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Author:   Jaffers
Date:   Aug 20, 12 at 8:39am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
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Paul Heyman
- - - - - - - - - -

The scene opens in a rather rundown, unkempt, and overall depressing looking office. Sat behind a somewhat rotted oak desk that took up most of the left side of the reception area, was an unmistakably glum looking woman. She appeared to be mid-forties, and clearly wasn’t enjoying her job all that much as was evident from the general disorganized filing system she had implemented. Along with the all too familiar constant glances at the clock, in hope that time will have miraculously found a way to speed up enough to give her a reprieve from the hellish reality of her day-to-day working life; no such luck though. With a disheartened sigh she turned her attention back to her work and the office fell nearly silent, with the only sound coming from the ticking of the clock that she was imprisoned to. Eventually the sound of creaking from the staircase leading up to the office could be heard, the prospect of human interaction did little for the receptionists' happiness though, as she seemed almost oblivious to the giant figure now standing a few feet away from her. In fact it was only when he intentionally cleared his throat, that he actually drew her attention. He wasn’t greeted with a smile, or an apology for the lack of awareness though; instead she just turned her attention to the appointment book, before pressing the button on the office intercom.

Almost instantly the crackling of the intercom system was heard again, as an all too familiar shrill voice came from the other side.

The receptionist did as instructed with a simple hand gesture towards the door to her left, and then once more resumed with her workload. A shake of the head was enough to show the prospective clients disapproval of her attitude; he then turned and made his way into the main office. Sitting across the room from him was the famed wrestling promoter, and agent, Paul Heyman. If anything the man was a little shocked; whilst Heyman didn’t make millions upon millions off of his ventures, he didn’t expect to see him held up in a dingy old office that didn’t even occupy an entire floor, let alone an entire building. Heyman motioned for the man to take a seat opposite him, which he seemed happily enough to oblige with as he took giant strides across the room and carefully lowered himself into the chair, whilst still managing to dwarf Heyman from his seated position. This wasn’t something that seemed to take Heyman back though; instead it seemed to be something that he was quite pleased about.

Heyman’s words seemed to strike accord with the giant sitting opposite him, as the muscles around his shoulders and neck began to tighten up. He then started to lean in towards Heyman, who held his hands up in an attempt to calm the man a little.

The response was a simple shake of the head, which was obviously the one which Heyman had wanted as his face began to tighten up, and the sly smirk that had become associated with him made its first appearance. This time it was Heyman leaning forward, as he pushed what appeared to be a contract towards his guest.

The prospective client reached out with his giant bear like hands, and picked up the contract. He looked over it for a few minutes, being sure to think through exactly what it was he was going to do. Then, after what seemed like an eternity he put pen to paper and aligned himself with Paul Heyman.

With that said Heyman got to his feet and extended his hand, his new client did the same; and with the simple act of a hand shake began what could quite possibly be an unstoppable partnership.

Author:   the_REAL_zwarrior
Date:   Aug 20, 12 at 10:09am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I


TCW cameras immediately cut from the previous Big Show segment to ring side. The standout announce trio of Michael Cole, Booker T, and Tazz are greeted by a very warm reaction from this crowd; a stark contrast to the less than favorable reaction only moments earlier. Of course, New York fans have never been shy about letting their opinions be known.

Cole: We welcome you back to TCW War Zone as this capacity crowd at Madison Square Garden continues to be electric tonight on the inaugural edition of War Zone.
Booker: You ain’t kidding cole. I cain’t belie dat we are back on Monday Night! Complete and utter chaos is here!
Tazz: I couldn’t have said it better myself, Booker. Great to be back in da Garden.
Cole: Tazz, if you don’t me asking, how the hell can you understand anything he’s saying?
Tazz: Relax, girlplants. Didn’t yo momma ever teach you to clean out your ears? You just gotta listen, that’s all.
Cole: Well in any case, we want to remind everyone watching at home about TCW upcoming live events in your area. Starting next week at-


Instantly, 18,000 screaming fans rise to their feet as the Texas Rattlesnake appears at the top of the entrance ramp. On his face is a glare which would take the courage out of Satan himself. He powerfully begins walking to the ring, adorned in his brand new “What?” T-Shirt(available for purchase at, denim shorts, cameo hat and classic knee pads. Huge foam middle fingers, signs of “Austin 3:16,” and “What?” are shown on screen. This is the loudest pop of the night so far, and it’s not even close.

Cole: What an ovation for the Rattlesnake!
Tazz: Look at this place, man, it’s like a bomb went off or somethin.
Booker: This is what wrestling is about, man. Total electricity, in da house tonight for that man, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

As Booker continues to ramble, Austin quickly leaps up the ring steps and into the ring before heading to the southeast corner of the ring to taunt for this crowd. As he throws his middle fingers up high, the thousands in attendance echo his salute. He then proceeds to taunt at the other three corners as his theme blasts through the loud speakers.

Cole: There was a lot of speculation that Steve Austin wouldn’t be here tonight, I don’t even think he has a match.
Tazz: You know him though, girlpants. Austin will do whatever he wants, and doesn’t need a reason.

But there is a reason he’s out here. He goes over and grabs a mic. from Lillian Garcia. An “Austin” chant has been going for the better part of a minute now, and is audibly heard once his music stops. The chant is so loud, in fact, that he is taken aback when he puts the microphone to his lips. He just stands there and smiles.

Booker: Aww yeah. Listen to these fans. They understand that Stone Cold is the Texas Rattlesnake. He is , the man.

This draws more looks from Michael Cole and Tazz off screen. On screen, Austin finally speaks once this obnoxious crowd dies down.

”Mr. Barkeep, if you would be so kind,” he says looking down at his feet, quietly, “as to throw ol Stone Cold a beer!

This, again, incites a tremendous reaction. I guess wrestling fans just love to cheer for a man who drinks on the job. Well, who wouldn’t? Austin catches the silver can thrown at him from ring side and pops it open, takes a big swing and then speaks.

“Thank you.[WHAT?] says Austin as he looks up from the microphone, and then smiles. “I said thank you. [WHAT?] I said thanks for the beer. [WHAT?] This beer. [WHAT?] But Stone Cold doesn’t want to waste time with formalities, so lets just get down to it. [What?] I said lets cut the crap. [WHAT?] Cut the crap. [WHAT?] I SAID LETS CUT THE CRAP and get down to business, about Why Stone Cold Steve Austin is here tonight! You see I rolled into New York City-[MASSIVE POP]

He stops, getting a loud, cheap pop from this capacity crowd, smiles, and then continues. As he continues to clutch the microphone in hand, he paces back and forth in the ring slowly, like a man in a hospital waiting room.

“And as I rolled into New York City, I realized that I don’t have a match tonight,[WHAT? he said as the “What” chant turns to boos. ”I said I don’t have a match tonight.[WHAT?] I don’t have a match. [WHAT?] Tonight. [WHAT?] Which is probably a good thing for some stupid jackass, because Stone Cold Steve Austin was planning on opening up a Can of Whoop-Ass THE SIZE OF NEW YORK!”

Austin has the fans eating out of his hand as he looks into the crowd. He isn’t happy at all about not having a match tonight and it shows.

“So when ol Stone Cold realized that I wasn’t gonna whip somebody’s ass, I got pissed off. [WHAT?] I got mad. [WHAT?] I got irate! [WHAT?] Agitated! [WHAT?] Eventually the anger gave way to hunger, so Stone Cold went down to Little Itally to get some pasta.[WHAT?] SOME PASTA! [WHAT?] Stone Cold went into the resturaunt. [WHAT?] He sat down at his table. [WHAT?] And the waiter came over to me and said STONE COLD, STONE COLD, STONE COLD! And I said WHAT?”

Cole: I don’t think we’re ever going to get rid of this stupid chant.
Tazz: Stop being such a sour puss Cole. The fans love it!

“What do you want?[WHAT?] That’s what I said, I said WHAT? [WHAT?] I said Mr. Waiter I’m starving. [WHAT?] I said I was starving [WHAT?] STARVING! [WHAT?] Stone Cold was so hungry he ordered some Spaghetti with extra sauce. [WHAT?] I ordered another plate of Spaghetti with no sauce. [WHAT?] A plate of spaghetti with Extra Meatballs![WHAT?] Some Fettuccine Alfredo with garlic bread. [WHAT?] 3 plates of Fried Ravioli. [WHAT?] And a salad. [WHAT?]

The “What” chant turns to laughs, as the last item on the list clearly wasn’t in line with the rest. Nice to see good humor not lost on the New Yorkers.

“After all that food, I was so thirsty that I had a beer.[WHAT?] I was so thirsty I had TWO beers![WHAT? THREE BEERS![WHAT?] FOUR BEERS! [WHAT?] FIVE BEERS! [WHAT?] A bloody mary![WHAT?] An ameretto sweet and sour! [WHAT?] And a glass of red wine![WHAT?]

This incites another joyous reaction from this crowd. Nobody can outeat or drink the Rattlesnake, but how the hell does he keep in shape with all those calories? Guess nobody works out harder than the Rattlesnake either.

“And after all that food and beer, I realized that there’s no use bitching[WHAT?], complainging[WHAT?], whining, [WHAT?] or moping about not having an opponent. If ol Stone Cold wants to whip some ass, then he’s gonna do something about it. If you want Stone Cold Steve Austin to whip somebody’s ass, gimme a hell yeah!”


“Well that’s good enough for me. Any of you yellow sumbitches back there think you can go toe to toe with Stone Cold Steve Austin, then by all means, bring your stupid ass down to the ring so I can stomp a mudhole, in your ass, and then walk it dry! And THAT’S THE BOTTOM LI-

Austin looks up from the microphone towards the entrance ramp as a very unfitting piece of entrance music begins to play…

Author:   StraightedgeXSavior
Date:   Aug 20, 12 at 7:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

The live crowd in New York City, at the Madison Square Garden, is at a mild setting, fans are talking yelling. Until Vickie Guerrero comes out.


Vickie Guerrero says in her loud annoying and piercing voice into the microphone, as the live crowd in attendance instantly start to boo.

"I said....EXCUSE ME!"

The crowd starts to boo louder and you faintly, hear a loud man yell "You suck" and some younger fans saying "Shut Up" As Vickie looks at the crowd with disgust.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the TCW Universe. Please help me and welcome, a future champion in this business, my client. The "Show Off" Dolph Ziggler!"


Dolph Ziggler comes out as the crowd starts to boo Ziggler, and Ziggler comes out in his wrestling attire. White trunks saying "Show Off" on the back side of them. As Ziggler stands and turns at the top of the ramp, taunting the crowd here in New York, and then making his way down to the ring. Ziggler walks up the steel steps and lets Vickie in first, then jumping over the top rope and standing on the top turnbuckle staring at the crowd and calling them marks. Ziggler then grabs a microphone off of the ring keeper.

" Did you miss me everyone?"

Ziggler says with a cocky smile as the crowd boos him.

"A few days ago I made my debut here and after I left the ring Jeff Hardy immediately came out here and said how he is better then ever, and how he is gonna put me through a table."

The fans start to cheer and start to chant "Hardy" hoping Jeff Hardy will come out.

"Jeff, you accepted my challenge for a match. But on the first episode of TCW, thats not gonna happen. But eventually it will happened whether it happens next week or at our first pay per view coming up in a few weeks. You won't and can't beat me. Your a washed up, has-been. Who doesn't have what it takes anymore to give these fans what they want. They want a true superstar, a true champion. Like me!"

Ziggler smiles very big as the crowd continues to chant "Hardy"

"I'm done for now talking about Hardy, My opponent for this week, is the new and up and coming Derrick Bateman. I have seen a few of Bateman's matches and he is impressive. But he's no show off like me. I don't think he has what it takes to beat me, but I hope he tryies his hardest and gives everything he has into this match. Bateman I'll see you later this week, I will be out here again to show you fans what wrestling is all about.....Later!.......MARKS!"

Ziggler's theme song hits again and Ziggler and Guerrero exit the ring and head to the back.

Author:   RLFierro
Date:   Aug 21, 12 at 2:41pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Dean Ambrose

TCW cameras cut from Dolph Ziggler's obvious problem with Jeff Hardy to ring side. There, we see the familiar announcement team of Michael Cole, Booker T, and Tazz who are greeted kindly by the crowd, even "Booker" chants throughout the arena. Booker soaks all of it in with a smile and Tazz pats his colleague on the back, but Cole just looks disgusted.

Before any of the other commentators can state their opinion, an unfamiliar tune began to shred over the PA System. Crowds of people rose to their feet to see who it could be and just as the cameras panned over to the entrance ramp, from behind the curtain came none other than Dean Ambrose. The crowd let out enormous amounts of heat onto this man. Ambrose was still wearing the same jacket from earlier in the night and you could clearly see blood stains on the sleeves and top. He continued down the ramp, smirking at the crowd, embracing their hatred and loving every second of it so it seemed. Before stepping into the ring, Ambrose pulls an microphone from his jacket and begins to speak whilst stepping into the ring.

The crowd gives off a mixed reaction, not wanting to cheer for either man in this situation. Ambrose paced back and forth in the ring, scratching the top of his skull before something appeared to pop into his head. Without warning, Dean began to speak once more.

The crowd still undecided on who to cheer for going into Big Show and Dean Ambrose's upcoming match at the first TCW show. Dean was still pacing back and forth, but suddenly stopped in his tracks facing the announcing table. The camera pans to Booker, Cole, and Tazz who are just all staring at this sadistic human being. Ambrose lets out a grin and starts to exit the ring, talking whilst doing so.

Before Tazz can even respond, Ambrose jumps across the announcement table and grabs a a hold of Tazz by his bright blue tie. Tazzs' glasses fall from his face and he's staring into the eyes of Ambrose whose grin went away and is now replaced by no emotions what so ever. Dean pulls the microphone from his hand to his mouth and speaks.

Dean pulls his arm back and with full force, smashes the microphone straight into Tazzs' forehead! Tazz goes tumbling, almost knocking Booker out of his chair. The other commentators are horrified at Dean's actions, realizing that no one is safe from this deranged man. Dean steps back and smiles that damn smile of his. Tazz is knocked out cold, lying motionless on the ground as EMT's run past the cameras to check on him. Ambroses' music begins to play over the PA System once more and the man begins to walk off as the screen fades to black.

Author:   Kid Clutch
Date:   Aug 21, 12 at 3:11pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Wrestler: John Cena
W/L/D: N/A
Disposition: Face
Motive: Make his intentions clear
Status: N/A
Setting: Ring

Cole: Welcome to Warzone folks, and Booker, I swear, tonight's gonna be a hell of a show.

Booker: It can't get any better than this Cole. We just got a breath of fresh air with these new changes, what this new show will await for us, I just can't wait man.

Cole: It's gonna be a hell of an experience, let me tell you that.

Tazz: Well to all the fans at home, you all better not miss this either. This shapes up to be a great show, and we just got started!

Cole: Yep, this show will go through the roof!

As expected, a chorus of mixed messages emanating from the crowd blare the arena as the speakers overwhelm them with this superstar's iconic theme music. The cheers seem to be gaining crowd, but the boos are certainly not to be ignored. The numerous angled cameras pan and zoom over to the stage as the minitron flashes repeatedly, readying for John Cena to come out, fired up and blazing through the curtains like only he can. Mere seconds later, and at the right cue from his theme, he pops out from behind the curtains with passion in his eyes and newfound determination to boot.

Lillian: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… Joooohn Cenaaaa!

Cena is as pumped as ever, his veins on his arms and neck are flowing as his training definitely shows to have paid off - it may look unseen to the average viewer's eye, but he's definitely bulked up. It looks as if he had spent a good week in the gym, but the illusion continues to seep in as he stares at the crowd in awe and places his hand to his forehead, doing his trademark salute. He then claps his hands spontaneously before running down the ramp at full speed. He slides into the ring and staggers up to take one more good look at the packed crowd tonight, to which he is ready to entertain like no other. Once settled as he takes a breather, he demands a microphone and receives one and paces towards the middle of the ring as his song dwindles down to mute. All that's left is the raucous crowd reaction which is definitely letting him a piece of his mind. Some Cena chants are faintly heard but the boos are having their place as well. Seemingly not fazed, John raises the microphone to his mouth, keeping his mouth open.

Cena: Mmm mm mmm. Just when I thought I wasn't gonna hear you guys again. But I should've known better. It seems that wherever I go, all I'm gonna hear is: "Let’s go Cena"…

And promptly, a portion of the crowd loudly replies with "Cena Sucks!", which in turn prompts a grin on Cena's face as the crowd wildly go at it again. The back-and-forth chants keep on going for almost a minute as Cena continues circling his eyes around the arena tonight, looking at all the kids wearing his shirt and all the rabid fans hoisting "Cena Sucks" crowd signs.

Cole: The raucous crowd letting their polarized opinions be heard here tonight.

Cena: You know what? There was a time when… I was protected. There was a time when within the sports-entertainment industry, chanting "Cena Sucks" was looked at as.. taboo. Oh yeah, I remember we had security siphoning through the crowds, confiscating negative signs directed at myself, negative merchandise, because the sports-entertainment business, at the time, wanted to paint a positive image of myself. I was groomed to be the white knight, the one everyone looks up to. Despite the fact I was against that - and believe me, I was always against that - I let it slide. I always believed that fans paid to see this show, paid to see their favorite superstars entertain, and because of that they had the right to display whatever opinion they had on anybody behind those curtains. [crowd approves with cheers] I was one of the first to push the message forward: it don't matter if you cheer me, boo me, throw me potatoes and apples, I will still give it my all, and show that I am the best in this business.

His eyes showed dedication and pride as he then started to pace around the ring, culminating on these powerful words. The crowd follows him onto every note of his message, some of them approving, some of them disapproving as Cena continues on his tirade.

Cena: But something lit in me. Something resonated in me, and that was the fact that I seem to be at my best when I really push for it. I don't know if anybody caught my tweets last week, but when I said TCW was in for an awakening… I meant it. [points at the crowd] This goes the same for all of you - and some of you will love this: from now on… from this point on, I will no longer be known as that white knight. The goody-two-shoes persona, the role model of the pack, all of that… is gone. This is a different me, not even the old me, but a new John Cena. The halo from the top of my head has dissipated; if I'm gonna be the World heavyweight champion, which IS my ultimate goal, I will stop at nothing to get it, even if I have to get nasty!

A large portion of the crowd is loving these words, and tumultuous cheers begin to make way as Cena glares at the stage for a second before pointing at the crowd yet again.

Cole: What is he talking about?

Booker: Cole, it's pretty obvious.

Cena: At the risk of sounding corny - not that that's ever stopped me before - I chose lately to go by a certain rapper's popular motto: you only live once. And I've done a lot for this business. I've done a lot for the Make-a-Wish foundation… for God's sake, I have the keys to the damn office! I've done a lot to my body, and at this stage in my career, I've told myself that I wouldn't have lived a full life… if I've never went full throttle. And that's exactly where I will go, in order to become the next world champion! [crowd cheers] My morale is at an all-time high, and my mind is as focused as ever, which is why I feel sorry for Wade Barrett tonight. He's the first who has to go through the new John Cena, and believe me when I say this new Cena has eaten a double dose of Cheerios for breakfast, because I will be relentless, ruthless and more determined than ever!!

On that note, Cena drops the microphone and immediately exits the ring, before throwing up his signs in the air as he walks up the ramp. His theme music hits at that point with the crowd letting out massive cheers in support for the newly focused John Cena, who keeps his eyes directed at the ground, mere steps away from his feet as he walks up to the stage and to the back, with the crowd cheering him on until the last sight of him is seen.

Cole: ladies and gentlemen, I don't know if you've heard, but that sounds pretty exciting to me.

Tazz: I can't wait to see what John Cena has in the bag now.

Cole: We'll be right back to more TCW action after these messages.

Author:   Metallica
Date:   Aug 21, 12 at 4:05pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

CM Punk.

Cole: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to TCW Warzone and we are live here in the Big Apple, New York City!

Booker T: Yo damn skippy Cole, New York is one of the greatest cities and not just in general but for Wrestling fans especially, I'm sure you can enlighten us on that one right Taz?

Tazz: Yeah I sure can Booker! My career started out here in this very city in a bingo hall, man ECW fans were off the charts and I expect them to be just as crazy for us here in the TCW!

Just as Taz finishes off his last word a static sound echoes around the arena and a guitar riff starts to play, this very familiar classic rock song by Living Colour starts to blast through the P.A system, this song is called 'Cult of Personality' and can only mean the arrival of one slightly arrogant and cocky wrestler known as CM Punk! CM Punk storms through the curtains wearing his white 'Best in the World' t-shirt, his usual wrestling boots and trunks which appear to be in the colour of the late great Macho Man Randy Savage. As Punk makes his way on to the ramp he hears the very mixed reaction of boos and cheers from the TCW audience, Punk walks from one side of the stage to the next with his arms open and then pointing at himself shouting 'Best in the World'. Punk then walks towards the ring in a very cocky style avoiding tagging anyone of the fans hands.

Cole: Now here comes a guy who is going to show the rest of TCW what it takes to be a believer.

Booker T: This guy is an idiot Cole, he blows the tune to his own horn and one of these days somebody is going to teach this guy a lesson.

Punk has finally made it in to the ring during Cole and Bookers slight disagreement during Punks entrance. As Punk enters the ring he picks up a microphone which was conveniently left on the ring apron and as Living Colours 'Cult of Personality' song ends, Punk endures the fans mixed reaction once more.

"Hi... Don't worry I don't plan on introducing myself again because I am pretty sure all of you saw my video, Anyway... Being as I have just found out who my first opponent is I felt it would be a decent idea for me to come out here and express my views and opinions which basically mean, shut up and listen because I always tell you the truth and nothing more, [Punks shut up remark gets a lot of boos] yeah you can boo me but that doesn't matter because unlike other people I won't ponder to you fans and nor will I throw out any cheap pops, instead I'll just go on Twitter and deal with the Internet Wrestling Community who think they are more superior and know everything what goes on around here, in fact I could deal with those idiots now but, maybe another time, lucky for you huh?."

Punk grins after his sarcastic remark and decides to take a seat in the middle of the ring, still with a smirk on his face a small "CM PUNK" chant starts with others joining in, followed by yet another typical roar of 'booing' which Punk grins like a Cheshire cat at.

"Anyway down to business, because my opponent is none other than Brock Lesnar, now looking at a guy the size of Lesnar and then comparing him to me, you would automatically assume I had zero chance of winning because as we all know in the history of the wrestling industry guys like Vince McMahon would get his dick hard over big muscular guys who usually couldn't wrestle for crap! However in Lesnar's case that's different, I actually have some respect for Lesnar because he was one of those who never followed the crowd and nor was he a 'do as I say' guy either. Now when it comes to our match there's no doubt when we lock horns on the ring he will throw me around like a rag doll and use his Mixed Martial Arts moves and try to kick my head in, but you're not the only one with those tricks up your sleeve Brock."

As Punk takes a short breather, he stands back up and slowly walks around the ring, this time instead of an arrogant smile on his face, he has a frown and a more serious motivated look.

"I myself am also trained in Mixed Martial Arts and don't doubt me for one second that because even though you may seem like you have an advantage due to your size and aggressive nature, I know for one that when you blow your cool, you become sloppy, then and only then is the time I will beat you Brock, you can bet your ass on it."

CM Punk stands in the middle of the ring with a cocky grin once more as he drops the microphone on the floor and his theme song 'Cult of Personality' begins to blast around the arena, Punk climbs on the top rope shouting 'Best in the World' at the fans once more just to make sure they understand that he is indeed, the best wrestler in the world.

Booker T: Strong, strong words by that boy CM Punk, the guy has a few screws loose if he thinks he stands a chance against a beat such as Brock Lesnar!

Cole: Booker, what is your issue with Punk? The guy is great! He speaks his mind and reminds me of myself in some ways.

Booker T: I don't have an issue, I just don't think he should go round acting like he's the top dog and for the record Cole, last time you spoke your mind, you got your ass kicked!

Tazz: [laughs] Man you guys are hilarious, all I'm going to say is, here comes the pain and the pain is heading towards CM Punk!

The camera's then cut to...

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Aug 23, 12 at 7:03am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"...Buy one of our new Bacon Frosty! Delicious!"

The television screen turns black after a word from Wendy's, the sponsor of tonight's TCW. Most may get up from the television, thinking that the blackness that follows must be an AARP commercial. Yet, a row of spotlights flash on in the darkness, and the camera pans down to the squared circle.

The wrestling ring is empty, when the voice echoes over the loud speaker. The viewer has become transfixed, not sure whether to watch and see what may come, or to go and empty his bladder. He decides the former.

???: For years, I was looked over. Every day of my life, in all of my previous ventures, I was overshadowed by what some may call greatness. When I finished with the developmental companies, I was nearly catapulted into stardom. I was given a mentor. I was given the spotlight. I was able to showcase my abilities.

The wrestling ring is suddenly filled with two men, mere shadows in the dim light, wrestling in front of thousands of silent silhouettes in the crowd. One hits a few spectacular moves; A mesmerizing dropkick, a hard-hitting lariat, a bone-crushing bulldog.

???: But I never gave it my all.

The man who was in control of match, is suddenly struck with the other man's Reverse Paydirt, and pinned 1-2-3, as the crowd suddenly came alive with a chorus of boos and shouts of "You Suck".

???: So I left. I packed up, and I walked away. Never again would I be laughed at and mocked. Never again would I lose. So I trained...

The shadow is in a gym, he's punching a heavy bag, lifting weights, running on a treadmill...

???: And I made my return...

The man is back in a different ring, this time, surrounded by no one. He fights another shadow-like man, and has the upper hand. Another individual joins in on the action, and the (seeming) focus of the vignette takes him out with a vintage dropkick. The man has both men down on the mat, his arm raised in victory.

???: I promised myself, I would never send a crowd home unhappy again. As long as people chanted my name, as long as people held their signs above their heads that read my name, I would FIGHT and I would WIN! And even if I lost, I would walk out, with my head held high, knowing I had put on the match of my life. I promised myself... That I would become more than just a "mid-carder". I would become a headliner. I would become The Show! I would become A-Ry, TWC Champion!


Author:   Disenchanted
Date:   Aug 23, 12 at 11:29am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The WarZone crowd is at an absolute standstill, the sound of silence filling the huge space that is Madison Square Garden. Every now and again, the sound of indistinct chatter between fans can be heard, but before long the anticipation becomes too much for them to continue a full conversation, and the quiet once again takes over. The camera pans around the capacity audience, showing men, women, and children of all ages adorned in the new TCW merchandise, as well as classic clothing in support of their favorite superstars’ previous endeavors. There’s CM Punk, John Cena, The Rock. Signs supporting The Undertaker, Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin. And they all know that any one of these incredible superstars could step out from behind the curtain next to provide them with an unforgettable experience. Slowly, anticipation begins to turn to impatience, and the rumblings of frustration begin to make themselves known, however just as the impatience seems to reach fever pitch, every single person in the arena is silenced by the sound of a deafening explosion, and fire erupting from within the stage...

The arena lights shine a deep shade of red, and the audience react by erupting into a chorus of boos stemming from the video package shown earlier on in the night aimed towards his half-brother, The Undertaker. After a few seconds, the Big Red Machine steps out from behind the set, glaring directly ahead and not even acknowledging the crowd around him. Clad in his usual ring attire of a black bodysuit with flame design, and his all too familiar red and black mask, the monster known as Kane storms down the ramp with a clear purpose in mind. He reaches the side of the ring before reaching up to the top rope and pulling himself up onto the apron, stepping over the top rope confidently as he finally looks around at the baying audience shouting abuse and obscenities at him. Kane strides into the middle of the ring, before slowly raising him arms up above his head, and quickly pulling them down to his side, causing flames to erupt from each corner of the ring, and the lighting slowly transforms back to normal. The music begins to die down as the Big Red Machine slowly approaches the ring announcer, snatching it from his hands to even more boos from the audience. He looks up to the skies, before shaking his head, and slowly lifting the microphone up to his mouth as he turns towards the stage and points towards the back.

The audience begin to boo once again having quietened down somewhat to allow Kane to speak. Just as he requested, the lighting returns to that of a deep red, and a slight smirk begins to emerge on his face, his mouth one of the few parts we can see clearly that isn’t covered by the mask.

Kane lowers the microphone from his mouth and clears his throat, before letting out a deep sigh that is clear to see from the movement in his chest. The Monster slowly drops down to his knees and bows his head for a few moments, before glaring up the ramp towards the stage with hatred.


With that, the lights all turn off in the arena, causing the women and children to scream in fear and the men to holler with excitement at what’s about to happen. The gong sounds again, and the lighting turns from being completely off to a deep shade of blue. The cameras just about make out the sight of Kane smiling sadistically, now on his feet and leaning forward onto the ropes, excited that Undertaker is finally answering his calls. After a few moments though, the lighting returns to the red, and it becomes clear that Undertaker isn’t going to be making a visit after all. Kane begins to scowl, before breaking into a chuckle. He shakes his head, before sighing, and raising the microphone up to his mouth once more.

Kane drops the microphone as he cackles evilly, and the static reverbs around the arena before somebody in the technical area turns off the mic. Kane’s music hits the soundsystem once again, and the camera fades out to black...

Author:   Suzaku_Firebird
Date:   Aug 23, 12 at 12:28pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Finishing Moves:
Winds of Change (Spinning Side Slam) l Wasteland (Forwards Fireman's Carry Slam)


The cameras return to ringside as the Garden readies themselves for the first night in many to come of TCW. Fans with hats, t-shirts, whatever of their favorite superstar as well as countless signs around the arena are in view before we cut to the our commentary trio.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, it is TCW Warzone, right here tonight! A sold-out crowd in Madison Square Garden here in New York City is here with us live as tonight, we start our return!

Booker T: Man, I don’t know if the roof will be left on this place after tonight. I mean, we got John Cena, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, and even that god damn Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Michael Cole: Booker, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a roster as decorated as the one we have tonight.

Tazz: I don’t know Cole, the roster could use a little bit more. Maybe a Human-Suplex Machine would bring it up to par.

Before the duo, or trio if Booker had decided to get involved in an argument about the subject, a guitar riff starts on the PA System. The Titantron begins a video, as the riff continues into “The Collaspe” by Adelitas Way. No introduction is needed for a good majority of the newer generation of fans as Wade Barrett makes his way out from behind the curtain. Dressed in dark gray, fine pressed pants along with a navy blue polo shirt under a gray jacket tucked in, the creator of the Nexus makes his way down the ramp slowly, glancing around in one of his first televised appearance since breaking his arm.

Booker T: That man right there, that man is one of those in my fav five! Wade Barrett, that man has got what it takes to be a world champion.

Michael Cole: Is there anyone who isn’t in your fav five Booker?

Booker T: There’s you.

Wade has made it to the ring as Cole and Booker have their go at each other and gestures for a microphone. Handed one by Lilian Garcia, he makes his way back to the center of the ring as his theme comes to a close.

“Now though there may be some of you who do remember who I am, I feel the need to refresh the memories of the heathens. My name is Wade Barrett. I am a former Intercontinental Champion and I am the man who is leading the Barrett Barrage into conquest. And tonight, the Barrage will continue. Tonight, a new empire rises from the ashes, just as Total Championship Wrestling is rising from the ashes. In a short time, I will go one on one with a man I know very well. John Cena. [Crowd pops] If you want to know what will happen tonight, you have to only look towards the past. History repeats itself, time and time again. It is an endless cycle. And in the past, I have defeated John Cena. However, in the past, John Cena has defeated me.”

The crowd cheers as Barrett references the fact that he has been beaten multiple times by the leader of the Cenation. Barrett slowly nods his head as he glances around the arena before smirking. He raises the microphone back to his mouth and continues.

“Yes, I’m sure you’re all very glad to hear I’m not unbeatable. Though neither is John Cena. History will repeat itself, but how? Will John Cena trap me in the STF and I tap out? Or will I throw John to the ground and pin him in the center of this ring, 1, 2, 3? Don’t look at only the specific point you want. Look at all situations like it. Do your research thoroughly. Throughout history, greatness falls. The Greeks fell. The Romans fell. The Ottomans, the Egyptians, every empire, every great force, even the monarchy, throughout history, has fallen. That is how history works. You cannot change it. You cannot prevent it. You can only prolong the inevitable. Even the “greatest country on the world”, the United States of America will fall. [Chorus of boos] Just look at it! The economy is failing. The true intelligence of the people has fallen so much farther than where it was. You can boo me all you want, but I am speaking the truth. Stuck in your world of lies, you will ignore me. You can fall with your sinking empire, stuck in a fantasy. Though, everything falls. Empires, countries, politicians, careers. Even John Cena. And John, you have stood atop an empire for far too long. That empire, no matter how hard you try to keep it from crumbling, will fall. The “passing of the torch” is really just handing over the wheel of a sinking ship.”

Barrett stops to take a breath, as the fans have started a “USA” chant. He chuckles at their ignorance and looks back up the ramp and chuckles. He begins speaking again, a slight chuckle in his voice.

“This unity you all have, I wonder how long it would really last? How long would it last in a war zone? Or in what seems to be the end of the world? Because no matter how many times you deny it, the truth is that we are all animals. When chaos comes, we turn on each other. We run by survival of the fittest, nothing else. Loyalty means nothing. This massive empire will fall. John Cena, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, it doesn’t matter who is sitting at the pinnacle. The mountain beneath their feet is breaking apart, and they will fall. [Crowd boos] Chaos will reign as change sweeps through. Loyalties will be tested, and they will fail. Instinct, survival, desire, those are the only things that will drive you. If you haven’t learned how to fight for yourself, you will perish. It is that simple. Everyone who retreats into the world of lies will be broken of the habit, or they will be broken into pieces. Chaos will reign at the heels of the crumbling empire, and when all is said and done, a new order will be restored. That order will have success and then it will fall. How it will fall, who is running it, no one knows. But history will repeat itself, again and again. A never ending cycle. So for John Cena, for everyone in the back, and for the WWE Universe, I give you this. Break yourself away from the world of lies. A new day is coming and you won’t be able to stop it, no matter how hard you try. The order you love so much will breed chaos that you loathe. If you don’t believe the truth, and get swept away in the wave of lies, you will die. So it sticks in your minds, my name is Wade Barrett and the barrage has only just begun.”

Wade lowers the microphone and drops it to the ground. He slowly steps out of the ring as the crowd continues booing him, and he just shakes his head in disapproval. Once at the top of the ramp, he looks over his shoulder and chuckles, saying the word “ignorance” before stepping behind the curtain as the screen cuts to commercial.

Author:   bobbpugg5
Date:   Aug 24, 12 at 12:30am (PST)
Subject:   dolph ziggler's middle name is "in"


{A debuting company. The first show. First of many, tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of episodes to come. Stars of all generations, nations, sizes, creeds and (most importantly) gimmicks are congregated into the arena. But this is not just any arena. It's the legendary Madison Square Garden; the arena that holds the memories, the screams, the blood, the sweat and the tears of the superstars that have been lucky enough to grace these hallowed halls. Tonight, TCW moves the wrestling business into another era. And this era is ushered in by dozens of wrestlers in the back adding to the legacy of this building. These men sitting in the locker rooms in the back, leaned foreheads on their forearms, trying to fight off the butterflies attacking their stomachs. Except for one man.

One lone man sits alone in the back, perched on a cold metal trunk filled with who-knows-what. His vision is focused like a laser beam, locked onto the black curtain that hangs down the hall from him. A garble of digitized words are heard in the distance, "10 seconds, back live." The lone man hops to his feet, cranks his neck to the left with a crack, and shakes out his body like a freshly opened doll. He takes large, definitive steps forward the curtain. The roar of the live crowd grows louder. Step. Step. His toned, muscular arm swipes at the curtain and pushes it to the side, nearly knocking it off it's rings. He hurries up a small flight of newly exposed metal steps, and past a small congregation of technicians, music operators and higher ups in the company to run the show. One more curtain is the only blockade between himself and the raucous New York crowd. An exchange of cues can be heard from the Gorilla Position crew, and with the click of a mouse and a nudge of a volume slider, the entire atmosphere changes. A bass-heavy, turbo-charged electro beat blares through the speakers all over the arena. The crowd reacts to the shift, not all recognizing it, but looking feverishly for who this is. A bead of sweat drops off the lone man's brow. His hand reacts and catches the sweat, and squeezes it into a diamond. The butterflies in his stomach have just been shot down by a fighter jet. It's go time.

The lone man is Derrick Bateman. Some call him an enigma. Some call him eccentric. Some call him a jobber. Others don't even know who the hell he is. As Bateman walks down the ramp, closer and closer to the ring, at least the portion of the audience who never knew him is eliminated. Those other groups will have to wait. Bateman's head of curly, wild hair gets whisked back as he thrusts his arms above his head, holding them there in a combination flex and taunt. The crowd is tepid, not sure how to take this relatively new superstar. They seem to be taking a wait and see approach, rather than the tried and true Tri-State Area approach of just booing upon first laying eyes on anyone unfamiliar. Bateman slides into the ring with ease, taking more than a moment once he gets in to bask in the hot lights of the storied, historic arena and the sold out crowd. He sidles over to the ring ropes, and takes a hurriedly handed off microphone from one of the faceless workers at ringside. 

The gasoline charged theme song fades to a whimper, and the silence of the echoes can be heard for just a moment. A moment later, the din of the crowd levels out again just in time for Derrick Bateman to lift the microphone up to his lips. "Ladies and gentlemen," he began, "from the beginning of time, men have waged war against each other. They fought over riches, jewels, land, and their own pride. In today's world, we've lost that. We fight, but we lost our reasons. We've lost our real instincts. We've lost our caveman intuition. The cavemen would not be pleased about this."

"Tonight, I change that." Bateman starts feeling the rhythm of the promo and begins moving around the ring, making eye contact with as many members of the audience as he can. "No longer will men be carrying around purses with dogs in them. No more will the phrase 'man-scaping' even be uttered. No more will men listen to J-Biebs on the radio and say 'Hey, that sounds pretty good.' I'm calling a stop to it all. I'm a one man wrecking crew right now, and I'm going to walk forward as a model citizen, not a citizen who is also a model. Derrick Bateman and all of his Batemaniacs in the crowd here tonight, and the billions watching at home via their television sets or illegal streams can smell what I'm cooking. And let me tell you all right now…" the leader of the Batemaniacs says, as he approaches the camera with uncomfortable proximity, "…it smells like beef jerky."

"Luckily, in some sort of ordained coincidence set up between the Thor and Bob Ross in heaven, the perfect match-up has been made for WarZone. Like an apple facing an orange, or a priest going against a rabbi, or Skrillex vs Herman's Hermits, this is a battle of the polar opposites. Co-main eventing tonight is the epic encounter of The Mantastic Superstar, Derrick Bateman, squaring off against the man-boy Dolph Ziggler." The mention of his opponent brings a noticeably negative reaction from the live NYC audience. Bateman pauses his rousing sermon for a moment to let the people react this way, before starting up again.

"Dolph Ziggler," he explained, "in case you fine folks are not familiar, is a male stripper from Hollywood, Missouri. He is constantly followed by his blind aunt and lover Vickie, who is always so worried about getting in people's way, she's constantly excusing herself to try to be as courteous as possible. But my beef is not with her. It's him. Mr. Ziggler, you have shamed everything that I stand for. You come out here, week after week, wearing blazing pink, shaking your heinie and demanding being higher on the card than you are. Whining, wimping, and dancing. What kind of man do you think you are? And worst of all, when you come out here you flick your hair gel into the crowd. There are children in that crowd. Children with sensitive child eyes. You are blinding an entire generation of children with your selfish gel-throwing habits. I will avenge those children's corneas. I swear it, Ziggler."

"And I want to make this perfectly clear, Dolph. My name is Derrick Bateman. I don't know why you constantly call me Mark. I'm not Mark, I'm Derrick! I'm Derrick freakin' Bateman. And while you crush the dreams and retinas of children, call everyone the wrong name, and bang your blind aunt, I'm around flying an F16, waving around Old Glory, and punching communists like you in the face. The only difference tonight is that now I get to do it in front of the part of the World that really matters, New York City!" The Mantastic One takes a breath as he glows a little brighter from his blatant, but effective cheap pop. He declared further, "I am going to regain the glory of men in this country, starting tonight. I will do what I need to do to take down this wet-haired Ivan Drago named Dolph Ziggler. I will wage war tonight, like men have done since the beginning of time. Only this time, I know what I am fighting for. And my bounty is not jewels, or riches, or land. It's defending the ideals that I believe in. It's fighting for what men believe in. And that's chicks…and America."

Bateman takes one step back and thrusts his arms out to the side and his face forward, letting out an audible "boom" to emphasize his promo. The fellas in the Gorilla Position must be on the ball tonight because Bateman's hyperactive music comes back on in perfect time at the climax of the speech. His promo floats upward into the rafters, pinned next to the thousands of others in the arena's history. The formerly lukewarm crowd has now firmly placed themselves as Batemaniacs. The man was unknown to a large percentage of the crowd just minutes ago, and now he has put himself on the map. The live WarZone cameras close up on his face, raising his eyebrows in a defiant, cocky, and yet foolhardy smile as the screen fades black to commercial. Bateman sees the light of the live TV camera go off, and he takes one large inhale after that soliloquy, knowing his next step tonight is to back it up in the ring.}

Author:   Jord22
Date:   Aug 24, 12 at 8:09am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
The camera's cut to a dark alley, not quite the rough and tough of the bronx, but somewhere parents in New York don't want their kids to be at this time of night. A few men are huddled together, wearing the appropriate coats and hoodies to keep themselves warm. A cough is emitted, smoke raises from the group, and the cameras zoom in closer to the action, mid conversation.

Man 1: Go ahead man, stop being such a tight-ass.

Man 2: Yeah, you did it before, why you gon' change all of a sudden?

The camera cuts to the only man yet to speak...Rob Van Dam. Sighing, Van Dam shrugs his shoulders and tries to defend himself.

Rob Van Dam: C'mon guys, I haven't had a gig in forever. This one seems good, too, opening at the Garden. Do you realise how much money I've blown on this shit over the years? I'm gonna refocus, really give this one a good go...try and win the big one.

The two others let out a high pitched laugh, not so much dismising the idea of Van Dam being head of a company again, but they definitely think he's fooling around. However, the Whole Dam Show isn't impressed with his friend's attitude.

Rob Van Dam: I mean it, guys. Do you know how awesome it was being Mr Monday Night? This is my chance again. When I hit the top rope tommorrow night, I'm gonna have like... twenty thousand people cheering my name, waiting for -

Van Dam is cut off mid sentence by the stares on the faces of his colleagues, one of which is entirely vacant, the other seems suddenly interested.

Man 1: Dude, seriously? 20,000 people?

Rob Van Dam: Yeah.

Man 1: Cheering your name?

Rob Van Dam: Yeah.

Man 1: Actually shouting, 'Rob Van Dam?'

Rob Van Dam: ...yeah.

Man 1: Awesome.

Rolling his eyes, Van Dam is not enjoying the company of his clearly baked friends. Never the less, he continues.

Rob Van Dam: Anyway, when I hit the five star, people will realise I'm back. I don't know who I'm facing, but I'll get to the Garden tommorrow, I'll hit the pads or whatever, and I'll show everyone that I'm back to being the Whole *bleep*ing Show. No pot, no alcohol, hell, I might not even bother with bitches...that much.

A metaphorical light bulb appears on his friends face, who seems to have come to his senses a little.

Man 1: Hey, man, I know who you're fighting. I saw it. On one of those giant signs. In the city.

Rob Van Dam: I'm on the billboards? Sick. Who is it, then?

Taking another hit from their now barely existing joint, his friend stares at Van Dam.

Man 1: Who's what?

Rob Van Dam: My opponent, man.

Man 1: Ohhhh...uhhhh....I don't know his name.

Van Dam is on the verge of frustration, staring right through his friend who barely notices given his state.

Rob Van Dam: Well what's he look like? Can't you help me out, here?

Man 1: Uhhh...he's....bald.

Rob Van Dam: Austin?

Man 1: Nah...nah...he's pretty big?

Rob Van Dam: ...Snitsky?

Man 1: ...Who?

Rob Van Dam: Forget it, man. I'll find out tommorrow. Catch you guys later.

Van Dam turns to head off, but his friend stops him.

Man 1: Wait, man. I'll remember. He has this like...real intense look on his face. Like he's gonna take a shit.

He stops himself to burst into a fit of hysterics, clearly thinking that line wasn't just hilarious but beyond it.

Rob Vam Dam: Sounds like Goldberg.

Man 1: Holy shit man, that's who it is! It's Goldberg!

Rob Van Dam: Dude, are you sure? I don't think Goldberg wrestles anymore...

Man 1: Dude, trust me...I know what Goldberg looks like. It was Goldberg. You're facing Goldberg.

Rob Van Dam: Shit. Maybe I should take a hit...[/color]

Man 2, who's still staring into space and hasn't been part of this conversation, both mentally and physically for about five minutes, hands over the joint, not breaking his stare into the distance, as RVD inhales. Old habits die hard...

Author:   StraightedgeXSavior
Date:   Aug 24, 12 at 8:31am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"Excuse me!"

Vickie Guerrero says, walking from the back out onto the ramp.


Vickie says again, as the boos in the arena get louder.

"I Said..."


Vickie doesn't have time to finish her sentence before Dolph Zigglers theme song hits and he comes walking out from the back, and walks down to the ring, not even taunting at the top of the ramp. Ziggler slides into the ring, and grabs the microphone off the announcer and pushes them out of the ring.

"Derrick Bateman, I just saw your little promo. You came out here and said that I'm a and i quote this, "A male stripper from Hollywood. Well let me tell you something Mr. Bateman, this male stripper has held more gold then you have, and probably ever will. I am a former World Heavyweight Champion. What have you accomplished in your career? Competed on some low rated cancelled show in the middle of the season?"

The crowd gives Ziggler loud boos, as Ziggler gives the crowd a glare and holds the microphone back up to his mouth.

"You will all shut the hell up!"

Ziggler yells into the microphone.

"I don't care if you all boo me, I don't need any of you to get places in the business, I am the "Show Off" Dolph freakin' Ziggler, and your all marks, that probably laugh your butts off during Derricks Bateman lame ass promo. Bateman, when that bell rings for our match, I'm going to show you and all of these marks what a true superstar looks like. I will show the world that I am the "Show Off"

Ziggler glares at the crowd again as the entire arena is booing as loud as possible chanting "You Suck"


Ziggler chuckles and exits the ring with Vickie Guerrero walking behind him, with "I'm Here To Show The World" playing over the pa system. Ziggler walks to the back and TCW cuts to commercial break.

Author:   RatedRViper
Date:   Aug 24, 12 at 7:30pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
Jeff hardy
Jeff Hardy: it look like ziggler was a little angry. Now
mate, how about this. A challenge. Dolph Ziggler vs Jeff Hardy in a ladder match? And what about Lita, vs vickie gorilla... I mean guerrero.?

the fans chant Team Extreme and Hardy

Jeff Hardy: oh and beore i forget.... The extreme never dies.

Jeff drops the mic an walks to the locker room with Lita

Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Aug 25, 12 at 1:25am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Antonio Cesaro

The red hot crowd in the arena would quickly start show their disapproval for Antonio Cesaro as they start to boo him. He has insulted the legends that have transferred over to Total Championship Wrestling and these fans did not like it one bit. Antonio Cesaro would just laugh and smirk as his head slants backwards. He was backstage against a blank wall as he folded his arms over his chest and looked down into the camera, with his eyes firmly focused on the camera he started to speak once more.

The crowd once again gives of some much needed major hatred to the young and cocky Antonio Cesaro. He has not even wrestled on this brand new show and he is already coming of as a big superstar, as a champion. A lot of people had no idea who this man was and why he could act like this. He was none other than Antonio Cesaro, a man that has been around the world, used different names to be in different companies, he is still unknown to most of wrestling fans and he is looking to change that. He stands firm and confident as he is enjoying each and every single of them booing him as he wastes little to no time in continuing to speak.

Antonio Cesaro shows off another smirk as he looks at the camera and nods at it and then walks off, leaving the crowd booing him and yet at the same time wanting to know more about this man. They want to know what he can do, what he is going to bring to the table and they will not have wait all that long as Antonio Cesaro is coming to Warzone and he is coming to make an impact.

Author:   CHKFLIP
Date:   Aug 25, 12 at 4:58am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I


Doink was as prepared as ever for the lack of a challenge ahead of him. With an opponent so doped up that they probably didn't even know they had a match, Doink smiled with a new found confidence as he walked the halls of Madison Square Garden. He dumped the water blaster and was looking to find some silver lining about his current predicament. It was almost as if they didn't expect someone with the experience and in-ring gusto of Doink to be taken very seriously or have the ability to get over with the Total Championship fan base. This gave the clown a frown like no other. It was no surprise, however, that a woman with the skill set of Eve Torres would make such a mistake. He had no other choice but get to the root of the problem and make sure it wasn't going to be an ongoing issue. Doink is a fighter's fighter, a thinking man's professional that just so happened to have an affinity with horn noses and cream pies. Doink was in hot pursuit of the office of WarZone's general manage to have a chat - a serious discussion about the brawn of the company and how Doink can brink it back to a level that was once respected, one that ushered children of all ages into a product otherwise frowned upon by parents worldwide. Especially with freaks like Jeff Hardy gallivanting about. Doink had his serious face painted on and it wasn't something he was just going to let go of. This was a travesty to the business and he would see to it that it was fixed.

He huffed and he puffed and it looks like he's taking the whole place down with him. Snarling and foaming at the mouth, figuratively speaking, Doink was storming through the backstage area like a fat guy looking for the buffet table. Dink was sweating bullets trying to think of a viable reason why Doink wouldn't go through with making the biggest career mistake since Ultimate Warrior held Vince McMahon at gunpoint. Nothing good could possibly come from Doink complaining about placement on the card. Hell, even breathing something so ill-ridden and ego induced was nothing short of career suicide. Even still Doink was rushing from door to door until he would find the one that read 'Eve Torres,' 'General Manager,' or the like. Dink jumped in front of Doink and threw both hands up; Doink, with a look of malice, sidesteps and shakes Dink with ease. Dink jumps onto his client's enormous red shoe and clutches his leg like both men's lives depended on Doink not making a fool out of himself right now. He wouldn't allow the man to disrespect his new boss, it just wasn't a good idea at all, but Doink was determined. He yanked and tugged until the three foot clown's hold was broken.

Push was coming to shove in Doink's mind and he was thrusting with his engines engaged and stuck on high. Dink tugged on the stretchy pants, stomped on the ostentatiously large boots, he even started throwing bouncy balls at the man but nothing was causing even the slightest flinch. Until he smacked his client in the back of the head with a foot-long ham sandwich. Doink stopped and turned around to give an angry glare at a squabbling and afraid three-foot manager. He took a few steps toward his manager before falling to one knee in a terrible fit of laughter. Dink sighed and gave an exaggerated wipe of the forehead before giving Doink several pats on the back. It seemed to be a set-up, however, because the nearly six foot athlete grabbed his midget by the neck and tossed him head-first into the food table. Doink gave a single nod, wiped his hands of the situation, and continued his feverish walk toward the office of Eve Torres. Approaching the door, Doink straightened his stance and nearly pounded the door down when it opened before he could do so. Eve Torres stood in the doorway with a beautiful smile.

Eve Torres walks away after giving Doink a bit of an awkward look. Doink waves as the camera man pans to show Doink standing there by himself with a big smile. What happened? Dink rushed over with a piece of turkey lunch meat still stuck to his forehead. He rips it off and slaps Doink's leg over and over with both hands until the forelorn gaze of the clown is broken. Doink looks down, a little confused with his little mini-coup of a manager. Without words, Doink just ran his fingers through the little man's green dreads before walking away from the entire situation having grown into a better person for not taking all his feelings out on the luscious general manager. The relationship between this clown and his boss needed to start off on the right track or it wouldn't get to the next station. Doink was wise enough to realize that at the last second and even took it upon himself to extend the hand of help if poor Eve would ever find herself in a predicament. Dink, clueless, just follows his client with both hands out waiting for some sort of explanation that he obviously wasn't getting this time around. Next stop, Jeff Hardy and the first victory for Team Doinkster.

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