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Author:   oni_hero
Date:   Aug 25, 12 at 7:03am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
"Shut Your Mouth"

The camera fades back in from a commercial break, and as the fans sit silently in there seats, the titantron comes to live with a live feed from the parking lot. A lone parking space with a dim light flickering overhead is shown. The fans begin to whisper to each other, someone yells out 'UNDERTAKER!" thinking he has it all figured out. The image becomes a little less illuminated as the light goes completely out, the parking spot is barely visible now, only slightly beiing lit from across the lot by another set of lights. The sound of a car engine disrupts the relative silence in the stadium. A car door slams and loud footsteps are heard. A mumbling voice seems to be slightly annoyed. Suddenly the camera view is spinning. The video feed blurs as the camera man is spun around. The Rock comes into view as the picture stabalizes. Fans erupt with cheers, the stadium nearly explodes as he comes into view. Chants of "Boots to Asses" and "Rocky!" start up. The Rock seems agitated, a stern look on his face,

The Rock: Are you serious? You're just standing out here filming nothing?!? Is that your job? Are you paid to sit out here and get stock footage of the stadium's bad wiring?!? Did you even think to film the opposite direction Jabroni?!? You just missed the most electrifying man in all of entertainment's entrance! Did you even see the car The Rock pulled up in?!? That car is worth more than your entire life's earnings, past, present and future! Have you got any idea what the hell you are doing?!? The Rock should have your ass fired just on principal! What are you even filming?!? Who does that parking spot belong to? Mark Henry? It fits! It's Big, Dark, and no one gives a crap about it, just like him! Honestly do you even know what you are doing?!? Come on chump, follow The Rock, do something productive with your sad excuse for a life.

Fans seem to be turning on The Rock. The older fans are still chanting "Rocky!" but the younger fans seem to all be booing at this point. The Rock begins to walk, but the cameraman seems to hesitate. He points the camera toward the ground as if he is about to switch it off, but a loud audibe smack is heard followed by an equally audible "Ouch!" The camera view rises back up and The Rock uses a beckoning hand motion, the camera man seems to understand and begins to follow.

The Rock: So The Rock signs this contract, and ends up getting the call.... The call that says "Rocky! We need ya Rocky! The show won't live without ya Rocky!" So after The Rock shuts this crying little bitch up, he is told that he is being booked in a match at the debut.... Against someone named Montel. Christ, The Rock thought he was selling juicers now adays, but The Rock won't complain about having to fight some has been talk show host who can't seem to decide what he wants to do with his life.

The camera man is quick to correct The Rock about who his opponent is, informing him that Montel Vontavious Porter has never and most likely will never host a talk show or sell juicers. The Rock stops dead in his tracks and turns to look at the man

The Rock: Did The Rock ask for your input? Sorry, The Rock must have fogotten to give a monkey's ass about your opinion! The Rock knows who Montel is! It's called mocking your opponent you candy assed camera jockey! The Rock guesses this is why they don't let you work the boom mic, otherwise people would constantly hear your lame ass view on things, you're worse than Jerry Lawler! Glad they didn't mic you up! See, The Rock is always rocking a mic. When The Rock speaks, everything he says is important, so everyone needs to hear it unlike when A.W. has a mic and opens his mouth only for the purpose of inserting his own foot. The Rock....

The camera man seems to have faded into his own little world, almost as if he is ignoring The Rock and trying to look for a way out of the current situation. The booing from the younger fans has gotten louder, and some of the older fans have joined in.

The Rock: Oh The Rock is sorry, are you bored? Is The Rock boring you?

The Camera man raises a hand and it comes into view on the screen.

The Rock: IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THE ROCK IS BORING YOU! You wil follow The Rock and film him all night if he wants you to, do you understand?!?

The camera man lowers his hand and begins to agree with The Rock.

The Rock: IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU UNDERSTAND! Jesus Jabroni you think you would have learned from the first time! Honestly you aren't very bright are you?!? No wonder you aren't the time keeper or a ring announcer, you probably can't even work the camera properly! Hell, are you even a camera man?!? Did you just steal the camera from someone and start randomly filming things you thought looked cool or edgey?!? Look here, The Rock is going to go out there tonight, he is going to take that chain of Montel's, shine it up real nice, turn that sum bitch sideways... and break it in half. Montel will know what it means to go ONE on ONE with THE GREAT ONE tonight, and come next week, he will never want to step between the ropes with The Rock again!

The Rock shoves the camera man over and steps over him, walking down the hall and out of frame. The camera man can be heard telling someone "He quits". A few chants of "Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!" are still going as the camera fades to black.

Author:   LodiRulz
Date:   Aug 25, 12 at 8:26am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
To say that the next transition over was bizarre would be the understatement of the century. We go from The Rock, one of the most charismatic personalities in wrestling's history, to a kitchen sink. Nobody is saying anything, it's just a kitchen sink, with the faucet on. The confusion in the crowd is apparent. What is this? Did the production company push a wrong button? Many questions go through the minds of both the fans minds and the minds of the people watching at home.

But before anybody else can say "Greatest Segment Ever", the sound of footsteps grows louder and louder, indicating that there is indeed someone at this location. Although the crowd is still scratching their heads at what exactly they are about to watch, they still listen up and lean in, ready to explode at the sight of another big name. A man comes into view, wrapped in a dark blue bathrobe, and with a beard that looks like it hasn't been trimmed since the days of Sammartino.

This person is not exactly a BIG name, but he's a name nonetheless. Trent Baretta is the person that they see, and he looks a lot different then what people are used to seeing. He wears a winter cap on his head, and he holds in his hand a thin paper plate, which once contained the breakfast burrito that he just consumed. He's completely unaware of the cameras, and is startled when he feels a tap on his shoulder.

Baretta looks around wildly like he just saw a ghost, before calming down at the sight of the camera. A quick look at his face, and you can still see crumbs on his beard from the burrito, which apparently he sees as well. He picks one or two off of his beard, before holding them out to the camera:

Wanna bite dude?

The shaking of the camera to the side signals a no, which results in a nod from Trent. It's then that he sees the faucet for the first time:

Cuse me for a sec.

One would think that he would have simply turned off the faucet. Oh no. What he does blows the mind in stupidity. He opens up his fridge, and takes out a jar of pickles. He opens up a drawer and he takes out a knife, and taps the lid of the jar. Needless to say, that jar is all over the floor in just a few seconds. The floor around Trent is now covered in pickle juice. And as if his floor is covered in disinfectant, he picks up a pair of pickles as if no harm was done, and sticks them into the drain. This doesn't stop the water, but it causes water in the sink to build up, which results in laughter and pointing from Barretta:

Dude, look. Seperation.

At this point, I'm sure many people have asked themselves if this man was on drugs. And most certainly, the production crew has asked themselves a few too many times. They slowly start to back away, hoping that the distraction will be enough for Trent not to notice that they've departed. Unfortunately for them, the minor flood is not even close to a distraction for Trent. He runs up to them:

Hey guys, Where's Trent? Where's Trent? Here I am!

The running that proceeded could break a world record. Before Trent could even continue his antics, they were in a car and peeling out of the driveway.

Trent Baretta

Coming to TCW

Author:   Smell The Chiken
Date:   Aug 25, 12 at 9:35pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Banner by Boomtax
Mark Henry

The screen fades into a well dressed man in a nice suit. His smile is warm and welcoming, as if beckoning you to be his friend. Long-time wrestling fans know exactly who he is, and fans of SportsCenter take a little longer to come up with his name. He is Todd Grisham, a popular man in the world of wrestling who has never stepped into the ring. Usually acting as an interviewer, he talks directly into the camera, directly to the viewers watching, as he begins his introduction.

The camera pans to Grisham now, who face holds a look of intense fear. Sweat starts forming on his forehead, glistening from the intense lights beaming onto him and his interviewee. He asked a simple question that he deemed fit, and in return received a hostile response. A threat. A threat on his life. This is his first night back in the wrestling game. Why is he being treated like this, so viciously, on his first interview on his first night? He takes a long pause, heeding Henry's advice, but can't seem to find a safe question. He tries repeatedly, but Henry responds coldly to each of his inquiries.

    "Umm, what are your plans coming into this company?"

    "To win my matches. Next."

    "Uhh, are there any wrestlers on the roster who you are happy to see?"

    "Not particularly. Next"

    "Umm, oh! Any responses to The Rock's earlier insults against you tonight. Anything you want him to know? Anything you want to personally tell him?"

    "Interesting question. There are a few things that come to mind, but you have to look deeply into that promo. The way he was acting, I think he should be evaluated for some psychological problems or head trauma. The way he kept referencing himself in the third-person was exceptionally troubling. In my opinion, anyone who continually talks about himself in the third person has to be mentally challenged in some way. And it would go against my morals to insult someone who is mentally challenged, so I have nothing to say about The Rock."

Grisham is sick of it. He cannot keep getting shot down, especially in this first interview. What precedents is this setting for his character and the way he conducts interviews at this company? Will everyone else he interviews assume he'll break down on them and fear him? He decides to go for it. He decides to ask the ballsy question he only contemplated before. He sets Henry up.

This question visibly angers Henry. His eyebrows pop up and lines form on his forehead. His eyes get smaller and his mouth opens slightly as he is taken aback. Such a stupid thing to ask. Why the hell would he make that promo if that wasn't what his true feelings were, what he truly thought?

Grisham did not ask these last questions. He made them statements, not raising his voice, but speaking as strongly as he could. Henry is still visibly shocked. He cannot believe what he just heard, what this man, supposedly unbiased, just said to him. He is rather slow to anger. He first looks left and right, then jumps out of his seat, the force knocking it to the floor. There is the anger. He takes a few steps towards Grisham, who leans back in his chair, hands raised, palms outward to cover his, regretting almost immediately what he had said. Henry reels his right arm back, as if ready to strike a blow. He throws his shoulder, fist coming towards the other man's face. It stops not inches but centimeters away from the intended target. Instead, Henry playfully slaps Grisham on the cheek.

Henry walks out of camera shot, ending the interview. Grisham still looks shook up as the shot fades to black.

Author:   M_N_M48060
Date:   Aug 26, 12 at 4:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
Continued from here

The crowd goes wild as Daniel Bryan comes out on the entrance ramp pumping his arms out and screaming "yes!" which the fans can not help, but to mimic. Bryan continues this all the way down the ramp and continues shouting and acting a fool all the way around the outside of the squared circle as he grabs a microphone from ringside. Once in possession of the mic he calms down and slowly, carefully slides his way under the bottom rope and in to the ring; the whole time keeping his eyes glued to the Rattlesnake.

Now Mr. Austin I know you didn't exactly expect me to come out here right now, but I want you to listen [WHAT?] hear what I have to say [WHAT?] alright I see what's happening here. I'm not going to fall for that again [WHAT?] you can't fool me [WHAT?] I won't be tricked [WHAT?] stop that! [WHAT?] [WHAT?] [WHAT?]

Daniel Bryan takes a deep breath to keep his composure as Austin leans in the corner as if he is barely paying attention to the other man in the ring. Bryan wipes the sweat off of his brow and continues.

Down to business, Austin I am not here to fight you. [WHAT?] I am here to ask you to be my tag team partner! I would love nothing more than to work with a truly legendary figure in this business, to be side by side with greatness each and every single day. If you and I were to ally ourselves together it would be no time before we ran this whole place. So what do you say Steve?

Daniel Bryan creeps over toward the Rattlesnake and gingerly reaches an arm out for a handshake. Austin snaps his head up and stares across at Daniel Bryan and lifts his microphone up to his mouth.

[WHAT?] you think you wanna be my partner?! YES!

[WHAT?] you wanna team up with Stone Cold? YES!

[WHAT?] you wanna tag team? Is that what you're sayin'? YES!


Well I'll tell ya what kid you got some balls to come out here and ask Stone Cold a question like that. You're a dumb sumbitch, but you've got some balls that's for sure. Now here's the problem: Stone Cold didn't come out here lookin' for a tag team partner. Nuh uh! Stone Cold Steve Austin came out here lookin' to whip somebody's ass and as far as I'm concerned you just accepted the challenge!

Austin drops the microphone and gives Daniel Bryan the double gun salute. Bryan's eyes light up just in time to feel Austin's boot in his midsection before....STONE COLD STUNNER! Daniel Bryan flips backward and rolls under the bottom rope as Austin calls for the ringside attendant to toss him some Stevewiesers. Austin's music hits as he smashes two beers together spraying alcohol freely on the middle turnbuckle. He continues his tradition of celebrating in the ring before dropping to the canvas, rolling underneath the bottom rope and making his way up the entrance ramp. Once at the top he pauses for a moment before raising his last beer up and downing it as quickly as possible. Austin then steps backstage and the camera goes to the other side of the ring where Daniel Bryan is sitting up with his eyes glazed over; clearly confused as to what just happened.

Taz: That's what happened when you cross the Rattlesnake.
Booker T: Yeah, but you've gotta love D-Bry's courage to come out here face to face with Austin.
Cole: or laugh at his stupidity to think Austin would team with him or all people.

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Author:   SuperPeanut
Date:   Aug 26, 12 at 5:05pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Brock Lesnar

The stage is set, the lights are focused on the big emotionless square, flickering between bright strobe lights and red spot lights, crating a deep atmosphere, then the sudden sharp piercing sound of a crackling speaker of a microphone,

Cole: “Errrrr what is this? It’s so dark I can’t see my own hand”

Taz: “I don’t know, but., what’s that in the ring?”

The full beam lights brighten up the whole arena and sat in the center of the roped ring was a wooden table, and a the infamous figure of Eve Torres, on the table simply laid two key items, a contract with ‘BROCK LESNAR’ written across the top and a neatly placed black Parker fountain pen. They weren’t skipping out on advertising and costs.
Torres Stands to the noise of the crowd chanting ‘LESNAR! LESNAR! LESNAR!’ and raises the mic, slowly but purposefully to her mouth. “Laaaaadiessss and Gentleemeeennnn please make some noise for the greatest powerhouse in the business, the man who has just rejected a million dollar contract to work in the best wrestling industry in this universe, the man who will put his body on the line, time and time again for you, the fans. I present to you Brock Lesnar!”

The crowd rises like a salmon out of water, waving their banners and continuing to chant his name, as the man they have grown to love over in the caged octagon has now graced the TCW arena for the first time.

The lights cut dramatically and all is in shadow…

FLASH!, the bright strobes all function at the same time, igniting a path of light through the darkness as sparks flame up toward the sky.

Lesnar enters the ring dressed in a sharp black 3 piece, with the faintest of pinstripes, tight to his shoulders and bulging biceps. He grins with an ever-growing smirk to the TV cameras before slowly stepping down the entrance ramp. He makes his way up the steel steps that will surely be used for carnage throughout the season.

Taz: “The man from UFC is here Cole this is crazy!”

Cole: “I just never imagined he would actually leave, I wonder what’s brought him here”

He bends the second rope down and steps through the new made gap. As he strolls in the crowd can still be heard chanting his name. He moves towards the center, standing face to face with Torres and extends his hand, only not to shake it, but he raises her hand up to his face, draws eye contact and kisses her on top of her fingers.
She blushes slightly as she then takes her seat and Brock his. He leans forward and views the contract, without actually taking it in he stretches out his hand to the pen, as he goes to sign there is a sudden shout heard over the PA unit.

“Just one minute Brock, I OWWWWNNN YOU, you belong to my business, to the corporation, to the Ultimate Fighting Champion.”

Cole: “I hate to say it but is that who I think that is?”

Taz: “ Damn I think you’re right Cole, that’s him, that’s….”

“That’s right ladies and gents of TCW, It’s me, Lorenzo Fertitta, the co-founder of THE greatest fighting show on earth, and I’m here to claim my prize boy”

Brock stands and starts to clench his teeth and fists as three heavily built men enter behind Fertitta, and run past him heading towards the ring, as they start to surround the square Brock has a sudden glimmer in his eye, as he turns just in time as one of the men enter the ring pushing Torres aside, Brock grabs him before lifting him into a suplex and dropping him to the mat. As he arises the other two men are stood over him; waiting for him, as they begin to unload several heavy punches, Brock tries to block, he raises his huge bear like arm and rams an elbow into one of their wind pipes before proceeding to clothesline both of them to floor, as one rolls out of the ring brock picks up the last man and throws him onto his shoulders…

Taz: “Oh my god here it comes…The F-5”

Brock slams the guy through the table with the contract as it snaps straight down the middle, and the pen and paper fly up into the air.

Cole: “Oh holy shit that is going to stop him”

Brock wipes his brown before staring down at the ring floor; he then lifts the contract off the floor and shows it to Fertitta, he raises the pen to paper and signs with the slightest of squiggles, showing no signs of remorse.

He then raises the mic that had been dropped by Torres and calms himself:
“Fertitta, I told you I quit you business, what they have here at TCW surpasses all that you had to offer, I can have all your money, but here I can have the fans, the fame and all the glory, I will be the best wrestler this company has ever seen!”

Ferttita turns swiftly on his heels with a slight squeak and leaves through the main stage entrance, with a red flush over his face.

Brock then changes his target, “Punk you and me tonight shall be fun, I’m pumped, and I want to show these fans all their moneys worth, I want to honour my contract and build this business up. Punk these guys were my starter, and you my friend shall be the main course for tonight.
I know you like to think you are the face of this company, but once I’m done with you, there won’t be much of a face left, you will feel the full force of my F-5”

Brock drops the mic as the sound is echoed around the arena, the fans rise to their feet and make the decibels rise even higher than they had been.

Taz: “Wow I’m looking forward to tonight’s match between Lesnar and Punk, Brock is fired up and I can’t wait to see him in full action”

Cole: ”If that preview was anything to go buy, I would be tipping him to win all the way, but lets not discredit Punk, I mean, he’s a great wrestler!”

Brock makes his way up the ramp and to the backstage area, as he goes, lifting his new contract to the fans that have remained on their feet and nodding and grinning towards Eve Torres.

Author:   Jaffers
Date:   Aug 27, 12 at 9:28am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
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Paul Heyman
- - - - - - - - - -

Ugh, why did I let him talk me back into wrestling? I don’t even like the majority of the people around here. Shit, I don’t even like him. He’s a weak man, constantly hiding behind a steady string of monsters to give him the false allure of being relevant in a World that forgot him along time ago. The irony in it all is the one thing that serves his purpose now, is the one thing that failed him all those years ago; being a good salesman. He could probably talk anybody into signing with him, but like me they’d probably regret that decision. It’s a means to an ends though; if he can talk me into aligning myself with him, then he should be able to talk other people into putting me into a good position. Then, once I’ve secured the position that I need I can cut the strings and go back to doing things by myself. It’s more than obvious that his claims of nobody thinking I’m a threat anymore are untrue, I mean look at all these people. None of them are willing to make eye contact with me, scuttling off down different hallways as soon as they spot me. It’s slightly funny really, as if walking down a corridor would somehow save them from me if I decided I wanted to take them out. Another time maybe; for now it’s back to the week in, week out routine of addressing the crowd. Though, I guess tonight will be a little different; nobody is going to be expecting this. The look on the faces of those jack offs sitting behind the monitors says it all really, the classic switch devised to bring more attention to a wrestler because it’s not who was expected; like I need the help to get attention.

Well, I guess that’s my cue. Yeah, thanks dickhead; I don’t need you pointing at the stage to let me know it’s my time, I can hear perfectly fine. What is this shit anyway, Didgeridoos? As if my accent wont give away exactly where I from. This is a joke, I thought my time of being enslaved to other people ended a long time ago; yet here I find myself once again being paraded around like a caged animal obeying the orders of his master. Look at all these people, sat in awe that I’m not The Big Show. I guess simple minds really are that easy to entertain, I bet the majority of the parents here would flip their lids if they knew I’d spent sixteen years in prison for armed robbery. Yeah, you let your son high five the convicted criminal lady; only in the World of wrestling could you see something like this.

Shit, really?

Again I can’t help but find a little humour in my nickname. There are not many entertainment companies that’d have a big focus on crimes that you’d committed. I guess I should be thankful though; after all I’m allowed to be ‘me’ whatever it is that means. I just hear idiots in the back bang on about wanting to be themselves over and over. Maybe if you had something interesting about you, you wouldn’t need to be sold as some Terminator like character, or some white rapper douche bag. Oh, is he still talking?

Well, at least he got that part right.

What’d you know about being locked away, and forgotten? Not getting a single letter, or visit from any of your family until the fact that they’ve taken the out of sight out of mind approach to the situation becomes all too clear. No hope, what exactly would you know about that either? Oh… Wait, ECW, never mind.

I wouldn’t call anyone that aligns themselves with Paul Heyman wise, the man is a parasite. I can’t argue against his point though, he has taken a lot of people to the very top. Of course he’s stabbed them in the back almost immediately after; but he still got them there.

Really, a revolution? It’s the first show, there’s nothing to revolt against… *bleep*ing idiot.

Thank God this is over, that whole thing was tedious. No doubt as soon as we get backstage we’ll get congratulated on an amazingly well done job, like standing still for five minutes is somehow the challenge of a life time. Oh, you’re not going to let your son give me a high five? Congratulations, that one move will obviously be the thing that stops him from spiralling out of control and ending up living a life of crime. Moron. Really, why did I let him talk me back into wrestling?

Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Aug 27, 12 at 9:38am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Antonio Cesaro

Warzone was right around the corner, the first show was without a doubt going to be the biggest show of this brand new company and one person is looking to make a name for himself, one person is looking to make a really big impact and that’s none other than Antonio Cesaro. He has already appeared backstage and talked about coming to this company, but once again the cameras have caught up to him and Antonio Cesaro is more than happy to take some time out of his personal life to speak to the cameras. He stands behind a massive Warzone logo as he folds his arms over his chest and smirks as he looks down into the camera and begins to speak, choosing to speak in English so everyone can understand exactly what he is saying.

Antonio Cesaro would smirk as he finishes speaking, but he was not done, not by a long shot. He had wanted to change it up a little bit and speak in another language, but he wanted people that were watching these promo of his to understand him so he kept on speaking in English so that they could understand what he was saying and how serious he was taking his debut match on the first ever Warzone.

The crowd would boo as Antonio Cesaro could hear their disapproval all the way in the back, he answers this by unfolding his arms and unzipping his wrestling coat to show off his muscles, he was ready to go as he was in his wrestler attire, with his trunks and kneepads on. He looks at the camera again and smirks as he slips right out of his jacket and lets it fall behind him, posing to the camera and letting his opponents know that this is what is coming their way when they get into the ring with him.

Once again the crowd would boo Antonio Cesaro as he is showing off and proving that he is cocky and very confident in himself and his talents. He wastes little time now as he has just cut his two opponents down as he wraps this short promo up.

With those final strong words Antonio Cesaro looks down into the camera one more time and just smirks as he turns his back and leaves, walking to the entrance way as it were his match that would be first up. He had said all that he needed to say it was time to see if he could back up his words and get the much needed victory.

Author:   Jaffers
Date:   Aug 27, 12 at 4:47pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Live Monday 27th August 2012, From Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York

The opening video package comes to an end, and the cameras cut to live inside Madison Square Garden for the premier edition of TCW WarZone! The lively New York crow have the stadium rocking, as the pyros begin to go off causing the anticipation to build and build. The Cameras take one final panoramic sweep of the crowd. The fans are on their feet for the first edition of WarZone! They aren't kept waiting long as the General Managers theme bursts onto the PA System. A smartly dressed Eve Torres walks out onto the ramp with a smirk on her face and a mic in hand. The lights reflect off her glasses as her music slowly fades away and she raises the mic to her lips.

She excitedly says. It wasn't much but the crowd roars in appreciation. The crowd here in Madison Square Garden are definitely setting the bar extremely high for the thousands of fans who will follow them. Eve waits a few seconds for the pop to quieten down before she gets down to the task at hand.

Eve states with a grin on her face. She looks up at the big screen above her and directs the fans attention to it before she lifts the mic back to her mouth.

The fans cheer as the wrestlers taking part in the qualifiers tonight are shown on the screen. As it ends Eve raises the mic to her mouth one last time.

Her music hits and she leaves to plenty of cheers from the fans. The camera cuts to the commentary table as Eve makes he way through the curtain.

Cole: Well as you just heard from Eve tonight is going to be an amazing show. My name is Michael Cole, and here alongside me are my broadcast colleagues Booker T, and Taz.
Taz: What’s poppin’ everyone, I’m buzzin’ to be in my home city for the first ever show and I know New York are gonna treat us right! We have a jam packed card, and I can’t wait for the action to start.
Booker T: No doubt Taz, this night is gonna be off the hook I can already feel it, and I couldn’t be any more happier to be here.
Cole: Me either Book, so why don’t we get the action started? And what better way to do that than with some triple threat action!

Christian vs. Chris Hero vs. Antonio Cesaro
Triple Threat TCW World Heavyweight Championship Series Qualifier

The three men circle one another, unsure as to how to approach the matchup, when Cesaro and Hero give each other a head nod of understanding and they both start attacking Christian! Both men reign blows to the midsection of the Canadian and club his back as he resorts to dropping onto one knee. Cesaro drags Christian back to his feet, whips him off of the ropes and hits him with a fierce lariat! Hero takes over and brings Christian to his feet, lifting him high into the air and holding him there for a brainbuster! Christian’s already in trouble. He uses the ropes to regain a vertical base, but Hero is relentless and puts him in a headlock...but Cesaro near takes Hero’s head off with a European Uppercut! The alliance has been severed as Cesaro stomps all over Hero until he’s forced to roll under the bottom rope and escape to the outside. Cesaro turns his attention to Christian and hoists him into the air for a powerbomb...but Captain Charisma turns it into a hurricanrana! Cesaro is quick to his feet, but Christian ducks a wild punch and hits a dropkick! Momentum is with Captain Charisma who is relentless in his pursuit of Cesaro, throwing him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Cesaro stumbles out backwards towards Christian, who’s calling for the Killswitch...but Hero hits a Cravate Buster! But Cesaro grabs Hero, hits him with two knees to the gut, and tosses him over the top rope! But unbeknownst to him, Christian is stalking him from behind...but Aksana jumps onto the apron! Christian tries to deal with her, but the distraction allows Cesaro to grab him...but Christian hits Cesaro with an elbow to the face, and another, with the Swiss Sensation stumbling backwards...Christian charges at him – SWISS DEATH! Cesaro damn hear took Christian’s head off! He pins Christian, who has no hope in hell of kicking out of this one...1, 2, 3!

Booker T: Good win for the Swiss guy.
Cole: That it was Book.
Taz: The next two guys will both be looking for a win as the Clown is in action!
Cole: You can say that again Taz.
Booker T Well, he’s up next against someone equally as crazy; Jeff Hardy.

Doink The Clown Vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Doink tie up in the middle of the ring, with Hardy forcing Doink back into the corner. He throws kicks to the midsection of Doink, which knocks him down in the corner, Hardy then goes for a spring board dropkick to a downed Doink, but Doink manages to roll out the way sending Hardy crashing back first into the bottom turnbuckle pad. Doink then goes on the attack, stomping on a down Hardy before lifting him back to his feet and dropping him again with a snap suplex. Doink rolls over for the cover, but only gets a one count. Doink continues on the attack, this time putting Hardy in a sleeper hold. Hardy though still seems to have too much fight in him, and manages to get back to his feet, he then hits Doink with a series of elbows to the midsection causing him to release the hold. Hardy goes for another kick to Doink’s midsection, but Doink catches his foot, only to have Hardy nail him with an enzguri. Hardy then motions for the twist of fate, and nails it when Doink gets back to his feet. Hardy then climbs up to the top rope, and nails the Swanton Bomb… Doink puts his knees up! Doink rolls an injured Hardy into a cover; 1…2…3!

Taz: Well we are certainly havin' a great show right now! What great performances by all of our great wrestlers!

Booker T: Awwww yeah! And now, we gon' throw ya backstage with Josh Matthews and our newly signed free agent!

The camera pans backstage to show Josh Matthews, looking as peppy as ever!

Josh: Thanks Book! I'm here with the newest acquisition to the brand, Alex Riley! So, A - Ry... Do you mind If I call you A - Ry?

The camera pans out to show both Matthews and Riley, who's wearing a plain black V-Neck and jeans, with a white towel thrown over his shoulder. He has a big goofy grin, which seems to be his trademark.

Riley: You call me whatever you want. As a matter of fact, everyone out there, call me whatever you want. Names aren't important. What's important, is going out there, kicking ass, and winning! *The crowd pops at Riley's attitude* Here's my promise to you. No matter who comes out to the ring with me, I will put every ounce of effort out there! I will...

His inspiring rant drops off when a hooded individual pushes past him, knocking him back a few feet. The hooded man continues, not even looking back.

Riley: Hey man, why don't you watch where you're going?

The man stops suddenly, before slowly turning around to look into the eyes of A - Ry. We see now that the man is Dean Ambrose. A sinister smile crosses his face like a wave, before falling back to a dead stare. He turns back around, without a word, and leaves.

The camera pans back to Matthews and Riley, who look after him. Matthews is giving his signature surprised look, and A - Ry is looking after him with an intent look in his eyes.

Taz: Alex Riley didn’t seem all too happy about Dean Ambrose taking his time.
Booker T: He sure didn’t Taz.
Cole: I wonder if that’ll come back to haunt Dean Ambrose later tonight.
Booker T: Well we’ll have to wait to find that one out.
Taz: Damn right, but right now we’ve got another match as Mark Henry takes on Chris Jericho.

Mark Henry Vs. Chris Jericho
Singles TCW World Heavyweight Championship Series Qualifier

The two veterans stand toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring, and instantly Henry goes to tie up, but Jericho slips behind him and takes him down with a drop kick to the back of the knee. Jericho then dives on the downed Henry, putting him into a headlock whilst throwing some stiff punches that seem to be dazing the World’s Strongest Man a little. Henry begins to show off his superior strength though, as he manages to get back to his feet and easily tosses Jericho off of him and into the turnbuckle pads. Henry then charges at Jericho and splashes him into the corner, causing him to fall down to the ground. Henry pulls Jericho up to his feet, and continues the attack with knees to the midsection of Jericho, before again tossing him across the ring. Henry then signals for the World’s Strongest Slam as Jericho staggers back over towards him. He throws Jericho into the air, and drills him into the mat! Henry makes the cover; 1…2…3!

The cameras pan to the backstage area where Doink is walking with a confident stride. Dink is still sweating bullets and completely unaware to his client's plan of action. The miniature manager notices Doink's eyes locked in on the door of the office of Eve Torres, WarZone General Manager, and leaps into the path with both hands pushing against Doink's kneecaps.

Doink sidesteps his manager and opens the door to the office without knocking, walking in fast enough to make Eve jump before looking up and realizing it's just the clown. She rolls her eyes as Doink approaches the desk and slams his hands down. Dink chuckles very nervously while closing the office door and hobbling around the desk to shake Eve's hand. She gives him a courteous smile before returning her attention to the bigger goofball with a look of great disdain.

Doink's eye was twitching something awful as his manager sauntered around the table and pulled a water mister from his pocket. Dink jumped onto the desk and misted Doink's face twice, waiting for Doink to take several deep breaths and use his handkerchief to dab the calmingly cool water. Big D gave little D a look before shaking his head and arm dragging the unsuspecting midget into a medium-sized house plant. Eve Torres let out a yelp of a scream and jumped to her feet just as Doink returned to a standing position with his hands slamming the desk oncemore.

Doink drags Dink out of the office and the camera fades just after it pans to Eve Torres with a concerned nod of her head with a hand on her forehead.

Cole: Doink made a new friend!
Taz: Good for him.
Booker T: He might be a threat with the GM onside.
Taz: You got that right Book.
Cole: Another man who is a threat is Ryback, and he’s up next!

Ryback Vs. Rob Van Dam
Singles TCW World Heavyweight Championship Series Qualifier

Ryback gets the upper hand early in the match thanks to his strength, he lads a series of stiff shots that force RVD back against the ropes. He Irish whips RVD across the ring and goes for a backdrop, but RVD manages to flip over his back, before sweeping his legs to take him down. RVD then goes to work with a series of stomps to the chest of Ryback, followed by a spinning leg drop, RVD then makes the cover but only gets a two count. Ryback struggles back to his feet, as RVD continues to throw stiff kicks at his midsection, Ryback though manages to fight back this time blocking one of the kicks and flooring RVD with a clubbing blow. Ryback now goes on the offensive, tossing RVD across the ring and sending him crashing into the canvas. He then picks up the pace, and as RVD gets back to his feet he’s immediately taken down with a huge clothesline. Ryback then calls for the end of the match, as he lifts RVD onto his shoulders, and begins to march around the ring with RVD held in place. Ryback then slams RVD down viciously to the mat, and rolls over to make the cover 1…2…3!

"From Davenport, Iowa, weighing two hundred and nine pounds, he is Seth Rollins!"
Everyone is lost, waiting on a second wind. And I am the change you've been waiting for.
"My whole life, I've never wanted to be like anybody else."
Because I've always believed, even when no one believed in me.
"I've never wanted to be cookie cutter, I wanted to be my own man."
That every moment was a chance, waiting to be taken.
"I wanted to break the mold."
We are the authors, the finishers of our fate.
"Dream my own dream, carve my own path."
We are the solution. And the time to move is now.


Coming soon.

Booker T: I can’t wait to see that Seth Rollins.
Cole: Me either Book, he should be a great addition to the roster!
Taz: Speaking of great editions, one of them is up next.
Cole: And he is going to be a tough challenge for anyone.
Booker T Ain’t that the truth, as Dean Ambrose is set to take on Nathan Jones.

Dean Ambrose vs. Nathan Jones w/Paul Heyman
Singles TCW World Heavyweight Championship Series Qualifier

Nathan Jones shows the aggression he is so renown for and charges straight at Ambrose, but he sends Jones sprawling to the mat with a sweep toe hold. Ambrose shows his own aggression but stomping and stomping on Jones, but the sheer force of Nathan Jones is too much and he shoves Ambrose backwards into the turnbuckle. Before he has any time to react, Jones is ramming him against the turnbuckle with shoulder thrusts. Ambrose stumbles out, and Jones slams him with a vicious spinebuster. He hooks the leg, one...two...thr-kickout! Jones gives him no time to get to his feet by himself and drags him up by the hair, tossing him off the ropes – but Ambrose ducks the big boot attempt, and nails Jones with a shot to the back of the knee, and again, and with Jones on one knee, Ambrose throws him shoulder first into the steel ringpost! Ambrose pops himself onto the middle rope, and as Jones turns around, Ambrose launches himself across the air – but Jones catches him...bearhug! Jones squeezes the life from Ambrose, but he quickly throws a series of headbutts to loosen the grip. Ambrose ducks under Jones tie-up – Russian leg sweep! Hooks the leg, one..two..kickout! Ambrose takes a few paces back and lets Jones get on one knee, then charges...knee tremble-no! Jones pounces at Ambrose and near breaks him in half with a NFL-style spear! Ambrose writhes in pain but Jones shows no mercy, pulling him to his feet, he runs at Ambrose...and hits a massive kick to the head, almost knocking it off! Ambrose is done! Jones covers - one, two, three!

Cole: Wow, Jones dominated his man.
Taz: That Jones is a scary cat, I wouldn’t wanna face him.
Booker T: Me either Taz, that guy is all kinds of intense.
Taz: You’re right there Book.
Cole: Another scary man is Brock Lesnar, and he’s in action next.

CM Punk Vs. Brock Lesnar
Singles TCW World Heavyweight Championship Series Qualifier

The match gets off to a quick start, with Lesnar showing his strength as he nails Punk with a big right hand that knocks him down to the ground. He then lifts him back to his feet with ease, before hoisting him high above his head, and tosses him across the ring. Punk shows off his athletic ability though, as he manages to land on his feet. Lesnar charges at Punk and goes for a spear, but the Straight-Edge superstar is able to dive out of the way, sending Lesnar crashing shoulder first into the ring post. Punk then goes on the attack throwing stiff kicks to the back of Lesnar’s thigh, before throwing a high kick that catches Lesnar behind the ear knocking him down to the ground. Punk makes the cover, but Brock easily powers out of the cover. Punk again goes to attack Lesnar’s legs with kicks, but Brock this time has the attacks scouted and catches Punk’s leg. With ease him hoists him into the air again, and slams him down to the mat. He then goes on the attack with a series of vicious punches and elbows that open up Punk. Lesnar then lifts his opponent to his feet, and calls for the F5. He lifts him onto his shoulders, but Punk fights back with elbows to the jaw of Lesnar that leave him stunned. Punk then turns the tables on Brock, lifting him onto his shoulders and nailing him with the GTS! Punk makes the cover 1…2…3!

Taz: Punk gets the win!
Booker T: Oh man, Brock is not gonna be happy with this!
Cole: I’m in shock, I have no idea how Punk pulled it off.
Booker T: Me either, but good for him. Lets see if James Storm has the same luck..
Taz: Well he’s gonna need it, ‘cos he’s got Kane.

Kane Vs. Cowboy James Storm

Kane immediately takes control of the match, showing his much superior strength. He forces Storm into the corner and begins to unload on him with vicious rights and lefts, stunning the Cowboy and knocking him down to one knee. The Big Red Machine drives his boot into the throat of Storm, using all his strength to choke him out, until the ref comes in and forces the two to separate. Storm tries to get some momentum going as he steps out of the corner, but is only again met with too big a task as Kane floors him with a big boot! Kane lifts Storm to his feet and Irish whips him across the ring looking for a back body drop, but Storm manages to counter with a running DDT that may get him back into the match! Storm takes a few seconds to rest before going on the attack with boots to the back of the Big Red Machine, Kane seems somewhat stunned as he staggers back to his feet, only to get jaw jacked with a few bombs from the Cowboy. Storm seemingly realises that this may be the only real chance he has in the match to put Kane away, so he steps up the pace in his attack until Kane seems a little overwhelmed. Storm drops back and signals for the super kick and he nails it! Storm looks on at a downed Kane before walking over to make the cover and… Kane sits up! Storm seems shocked as the Devil’s favourite demon gets back to his feet, Storm goes for the super kick again, but Kane catches his leg. Kane spins storm round, and grips him by the throat, before lifting him up into the air and drilling him into the canvas with a huge Chokeslam! Kane makes the cover 1…2…3!

The camera cuts to the WarZone general managers office where Eve is watching the show on a flat screen hooked up onto the wall. She quickly turns her head to the door as Randy Orton barges into the room. Eve turns to face a rather angry looking Orton who doesn't take his eyes off her. In his ring gear and a black RKO t-shirt he doesn't hold back as he gets his issues off his chest. A confused Eve stands in shock.

Confused Eve shakes her head from side to side and takes a step back, clearly fearing for her own safety as the irate Orton tries to refrain himself as best he can. She stutters but manages to reply to former Legend Killer.

He rolls his eyes and shouts louder, scaring the GM who moves back so shes sitting on her desk. Randy makes it clear as to why he's upset, so the perhaps dim witted Eve can understand.

Finally it clicks. Eve stands her ground and get back to her feet. She gets in Orton's face and responds, risking only making him angrier.

She smugly says. A frustrated Orton doesn't say a word and instead shakes his head from side to side. He leaves the room and slams the door behind him as the camera fades to black on Eve smirking.

Cole: Orton doesn’t seem to be having that great a night so far.
Taz: Neither does James Storm, Kane just ran right trough him.
Booker T: Damn right Taz, nobody should expect to win when facing Kane.
Taz: Damn skippy Book.
Cole: The next match might be a little more even as MVP takes on Abraham Washington.

The Rock vs. MVP w/Abraham Washington
Singles TCW World Heavyweight Championship Series Qualifier

Abraham Washington leaps onto the apron as the bell rings, and this early distraction allows MVP to nail The Great One with a clubbing blow to the back of the head. Relentlessly, he nails The Rock with stomps and stomps, not letting up until Rocky rolls under the bottom ring to get a breather. MVP gives him no time to breathe as he charges off the ropes and baseball slides...but The Rock moves out of the way, and instead lays into MVP with his famous flurry of punches, followed by a spit on his hand, and a slap that sends Porter stumbling backwards. The Rock runs at MVP, but Porter regains his senses just in time to divert his opponent right into the steel ringpost! He then slides back in the ring, as Washington gets in the face of The Rock. It doesn’t take The Brahma Bull long to get back to his feet though, and he’s quickly back in the ring – and ducks a wild punch, nailing a DDT! He kips up onto his feet, and stalks MVP as he rises to his feet...he spins him round, hooks an arm, ROCK BOT-NO! Porter lands a series of elbows just in the nick of time, and then a kick to the knee, sending The Rock onto one knee. MVP gives himself a breather by doing his ‘Balling’ taunt, and then bouncing off the ropes...but the timewasting could prove to be critical as Rocky nails a spinebuster! He walks to the head of opponent...kicks his arms in...removes an elbow pad and tosses into the electrifying crowd. Bouncing off both ropes, stepping of MVP’s fallen body in the process – he nails The People’s Elbow! The crowd erupt at seeing the move and he follows it with a pinfall...1, 2, 3!

Booker T: The Rock picks up the win!
Cole: Well. I guess the veteran wrestler still has what it takes.
Taz: You damn right Cole, The Rock looks in as good as shape as ever!
Cole: That he does Taz, I wonder if he can keep up with the pace though.
Booker T: Well keeping up with the pace shouldn’t be an issue for our next two competitors, as John Cena takes on Wade Barrett!

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett
Singles TCW World Heavyweight Championship Series Qualifier

Cena and Barrett get in a tie up, with Cena hiptossing him to the floor, but Wade is quickly back to his feet and they tie up, Barret forcing Cena into the corner. The referee forces a clean break, but of course doesn’t oblige and lands a mean hook to the ribs of Cena! He smirks to himself as he lands an uppercut, and another, another hook to the body, and finally a knee to the midsection. Cena gasps for air, clearly winded by the volume of shots he just received. Barrett turns and charges at Cena, but the leader of the Cenation gets out of the way out a running knee attempt. Cena is now the one unloading, shot after shot! He whips Barrett of the ropes, but when the Englishman returns he ducks under a right hand, and lands a big boot right to the face! Barrett hooks the leg: one, two...kickout! Cena won’t give up that easily! Barrett drags him to his feet, hits a knee to the gut, and plants Cena with a DDT! Another cover – one, two...thKickout! Barrett’s frustration grows, but once again he raises Cena to his feet. He whips him off of the ropes, but his clothesline attempt is ducked, and Cena rebounds off the ropes...flying shoulder block! Barrett’s quick to his feet, but Cena avoids his wild haymaker, and hits a spin out back drop! The Chain Gang Soldier throws an arm into the air and bounces off the ropes, five knuckle shuffle! Cena stalks as Barrett groggily gets to his feet, the fans cheer as they know what’s coming...Cena hoists Barrett onto his shoulders – Attitude Adjustment! He hooks the leg and the ref counts out the 1, 2, 3!

Taz: John Cena picks up the win!
Booker T: Impressive performance from my man Cena right there.
Cole: Without question, Cena looks in top form as per usual.
Booker T: Got that right Cole, nobody is stopping my boy any time soon.
Taz: Well we’ll see if either of our next two competitors can stop each other as Derrick Bateman takes on Dolph Ziggler.

Derrick Bateman vs. Dolph Ziggler
Singles TCW World Heavyweight Championship Series Qualifier

Bateman gives Ziggler about as intense a staredown as he can as the bell rings and these two start with a tie-up. Ziggler uses his incredible athleticism to duck under and take Bateman down, but he rises quickly and they tie up again. This time Bateman gets the better of Ziggler, forcing him into the corner and landing a few jabs to the midsection. Bateman tries to give a quick taunt, but Ziggler hits a swift kick to the gut, and then an uppercut. He charges at Bateman and lands a flying lariat. With Bateman down, Ziggler locks in a sleeper hold, and the life begins to fade from Bateman – but the foot stomps of the crowd seem to rally him and he rises to his feet and hits a backdrop suplex! Bateman charges off the ropes and hits a crossbody, and covers – one, two...kickout! Both men rush to their feet and charge at one another: Bateman ducks a clothesline, but Ziggler hits the floor to avoid Bateman’s dropkick, and then begins to viciously stomp on the manly man. Ziggler drags Bateman up by the hair, yelling in his face about being perfection, and then elbowing him in the jaw, sending Bateman into the corner. Ziggler charges at him, nailing a stinger splash! And then a jumping DDT! Ziggler gives a quick pose, showing off to the crowd, before going into the cover – one, two, thr-no! Ziggler lets out a yell of frustration, slicks his hair back, and lifts Bateman to his feet – whipping him into the corner again. He charges just as he did before, another stinger spla-Bateman moves! Ziggler clutches his chest and backs into the corner, and Bateman hits a double knee to the chest! Bateman lets out a grunt of sorts, then grabs Ziggler in a headlock Mantastic! Bateman covers – one, two, three!

Cole: Derrick Bateman gets the win!
Taz: Bateman looked good right there.
Booker T: You’re right Taz, a whole lotta people have been impressive tonight.

The fans are sat in their seats, some eating and some reading through the shows program. Within seconds everyone packed into the famous arena are on their feet. The old, yet oh so familiar, guitar riff starts to play. He waits a few seconds before making his hugely anticipated appearance.


The fans go nuts as Randy Orton walks out onto the stage. He ignores his standard pyro though and heads straight towards the ring. He grabs a mic from ringside and rolls under the bottom rope, clearly enraged.

His theme abruptly stops and the fans take their seats, wondering what was wrong with The Viper. He wastes no time filling them in as he lifts the TCW branded mic to his mouth.

Orton drops the mic and rolls under the bottom rope to the outside. He kicks the steel steps at ringside so they fly apart. The fans watch on as he knocks notes out of the hands of the commentary teams and looks over at the man who handles the bell. A sadistic grin emerges on his face as he slowly makes his way over to the poor defenseless man. The fans love it and egg him on to RKO the timekeeper. Randy doesn't, and instead grabs him by his t-shirt and throws him over the barricade into the fans.

Orton looks over at Eve and smirks. He ignores her and walks over towards the timekeeper. He lifts him to his feet and looks at Eve before clenching his hand into a fist and pulling his arm back. He looks at Eve before he looks back at the timekeeper, ready to clock him in the jaw with a stiff right hand. He goes to punch the man in the face but stops as he hears a scream from the top of the ramp.

He flinches and Orton released his grip. He turns around and rolls into the ring, then focuses on Eve, all while the poor timekeeper brushes himself off and, despite shaken up, takes his seat next to the bell.

Orton grins, obviously not taking the GM's threat very seriously.

The Viper has been silenced. He looks around at the fans as they chant his name. Eve leaves, leaving Randy Orton rattled.

Eve smugly says before she leaves. The main event was next but it remains to be seen whether Randy Orton is fully focused on it or not.

Main Event
The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton


Orton and Taker tie up in the middle of the ring, with the man from the Dark Side getting the better of the tie up and forcing Orton into the corner. Taker swings with a massive right, but Orton ducks under the punch and lands a few of his own, but they don’t seem the phase The Undertaker who comes straight at him. Orton tries to use the speed advantage, dodging Takers attacks and landing shots of his own. Taker though manages to cut off Orton’s angles in the end, trapping him in the corner and bringing down heavy blows on his opponent. Orton drops down to a knee, as Taker continues the offence lifting him into the air and dropping him to the ground with a huge suplex. Orton gets to his feet and falls back against the turnbuckle, Taker charges towards him and attempts a corner clothesline, but Orton dives out of the way sending Taker crashing chest first into the pads. Orton seizes the moment, and goes to work taking down The Undertaker with a series of clothesline, he then hits a power slam and holds for the cover 1…2… Taker kicks out! Orton then calls for the RKO, waiting for Taker to get to his feet, he goes to jump at the Deadman, but Taker forces him off. As Orton turns around his caught by the throat and… Chokeslam! Taker then signals for the Tombstone and waits for Orton to get to his feet and… Kane’s pyro goes off at the top of the ramp! Taker looks up the ramp expecting to see his brother, but nobody comes out. Taker after a few moments turns back to face Orton… RKO! Orton nails the RKO! He makes the cover; 1…2…3!

Booker T: What the hell was that?!
Cole: For a minute I thought Kane was going to come out, weird.
Taz: Well it was Kane’s music, but seems like it was just some more mind games.
Cole: Well we’re gonna have to wait until next week to find out more!
Booker T You got that right, so make sure you all tune in to next weeks WarZone!

The camera then cuts back to the ring, where The Undertaker is looking as confused as everyone as to what just happened. The TCW logo then shows, bringing WarZone to a close.

Author:   Iconic
Date:   Aug 27, 12 at 11:37pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

As Warzone starts the fireworks go off and the introductions to the show are given. The TCW camera’s switch over to the backstage area where we see Josh Matthews who is standing with a microphone in his hand. He addresses the rowdy crowd before introducing The Cowboy James Storm. Storm walks into the frame of the camera wearing his signature cowboy hat and Longhorns shirt. He takes a swig of beer and throws the bottle at Josh before removing his sunglasses. Storm seems all business tonight.

Josh: James, last week on the first Warzone you faced Kane in a losing effort.

Cowboy: Let me stop you right there Josh. Yeah I lost to Kane, hell son that Big Red freak whooped my ass. I’m a man and I can stand here and say it. He whipped my ass, it’s not the first, and it damn sure won’t be the last time James Storm takes an ass whuppin’. But I stand here tonight, fightin’ mad and lookin’ to whip some sorry son of a bitches ass.

Storm looks over at Josh; it’s clear he’s a little heated and rightfully so. He looks at Josh and grabs the microphone out of his hand. Storm points off the view of the camera and tells Josh to get. He grips the microphone in one hand and grabs ahold of the front of the camera with his other hand. All we can see now is the face of James Storm with the mic up to his mouth.

KANE, son yeah you had my number last week.. But that was just one match, one night, and I guaran-damn-tee you boy that if we meet again our fates will be different. You can hit me with a Chokeslam, you can choke the life out of me.. You can hit with that Tombstone, but son until I’m six feet under a Tombstone the Cowboy James Storm will not quit.

Storm’s demeanor seems to change he goes from being very stern and serious to having a cocky smile on his face. He lets go of the camera and adjusts his black and green cowboy hat.

But enough about last week, cause you see folks it’s another night. Now good ol’ James Storm came to Total Championship Wrestling for three things. The first being to drink some BEER, the second.. TO KICK SOME ASS, and third… Well the third is to be your World Heavyweight Champion. By hook or crook before long, the name on that plate will read Storm. I plan to start tonight, I don’t care which one of the boys that TCW wants to throw at first. It don’t matter, The Cowboy James Storm starts tonight, and this ol’ Cowboy is looking to whip some ass.. SORRY ABOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK!

Storm laughs as the drops the microphone and walks out of view of the camera. He’s probably on his way to get another beer. Josh walks back up and picks up the microphone.

Josh: Well I can already see that this job is going to be a bit challenging at times. I can’t wait to see what Warzone has in store for us tonight. With that being said, I’ll send it back over to you guys at the table.

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Aug 28, 12 at 7:04am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I


The quiet arena is thrown alive by an unfamiliar song. Fans of the old WWE recognize the music, and they let out a disappointed sigh. The song is "Say It to My Face" which most thought WWE had copyrighted. As a matter of fact, the word was that even the wrestler's name was copyrighted. Nonetheless, Alex Riley himself burst onto the stage, obviously pumped. He was wearing jeans and a black T-Shirt, with a white towel hung around his neck. Yet his elbows were padded, wrists were taped. A - Ry was ready for a fight.

Tazz: This crowd certainly has a mixed reaction for this guy! And he's yet to even do much of anything!

Cole: Oh please! They just know he sucks! His only success was from riding The Miz's coat tail! This guy's a jobber!

A - Ry is smiling, nonetheless, as he makes his way to the ring. High fiving anyone who extends their hands. He's obviously happy to be here, on TCW. He leaps up to the apron, standing on only one foot and hooking his arm on the ropes, cockily. He pulls himself into the ring and asks for a mike. It appears he wants to say something...

A - Ry: Ladies and gentleman. Welcome to the show! As I'm sure you all know, I'm Alex Riley. A little backstory to the newer fans. On the other brand, I debuted on a game show. My coach became my mentor, and I learned a lot from him. One thing in particular, was how to screw over the younger guys. Once I had enough, I turned on him, and began making a name for myself. But my name sucked! *The crowd lets out a laugh at this humility.* But I went to Japan, I went to independent brands, I wrestled shows in front of just friends, and I honed my craft. I'm one hundred times better than I ever was! *The crowd is slowly getting into the promo.*

Booker: Ya know what? I like this guy! He's in my "Fave Five"!

Cole: Oh my...

A - Ry: The thing is that no one realizes how much better I am! Example. Last night, at WarZone. I was interrupted by a "revolutionist". In the middle of an interview, the guy literally walked right into me! And no, I'm not happy about it. I know how stupid this may sound, picking a fight over a guy walking into me, but I know Dean Ambrose. He tries getting in your head. He thinks he spurned fear in my heart! He thinks that no one will mess with him if he makes his presence known! But Dean, let me make something clear - *Riley tones down his voice and looks into the camera.* - I'm not Terry Funk. I'm not defenseless. You brandish that railroad spike, just like I brandish my fists. * A majority of the crowd is now cheering for Riley. They're obviously behind him now. * I want you in a fight. And you know what else? If you lose to me... You're going to apologize to Terry Funk and Tazz!

The crowd is silenced when he drops the mic. Perhaps, they're gripped by the promo. Perhaps they're surprised that the promo ended on such an odd note, an apology? But nonetheless, a challenge was laid out. Alex Riley wanted Dean Ambrose, one-on-one.

Author:   LodiRulz
Date:   Aug 28, 12 at 5:14pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
A very unlucky average Joe curses under his breath. Not only has he completely lost track to where he was supposed to drive to, but he's in the absolute middle of nowhere, with no life in sight, no vegetation, the only thing he sees is the sun, a bunch of sand, and the road that he been taking for nearly half an hour now. But I guess that's what you get when you insist to your friend that you "know where a place is'', and attempt to go there without directions. You'd think by now he'd call someone, or at least turn around and head back, but this man is something else. He's almost in a numb state at this point, half focusing on the road, half focusing on his coffee. Adding to the fact that he's getting rather tired, on any normal road, this man would be a severe danger. But this place is a ghost town, there's nothing to worry about, right?



The man slams on his brakes, almost imprinting them into the floor, and by mere inches, avoids running over a man. That man is Trent Baretta.

The man takes deep breaths, as he was just moments away from disaster. His coffee is now spilled, creating a stain on the floor of the car. It is clear that this man is currently a nervous wreak, while Baretta is way too calm with what just transpired. He holds up a sign that says SALVATION. His look is ice cold, almost as if it was a statue on the road. The man exits the car, his hands shaking.

Christ, are you OK? What's in the hell are you doing in the middle of a deserted road?

Answering your questions.

Immedittaly, the man is confused and worried. But every time he tries to move to somewhere else, it's as if he's trapped in a thick quicksand. Pools of sweat begin to form on his face.

Sir, I don't know you.

Au contraire. Questions are all I've been getting for nearly a year now. I have all the answers. And you don't look like someone who likes a mystery. Where's Trent? Here I am brah. But why doesn't anybody question Why? Why Trent? Well I'll tell you why:

When I was wrestling for the NYC, I was 17 years old. Never once looked down. I worked and I crashed and I burned for nearly half a decade. And yet when I finally got my big break, I was put in drag, given a mask, and was told that I was The Girl from Mexico. Do you have insulting it is, to bust your ass for years, and your reward is being a FREAKING DRAG QUEEN? At least they had the common sense to get rid of that joke. And now I'm supposed to love video games and talk like a California surfer, without even asking me for an approval. Nobody back then cared, and nobody in TCW cared. They never called me back when I called the offices, asking for a job. I'm looking to put food on my table, and when I can only put crumbs on my table, and nobody even cares, THAT MY FRIEND IS INSULTING AS *bleep*!

Trent starts breathing heavy, as the man tries to get a hold over what he just heard.

.... There's more then one side to me pal. I can be a nice guy, I let loose, share some beers, air my grievances like I am now. But I can also take all of that, and I can incinerate it. Confusion is all that remains. People like it when I act weird, but why does nobody question why I do it? Why don't they talk to me? Why do they think I'm some Neanderthal? Someone who knows nothing about the business? You mine in the fields, you always take the gold. Why not the silver? Why not the bronze? The point is, I always had something in me. Nobody ever got it out. And most likely it will stay there trapped like a mouse, or a tiger. Why is Trent telling you all this? Because nobody else will listen to me. And if nobody will listen to me, I will make them.

At that moment, Trent grabs the man by the tie, and pins him to the hood. He stares at him with eyes as sharp as the tip of a blade, before he pushes him to the asphalt. He kneels down in front of him, almost eerily whispering to him:

It truly is unfortunate that I will be coming to TCW. But it won't be in the way that you think. It will bad for everyone, but not mentally. Physically. Consider the dragon awake, ready to breath his fire.

Where's Trent. Where's Trent. Here I come.

Baretta then takes off, leaving the man to compose himself.

Author:   RLFierro
Date:   Aug 28, 12 at 6:16pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Dean Ambrose

The camera pans to a large sign of the TCW WarZone! logo, standing in front of the said sign, is TCW's resident interviewer, Josh Matthews. Josh with his goofy smile and tacky striped suit essentially looks like a late night game show host, seemingly getting ready to introduce the crowd to whom he will be interviewing on the second show of TCW WarZone!

The crowd gives major heat at the mention of the man behind the "revolution". And from the side enters Dean, who is wearing a black denim jacket over a black hoodie. The hood is draped over his head and Dean doesn't look too happy as he's entering. He stares at Josh, who cowards in hope that Ambrose won't attack him like he did Terry Funk and Tazz. Josh holds the microphone back up to his mouth, but Ambrose reacts quickly, causing Matthews to flinch. Dean however, places his hand around the microphone and snatches it from Josh's hand with a grin on his face. Josh looks confused, but Dean just hand motions for Matthews to "get out of here." Josh reluctantly exits from the camera's view as Ambrose watches his scurry off. Dean turns to the camera and the grin is gone. No emotion whatsoever bestows his face, but he holds the microphone to his mouth and begins to speak.

The crowd again boo's at having to hear this man continue to speak, but Dean wasn't going to stop. He had his mouth, but a fighter he was. He knew how to talk the talk and walk the walk. He wouldn't let what these people think stop him from talking, just like no one could stop him from giving a beating. Dean stares off to the side, slightly showing us that he isn't exactly right in the head. Finally, he turns back towards the camera and begins to speak once more.

The last part of that sentence made the fans boo with an extraordinary force. A-Ri has become a top face amongst the company and to hear such a thing come from Ambrose's mouth was something they didn't take kindly to. Dean smiled his sadistic grin and dropped the microphone to the floor and walked out of pan. The "TCW" logo appeared in the corner and the screen began to fade to black.

Author:   bobbpugg5
Date:   Aug 30, 12 at 7:15pm (PST)
Subject:   not just an image rp, but a twitter image rp #boom #photoshopcs5ftw

Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Sep 2, 12 at 1:05am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Antonio Cesaro

It has been a great week for Antonio Cesaro, he defeated his two oppoents on the first ever Warzone and advanced in the tournament. He proved everyone wrong, he proved that he could back up his words and that he was going to be the future of this new up and coming company. Antonio Cesaro is living the dream right now, but he cannot get carried away because he has to do it all over again now as he has another match and another chance to advance in the tournament. Antonio Cesaro was backstage, he was in his ring attire as he had his jacket on him as well, his arms where folded as standing at his side was none other than his girlfriend and manager, Aksana. She held onto his arm as it remained folded over his chest. She looked up at him admiring him almost and then looked back down and started into the camera as she started to speak, address the crowd that here watching then both.

Aksana would hold onto him just a little bit tighter as she had the honour and the pleasure of speaking on his behalf. It was clear that Antonio Cesaro did not want to lower his standards, he was letting his manager do all the speaking for him as he just stood there perfectly still and smirked as he never looked down at her or watched her, he just stared on forward nodding his head and agreeing with everything she was saying about him. Aksana would then waste little time as she continues on.

This would now bring a smile to Antonio Cesaro as he unfolds his arms and rubs his hands together, she agreed with everything she had said, to him Mark Henry was nothing. The weight difference was amazing, but that is not something he is going to worry about, he will fall just like the rest of them have. Aksana would take not at Antonio Cesaro pleasant reaction as she then continues speaking about the massive match between Antonio Cesaro and Mark Henry.

Antonio Cesaro smirks and just nods once more; he knows just like everyone else because of his talent and skill Mark Henry is going to be the most talked about superstar this week thanks to this defeat. Antonio Cesaro then looks down at Aksana and gives her a firm stern look as she now knows it was time to wrap this up and get on with more important matters.

With that being said Aksana would look up at Antonio Cesaro as he would gently take her hand and then lead her off. Aksana had done her job, she has spoken on his behalf and it seemed that Antonio Cesaro was confident that he could get the job done again, it appeared that Antonio Cesaro was ready for this contest and ready for the victory, but the question is Mark Henry ready for Antonio Cesaro, we can only hope he is as Antonio Cesaro is hungry for a challenge.

Author:   Homicide
Date:   Sep 2, 12 at 9:35am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

The Undertaker

The arena goes dark and the fans begin to scream. Several moments go by before anybody or anything makes any kind of sound. The Titan Tron slightly lights up just enough to show a stone throne, but no one sitting upon it. The camera is slowly panning out to show more and more of the room the throne sits in. An empty stone room where the walls are weeping with wayward souls and burning with hate. Inside this room sits the lonely stone throne and as the cameras zoom out to show the full room a voice can be heard in the background.

The room becomes pitch black for a moment before fire erupts on the walls bringing light upon the throne, which is no longer empty. Upon this throne sits a large pale man covered in a dark robe, pointy black beard and long black as sin hair. The man sits there with his head down, arms draped on each arm of the throne. The fire dims on the wall until the man lifts his head causing the fire to flare up.

The man closes his eyes and lowers his head causing the flames to suppress slightly.

The room completely goes dark again as the cameras go to black for your scheduled commercial break.

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