pick to win this thing.
Booker T: Mine too Taz.
Taz: Well we’ll see if he can continue his form next week, but until then goodnight!

The cameras then cut back to the ring where Cena is celebrating, the screen slowly fades to black and the TCW logo appears bringing the show to a close.

Author:   RLFierro
Date:   Sep 10, 12 at 8:28pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"The Most Dangerous Man In TCW" Dean Ambrose

The show in the Civic Arena opens to the usual pyro and introduction by the commentators. Camera's are panning to the very excited crowd in Pittsburgh, many sporting their favorite TCW superstars merchandise. Suddenly, a picture comes across the titan tron. It shows a dark room, with two chairs lit up by a light overhead. A well-dressed man comes across the camera and sits in one of the chairs. He's holding a notebook and begins to flip through it before pulling out a pen to write. A few seconds go by before he realizes he's not alone and looks up and he grins. Standing up, he reaches out his hand and waits for the anonymous figure to return the hand for a handshake, but to no avail. The well-dressed man seems uncomfortable and clears his throat before sitting back down and directs the figure to sit next to him. Slowly, but surely the figure sits and it's revealed to be Dean Ambrose, the man who won the tag match for his team last week. Dean doesn't look too happy, as per usual. The well-dressed man smiles once more and crosses his legs, placing the open notebook over his legs and begins to speak.

It's seen for the first time during the segment, Dean shows his signature smirk. He seems to be thinking quite a bit about the question. Ambrose kicks his feet up onto the therapist's arm rest and leans back in the chair, placing his hands on top of his skull. He finally opens his mouth to speak, but it's only slightly picked up for those watching at home due to the crowd giving major heat just by knowing this madman was about to open his mouth.

Ambrose lets out yet another grin before leaning back in his chair, to which the crowd boo's, Dean really is hated amongst this Pittsburgh crowd. Dr. Layfield just clears his throat once more and loosens his tie before writing in his notebook. Finally, the therapist speaks again.

Dean crosses his arms and seems to be biting the inside of his cheek, aggravated by all the questions this man is asking him. Ambrose has never been one to answer questions, just simple tell the world like it is and what's on his mind, despite what people think and the crowd ate it up every minute in pure hatred.

The creepiness in Ambrose's voice sent chills down the spines of many in attendance and plenty watching around the world. We can only imagine how the therapist felt hearing it face to face. Dean stands up from his chair and disappears from camera view. Dr. Layfield watches him walk away before pulling out a tape recorder from his coat pocket. The red light beams, showing it was on record the entire session. He holds the tape recorder up to his mouth and begins to speak.

Dr. Layfield clips the button to return "record" off and also exits from camera view. The screen suddenly fades to black and into commercial.

Author:   The Shape
Date:   Sep 11, 12 at 3:33pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
A commercial plays for a “legends of wrestling” DVD, showing the all-time greats from federation after federation, bona fide hall of famers at the height of their powers. It finally zooms out from an image of a celebrating Hulk Hogan, until the same picture can be seen on a TV screen at the centre of a locker room. Looming over the monitor is a large, shaggy-haired figure, seen at first from behind and then from the side to confirm his considerable girth.

TV remote in hand, the figure starts adjusting the TV, rewinding and fast-forwarding the video over and over, as though checking something. The checks get shorter and shorter and end with a crash as he kicks the TV screen to the ground, throwing the remote lamely on top of the dented handset. The figure breaths heavily, tired out it seems by even this slight animation. The camera tentatively adjusts, zooming out to take in the whole of the figure whose face now comes into view, a man who featured nowhere in the “legends “ commercial…Mick Foley.

The reaction of the crowd is positive, though muted slightly by his apparent distress at what they just witnessed. Still he says not a word, his narrowed eyes the only part of his expression visible beneath the mass of hair and beard that shrouds it. He lets out a guttural roar, before composing himself and speaking quickly, seemingly to himself, but looking around the room as though addressing different people.

I mean what are they gonna say when it’s gone, huh? Because I die when it dies, man, it dies when I die…what are they gonna say about me? What, are they gonna say I was a kind man? I was a wise man, I had plans, I had wisdom - bull shit, man! Am I gonna be the one that’s gonna set them straight, look at me – wrong!

He stops moving, his breathing even quicker, staring a hole through one of the lockers nearby before looking around once more at his invisible audience. With a start he moves towards another locker. He places his hand on the handle then takes a moment, psyching himself up, testing his conviction. Finally he swings it open, a delirious grin breaking out as he stares at the unseen contents and addresses it.


He starts to laugh, slowly at first, before clapping his hands together and reaching inside. He discards several small items before finding what he wants, beholding it in his arms like the holy grail then putting it on his head. As the crowd begin to register the technicolor bandana, he adds to it a pair of tinted full moon glasses, and the reaction gets louder as they realise what it means.

Still muttering to himself and moving with newfound energy, Dude Love continues emptying the locker, the rest of his earlier audience now being completely ignored.

Author:   StraightedgeXSavior
Date:   Sep 13, 12 at 6:08pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"The Show-Off' Dolph Ziggler

"TCW cameras return from a commercial break as Dolph Ziggler is being interviewed backstage by Josh Mathews. Joining Dolph is none other then Vickie Gerruero. Ziggler wearing a new suit, begins to talk into the microphone that Mathews is holding in hand.

"Josh, why did you call me here?"

Josh looks at Ziggler, with a confused face.

"Well Dolph, I just wanted to get a quick interview with you about how your liking being in TCW and get a quick review about last weeks tag team match. And of course your match this week against the up and coming Alex Riley"

The fans start a quiet "Riley" chant.

"Well Josh, I'm liking very much being here in TCW. It's one of the toughest Wrestling businesses I have ever been apart of. Last week, Dean Ambrose and myself, said that we were going to defeat, Jeff Hardy and Alex Riley. With Ambrose not having a match this week, I am, and I am facing one of the men Ambrose and myself beat last week. My opponent for this week is Alex Riley. and sure, Riley did get the better of me in the tag team match last week. But things will be different this time. Things will turn out like they did last week. With the referee holding my hand up high!

"The crowd begins to boo as Ziggler finishes his sentence the "Riley" chants get louder and louder."

"Well Dolph anything else you would...."

Josh is then cut off as Vickie grabs the microphone out of Mathews hand.

"Josh that is enough questions. If you want to talk, try again later"

Vickie then pushes the microphone into Mathews chest, as the crowd boos Vickie and Ziggler as they walk out of the screen and the cameras go to another short commercial break.

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Sep 13, 12 at 9:42pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I


June, 2010

Alex Riley wasn't amused when he found out that he'd been paired with Mike Mizanin. The guy was a total jerk, a scumball. But nonetheless, WWE's NXT show was a proving ground for young up-and-comers. Alex Riley knew this would be his breaking point. Even if he did have to be mentored by the Miz...

Mizanin hadn't said a word to him since he picked him up in his locker room, for his unscheduled tour. So far, Riley hadn't been told a thing about the surroundings. Signs labeling "Diva Locker Room" and "Men's Bathroom" were the only resources for the newcomer. Finally, Mizanin turned around with a frown on his face.

Miz: You still following me, noob?

Riley was set-off by this. He was only following him because he was told to... Miz's frown evaporated, and he gave a laugh. This was his idea of a joke. Riley felt his temper flare.

Miz: I'm only messing, hotshot. You've been paying attention, right? You know how to get around, right? *Before A-Ry can open his mouth, Miz interjects.* Good. That way's the ring. Tonight, you're up against some chump named Kaval. Guy's some indy-fed loser. He won't make it a month. There's the arena, you're on in 30. Don't be late.

With that, Mike Mizanin, A-Ry's future mentor, was gone. A-Ry regretted not cutting that arrogant tyrant off when he asked if he knew how to get around. He didn't. He knew where the arena was. He knew where the bathroom was. And he knew...

"You lost stranger?"

A-Ry whirled around, heart having skipped a beat. And then it skipped another. And another. Standing before him was the WWE Diva, Layla. His cheeks flushed and he tried stammering out an answer.

Riley: N-n-no. I'm... Right where I need to be... *He remembered the programming he'd watched recently.* I'm up against your rookie tonight, huh?

A smile crossed Layla's face, and he blushed again. She spoke with a soft, English accent.

Layla: Who do you think you're talking to, rookie?

A-Ry was lost. Was everyone back here so rude to the new guy? Then Layla let out a laugh, just like the Miz had. She was pulling his leg.

Layla: OUR rookie. Lay-Cool! But yes, our guy's got what it takes. Have you seen this guy? Phenomenal!

Riley: Well, I'm pretty phenomenal myself..

He realized he said this a bit too fast, and that he seemed defensive. This brought a smile to her face. She liked him. She liked his look. She liked his quirky attitude. And he liked her huge... eyes. It was basically love at first sight. The confrontation ended with her giving him her number, and a "good luck in your match tonight."

Present Day

A-Ry and Layla had been a thing ever since NXT. Why else would they keep A-Ry, without the future Diva's Champion backing him up? At that time, he was irrelevant. Leaving Layla was the hardest thing A-Ry had to do. He'd had to leave. She was making a name for herself, and he needed to train. Now that he felt ready, it was time. They would be together again...

He knocked on the door of John Laurinaitus, and heard a raspy voice tell him to come in.

Laurinaitus: What do you want Riley? A raise? You're not getting one.

Riley smiled and rubbed his hands together. He explained how big of an asset former WWE Diva would be to TCW. He explained he wanted her in his corner. He told him how ready she was to make the leap. And Big Johnny, with dollar signs in his eyes, obliged. A-Ry, with hearts in his, thanked the boss and left to call the love of his life...

Author:   CHKFLIP
Date:   Sep 14, 12 at 10:30pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Funny! Funny! Funny!

Doink was exhausted; taken to the limit by Wade Barrett, being turned on by Dink, and all the other external plights of the happy clown was holding him back. Philadelphia chewed Doink up and spat him out against the cold, rought concrete floor. The trip across Pennsylvania would be long. Tiring to have to sit in the tight confines of his mini-mini-Cooper decked out as clowny as possible. Usually Dink is riding shotgun but was nowhere to be found. Doink stewed on the night as the ignition of his tiny tank fired the engine up. He pulled out after several moments, creeping at a slow pace out of the arena parking lot. Then he sees one of his current loose ends.

Randy was currently stalking Eve Torres, the mover and shaker of WarZone. It was two weeks ago that Doink applied to be Eve's go-to hitman the very same night Randy Orton ran at the mouth. This clown knew time would make their paths cross eventually. This was it. The shrill shriek of Eve echoed through the parking lot when she turned to see Orton trailing behind. A light dialogue can be seen from big D, but he can't hear any of it and doesn't care about the particular words. The former self-proclaimed 'legend killer' raised his arms and raised his voice; everything Doink needed and wanted to see. He slowly parks behind Orton and explodes out of his car. Randy was seconds from grabbing Eve when he turns and bursts into laughter when he makes eye contact with Doink. The clown had a hard grip on the plastic bouquet of flowers that was Barrett's 'present' and approached the still-chuckling Orton. He swung and lashed Randy's face with all his strength. The laugh comes to a halt as RKO grabs his face. Doink spanks Orton several times with the flowers before dropping them to grab his by the hair and trunks. Doink tosses Randy head first into a Hummer. Eve screams as Doink really lays in the boots for several seconds. He gives the assault a moment's rest as a familiar dark smile creeps across his face, looking up to his employer for a couple seconds. Doink nods and climbs onto the hood of the Hummer.

He slams his feet on the hood of the Hummer several times in his wait for Randy Orton to get vertical. Eve had her hands up to her mouth in a fear that froze her from taking any action to stop what Doink was about to do. This would be the first time Doink would get aerial with an opponent at all, much less in the parking lot in Philly (the birthplace of Extreme Championship Wrestling). Doink shook his ass and took to the sky and Randy's head clocks the cement hard after he gets racked with the 'Whoopie Cushion.' Eve can't help but scream again as Doink gets to a completely vertical base. He looks to her again, nods his head, then walks up with his chest convulsing from a hearty giggle. Eve smiles ever so slightly before she screams for a medical presence. blew up and footage could be found on YouTube within the hour.

Meanwhile, someplace close, there was a very happy midget eager to reconnect with their client. The transition was nearing completion.

Author:   RatedRViper
Date:   Sep 16, 12 at 1:06am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
Jeff Hardy is standing in the centre of the ring as the camera zooms in on him

Jeff: Ive been in TCW for what, 3 or 4 weeks now? And i've been disrespected by Alex Riley, Dolph Ziggler and Brock Lesnar. Im tired of it. So onight against Kane.. Its oing to be my last match here in TCW. And who will replace my spot here in TCW? Well you will have to wait till after my match.

the fans stare at Hardy in shock as he exits the ring

Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Sep 16, 12 at 4:10am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

The scene opens up with the camera's focus zoomed on the future of the wrestling industry, Antonio Cesaro. He was a man with a bright future and tonight he was going into his first main event and no matter what happens he was going to leave a lasting impression. The camera that is focused on him starts panning out and Antonio Cesaro is now seen leaning against a wall backstage. Antonio Cesaro is looking annoyed as he is rubbing his chin and shaking his head in disappointment while he looks on at his manager Aksana. Aksana is just merely standing infront of Antonio Cesaro and while Aksana seems anxious and on the edge of her toes, Antonio Cesaro seems chilled and collected even though he has a big match later tonight. Antonio Cesaro crosses his arms as he looks at Aksana as she still has that same anxious look she has. Antonio Cesaro then shrugs his shoulders and sighs as Aksana speaks up.

Antonio Cesaro exhales out of frustration and straightens himself. His body language is threatening but Aksana doesn't move an inch. Antonio Cesaro having moved a little bit is leaning against the wall, and he rolls his eyes making Aksana even more irritated at him.

Antonio Cesaro now leans forward, still with the same threating behaviour and attitude. This time, Aksana also straightens up and adjusts her herself as she steps towards Antonio Cesaro. Sick of her boyfriend’s attitude, Aksana isn't going to take it anymore.

But Antonio Cesaro interrupts her before she can finish! Aksana opens her eyes, caught by surprised with Antonio Cesaro attitude. Antonio Cesaro was not going to stand there and listen to her lecture him; he has taken action into his own hands.

Antonio Cesaro confidence can be noticed in his last statement as he walks away, storming off really as he has had enough of Aksana not wanting to be at ringside with him. Aksana watches him as he leaves and she looks at floor, sighing. Taking a quick glimpse at him one more time, Aksana sighs again and turns around, following after Antonio Cesaro as scene fades to black.

Author:   StraightedgeXSavior
Date:   Sep 16, 12 at 5:56am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler

The start of TCW's first YouTube show starts rolling live on YouTube. The name of this new YouTube show is "TCW Download" starring none other then "The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler. This show will contain hilarious clips of people, animals, or something stupid happening to get fans more entertained while their favorite TCW Superstars are not in action in the ring. Dolph Ziggler appears on the screen in a black jacket with a white T-shirt under it.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first episode of TCW Download, I will be your host the Show-Off Dolph Ziggler. Let's get right into our first video."

A video begins to play and shows some kids on a play ground walking on "Monkey Bars" and 2 kids make it across without getting hurt, but the third kids isn't as lucky, As he is about to finish his foot slips off the "Monkey Bars" and the kids falls through the "Monkey Bars" thinking his is safe until a dodge-ball comes flying through the air and smashes this kid in the face.

"Oh man, I wasn't expecting that to happen at all. I'm pretty sure I was thinking the same thing you guys were. You guys were probably thinking this kid is gonna get those monkey bars to his nuts. Kids these days. Roll the next clip."

This next clip shows a hillbilly, creating a new way of cutting his hedges. The hillbilly, gets a chainsaw and ties one of the rope to the saw and hands the other end of the rope and starts swinging the chainsaw around his header cutting into the bushes.

"What was this guy doing? Or better yet what was this guy on? I sure we could ask Jeff Hardy that question seeing as he is good with drugs. But since I'm on the subject of Jeff Hardy, Jeff these next clips are for you."

The first clip shows the first episode of TCW, and the match between Doink the Clown and Jeff Hardy. The clip shows Hardy climbing the rope and heading for the Swanton Bomb, but Doink gets his knees up and Hardy hits Doink's knees and Doink pins Hardy.

"Oh Jeff, that looked like it hurt, Let's check out this next clip tho."

This next clip of Jeff Hardy shows me going for Whisper In The Wind, but he is caught by Brock Lesnar, and Lesnar hits Hardy with the F-5 and pins Hardy for the 3 count. This third clip of Hardy, shows Dean Ambrose stooping a mud hole into Jeff Hardy, then shows Ziggler punting Hardy in the header later in that same match.

"Doesn't look like Jeff Hardy as good luck so far into this business, Wait....what?! I'm getting word now that Jeff Hardy has just said that this is his last match her in TCW when faces Kane. Hardy let me tell you something. Just because you have lost week after week after week, Doesn't mean you should leave! It means you should try harder and start busting your ass to get better, to start winning. But if you want to leave and go screw up your life even more be my guest, that leaves a bigger opening for some other guys to get some more room on this show. But that is all the time we have for this week on TCW Download, I'll see you all next time."

The shows ends and the screen go to black.

Author:   Smell The Chiken
Date:   Sep 16, 12 at 7:52pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Banner by Boomtax
Mark Henry

The camera fades to Mark Henry sitting in his locker room. The lights are dimmed a bit, but just about everything is still visible. A stronger light shines on Henry's face. As the camera walks behind Henry, the light is revealed to be a laptop. Henry is on, and his last match plays on the screen. Henry watches himself take abuse from two superstars before John Cena's hand is finally raised. The world's strongest man reaches back to a switch on the wall and with one flick brightens the room. The camera goes back to its starting angle and we see Henry look off into the distance. A few moments later he grabs the computer and whips it against the wall, smashing it into multiple pieces. Henry lets out a yell and starts punching a wall. It appears that the frustration of losing last week's match has pushed Henry to a new level of anger: self-inflicting violence. He continues to punch the wall and scream as his right knuckle starts to bleed.

A knock on the door breaks Henry out of his trance. The giant gives a peculiar look at the door. Could paranoia be setting in? Henry is already starting to show a few signs of losing his mind. He grabs a folding chair, as if preparing for the unlikely event that he will be ambushed by the person knocking, slowly approaches the door, and turns the knob. A crew member comes in, flinching as Henry holds the chair above his head. Henry relaxes while the other man stays tense after glancing at Henry's hand and the employee informs the wrestler that his Hummer has been damaged by an unknown source. He says that the car seems to have been stomped on and struck on one of the sides, causing a fairly large dent. The staff member finishes by saying that the car appears to be still drivable, but the damages will be costly, and then quickly leaves before Henry does anything like he did last week to a different TCW employee. Henry again stares off into space, not blinking, just breathing hard. His face soon twists into an angry scowl, and he hits himself in the head with the chair. He does this a few more times before lowering it while taking deep, calming breaths. Henry drops the chair and paces around his locker room for a moment.

Still bleeding from the knuckle, Mark Henry walks out of the locker room. The camera, seemingly afraid, refuses to follow him. The show cuts to a commercial.

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Sep 16, 12 at 10:18pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I


The music hits. The crowd comes alive. He steps out, arm in arm with an outstandingly attractive woman, gaining many hoots and hollers from the male fans. A-Ry, the crowd favorite, lets loose his photogenic smile, gaining the same hoots and hollers from the females in attendance. A-Ry is pumped up beyond belief! And that feeling resonates back into the far reaches of the arena, all the way back to Layla. She hasn't seen a reaction like this in months! The cheering, the ovation.. It's all for them.

A-Ry grabs a microphone as Layla steps up to the apron, and he does his signature lunge to the apron to meet her and spread the ropes for her. He's in the ring now, mic in hand... But Layla takes it, startling A-Ry at first, before he laughs and accepts that she's just excited.

Layla: Welcome to the Warzone, Pittsburgh! *This extracts a pop from the crowd.* Did you all watch the Steelers stomp the Jets!? *The crowd is livid with the reference to their sports team by this would-be supermodel. Why can't their girlfriends and wives care about football as much?* Speaking of stomp, Ry-Ry, tell them how you're going to beat up Ziggler!

Riley blushes as the arena erupts into laughter at his nickname. A "Ry-Ry" chant starts up, and Riley and Layla laugh as he takes the mic.

Riley: Man, it's good to be here tonight! Salutations aside, I'm here to talk about my opponent for tonight! Dolph Ziggler! *The crowd boo at the mention of the Show-Off.* Before it gets said by Dolph Ziggler, I'm going to say it myself. "Alex Riley, you haven't been able to pick up a win in two weeks! What's going to make this week any different?" And the answer is... Well,quite frankly, I don't know. I've lost my past two matches. I'm not one to make excuses. No matter how I lost last week, it happened. I made a promise to you all, and I let you down. *The crowd are silent, not sure what to make of this.* But...

Layla grabs the mic off him again. This time, she pulls it hard from his hand, anger chiseled into her face.

Layla: Alex, don't fool yourself or these people! You had no power over anything that has happened to you! Your record should still read zero and zero, because you were never bested! *The crowd roars their agreement. They seem not to agree with the sentiment that A-Ry's losses were his fault.* Both of your losses were effects of a certain cause... Jeff Hardy! In your debut match, the fool took you out of the match, and then let himself get pinned! You lost, and you weren't even pinned! And then the next week, after Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose took it to Jeff, you steamrolled the two of them! You only lost by a dirty trick! A blind tag! Dolph and Dean couldn't beat you without that loser in your corner, holding you back! *The crowd is raucous! They agree with Layla wholeheartedly. Riley's face seems to show he doesn't agree. He takes the microphone back.*

Riley: Layla, Jeff Hardy isn't at fault. Both matches, small flaws have defeated me. I learned in Japan, never to make small mistakes. I learned to always be perfect, and my imperfections are what cost me. I have no intention of blaming the loss on Jeff. The losses could've been avoided, had I been at my best. And tonight, I will be at my best!

Layla takes the microphone again, leaving A-Ry looking a bit upset.

Layla: Listen, baby, you're always at your best! You're the best out of everyone here in the back! You give everyone all of this talk that you didn't give it your all! But it's not your fault! Tonight, you have no outliers! Tonight, you have Dolph Ziggler, one on one! Dean Ambrose being outside means nothing! Because you have me!

Layla drops the microphone and walks to Riley. She puts her arms around him, and he smiles, forgiving her. Regardless of her setting up a conflicting image than what he sets to create, he can't stay upset. All tension created is lost, and they kiss in front of Pittsburgh. Alex Riley looks to prove himself to everyone, Layla included, in the squared circle tonight.

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