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Author:   Jaffers
Date:   Sep 3, 12 at 4:41pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Live Monday 3rd September, from the Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

The opening video package comes to an end, and we cut to inside the arena where a lively Boston crowd are ready for the second edition of TCW WarZone. The cameras pick out various fan signs, as we’re given a panoramic sweep of the crowd. After a minute or so, the cameras cut down to the commentary team who’re ready to get the show underway.

Cole: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to TCW WarZone! I’m Michael Cole, and alongside me are my broadcast partners Taz and Booker T.
Taz: What’s poppin’ everyone? Tonight is goin’ to be off the hook, we’ve got a stacked card and we’re getting the TCW World Heavyweight Championship series underway!
Booker T: I can’t wait to see how the series unfolds, but that’s not all we’ve got tonight. As we have an insane amount of action lined up as usual.
Cole: That’s right Book, it’s going to be an amazing show and we’re about ready to get it started.
Taz: That’s right Cole, and what better way to start than some triple threat action?

The Undertaker vs. Trent Baretta vs. Doink the Clown
Triple Threat Match

Trent and Doink immediately target The Undertaker forcing him into the corner and laying into him with vicious blows, they manage to knock him to the ground and keep up the attack. The two then seem to come up with some kind of game plan, as they drag Taker up and throw him out of the ring. Trent then turns on Doink, nailing him with an elbow the back of the head, Trent nails him with a few more shots before lifting him into the air and dropping him down to the ground with a suplex. Trent rolls into the cover, but only gets a two count. Trent goes to continue the attack, but The Undertaker has made his way back into the ring and he goes on the offensive. He nails Trent with a massive right hand, that floors Baretta, he does the same to Doink as he struggles back to his feet. Taker then tosses Doink into the corner, followed by Trent and then charges at them and nails a huge splash in the corner. Trent and Doink fall out of the corner, only to be taken down again by The Deadman. Taker then calls for the end of the match as he grabs Trent by the throat, lifts him into the air and nails him with a huge Chokeslam! Taker goes for the Tombstone on Doink and, Kane’s pyro goes off again! Taker looks on waiting for Kane to show up, but he doesn’t and Taker gets rolled up by Doink 1…2…3!

Booker T Kane cost Taker again, this is madness!
Cole: Hold on a second, we’re getting reports of an incident backstage.

The camera pans from the last match to the backstage arena where the commentators were informed of a fight breaking out. The two men going at it were Alex Riley and Dean Ambrose. These men have exchanged harsh words with one another throughout the week and the fact of the matter is, they despise one another. Ambrose takes advantage of the fight, using the dirty tactic of a thumb to the eye to disorient A-Ri. Slamming Riley into crates, Ambrose keeps shouting.

The last word in the sentence is bleeped out amongst the viewers at home, but throughout the arena, it's obvious what was said. Riley is barely standing but somehow perseveres through the agony and throws a right hand at Ambrose, which shakes Dean up. Riley tosses Dean head first into the catering table, which sends Ambrose off his feet and to the concrete floor. Riley proceeds to drop bombs on Dean, who just curls up, trying to block them. Before A-Ri can land one more, he's picked up by security guards and pulled away from Ambrose. Riley begs and screams to be let go, but it's to no avail. Ambrose slowly starts to stand and is held back himself by security. The two men glare at each other, with Ambrose sadistically grinning whilst Riley is being carried off and shouting.

And A-Ri disappears from the camera view, leaving Dean standing with security holding onto him. Ambrose, still smiling, whispers something that the camera can just barely pick up.

Taz: Woah, Dean Ambrose is going to have to adjust his head quickly.
Cole: You got that right partner because he’s in action next!

Wade Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose
Singles Match

Barrett and Ambrose tie up in the middle of the ring, and Wade shows the early advantage as he’s able to force Ambrose back against the ropes, he then nails him with some vicious knees to the midsection. Ambrose drops to a knee, as Wade keeps up the assault as he goes for a DDT, but Ambrose is able to fight out of it by falling backwards sending Wade crashing into the turnbuckle pad. Ambrose then takes this as his opening to launch a counter attack, he hits Wade with a dropkick as he turns back to face him which knocks him down. He then loads up Barrett as he gets up, and nails him with a Fisherman’s suplex, he holds for the cover, but Wade is able to kick out almost straight away. Ambrose doesn’t miss a beat as he lifts up Barrett, and goes to do the same again, this time though it’s Wade that manages to fight out of it as he nails Ambrose with some stiff right hands, before taking him down with a huge boot to the face. Barrett Goes for Wasteland, but Ambrose fights out of it and is able to hit the Ambrose Trembler! He covers 1…2…3!

Cole: Ambrose wins!
Taz: What a match, and what a victory.
Booker T: Well I think our next match my top it, but that was nice.
Taz: You might be right book, ‘cos we have a fatal four way up next!

Brock Lesnar vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Alex Riley
Fatal Four Way

The three smaller men in the match all reach some sort of decision to all charge at Lesnar in an attempt to weaken him, but it’s to absolutely no avail as he sends Hardy to the mat with one punch, clotheslines Riley, and double leg takedowns Van Dam. He’s back on his feet to spear Hardy, and then is in a tie up with Riley, but the numbers game becomes too much as Van Dam hits him with a series of kicks to the thigh, sending him onto one knee, wincing in pain. Van Dam hits him a spin kick to the face, and the beast rolls out of the ring to recuperate. With him out of the way, the other men turn on each other, and Riley and Van Dam begin to exchange shots with one another. Just when it looks like Van Dam is getting the upper hand, he throws a kick with Riley catches...but Van Dam hits him a spinning enziguri! Riley is quick to his feet, but Van Dam ducks his punch...but Jeff Hardy comes flying from the top rope and takes both men out with a crossbody! Van Dam and Riley both rise to their feet using the ropes – but Hardy charges straight at them and hits a clothesline to send them over the top rope! He’s on fire! But Lesnar grabs him from behind! The Next Big Thing tosses him viciously into the turnbuckle...but Hardy defies physics by leaping up the turnbuckle and flinging his body back at Lesnar...whisper in the win-NO! Lesnar catches him! Brute strength! He props Hardy onto his shoulders...F5! He hooks the leg but there’s no way Hardy’s kicking out of this one: 1, 2, 3!

Taz: Lesnar picks up the win!
Booker T: Impressive from Lesnar, that boy is all power.
Cole: That’s right Booker, but one man who can challenge him in terms of power is Ryback.
Booker T: Oh yeah, and he’s up next!

The Rock vs. CM Punk vs. Ryback
Triple Threat Match -TCW Series

The bell sounds and all three superstars take a moment to stare each other down. Ryback attacks The Rock with stiff right hands as CM Punk enjoys the view from across the ring. The Rock fights Ryback off and send him into the corner but before he can continue he is jumped by the third member of the party; CM Punk. He nails Rock with a headbutt and whips him across the ring. As he runs the ropes and returns his head is nearly torn of his shoulders via a vicious Ryback lariat! The fans wince as he holds his neck in an awful lot of pain. Punk jumps Ryback instantly and clubs him with a blow to the back of the head. He stomps into his chest but Ryback fights his way to his feet and send Punk into the corner of the ring with a right hand. He thrusts his shoulder into Punk's midsection and irish-whips him... Into a spinebuster from the Great One! The fans are on their feet as Rock's eyes widen. He throws his elbow pad into the fans and runs the ropes, looking for the People's Elbow! Oh, Punk rolls to the side! Ryback runs at Punk looking for that vicious Lariat but is met with a spinning elbow instead! He groggily stumbled back and Punk wastes no time as he hoists him on top of his shoulder.. GTS! He throws The Rock to the outside before he covers Ryback for the ONE.2.THREE!

Booker T Punk picks up the victory!
Cole: What an impressive win that is for Punk.
Taz: No doubt Cole, speaking of impressive we’ve got an impressive up and comer in action next.
Cole: That’s right, as Antonio Cesaro takes on Mark Henry.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Mark Henry
Singles Match TCW Series

The battle of two heavyweights starts in a tie up, to which The World’s Strongest Man is unsurprisingly the victor, tossing Cesaro into the corner like he is a lightweight. Henry takes a few steps back and then charges at Cesaro like a steamtrain...but the Swiss Sensation just above dives out of the way in time, sending Henry chest first into the corner. He stumbles backwards, and Cesaro hits a vicious clothesline to the back of the head. He stomps on Henry’s head several times, and hits a brutal kick to the ribs. He drags Henry to his feet, hits a European uppercut, and then charges off the ropes, but his shoulder barge only causes Henry to stumble! Cesaro gives it another attempt, but to the same effect! Desperate to get him down, he tries again...but Henry hits him with a clothesline instead! Cesaro cluthes his head in pain as he rises to his feet, and Henry lands a knee to the midsection. He clenches Cesaro in an airtight bear hug, squeezing the life out of him – and Cesaro’s headbutts are futile! Cesaro appears to be fading, but just as things are reaching critical level, he shows his cunning by raking Henry’s eyes! Cesaro hits a few upper cuts, sending Henry into the corner. He seems to think for a moment, knowing that there’s no way he’ll get him up for The Neutralizer...he then charges at Henry and hits a clothesline against the turnbuckle, sending Henry stumbling out. Cesaro stalks for a moment, then charges at the ropes...and hits a vicious European uppercut to the back of the head, knocking Henry into next week! He rolls Henry over and lays on top of him, not bothering to hook the leg: one...two...three!

Cole: Cesaro picks up the win!
Taz: That kids lookin’ good so far, he could be a dark horse.
Booker T: Damn right Taz, he’s damn impressive.
Taz: Well up next we have three men who are all on the level he needs to be at.

We cut from the commentary team to the backstage area, where we see the Big Red Machine, Kane, storming through the corridors towards ringside ahead of his match in a few minutes. Staring ahead with pure hate, the monster pays no attention to those around him as he walks forwards with focus. After a few moments, the focus is interrupted by backstage interviewer, Todd Grisham, who attempts to ask Kane a question regarding the pyro that distracted The Undertaker last week and cost him his match. Kane takes a few seconds, before staring at Todd, and breaking into an evil cackle. Without saying a word, he continues on his journey...

Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Cowboy James Storm
Triple Threat Match

James Storm and Kane tie up, eager to get their hands on each other once again, with Ziggler lurking on and watching, not wanting to get involved just yet. In classic fashion though, he hits Kane with a chopblock just as he begins to gain the advantage, showing he’s just as cunning as ever. He and Storm begin to both stomp on Kane, wearing him down, but Ziggler tries a sly move again but hitting Storm, but Cowboy sees it coming and blocks the punch, and lands one of his own! Ziggler stumbles backward, and Storm follows it up with several more shots, until finally a clothesline sends Dolph tumbling to the outside! When he turns around though, The Big Red Machine is waiting for him! Kane hits a vicious shot to the throat, sending Storm stumbling into the turnbuckle, gasping for air. In his trademark way, Kane begins to unload on his opponent, and ends the combo with a crushing clothesline! Storm stumbles out and Kane tries to end this one early, clutching him by the throat – but before he can hoist him up for a chokeslam, Storm hits a kick to the gut. He then plants Kane with a DDT. As he rises to his feet though, the show-off is there and hits a swinging neckbreaker, and hooks the leg: one, two, thr-kickout! Ziggler drags him to his feet, hits him a chop to the chest, and another, taking the time to showboat along the way...not realising that Kane has just sat up behind them! Ziggler leads Storm in the corner, then takes a few paces backwards...but stops when he bumps into Kane! Ziggler suddenly finds himself with the vice like grip of Kane clenching his throat... *GONG*. The arena erupts and Kane freezes in sheer shock. He tosses Ziggler to the ground and turns to the titantron, expecting something...anything...but nothing happens. He shakes it off and turns around – right into a Last Call! Storm makes the cover 1…2…3!

Taz: What was that?!
Booker T: Looks like The Undertaker got some revenge for last week.
Cole: Well next week I’m sure he’ll have hell to pay.
Booker T: That’s next week though, right now we have our main event!

Main Event
Nathan Jones vs. John Cena vs. Derrick Bateman

Triple Threat Match - TCW Series

The bell rings to signal the beginning of the match, and all three men stay motionless in their corners of the ring for a few moments. After a brief deliberation, Cena and Bateman both begin to slowly move towards the monster that is Nathan Jones, who smirks slightly and raises his fists up into a fighting stance. Bateman moves in first, and is taken straight down to the mat with a strong right hand from Jones, before Cena walks into a strong left and hits the mat as well! Both men quickly jump back up to their feet and shake off the initial shock of being struck by Jones, and this time their attempt at a double team works as Jones attempts two strong shots at once, but both of his opponents manage blocks and throw right hands towards Jones, which knock him back into his corner. The two men take turns chopping the colossus, before Bateman takes the initiative and separates the team by bringing both of his arms down hard across the back of Cena. Cena drops down to one leg, but is quickly lifted back up to his full height by Bateman who drags him into the middle of the ring, before knocking him down to the mat with an impressive standing dropkick. Cena rolls over and quickly gets back up to his feet, before attempting a big clothesline which is ducked by Bateman, who then quickly launches himself at Cena with a second dropkick, which connects just as viciously as the first. Again Cena jumps right back up to his feet but an arm drag takes him back down again! Bateman stands in the ring showboating for a couple of seconds, but it doesn’t last long as he turns straight into a giant big boot from the now recovered Nathan Jones, which sends Bateman crashing down to the mat and sliding across the ring to the outside under the bottom rope. Nathan Jones slowly begins stalking Cena who is trying to get up to his feet... And as he reaches his feet attempts a big boot... but it’s ducked! Cena lifts Jones onto his shoulder... Attitude Adjustment! Cena covers... One, Two, Three!

Booker T Wow, Cena got lucky there!
Cole: He did indeed Book, but a win is a win.
Taz: I imagine Nathan Jones wont be very happy with this outcome.
Cole: Well I’m sure we’ll find out, but until next week goodbye!

The cameras cut to the ring showing Cena celebrating, as Paul Heyman furiously stares down a ring post. The TCW logo then shows up, and the show comes to an end.

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Sep 6, 12 at 8:09pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Alex "A - Ry" Riley

The first thing anyone with a television set sees is a serious glaze from the face of A - Ry. The crowd in attendance go crazy at seeing the very superstar who week in and week out promised to give them their all. The camera pans back to show the torso of A - Ry as well, wearing a black V-neck that extenuates his toned physique. The ladies fawn, the men chant, and the children wail their excitement. Finally, A - Ry speaks.

Riley: Nobody seems to think that I have what it takes. I heard Wade Barrett talking trash in his promo last week. Most everyone backstage, including my tag team partner Jeff Hardy, who I'll get to later, still think I'm coward enough to have hired muscle to take out Lesnar. Ambrose doesn't think I can keep up with him when he attacks me backstage. *The crowd boo at the mention of Dean Ambrose, who they loathe more than near anyone else.* So from now on, I'm not only going to prove that I'm better to the people... I'm going to prove that I'm better to every guy in the back!

The crowd seem inquisitive as to just what A - Ry is saying, searching for any hidden meanings, searching for clues of a potential heel turn...

Riley: I will show Dean Ambrose, first hand, that I am every bit as good as I say I am by pinning him to the mat in our tag team match! One! Two! *He pauses for the crowd to let out their own "THREE!" Then he raises his hand with three fingers up, reiterating the three count.

And Jeff Hardy! You may be my partner, but that doesn't change the fact that you called me out and said that I lied to these people about hiring that guy to hit Lesnar! I, unlike you, don't need a backup plan to win. Remember this Jeff. You were pinned last week. Not me. These people cheer for you a bit louder than they cheer for me, but that will change over time. Because I'm better than you. And I'm better than Dean Ambrose.

A - Ry is hit with a mixed reaction as he drops the microphone. But the negativity is soon deafened as everyone begins chanting "A - Ry!" and the "Hardy!" fans drop to silence. Alex Riley leaves the ring, but not before giving a few well-deserved high-fives to all the kids that want to be just like him someday. In the eyes of all the Boston fans that night, Alex Riley was a champion.

Author:   RatedRViper
Date:   Sep 7, 12 at 2:00am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
suddenly ressurected by Jeff Hardy plays throughout the arena

Jeff: You say your better than me? Im a six time tag team champion. Im a one timw WWE champion. Im a one time World Heavyweight Cjampion. The list goes on and on. Face it. Im better than you and everyone knows it. How many titles have you held?

The fans chant hardy and cheer for him

Jeff: Yes we are tag partners tonight. Yes i got pinned last week. Yes i accused you as hiring the guy to attack brock. But i do remember taking out both, you and RVD. Tonight. When we team up. Im going to show those that dont know. And you. That the Extreme Never............. Dies!

The fans chant hardy and cheer for him as he walks backstage and the screen fades

Author:   Smell The Chiken
Date:   Sep 8, 12 at 7:28pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Banner by Boomtax
Mark Henry

The show comes back from a commercial break and the camera pans across a dark, semi-filled parking garage. It starts cutting in between cars, trying to find a certain someone. It finally comes across Mark Henry walking with angry determination. He is wearing a white dress shirt under a gray suit jacket and pants, no tie. Anyone in their right mind would get out of the way if confronted by him at this time. From the right side of the frame, Todd Grisham appears, mic in his hand, and tries to conduct an interview.

    "Mark Henry, last week you were defeated by Antonio Cesaro in a one-on-one match. How did he get the upper-hand on an unstoppable monster like yourself?"

Henry doesn't stop walking, nor does he look over at Grisham. He does smack his lips in annoyance, however. He gives himself a moment, more because he could not believe Grisham had the audacity to ask him this question rather than not knowing an answer. The only sounds are the two men's shoes as they hit the parking lot's cement floor.

    "He got me. For five seconds, the luckiest five seconds he'll ever have in his life, he got me. A complete fluke, he somehow got me pinned. If I had the chance again, I would have went under the stage and pulled out a 2x4 or a chair or something. I don't care if I would have been disqualified. He would have known to not mess with me, ever. He would have known that he is not better than me instead of just falsely thinking he is right now. Plus, I would have kicked someone's ass like I wanted too. Every night I go out there planning on slamming someone's head onto the canvass floor. I wanted to do that last week. I want to do that tonight. I planned on doing that last week. I plan on doing that tonight. I'm going to toss Cena around like the ragdoll he is, thinking that all of the sudden he is some anti-hero who speaks for the people; he knows he is still just this company's golden boy for the kid's to get behind. And Ryback? I'll break that guy in half. He's just a cut-out of wrestlers who have actually done something in their careers. Now, if you'll excuse me, get the hell away from me before I break you."

Henry continues to walk, not looking at his interviewer. Grisham doesn't look nervous this week, with this answer. Instead, he looks furious. Is he about to get his revenge on Henry for threatening him in New York? There's not much he can do. He can't throw Henry into a wall or call him out in the ring. The only thing he can do is fight with his words. He can dish out a savage vengeance right here in this parking garage, just like a backstage brawl. Yeah, he can totally devastate Henry, ruin his mood, help him lose his match by bringing down his confidence. The guy deserves it for the way he has acted in the last two weeks. Grisham would be standing up for himself. He would be standing up for Josh Matthews, for Doink the Clown, for the TCW's abundance of fans. He would be giving all of them a voice, a strong, harsh voice to talk down to this man.

This finally causes Henry to stop. He turns to his left and looks down at Grisham. He has a complete look of disgust on his face, and so does Grisham. Surprisingly, the smaller man is not backing down. Todd Grisham is indeed standing his ground. Henry turns his face nearly sideways while looking at the man, as if to ask, "Did you just say that?" Henry waits not a second longer. He gives a big right arm to the interviewer's chest multiple times. He grabs Grisham and throws him into the side of a car. The force causes Grisham to drop the mic, the sound echoing through the audience. As Grisham somehow makes it back to his feet, Henry comes charging in and smashes the interviewer into the car with his body. He then drags Grisham by his head and slams it into the hood of the car repeatedly, some fans counting how many times Henry makes a new dent with Grisham's noggin. He delivers one final smack, this one on the hood ornament of the car. He pulls Grisham's head back to observe it. Streaks of blood drip down from his forehead to his eyes and nose. He drops Grisham to the cold garage floor, some fans hoping that he has had enough. Henry has not. He looks down at Grisham's face as he gasps for air and picks him up. Henry puts him position for the World's Strongest Slam, but instead takes a few steps back from the car. With a running start, Mark Henry manages to throw Todd Grisham through the car's windshield. Commenced by the sound of breaking glass, Henry's assault on Grisham is over. The fans are in shock, as can be heard with their loud chatter, some screaming, "Oh my God." Henry gives one look back at the scene of the crime, and continues to walk on as if nothing has happened, needing to prepare for his main event match tonight.

Author:   StraightedgeXSavior
Date:   Sep 8, 12 at 11:26pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I


Dolph Ziggler's theme song comes over the pa system in the Wells Fargo Center, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The "Show-Off" himself comes out onto the stage in his silver and pink attire. With Vickie Guerrero walking behind him in a dress with her Cougar necklace on. As the crowd boo both of them. Dolph stops and turns around at the top of the ramp, and pulls his hair back then flicks his hands at the crowd before Vickie and himself begin to walk down to the ring. Dolph holds the ropes open for Vickie then gets in himself, quickly grabbing a microphone off of one of the announcers.

"Did you miss me?"

Dolph smirks as Vickie laughs.

"I'm sure you did, I came out here tonight, so I can discuss a few things. First, I would like to talk about my match for this week. It's Alex Riley and Jeff Hardy, two men that fought each other last week. How are two men that don't like each other going to get along? Unlike them, Myself and my tag team partner Dean Ambrose, are cool with each other, and are a real tag team. Ambrose and myself are going to be the futures of this company."

The crowd boos at Dolph, as Vickie screams in the microphone to shut up but that only makes the boo louder.

"Also, Hardy since this company came to be just a few weeks ago. Yourself and I have wanted a shot at each other for weeks now. Now, we finally have that shot. Come this week when our match starts and that bell rings, You and I are going to start the match off. I am going to show you what a true champion looks like!"

The crowd boos Ziggler some more, and they start to chant "Hardy!"

"Jeff, you come out here talking about how you have held this title for this long and how your a 1 time World Champion. But none of that matters, were in a different company, a different environment, and in this company your actually around Wrestlers who matter in this world. Just by being in the ring with me this week, Jeff your career will sky rocket. Jeff, you talk about being champion, well lets see who becomes champion first here. Jeff just face it, your wrestling career is going to be over in a few years. Whether you do something stupid for these fans and break your back, or get caught doing drugs again. Me on the other hand, I still have another 15 years in this business. Jeff I will accomplish more in this company then you did in any other company you were in."

Vickie then leans forward and whispers something into Ziggler's ear, but the cameras can't catch what she says.

"Well, I just remember I have some business I have to attend to in the back. Riley, Hardy, Ambrose and I will see you guys later. Later Marks!"

Dolph Ziggler's theme song comes over the pa system once again, and the "Show Off" and Vickie Guerrero exit the ring and head to the back as cameras fade to black.

Author:   RatedRViper
Date:   Sep 9, 12 at 2:39am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
The camera zooms in backstage to find Lita lying on the floor and Jeff Hardy fighting off a man in a black masl near the interview area

The masked man picks up a poll and aims for Hardys head

Jeff moves out of the way just in time and turns the masked man around then hits him with a Twist Of Fate

Camera man: Jeff. Jeff. JEFF!

Lita gets back up and climbs on top of a table and Moonsaults onto the Masked Man

Camera man: Dont do that Jeff

Jeff ignores the camera man and climbs up a 10 foot ladder as Lita places the masked man onto a table

Jeff jumps off and swanton bombs the man

Jeff gets up and stares into the camera

Jeff: Riley. First Brock and now me? I'm putting an end to this shit. Next week, Me verses you.... T...L...C... And just so you know.. Anyrhing goes. We use tables ladders and chairs. You saw what i did to your hired help. Well that will be 10 times as worse next week. Ill see you then

Lita moves infront of the camera

Lita: I've had enough of your crap vickie. And so has all of these people. So how about next week, Mme and you? Loser leaves this buisness? What do you say?

The camera fades as the TCW logo appears and eventually fades away

Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Sep 9, 12 at 12:43pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Antonio Cesaro is on an impressive roll right now, but that all might come to an end tonight as he steps into the ring once again for enough important match. This week he is going to have to take on not one but two superstars who are looking to pick up some important wins themselves. Antonio Cesaro will go up against the talented Derrick Bateman and CM Punk and no matter what happens in this match only one man will be walking out with the victory and Antonio Cesaro hopes it is him. Backstage Antonio Cesaro was warming up for his match; he would look over his shoulder and smirk a little bit as he can see that the camera crew has tracked him down and started filming him. Antonio Cesaro would stop what he was doing as he then turned around and faced the camera crew, his arms cross over his chest as he stares down into the camera and begins to speak.

These where very harsh words coming from Antonio Cesaro as he looked away from the camera and then started to laigh a little bit. To him Derrick Bateman was nothing, he had made that clear yet it seemed he was not yet done talking about the man, he may have had another opponent to go up against but he was just at this very moment focusing on Derrick Bateman. Antonio Cesaro wasted little time; he ran his hand over his mouth and looked back at the camera as he started to speak about Derrick Bateman again.

Antonio Cesaro would now unfold his arms and loosen himself up. If there is one thing you have noticed about Antonio Cesaro is that he conducts his own interviews in the way he wants. He does not need Todd Grisham or anyone else with him, he does it his way and now it was clear that he was done talking about Derrick Bateman. Antonio Cesaro adjusts himself a little bit as he then starts to talk about CM Punk, the other man that stands in his way tonight.

Antonio Cesaro would shout out CM Punk catchphrase as he calls himself the best in the world, Antonio Cesaro would then go to leave as Aksana would then match an appearance, walking on from off scene she stands beside Antonio Cesaro and holds his hand as he stills still and looks down at her and nods. Aksana then snaps her fingers as the camera move off Antonio Cesaro and onto her as she now speaks her mind about Antonio Cesaro having another important match.

Aksana had made a statement as Antonio Cesaro would move his hand under her chin and raise her face up and kiss her. They both have delivered their message, they both where ready for this match. The camera would go to zoom in on them both as Antonio Cesaro raises his hand and merely pushes the camera out of his way as the screen fades to darkness as the promo ends.

Author:   RLFierro
Date:   Sep 9, 12 at 1:04pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Dean Ambrose

The show returns from commercial with Dean Ambrose standing in the hallway of the arena. He is leaned up against the concrete wall, seemingly in his own thoughts. The crowd gives off heat at the sight of him. Ambrose has his hood from his jacket over his head and he's looking down at something in his hands. The camera zooms in on the object to see Ambrose staring and spinning the railroad spike from a couple of weeks ago. The stains of blood rust over the piece of metal, making this a bit more sadistic. Before we can get any answers as to what Ambrose is thinking, a stagehand approaches him and starts to hand Dean a paper. The stagehand tries to leave, but in one swift moment, Dean snatches him by the shirt and pulls him close. The stagehand looks absolutely frightened, but Ambrose just wraps his arm around him and begins to speak.

Dean's voice raises to new levels on that last sentence. The stagehand trembles in fear, trying to escape Ambrose's grip, but to no avail. Dean looks at his hostage and then back to the camera, opening his mouth to speak once more while the crowd gives off major heat, hoping to interrupt Dean.

Dean steps over the lifeless stagehand and walks over towards the camera. He stares into it mindlessly before pulling the hood from his head and begins to speak again.

Dean lets out a really quick smile before disappearing from camera view. Now the only thing in sight is the motionless stagehand and a TCW Logo. The screen begins to fade to black and into a commercial.

Author:   Metallica
Date:   Sep 9, 12 at 3:15pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

CM Punk

CM Punks dominance continues here in TCW, he has won both matches that have been put him front of him, he's beaten a monster known as Brock Lesnar, he's beaten The Rock and Ryback in a triple threat match, his next challenge is yet another triple threat.

The cameras cut backstage to see CM Punk standing there in his wrestling gear with his arms folded and has a remote control in his right hand, he appears to be watching a TV monitor, the video he is watching is of Antonio Cesaro. Punk then unfolds his arms and immediately starts scratching the top of his head, Punk smirks and looks at the floor, until Johnathan Coachman walks up to him with a microphone.

Coach: Ah CM Punk [In an over excited voice] I was hoping to get a word on your opponents for tonight as you again face two people in a triple threat match.

Punk raises his head back up as he acknowledges The Coach's arrival, Punk looks at The Coach pouting his lip slightly and caresses his beard, Punk steps forward a little to get closer to Coach and smacks him on the back, Coaches head moves forward a little from the impact and is almost winded by the hit, Coach pretends it didn't affect him and smiles like a Cheshire cat at Punk.

"Johnathan Coachman, please get that stupid grin off of your face, why is it most of you people who do these interviews always seem like you been taking some sort of happy pills?"

Coach stops smiling as the fans in the background give a little chuckle at Punks comments towards The Coach.

"That's better, now to answer your question, yes that's correct another triple threat match for CM Punk, another obstacle which is going to be too easy for me to climb as it appears as though my opponents are getting easier and easier. I mean I started off facing Brock Lesnar who is an absolute beast in the ring, shame he has no brain cells though, then I faced another guy very similar to him called Ryback, at the same time as I faced Ryback, I had a guy named The Rock and I don't want to get it to too much about my opponents from the past two weeks since, they are behind me and it's time for me to focus on this weeks match up."

Punk takes a short breather and a CM Punk chant starts up, Coach has another question for Punk in regards to why he was watching Antonio Cesaro's promo from earlier on.

Coach: May I ask Punk, why were you watching Antonio Cesaro's promo from earlier on?

"You know, for once? That is a very good question and I'll tell you one thing, I watched that promo, not once, not twice, but about seven or eight times to be exact and the reason being and I don't know if it was just me, but did anyone of you here in Philadelphia understand a single word Antonio even said? [A big roar from the crowd, noticeable No's and several Laughs] I thought so, I could make out a few things he said though since he though it would be so clever and so original to use what he said, he claimed he was the 'Best wrestler in the world' and personally, I find that somewhat hilarious, Antonio you've never accomplished anything in your life, I think the only thing you have managed is to find somebody, that person being Aksana who understands you, because to be quite frank, I can't understand her either, both of you came across like a bad foreign movie and I think I might take it upon myself to ask TCW management to use subtitles the next time you guys are even on screen. [A big roar of Laughs again echo around the arena and a big "CM Punk" chant starts] Ha, I'm glad you liked that one and Antonio I think you must be living in fantasy land if you even think you have a chance at beating the real deal, the true best in the world, namely me! I have and I will continue to prove and show my dominance and reign here in TCW as thee guy, the man who will bring an order to this company. There is absolutely no doubt about your in ring skills Antonio, but you really need a kick back to reality just in time for me to send you right back there with the Go To Sleep."

CM Punk finishes and starts to walk away until Coach puts his hand on Punks shoulder to stop him.

Coach: Excuse me CM Punk, but you are in a triple threat match tonight, any words for Derrik Bateman?

"Hah, you're right, I forgot about him, but really come on? Derrik Bateman? That guy is a nobody and I feel almost insulted to even get in the ring with this guy, sure it's a triple threat and Antonio Cesaro will be there, but in my mind, this match will be a singles match, Master Bate [pauses with another laugh from the fans] man is going to be fed to the lions and it's the hungriest lion being myself, who will win and continue as I said, to dominate the TCW. An off topic question, Coach, where is the lovely Maria I had interview me last week?"

Coach: Uh, she has a date Punk, why?

"Hmm, no reason, I've been there and done that anyway if you know what I mean [CM Punk winks at Coach, who just smirks towards him], Coach back to business, there is something on the horizon that will shake the very foundations of the wrestling world and TCW better be prepared, I plan of making an impact, I plan and causing chaos and I will continue to climb to the ladder of success and here's a message to the whole TCW roster, if you step in my way, I will kick you back down, you have my honest word on this. A beginning is coming which will make my legacy above anything else you have ever seen. A story, a new chapter, a familiar force, are you all prepared for the CM Punk era?Are you all prepared for chaos and disorder?"

After Punks chilling last words, the fans in attendance are silent, they are confused and some almost appear to be frightened, Punks words has sent goosebumps to every fan watching.

The camera's fade out and cut to a commercial break.

Author:   Smell The Chiken
Date:   Sep 9, 12 at 7:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Banner by Boomtax
Mark Henry

After the break, we see that the camera found the hulking beast, Mark Henry, roaming the halls before his match. Walking gingerly through the corridors littered with staging equipment, one would think, why is he out for a walk? He is in a triple-threat match tonight against the behemoth that is Ryback and the proven veteran John Cena. Is he nervous? Does he feel worried going against them, knowing how he wrestled last week resulted in a losing effort? It is the main event. Could the big man be anxious about being top billed, being what everyone who is tuning in has been waiting for all night? He approaches a door and knocks on it lightly enough that the boom mic doesn't pick it up. Oh, he is meeting with a staff member. Of course. Why would Mark Henry be worried about his upcoming match? Upon not receiving an answer, because who could have really heard that knock, he gives it three hard, violent knocks that cause the entire frame to shake.

    "Oh. Come in."

A man's voice. With no nameplate, it is hard to guess who could be on the other side. Obviously it is not the GM, though. Henry turns the knob and walks in. The camera follows him in and we see John Laurinaitis. Boos can be heard from the arena at the appearance of a man with a mean streak the size of his ego, which is quite frankly the size of the other man in the room. Henry takes the single large seat in front of the desk, his back nearly against the wall in the small room. Laurinaitis sits at his desk, his hands folded with his thumb and index finger serving as a shelf for his chin. He looks tired.

The crowd pops at this announcement. The big bully, who has beaten up a defenseless interviewer, is going to be gone, at least for a while. Henry doesn't look shaken up as the camera pans to him. He has become completely enraged upon hearing the news. The camera pans back to Laurinaitis.

    "However, I told her that we didn't see the entire story. Maybe he said something to you under his breath, threatened you so softly that his microphone didn't pick it up. Maybe he sent you a text message or an e-mail threat earlier. For all we know, and it even looked like it on camera, you were acting in self-defense. He was coming right for you. So, after going back and for, we decided to let you off on a warning."

The audience reacts completely opposite from when they thought Henry was being suspended. The man tossed an interviewer, not a wrestler but an interviewer, into a automobile and he was getting a warning? That's it? Henry now looks calmed, although slightly inquisitive. He asks a question

    "What exactly does this mean, just a warning? Is she going to do anything to me?"

    "Until shit sticks to the moon, baby. [Audience boos] You know what you have to do now right? I helped you out; I saved your ass and your future in this company. I graciously, out of the goodness of my heart, saved you from suspension and probably being fired. I did you one hell of a favor, and so you owe me. I won't ask for much, seeing as I have mostly everything I need now. There is one thing though. Last week, my pride was brutally, savagely beaten when some punk picked me up on his shoulders [Crowd pops] and threw me to the mat, giving me two letters. F-U. That man was John Cena. Now, the only thing that could make me feel better, help me recover some of that pride, is by seeing John Cena eat it tonight. What a coincidence, Mark. You and John have a match tonight, a main event match. Now I'm not saying you have to win at all costs, just make sure he loses no matter what. If that means injuring him, I'm sure the company can afford to miss him a few weeks. And if you want, why not give him an F-U of his own, so he can discover how humiliating it feels to be slammed like that onto the canvas. So, think you can do that, Mark?"

    "I told you earlier tonight. What kind of man am I if I can't hold up my end of the deal? You really saved me, and I thank you. And, to tell you the truth, I'm going to enjoy the hell out of beating John Cena. That punk has been treated like royalty wherever he's been for too long. Tonight everyone is going to see why he is nothing more than a has-been who is well into his declining years of activity. [Crowd boos] I'll make him eat it tonight, John. Don't you worry. He's going to wish he had retired to strictly acting in movies years ago."

    "I'm glad to here that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some important papers to go over."

Henry gets up, shakes Laurinaitis's hand, and walks out of the room grinning wide. The camera stays on Lauranitis, who looks down for a moment, then looks back to where Henry walked moments ago and smiles sinisterly. Does he have some kind of secret plan unfolding, with Mark Henry as the centerpiece? The viewers ponder as the screen fades to black.

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Sep 9, 12 at 10:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I


Alex Riley is backstage, a frown on his face. No one knows the exact reason why he's upset, but they can all assume it has to do with both his opponents for tonight, and his teammate. The commentators speculate themselves...

Cole: Well, after Jeff Hardy AGAIN accused Riley of hiring a hand to put people he doesn't like on the shelf, I can only assume that Riley is looking for his tag team partner...

Booker: Now I can believe dat...

Tazz: You guys are forgetting, A - Ry doesn't like to be looked over. And both of his opponents have done just that! Ziggler basically passed right over him! Didn't make him out to be a threat! And Ambrose actually went out of his way to say that Riley was a mere stepping stone! I'm sure that boy A - Ry hasn't taken to kindly to that!

The commentators speculation is cut short by an inquisitive looking interviewer, Josh Matthews. The commentators quiet down to hear their questions answered.

Josh Matthews: Alex Riley, could I get a second?

Alex Riley stops and gives Matthews a cold stare, before seemingly remembering that he, in fact, has no problems with Matthews. He puts his guard down, and lets a smile crease his face.

Riley: Sure, man. I'm not going to toss you through a windshield or anything.

Matthews gives a nervous laugh and continues...

Matthews: So, we've obviously seen a pretty big turn of events for you tonight. After seemingly wiping clear all allegations that you put a hit on Lesnar, the same man put an attack on Jeff Hardy! I'm sure you've heard the rumors that...

Riley cuts Matthews short. His face is flush. His eyes cold again. Suddenly, he realizes that he has Matthews by the shirt, and he lets him go. Perhaps he's embarrassed at this show of anger, but he doesn't show it. He takes the microphone from Matthews and puts it to his own mouth.

Riley: Yes, I've heard the rumors. I'm a coward. I can't fight my own battles. I've hired the same clown twice to try taking out people that are way more talented than myself. I can't beat these two heroes. I can't take them looking me over. I've heard every little thing that people have said. And I've not been amused once. It's only logical that I can't hold my own, that Jeff Hardy and Dean Ambrose really are better than me. Right Josh?

The crowd are dead silent. They can't tell if this is A - Ry actually confessing, or just stating the rumors.

Riley: I guess there's no point in defending myself. I didn't hire any help. I don't need it, and I don't want it. I'm here in TCW to make a name for myself. To be a champion. It would be stupid for me to tarnish my own legacy, before I even began to write my story! And that's where Jeff Hardy's idiocy comes into play. You people can chant him for whatever reason you want, but the guy is still an idiot. I don't want to fight him in a TLC, there's no reason. But I will. Next week, I'll take Jeff Hardy out in a TLC. I'll break every bone in his body if I have to, to shut him up.

The crowd seem rather shocked that A - Ry is talking like this. Some of the younger fans are legitimately afraid for their favorite high-flyer. They're even more afraid, likely, by the roar of the crowd that follows. The older fans are chanting A - Ry, blanking out any cheer for Jeff Hardy. A - Ry seems empowered by the chants.

Riley: But that's next week. This week, I make my case known in the ring. It's a tag team match, and I realize that it's going to be a tough one, facing a cohesive unit, while my team is obviously in shambles. But I can pull a one man team if I have to. And I have a feeling I will, with that spot-monkey doing literally nothing but trying to get pinned.

The crowd is loving the shots at Hardy, even though some are wearing Hardy shirts. The scene is utter pandemonium! And A - Ry isn't done!

Riley: One more thing, Josh. Ziggler, I have no words for you. You'll stay out of my way if you know what's good for you. Dean Ambrose. You talk of a revolution! You talk about being the tyrant that changes the face of this business! And you say I'm a stepping stone of that happening, and that's your first mistake. You're underestimating me, Dean. And that's a very, very bad decision. I'm not a pawn in your game. I'm not a victim. You're the villain, Dean. That's all you are. A bully, and a degenerate. And that makes me the hero. And I'll be the one to stop you.

Riley hands the microphone back to Matthews, and walks off in the direction he was previously headed. Those were some strong words by the man they call A - Ry. And that can only pose the question, can he back that up?

Author:   RatedRViper
Date:   Sep 10, 12 at 1:06am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
Jeff Hardy runs up to Alex and pushes him into the wall

Josh Mathews runs over to try and stop a fight to break loose

Alex Riley pushes Hardy as Josh puts a microphone to Hardy's mouth

Jeff: Alex. I've had second thoughts on our match next week.I dont want a normal TLC.. I want a loser leaves TCW TLC! Just so you know, that means that when i win, you leave TCW. But if you beat me.... Somehow, il leave... What you say big boy?

The fans cheer for bothe superstars

Alex: I accpept your offer Jeff.... But don't come crying to me when your career comes to an end. Good Luck... You'll need it!

Alex and Jeff walk seperate ways leaving Jodh standing still

Author:   Kid Clutch
Date:   Sep 10, 12 at 9:42am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Wrestler: John Cena
W/L/D: 2/0/0
Disposition: Face
Motive: Elaborate on his hustle
Status: In the TCW series
Setting: Backstage

After a long-winded commercial break, we see footage of the arena from the outside, with the commentators promoting the event as they do best. Footage also shows several people walking in and out of the arena, showing the highly populated activity that surrounds TCW entertainment each and every week. Too bad those who are leaving to go get something in their car, smoke a cigarette or take a breather will miss this segment with our beloved Josh Matthews, who's been through it all, looking inside the camera lens with the microphone readied to his mouth, ready to begin his interview.

Josh: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome with me tonight, the man who will participate in the TCW series' main-event, John… Cena.

Cheers roar as the man with the thousand colored t-shirts shows up with a shit-eating grin on his face. He feels excited and enthused for tonight; he has yet again the chance to gain momentum onto his most prized goal: the world championship. The tension is at its highest, but it's never fazed him. Immediately, he breaks the ice as he lowers his mouth towards the mic.

Cena: Oh, now you guys are starting to like me. Just kidding. Man, it's great to be here tonight. It's the city of brotherly love, Josh. Do you know what this means? [Josh negligibly shakes his head] It means… it means that John Cena is gonna fill himself up with a lot of cheesesteaks tonight! Oh yeah! [crowd cheers] Not the response you were expecting, huh? Well, that's alright.

Josh: We're going onto the second wind of the TCW series, and you John are primed as one of the favorites to win it all. What do you think about this?

Cena: It means people have a lot of vested expectations in me. All the things I've done in this business, I gave my 100%. Whenever it came to the World Heavyweight championship… you can notch that to 110%. Anybody who's known me over the years, my fans, my family, my trainers, Vince McMahon, my mailman, my dog, my cat, the referee, the kid sitting at home with a Cenation t-shirt on, THEY ALL KNOW… that my grind won't stop, and my hustle won't quit. That is what John Cena embodies; the old and the new John Cena. I knew the risks of the TCW series when I stepped in, and I was fully prepared from the beginning to rise up to the challenges that will come in front of me. I'm prepared for the lethal force of Ryback. I'm prepared for the brute strength of Mark Henry. Nothing I haven't ever faced before. If I can't jump over a hurdle at first try, I will pick my ass up and do it again, and again, until my feet for five feet above the damn pole! So believe me when I say this, tonight will be no different and whether I face Mark Henry, Great Khali, or any other 300+ pounder, I… will… rise.

The crowd approves of these valiant words as moderate cheers encompass the arena. Cena has that daring glare on his face that shows determination and passion by the dozen. He's feeling ready for it, and can't wait to deliver.

Josh: No one's questioning your work ethic, John. Which leads me to question as we saw you deliver an.. F-U to John Laurinatis last week: what should we expect of this new John Cena?

Cena: You know what, Josh? Maybe I've been making too big of a deal about this new John Cena. Because at the end of the day, 80% of what I represent still hasn't changed. I'm still determined, I'm still passionate, I'm still as tough and valiant as the day I stepped into a wrestling ring. I still love my fans, and I still get a thrill every damn night performing for them. [crowd cheers] It's true. I still get a thrill of knowing that they spent their hard-earned money wisely, to see the best performers in the world entertain right in front of them. Now when it comes to that 20%... [a sinister grin forms on Cena's face] well, let's just say I'm trying to pace myself in terms of what it represents. What 'it' represents is something I've been keeping dormant for a long time. It's that other side of me. I believe, Josh, that everyone has that other side of theirs. I'm not necessarily talking about some Jekyll and Mr. Hyde stuff, but whenever someone enters another zone… because of something done to them... they change. It can be for a second, for a minute, for days or for weeks. I've been doing the same song and dance for seven years. I've played up the nice card, wore the same t-shirts with the same messages, kissed babies and smiled at everybody who came my way, all for seven… straight… years. At some point, I got tired of it. I needed a change to stay fresh and to reinvigorate myself. And here you have it, Josh. That other side of me, you saw a sliver of it when I F-Ued - that's right, no more Attitude Adjustments - when I F-Ued Big Johnny's carcass last week. Why did I do that? Because he was pissing me off. [Cena chuckles] Yeah, I don't have as much tolerance for stupidity anymore. How 'bout that? Now, that doesn't mean I'm gonna be shoving people in lockers and raising the middle finger every which way, but… I'm just not gonna be that one type of guy that I used to be anymore. When I get screwed over, I will react and I will not make stupid stand-up jokes. When I lose a match, I will react accordingly. When I get insulted, I will react accordingly.

John Cena then approaches Josh and the microphone even more, staring right into the eyes of the interviewer as if he had to put a dot on his I's.

Cena: When I get jumped from behind… I will get back up, and god damn it, I WILL react accordingly. So God help anyone if they even try to do that. Aside from that, the stage is set. Tonight, Mark Henry, the Silverback Gorilla. World's Strongest Man. See, the old John Cena wouldn't even question any of that, but tonight I say: let's put that to the test, Mark. Let us see who is strongest, who will prevail in the ring. And I can't forget about Ryback, the love child of Goldberg and Rob Van Dam. You wanna be fed, Ryback? I got all the right fistfuls you need. I'll give you something you can digest. I've overcome obstacles against monsters and I'll do it again. [stares into the camera] I can't be stopped! And I DARE you to try to prove me wrong!! Once I'm done with you two, I will go on to advance to the later round and eventually win the World Heavyweight championship. [crowd cheers] If you want some…

You'd expect him to keep on with his phrase but instead… he finishes right there and doesn't even finish his old-school catchphrase before leaving the premises as some die hard fans in the arena finish the catchphrase for him. Cena leaves with the most determined look on his face since the day he stepped doors into TCW. He's come so far and isn't about to stop now. It's about to get real clammy tonight.

Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Sep 10, 12 at 10:46am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

This was his night, this was his moment, this was his victory and nobody was going to take it away from him. His opponents were ready for him and he was ready for them as his theme music blasts out on the stage. Antonio Cesaro wastes little time as he walks out onto the stage on his own this time. Aksana was in the back as Antonio Cesaro stood on the stage by himself, a microphone in his hands as he cracks his neck from side-to-side and looks ahead. He had already spoken about his match and from that you could see that he has absolutely no respect for CM Punk, and that's certainly clear. It appeared that he did not seem to have any problem with downplaying him as well, and when he did that it looked like he was having fun in doing so. Breathing in and out now, he seems to have collected all his thoughts and he goes on to speak into the microphone.

The fans would boo the very confident Antonio Cesaro but it would have no effect on him as he just looked around at all the people in attendance. He shrugs his shoulders at them and chuckles as he settles in on the stage and starts to continue speaking down into the microphone.

Antonio Cesaro smile quickly widens, and is now gigantic. A little bit cocky, but no one can deny that it is a picture perfect smile. He then moves and uncrosses his arms and then rubs his hands together, before dropping them back down, dangling to his sides. He looks over the crowd again as they continue to boo him and cheer for CM Punk, his hand with the microphone is raised back up to his face as he begins to speak once again.

Antonio Cesaro smiles again with evil intent. There's no way that he's letting CM Punk and Derrick Bateman slip by him with the victory, you can read it in his eyes, you can feel it through his words. He breaths deeply, before speaking once again. Antonio Cesaro was getting serious, he needed this win and he was cutting right into CM Punk and Derrick Bateman and it seemed as if he was not going to hold back as he continued to speak down into the microphone.

Antonio Cesaro would finally finish as he drops the microphone, the fans chant for CM Punk but it makes no difference to him as his theme music starts to play, he looks around once again and then turns around and heads back stage, he has made himself heard, CM Punk knows what to expect from him now, Antonio Cesaro is prepeared for this match, victory is all he knows and failure tonight is out of the question.

Author:   bobbpugg5
Date:   Sep 10, 12 at 11:27am (PST)
Subject:   baby baby baby oh

Derrick Bateman

{TCW WarZone. It rolls on. Rolling is a good word for it. Rolling would denote that it gains momentum as time rolls on. Rolling would denote that it is constantly moving and evolving. Rolling would denote that it is an ever changing, ever growing product. And that could not be more true. Every week, dozens of men and women work hard on this program. Lighting crews. Music programmers. Graphic designers. Production engineers. Even down to the ring crew, setting up the very squared-circle that is so revered and necessary to the business. All of these individuals come together, once a week, and use their own specialties to craft a show that is viewed by millions. Not only does this show give the millions at home and thousands in attendance their weekly fix of professional wrestling action, but also gives the opportunity for the roster in the back to showcase what they can do. They get the chance to show the world that they can speak like a champion, perform in the ring like a champion, and carry themselves like a champion. Without this show, most would be roaming independent territories or other countries looking for a second of mic time and hopefully a decent pay check. TCW is a haven for those men.

While TCW benefits it's roster, it is also a haven for it's fans. Thousands come every single week from all over the globe just to take in a few hours of prime, pro-wrestling entertainment. They line up and get into the arena, taking their seats from the front row to the nosebleeds. And this night is no different. This Monday night in Philadelphia is no different. The locker room in the back is filled with wrestlers wanting to elevate themselves to the level of superstar and the Philly crowd is waiting to see them do so. Moreover, the Philly crowd is also waiting to see several people fail as well. Each time someone's music hits, this crowd gets the opportunity to pass their judgment on their entire career. And if they do not live up to their expectations, it'll be hell to pay.

The song's name is Gasoline Upcharge. Luckily, the sound technician is on hand to be able to play the song, blasting it's energetic acoustics through the arena. The Philly crowd lets out a pop to the song, seemingly approving of the song's owners actions over the last few weeks. Out from the curtain at the top of the ramp is one Derrick Bateman who confidently strides to the ring, arms akimbo. He gallantly marches down the ramp with enough confidence on his face to fill the entire arena. The fans can feel that too, greeting him to their building and not shunning him like they have to so many superstars in the past. He slides into the ring and gazes out into his adoring public, getting a pretty sizable reaction. Bateman leans over the far side of the ring ropes and gets a microphone to speak to his adoring public. The crowd settles into listening to what he has to say. They are still far from perfectly happy, and are willing to turn at a moment's notice if they spot something they aren't fond of in the Mantastic One.

"There are few places that I feel more at home with than at the birthplace of Chicks and America – Philadephia, Pennsylvania," Bateman barked out, eliciting a cheap, but also truthful pop from the audience. He continued, "And while I here, I feel like I can tell you guys something. It's been on my brain all week, just jabbing at my subconscious. I really need to get this off my chest. See, last week on WarZone, things weren't quite turning up Bateman. I was in the main event, yes, but I caught a big boot from an Aussie named Nathan Jones and was taken out of the match. I didn't lose, but I didn't win, and that's all that really counts. But there's more to that story. I didn't just catch a big boot because I was taken off guard or overpowered. No, no, no Batemaniacs. That is not the case. I was distracted. In my dominance over John Cena during the contest, I had a moment to catch my breath and look out into the crowd. And there was someone in that crowd in Boston last week that caught my eye in all the wrong ways. Someone who was out to get me. Someone who made it there business to cost me the match. Someone who has made an enemy out of me." Derrick takes a dramatic pause before revealing who was in the audience.

"That man in the audience that cost me the match…was Justin Bieber." The audience is now mixed with boos, laughs, and awkward confused mutterings. Bateman's face in the ring is still dead serious. Bateman soldiers on. "Justin Bieber, the pop singer and impish boy toy known the World over, cost me my match. When I was in the ring, I looked out into that crowd, and my set of eyes meant to do me harm. One set of eyes only had the worst of intentions for me. Those were the baby blue eyes of Mr. Justin Bieber. And yes, he was in the town because of his concert the night earlier. And normally, seeing a celebrity in the crowd is no strange sight here in TCW. But Bieber looked me dead in the eyes, and swiped his finger across his throat. He wanted me to lose. And if that big Australian convict boot wasn't going to hit me, he would've attacked me himself. I have no doubt about it. Now I'm not saying that I couldn't take down the little pipsqueak, but I know danger when I see it. My America senses were tingling. So Bieber, I'm making this statement once and only once; you don't want no piece of Derrick Bateman. You represent everything I stand to fight against, and I will not hesitate to punch you right in that perfectly constructed hairdo."

Derrick takes a pause to collect his thoughts after his tirade on a pop star. "But I look around right now and I don't see any pop star in the front row. All I see is a crowd full of hardcore wrestling fans who want to see me kick somebodies ass." Cheap pop number two for those keeping score at home. "So tonight, I've been placed into another Triple Threat match. And I have all the confidence in the World that I will emerge at the end of this one with my arm raised high. Especially with the goons that General Manager Eve Torres has placed in front of me. You've seen both of these men come out here and flap their gums about me already tonight. So I feel it's my duty to disprove the propaganda that those two hooligans spouted about me. First off, I don't know if you people realized this, but Antonio Cesaro is Swiss. That's right, Swiss. That would explain why his charisma is so neutral. You see, Cesaro is, so far, undefeated in TCW. But so are the Detroit Lions and we all know who both of those are going to turn out. Cesaro, your destiny is all ready planned out right from your birth in Switzerland. You were meant for watch making. You were meant for Alps mapping. You were made for chocolate making, or at the very least, packing. Antonio, you just can't cut it in the ring with me. Go take your cardboard personality girlfriend there and head back to Russia, or Switzerland, or Dudleyville for all I care. Because if you stay around here, you'll be on the receiving end of an American Destroyer. And then you'll realize who the jobber really is."

"Speaking of people calling me jobber, this brings my attention to CM Punk. Apparently, I'm not even good enough in this ring to be worthy of this guy's time. Ok. Fair enough. You don't have to like me, Punk. That's fine with me. Because I already have the upper hand on you. I know your secret, Punk. And I'm revealing it right here and now. Not many people know this, and Punk has tried to cover it up, but underneath all of those tattoos, he is really Barry Horowitz. There's no use in denying it now, Punk, or should I say Mr. Horowitz. I've been onto you since I saw you on Saturday Night's Main Event in 1993. Just think about it, have you ever seen Barry Horowitz drink or do drugs in the ring? No? Then he must be straight-edge, like our Pepsi drinking friend here. What was Barry Horowitz's pet in the nineties, you might be asking? Well it was a chipmunk by the name of CP Munk. Coincidence? I think not. His favorite band of the eighties? Living Colour. I've seen right through your clever rouse, CM Horowitz. And now, you're krpytonite is in my hands. Now, I can see you for what you really are – an enhancement talent with a cool Japanese finisher."

"Punk, you might not give me the time of day, but I'll give it to you; ten fifteen. That's the time of the day. And by the time it hits eleven-o-seven tonight, and the dust has settled from WarZone, it will not be CM Horowitz who gets the extra points in the TCW Series. Oh no. It will not be the Swiss, bald, road sign of charisma named Antonio Cesaro. Oh hell no. It will not be a pop star with a hot, underage girlfriend and a vendetta against me. Oh, baby, baby, baby no. It will be one man. One man who is leading the cause for real men everywhere. Not for those who pretend to be someone else. Not for those who are neutral. I stand up and lead the charge for men who want to dish out some good ol' fashioned, red, white, and blue ass-kicking. I lead the charge for men who are proud of who they are; who work a hard days work, who have a beer or two or nine at the end of the day, watch TV, get some lovin' from their lady, fall asleep, and wake up the next day to do it all again. My name is Derrick Bateman. But you can call me Mantastic. You can call me the leader of all of you Batemaniacs. But you can damn sure call me the next TCW Heavyweight Champion of the World." Bateman drops the mic to the Philly crowd fully behind that passionate speech. Bateman puts his hands on his hips and stares out into his approving audience, proud to have turned a cynical audience into fans. As the home audience's screen fades to black, a small but audible chant for Bateman breaks out. The chant rolls on. TCW WarZone rolls on as well.}

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