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Author:   SuperPeanut
Date:   Oct 8, 12 at 3:10pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

*Knock Knock*

“Please enter” a lady’s voice says behind the wooden door. The hinges creak as the door swings inwards toward the grand office, walls and floors of great marble and high ceilings decorated with grandeur and poise, marbled figures corner the room with a solitary potted plant to add colour to the room.

A lady in spectacles, business jacket and blouse is sat wearing bright red lipstick and blusher behind a desk only fitting to be in such a room; ornate mahogany with carvings of the finest quality.

“Welcome Mr. Lesnar” she utters towards the big recognizable figure of the TCW.
He stumbles in, not looking the great sharply dressed figure she was expecting; he was in a torn t-shirt with a bull logo on the front and sweatpants with a small pony logo. He had a bead of sweat dripping down his brow.

“I would like to talk business with you, of the highest caliber and cost” he glances a look at the plaque on her desk, it reads; ‘Finance and Business VIP Executive for The Bank of America’
"I need to withdraw the sum of $10,000,00 and I need it all in $100 bills, I need it now, this is very important, and if I don’t receive it the consequence could be dire"


Some time earlier


The Superstar was in the locker room tying white support tape around his wrists; he was going to need them for the fight he was carded for.

He thought to himself for a second, contemplating tactics and moves to use on each opponent and his game plan;[colour=navy] ‘A fatal 5 way? Man I haven’t even seen one of these, The Rock, yeah, he’s my target. Him last. Take him the rest will fall easily, then yeah. F-5! Damn, that title shot is mine, *bleep* THOSE PLAYERS, *bleep* THEM, THIS IS MY TITLE SHOT. Yeah.’

He stood and stretched out, limbering for the night to come, he needed to hit the gym one last time, just to be sure he was at his best, in his prime, he was a machine, muscles were bulging greater than ever before.

As he picked up his gym towel and mobile to head towards the gym he felt it vibrate, twice it vibrated in his hand before he slid his chunky finger along the screen to answer the phone call.
“Hello Lesnar” he answered,

“Listen carefully” the voice said, “I want you to bring me all you have Lesnar, I’m going to take it all away from you, and you know why you are going to bring this for me? Because I have something you want, something you need”

The voice was distorted and out of focus, yet clear and concise.
Lesnar was listening intently the panic starting to set in. He was thinking through the possibilities when it came to him.

He knew this guy wasn’t messing around and thought backed to a few weeks earlier; ‘this must be related to that maniac from the crowd, and wait…..Lorenzo Fertitta? This is all him it has to be, but is his vendetta really this great? I mean I know I was his all-star superstar but really? That guy is sick…’


The crowd were buzzing the fans had already enjoyed some great performances from some of the best entertainers in the music and dance industry but the real entertainment was about to start.

Cole: “Tonight’s card look phenomenal, we have it all here tonight folks, and we look forward most to that fatal 5-way, INSANE!”

Taz: “You are certainly right Cole, the crowd is stoked for this one but who is going too…”

Taz is interrupted by the entrance music of Brock Lesnar as he rushes out down the ramp and bursts into the ring, the heavy bass line kicking in around the stadium as the fans cheer his name ‘LESNAR! LESNAR’ but with some puzzled looks on their faces at Lesnar’s erratic behavior, they slowly quieten and watch him pick up a mic from the ringside

“Fans of TCW I have a serious problem, you remember that guy from a few weeks ago? That’s right the one I embarrassed; well he has done something drastic and because of that I am formally delaying my part in the fatal five way tonight with your permission, so what do you guys say if we bump the match back to the end of the night?”

He begs to the crowd with a pleading look on his face.
The crowd cheers his name showing their acceptance.

Cole: “Taz what could have got Lesnar spooked like that?”

Taz: “Cole my friend I have no idea, I’ve not seen him like that before”

Lesnar then exits the ring at pace and is watched by the cameras leave the building and get into his blacked out Mercedes.
He is seen speeding away leaving smoke and tire marks lingering in the parking lot.

Author:   Suzaku_Firebird
Date:   Oct 8, 12 at 3:23pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
Coming soon to Total Championship Wrestling...

Elegant. Classy. Sophisticated. Skilled. Intelligent. All words that describe him. Worry not TCW Universe, for he shall arrive soon. No longer will you all have to suffer through the blight that is currently known as entertainment. No, in the future, you shall be saved. He shall be your martyr, he shall sacrifice himself for your cause. In the future, you ignoramuses shall finally achieve a higher curve of learning. Once he arrives, you shall no longer have to suffer. So please, thank him for his kindness, for he shall be expecting it. Though you may think poorly of him, he is here to save you, not to make you hate him. Coming to one company lacking proper class and elegance near you, he shall soon cure you all of your stupidity, of your disregard for culture, of your lack of caring for true intellect and entertainment. You're welcome.

Author:   Jaffers
Date:   Oct 8, 12 at 4:08pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Live Monday 18th October Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA

The opening video package comes to an end, and we cut to inside the arena where a lively Atlanta crowd are ready for the second edition of TCW WarZone. The cameras pick out various fan signs, as we’re given a panoramic sweep of the crowd. Eve's theme hits as a large member of the male audience begins to cheer. She comes out and remains on the entrance ramp. This practice is not commonly used, but is the preferred method for official announcements in TCW. As the crowd quiets down, Eve raises the microphone to her elegant lips, hoping to make this moment as quick and possible.

"Ladies and gentleman, welcome to TCW. Before we begin tonight's entertainment, I have an official announcement regarding last night and the assault on Mark Henry. Henry was taken to a local hospital last night with lacerations and head trauma. As of this morning, he is in stable condition and talking with friends and family. However, he has asked that his contract be terminated, citing unsafe working conditions. At this moment, his attacker remains unknown. Therefore, TCW will be offering a reward for any information on the incident. If you..."

The TCW General Manager is cut off by the dimming of the lights and eerie music playing. A cloaked man appears on the titantron behind Eve, his face hidden by the shadow from his hood. Lit candles surround this mysterious man, providing the only source for light on the screen. Soon the music stops, and the man begins to speak.

"Oh Eve. If you want to know who attacked Mark Henry, all you have to do is ask. It was I. I attacked the blasphemous and wrathful man. I delivered unto him his judgement. Everyone in this company shall receive their judgement. You, Eve, are next. You shall atone for the good looks you pride yourself on and the ways you use men's lust to do your bidding."

With the audience's attention directed at the hooded man, the area around the entrance ramp becomes engulfed in a fiery blaze as pyrotechnics go off. The crowd gasps and lets out cries as Eve becomes invisible in the flames. The fire reaches almost ten feet before going out. Eve is seen on her back as if she was pushed violently backwards by the flames.

"I'll be seeing you around, Eve."

The cameras then cut to commentary as medics rush to Eve, who sits up as they arrive.

Taz: A rough start to the night for our GM there.
Booker T: That’s right Taz, but we wont let it stop the show!
Taz: Damn right Book, and our first match should be a good one.
Michael Cole: That’s right Taz, as we kick tonight off with some triple threat action!

Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho
Triple Threat Match

These three extremely gifted superstars would do battle here tonight and internet marks around the world were drooling at the idea. Rollins took an early advantage with smashing his knee across Jericho's temple. Jericho rolled out the ring and hold onto his head. Bryan was running to the other side of the ropes as this time and flies through the ropes with a picture perfect Suicide Dive to Jericho! Bryan even landed on his feet with cat like reflexes! And here comes Rollins! Rollins senton's into Bryan, with all three men laid out on the arena floor now. Rollins is the first up and he taunts the crowd and yells "Now THAT is pro wrestling"! He grabs a hold of Jericho and rolls him into the ring as Bryan is motionless on the outside right now! Rollins grabs a hold of Jericho and powerbombs Y2J into the turnbuckle! Jericho is dazed and still standing! Rollins runs into the ropes and comes back and hits the Total Black Out! He makes the cover; 1…2…3!

The camera zooms in on Edge walking backstage. the fans cheer until he walks through the exit of the arena. The fans get angry and boo Edge

Suddenly, in the arena, Metalingus by Alter Bridge plays which gets the fans pumped and cheering but still, no sign of Edge.

Edge: Where am i? Am i under the ring? no. Am i on the rafters? no. so where am i? does Brock Lesnar know? Does Dolph Ziggler know? Does The Rock know? Or does Trent Barretta know? NO THEY DONT!

Edge Suddenly comes out from backstage and walks into the ring

Edge: In my Fatal 5 Way match tonight, you need to know where everyone is. you need to know how to win. you need to know how to survive. Lesnar... your a monster, the next big thing... but i beat you in my debut match... The Rock... The brahama Bull.... The Great One... The peoples Champ... This is your TCW debut match and honestly... it will probably be your last! Dolph Ziggler... the show off... At the PPV the only thing you showed off was the splinters in your back after i speared you through a table!

The fans cheer and applaud Edge

Edge: And Trent Barretta.... well.... i cant say much about you really... i only pay attention to talent... like CM Punk, or Wade Barrett... heck i even pay attention to Doink The Clown... the point is... your nothing, just a worthless piece of shit.

The fans boo and Cheer Edge

Edge: Ive been Wrestling for longer than all of you. yeh Rock started before me but left for how long? he should have spent more time fighting less time possing infront of a camera! Lesnar... despite your UFC career, what have you accomplished? Super-Plexing a 500 pound man and breaking the ring? Infact, if you were 500 pounds bigger, you could be the next Fat Bastard on Austin Powers

The fans chant Spear Spear Spear and Lesnars gunna kill you repeatedly

Edge: so all in all, im saying that im going to win this match and end up as TCW TV Champion!

Metalingus by Alter Bridge plays as Edge exits the ring and heads backstage with fans cheering for Edge

Booker T: Well Edge looks all fired up for tonight.
Cole: He does indeed Book, it’ll be interesting to see how he can do.
Booker T: It’ll be interesting to see what happens in our next match too.
Taz: You got that right, as it’s time for tag team action!

Dean Ambrose & The Undertaker vs. Dude Love & Paul Burchill
Tag Team Match

Ambrose and Love start things off with a lock up. These two actually have a heated past that never came to blows, so the frustration would be let out here tonight. Love hit Ambrose with a left hook, but is amazed to hear Ambrose laughing at every hit as if it were nothing. Ambrose began to go nuts, swinging aimlessly at his opponent, hitting Love only once and Taker had enough seeing this and blind tagged himself into the match. Ambrose couldn't believe what his partner had done and the two bumped shoulders as Ambrose was exiting the ring. Burchill had been tagged in as Love checked his nose after Ambrose took his fist to it. Undertaker grabbed a hold of Burchill and began hitting body blows that led Burchill to being trapped in the corner with Taker's fists raining down on him. Taker grabbed a hold of Burchill's arm and began to climb the turnbuckle for Old School! Taker looked towards Ambrose after he shouted something to take his attention from the Deadman's signature move. Burchill took this time to pull Taker down from the ropes and plants a vicious clothesline to The Last Outlaw! Both men are down and out! After a five count from the ref, Taker begins to crawl over to his partner, trying to make a tag. Burchill is close to making the tag to Dude Love as well! Taker reaches his hand out and Ambrose grins before dropping to the mat! Dean is walking out on his partner here tonight! Taker looks on as Ambrose makes his way to the back! Burchill makes the tag and Love stalks the Deadman as he begins to stand up. Taker turns around as Love goes for the Sweet Shin Music! And he gets it! Love makes the cover; 1…2…3!

Taker was lying motionless in the ring after his hard fought match tonight. His partner, Dean Ambrose had just walked out on him and he fought the rest of the match alone. Before Taker can even stand, Ambrose comes running back down to the ramp and slides into the ring! Dean grabs a hold of Taker's hair and brings down fists of fury! Ambrose has completely lost his mind now! Ambrose is punching so hard that The Deadman is starting to bleed from his forehead! The blood pours more and more after each hit. Security begins to make their way down the ramp and try to pull Dean from the Deadman, but Ambrose just keeps tossing them away until four of them grab a hold of him and pull him away. Ambrose begins to laugh manically and shouts at the top of his lungs.

The shouting and laughing from Ambrose pierce throughout the arena as security pulls him away from the ring and make their way up the ramp. Dean tries to escape and pull himself away even though these four massive men have a tight grip on him. Ambrose just continues to laugh as they disappear behind the curtain.
Cole: Woah, what was that about?!
Taz: I have no idea, but if I was Alex Riley I’d be worried.
Cole: Me too Taz.
Booker T: And if I was the TV champ I’d be worried about who wins this next match!

Winner Gets A TV Title Shot
The Rock vs. Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Trent Baretta

Fatal Five Way March

The five men stared at one another, knowing the price of this match. They all wanted their title shot and without any provocation, every man ran into each other throwing fists as if it were a mosh pit. The young man, Trent Baretta was knocked out cold almost immediately by a deadly right hand by "The Next Big Thing" and rolls out of the ring. Rock and Lesnar took things to the outside, with Rock smashing Lesnar's skull into the steel steps. Edge and Ziggler were trading lefts and rights in the ring before Ziggler took the upper hand with a headlock. Edge pushes Ziggler away and into the ropes and Ziggler is met with a Spear on his way back around! The crowd roars as Edge goes for the pin! He gets a two count as Rock breaks it up with a boot to the back of Edge's head. Rock pulls Edge up and teases a Rock Bottom, but Edge elbows Rock until his grip is gone. Rock is dazed and is met with an F-5 from the now recovered Lesnar! It's just Edge and Lesnar in the ring now as both men stare each other down. The crowd is split on who they're rooting for as the men meet face to face. A bit of trash talking commences and Lesnar takes Edge down and begins to ground and pound "The Rated R Superstar"! Edge tries to block every hit, but to no avail. Lesnar gets up to set up an F-5, but out of nowhere Ziggler nails the Zig-Zag! He makes the cover; 1…2…3!

After the match we cut to backstage. The man with the horn-rimmed glasses had spent the last two weeks of his job doing tumultuous amounts of research over "TJ". A very poor talent scout indeed, as he had no idea that this "new acquisition" was merely an old face in the wrestling circuit! The management had wanted a big guy! They'd wanted "Al", and they were greatly disappointed that all they got was TJ. Upon seeing him, the management knew right away that the wrestler was TJ Wilson, also known as Tyson Kidd. Anyone knew who the kid was - The last person to be trained in the legendary Hart Family Dungeon! Still, the man with the horn-rimmed glasses hadn't picked up Matt Bloom, who he'd been ordered to scout. He was consequently fired. Tyson was hired in his place, but as an active wrestler.

Tyson Kidd walked through the door, first day on the job, the night of Warzone. He was essentially lost, the agent hadn't showed up yet. He sat down, Indian-style, and pulled a small, white roll out of his pocket. He took out another object, a Zippo Lighter, and lit the tip of the roll, and breathed in on the other end. He let out a steady stream before the "roll" was ripped from his hand by a man in a suit!

Tyson Kidd was on his feet in a matter of seconds, not a single muscle in his jacked body disobeying him. He had the man in the suit by the collar with his left hand, punching him in the face with his right. All the while, the man was belting out phrases such as "I'm the agent!" and "No marijuana on the premises!" Tyson Kidd would have none of it. He continued bloodying the man, before a large hand clapped down on his shoulder and ripped him from the agent! Tyson wheeled around, fist drawn, before coming face to face with none other than Brodie Lee! Kidd stares up at the man holding a death grip onto his shoulder and than looks to the right of the large man. The camera pans over and it's revealed to be Bray Wyatt, who lets out a grin. Kidd watches on as Wyatt instructs his associate to let the man go. Wyatt looks down at the blooded agent and then back up to Tyson whilst chuckling to himself. Finally Bray speaks.

Wyatt reaches out and pulls Tyson close to him by the back of his neck and whispers something into his ear. Tyson becomes visually shocked and emotional as Wyatt kisses Kidd's forehead. Bray lets go and begins to walk off with Lee following close behind him. Tyson stands so very still, just watching them walk away as the camera pans back to the commentators.

Taz: Bray Wyatt with some very strong words there.
Booker T: I can’t wait for him to debut next week.
Taz: Me either, and I can’t wait for out next match.
Cole: This should be a good one, as it’s a TCW series tag match!

TCW Series
CM Punk & Antonio Cesaro vs. Derrick Bateman & Doink The Clown

Tag Team Match

CM Punk and Doink The Clown begin the match inside the ring, and circle slowly before locking up in the middle of the ring, with Punk using his technical proficiency to gain the early upper hand, slipping around to the back of Doink and pushing him towards the ropes, though Doink is able to grab the top rope and shake Punk off, causing the self proclaimed ‘Best in the World’ to stumble backwards and tumble to the ground, which the audience have a good old chuckle at. Punk quickly gets back up to his feet and shrugs it off, throwing himself at Doink with full force, pummeling him with brawling punches that would make Steve Austin himself proud. The clown manages to duck out of the assault and jump across to the corner, tagging in Derrick Bateman, and Punk stands there with a smirk, perfectly happy to take on the patriotic superstar. He moves towards Punk, who ducks a clothesline attempt before feigning a cramp, causing the referee to ask if he’s ok. Meanwhile, Cesaro quickly comes into the ring and attacks Bateman from behind, clubbing him across the back and kicking him as he drops to the ground. The Swiss star climbs back out of the ring and Punk mysteriously recovers, before walking across to Bateman and stomping him across the back, stopping him from getting back to his feet every time he tries, though eventually the referee insists on Punk giving his opponent some time and space to recover. Derrick eventually makes it up to his feet, and lunges towards Punk, who again ducks a clothesline but this time attempts a dropkick, though Bateman stays at just the right distance to avoid it, and Punk crashes to the mat without making any contact with his opponent. Bateman quickly gets Punk up to his feet, and tried to grab him by the head, but Punk wriggles out of it and lifts Bateman onto his shoulders... Go to Sleep! He covers Bateman, One... Two... Three! It’s over! Punk and Cesaro pick up the win, and the points!

After the match the cameras immediately cut backstage, where to the surprise of everyone Gregory Helms is beating the holy hell out of Matt Hardy. He pulls Hardy to his feet, before slamming him hard into the concrete wall before walking off happy with his handiwork. A few moments pass before the general manager enters the scene, she quickly attends to Matt making sure that he isn’t too badly hurt.

Hardy gingerly struggles up to his feet, and looks Eve dead in the eyes.

Matt Hardy then begins walking towards the entrance ramp, as Eve watches on.

Booker T: Damn, Gregory Helms lit that boy up!
Cole: He sure did Booker, and Matt’s in action next.
Booker T: He better hope his partner can handle dem Basham’s by himself.
Taz: Well, that’s a tough task for any man.

??? & Matt Hardy vs. The Basham Brothers
Tag Team Match

All three men are stood in the ring, waiting to see just who it is that’ll team with Hardy tonight.

Stand Back… There’s A Hurricane Coming Through!

Once again everyone seems a little surprised, as Hurricane comes out from the back looking all ready to go. He charges down to the ring, and immediately goes over to shake Matt’s hand. Hardy backs away looking a little confused as to what is going on, however Matt backing away has Hurricane looking equally as confused. Eventually the match gets going, and Hurricane and Doug Basham start the match. Basham charges at Hurricane only to be met with a massive right hand, Hurricane then grips Basham by the throat as he turns around and nails him with a Hurri-Chokeslam! Hurricane then tags in a confused Hardy, but is also blindsided by Danny Basham who knocks Hurricane out of the ring to the outside. The two men continue to fight on the outside, eventually rolling under the ring. Meanwhile on the inside of the ring Matt Hardy stalks Doug, and then nails him with a Twist of Fate! Hardy covers; 1…2…3! Hardy celebrates for a moment, before being taken out from behind by Gregory Helms! Hardy struggles back to his knees, before being taken out with a Shining Wizard!

Cole: What the hell?!
Taz: I have no idea what just happened.
Cole: Tonight has been crazy to say the least.
Booker T: Well it’s about to get crazier as the TV Title is up for grabs next!

TV Title
Wade Barrett vs. Alex Riley

Singles Match

The bell rings signaling the beginning of the match, and the ruthless Brit immediately begins to stalk Riley, who circles around the ring looking for a weakness from the Champ. After a few moments, Barrett strikes, lunging towards Riley and grabbing hold of him, before whipping him into the ropes by the arm, and taking him down with a standing clothesline upon the rebound. Barrett smirks as he looks down at his fallen opponent, before lifting him up by the head and attempting a simple scoop slam, however Riley is able to wriggle out of the attempt and slide down the Champ’s back, spinning him around and throwing several strong right handed shots into the vicinity of his head. A-Ry gets the crowd worked up into a frenzy, leaving Barrett stumbling around in a daze as he rushes the ropes, and returns to his opponent with a huge shoulder block, which takes both men down to the canvas. Riley quickly gets back up to his feet and walks over to the side of the ring, throwing his arms out to the side and being met by a rapturous applause from the audience. He turns back around and spots Barrett slowly getting back up to his feet, and walks over to him before kicking him in the gut forcefully, which halts the progress of the Brit in it’s tracks. He lifts Barrett up to his feet, and whips him into the ropes before running the opposite ropes himself, and both men attempt a clothesline which takes both down to the ground at the same time! The ref begins counting to ten, and slowly both men reach their feet at the same time. Before Barrett ducks a clothesline attempt from Riley, and lifts him onto his shoulders... Wasteland! One... Two... Three! The Champion retains!

Taz: Barrett Retains!
Booker T: That boy done good again, he’s gonna be a great champ.
Taz: Well one of our next two men will be hoping to be World champ.
Cole: Indeed they will as The Brian Kendrick takes on John Cena, and he’ll have Ryback and Paul Heyman to back him up!

Main Event
TCW Series
The Brian Kendrick vs. John Cena

Singles Match

Kendrick and Cena tie up in the middle of the ring, with Cena the stronger of the two being able to force Kendrick back into the corner. He swings with a massive right, but Kendrick is able to duck under, and he nails Cena with a series of right hands that stun him a little. He then shoots some kicks at Cena’s thigh which cause him to hobble a little bit, Kendrick then hits Cena with a dropkick to the knee which takes him down. Instantly Kendrick pops back up and hits a standing moonsault, he holds for the cover but only manages to get a two count. Cena struggles back to his feet, as Kendrick continues to throw shots at him, Cena ducks a shot though and runs into the rope. He rebounds and takes Kendrick down with a shoulder block, then another one. He then calls for the five knuckle shuffle, and gets all of it. He then stalks Kendrick looking for the Attitude Adjustment, but Kendrick rolls into the corner holding his eye making out that Cena poked him. Whilst the referee is attending to Kendrick out of nowhere Ryback takes down Cena with a huge lariat, and then ducks out of the ring. Kendrick then scrambles to make the cover 1…2…3!

Booker T: Damn it Kendrick stole one!
Cole: Ryback came from out of nowhere there.
Booker T: Man, Cena’s gonna want some revenge for this.
Taz: He’s gonna have to wait til next week though, because that’s all we have time for!

The cameras then cut to Kendrick celebrating, before fading to black and showing the TCW logo to bring the show to an end.

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Oct 10, 12 at 7:33am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Saturday, 15 October 2012.
6 A.M.

Certain trailer parks in Kentucky would allow anybody to come on in and stay and keep your name off the records, if flashed enough money. Shady Hills Campground was one of those trailer parks. Horribly up-kept trailers hidden deep in the privately owned woods hid away some of the more despicable acts of human nature. Husbands hid their affairs from wives in the deep shadows Shady Hills. True, some just wanted piece of mind in solitude, where no one could find them, but that was hardly the case in these parts.

Tyson Kidd sat on the floor of one of the trailer houses, wearing loose-fitting pajama pants and nothing else. He was totally unmoving, except for the casual in and out of his ripped torso. In front of him sat two items, equal distance from himself and each other. One was a duffel bag that held his training clothes. The other, the envelop given to him by the man in the fedora. Thinking about last Monday night brought a chill to Tyson. Those things Husky Wyatt had said to him. Were they true? Tyson could only begin to fathom such.

Of course it wasn't true. That fat bastard and his tall bearded friend tell nothing but lies, I've seen in, HEARD it! Wyatt says I'm a kid? I'm THE Kidd! And that I'm afraid? Afraid of what? The street? No, never, not once have I feared the street! I fear nothing!

But then he remembered the drugs. The drugs that had been there for him, nurtured him, but nurture from what? Was it the fear? Did the fear creep onto his very soul, so much so, that he had to run away into the drugs? He hated the drugs, in that instant. Craved a savior, and remembered what Bray Wyatt had whispered into his ear - God says We can save you from the demons. - and shivered again. His hand hovered over the envelope.

NO! That will do no good! You need to showcase your talent! Be on top again! Only the fire of being the best, the adrenaline of risking your body between the ropes can help you!

His hand hovered back over the duffel bag. He knew he had to train, and he could be the very best. He could go into his match - He was facing someone who wore a cape and someone who wore a hood, that's all he remembered - on top of his physical game. He needed to train! He had no time for "saving", as he could do it all himself. But again, the voice in his head tried to convince him otherwise. Screaming at him, contradicting itself in every way, never making a choice easy.

"*bleep* it."

Tyson Kidd reached back behind him and pulled the drug to his lips and lit it up. This decision could be made tomorrow.

Author:   The Shape
Date:   Oct 10, 12 at 3:53pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I


Dude Love exclaims while frantically steering his battered old RV, still chugging along despite crashing down a flight of stairs last week, with the camera shaking all over the place more as a result of the driving than the solid urban city road upon which they are driving. He slams on the brakes and they protest with a violent screech, eventually coming to a halt next to a large building but still clearly obstructing the road. Ignoring the horns and the screams that follow, he steps out onto the pavement, slamming the door shut and running away without caring to lock it. The cameraman does his best to keep up, providing the Dude's ramblings with at least a hint of an audience.

Dude: This...this is it, man. Someone in here knows what's going on, they know what I have to do next. But what, I win one match, I pin another fifty year old guy, and suddenly I'm ready for ten others? Now The Dude has to jump through hoops to reach the promised land? Bull-shit, man! I'm going to find whoever holds the key...

But the Dude has another problem; as he storms towards the arena entrance, he realises that he has once again turned up before everyone else. The door is locked, which the Dude finds very amusing. Behind his shades he appears to be attempting to give the door a knowing glance.

Dude: Oh...oh you think you're funny, man, is that it?

He shakes his head with a smirk; the door remains stern.

Dude: You think this is a game? What, you want me to "find the key," am I right? To find the key I've gotta find the key, is that it?

His voice keeps getting louder, competing with the furore on the road as cars continue to struggle past his RV. Now a police officer approaches, also wearing sunglasses, as Dude continues to address the door.

Cop: Sir? Excuse me, sir?

Dude: Well you know what, man? I don't need a key!

Before the policeman can stop him, the Dude toe kicks the door, recoiling in an instant and hopping away in agony.

Cop: Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to calm down.

Dude now notices the policeman for what appears to be the first time. Hopping incredulously, he asks.

Dude: You want me to just..."calm down," man?

Cop: Sir, I -

Dude: You want me to just stop and let him get away with this, is that it?

Cop: Let who-I'm sorry, but -

Dude: It's not that simple, man! I can't, you're just totally missing the point! I've gotta find the key, man, I've gotta get that mystery prize before any of the others! It's the next step, man, I just know -

Cop: Mystery...what others?

Suddenly he rolls his eyes, appearing to figure things out.

Cop: Of course. Sir, are you intoxicated right now?

Dude: What are you -

Cop: Is that your vehicle?

Dude looks vaguely in the direction of his RV without any sign of acknowledgement. The cop takes this as confirmation enough, grabbing Dude by the shoulder of his technicolored shirt as he speaks.

Cop: Right, you're coming with me...

To his surprise the Dude immediately acquiesces, staring at him with fascination as he drags him away. He makes a quick report on his police walkie talkie of a vehicle that needs towing before they reach the cop car.

Cop: Get in the car.

The Dude just stares at him, then breaks out another knowing smile.

Dude: It's you...

Cop: Sir, I won't ask again, get in the car!

Dude: You're here to show me the way...

The Cop is baffled, but stops short of protesting further.

Cop: I don' know what, sure. I'm here to show you the way. Now if you get in the car we can get there a whole lot faster.

The Dude jumps in the back seat with great enthusiasm, even locking the door himself. The cop shakes his head in disbelief before stepping in the driver's seat. As a tow truck pulls up in front of Dude's RV, they pull into the road and drive away.

Dude: What's it like? Is it colourful? Are there rainbows? Are there...

His voice fades away amidst the bombardment of questions. On his way to either a police station, a spiritual awakening or both, the Dude finds himself heading away from the arena as the show draws near...

Author:   StraightedgeXSavior
Date:   Oct 10, 12 at 6:01pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler


The familiar theme song sung my "Downstait" starts to play over the pa system live in the Adolf Rupp Arena, located in Lexington, Kentucky. Dolph Ziggler then walks out onto the stage from the back in a grey suit with red tie, grey pants and a pink ribbon pinned to his jacket. Walking behind Ziggler in none other then the "Cougar" Vickie Guerrero. Wearing a pink dress, also with a pink ribbon to raise awareness of breast cancer. The crowd is echoing through the arena with tons and tons of boos for Ziggler. At the top of the ramp Ziggler turns around and slicks his hair back flinging hair gel at the live crowd in attendance. Ziggler then spins back around and walks down to the ring with Vickie following behind. Dolph climbs the steel steps grabbing a TCW labeled microphone off the steps and then helping Vickie into the ring then steeping into the ring himself. Ziggler then fixes his suit and then begins to talk as the crowd continues to boo him.

"It's about damn time!"

Ziggler says with attitude as the crowd continues to boo him and Vickie is screaming telling them to shut their mouths.

"It is about damn time! That I am getting my title shot! Maybe not for the World Heavyweight Title, but for the prestige TCW Television Championship! Which is currently being held by Wade Barrett!"

The crowd boos at Ziggler saying Barretts name.

"Barrett is going to be the toughest opponent I have faced yet here since coming to TCW. He is going to put up a challenge unlike Edge, Riley, and my other opponents that I beat last week. Barrett is a dominate force who has just about dominated everyone that he has stepped into this ring with. But Barrett, you will not dominate Dolph Ziggler!"

Ziggler says with force, showing the crowd and Barrett that Ziggler is going to take it easy. Showing that he is going to give it everything he has to become a champion in TCW.

"Barrett, you might have a good background, being a bare knuckle champion and all back home. Or leading groups such as the Nexus or the Corre. But when you started on your own I wasn't to sure you had what it takes to make it on your own. But you showed myself and everyone else you do have what it takes! Barrett, in our match tonight, we are going to steal the show! We are going to give these fans what they wanted, what they have payed for! These fans came to see two great athletes beat each other down for the TV Title!"

The fans start to cheer and start to chant "Barrett and Ziggler". Signs throughout the crowd are seen and some say "You Suck" others say "We Want Ziggler!".

"Barrett, I talked about what you have accomplished now let's talk about what I have accomplish. I have won the Intercontinental Championship! The United States Championship! I won Money In The Bank! and you have done one of those things! But most importantly, I am a former World! Heavyweight! Champion!"

The fans start to get behind Ziggler and chant his name over and over again.

"You have had plenty of times to win the big one, and you fail every single time! Actually, now that I think about it Barrett, What have you done that hasn't failed? Nexus failed, The Corre failed, you singles career failed for a few months then you got injured and returned. Next week, You going to fail again. When I hit you with the Zig-Zag and pin your shoulders down to the mat and become the new Television Champion!"

Ziggler then drops the microphone and exits the ring with his theme song playing as the cameras fade to black.

Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Oct 11, 12 at 2:52am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Tonight once again everything will be corrected, everything will fall into place. Last week Antonio Cesaro managed to get the much needed victory, if he failed last week then he might as well have handed in his notice. Victory last week has put him back on the map and now he has to do it again. Aksana knows that everything will be sorted out in the ring, like it always is. Everything will be put aside and Antonio Cesaro will leave the talking to one side and fight in the ring. Antonio Cesaro needs this victory, he has high momentum and he needs to continue to build upon on it. These last several weeks have been rough on Antonio Cesaro, but now he is finally back in the fast lane and Aksana is right by his side, proud to be managing him right to the top. All this goes over in her head, what victory will bring not only to Antonio Cesaro, but to herself as well as she sits in her chair and fixes her makeup for tonight. Once again she will be heading down to ringside with Antonio Cesaro to be his personal cheerleader and ensure that everything goes his way.

Aksana mutters this to herself as she applies her make up to her ever so wonderful face. Aksana wanted to look her best tonight, because of Antonio Cesaro managed to win his match tonight against John Cena it would mean much more points for him and it would place him right back into the running for a chance to become the main champion here in TCW. This is Antonio Cesaro best chance of achieving greatness and he cannot afford to blow it, he cannot waste the opportunity. Antonio Cesaro has had some shortcomings here, but now he has to forget about them and focus on the present and not the past.

Aksana then finishes putting her makeup on and now with her makeup completed, she merely closes her eyes. She sits there perfectly still for several seconds as she lets out a sigh of relief. This is going to be a very long night for her Antonio Cesaro, if he does not win this match, then it is game over for his career here. All the time and effort will have been for nothing, this is it, make or break, Antonio Cesaro only has one chance and one chance only to go out there and salvage his career, and those three defeats to Derrick Bateman have done serious damage to his career. Tonight is the night when all of the mocking stops, Aksana will be there watching his match as he will get himself back on track. John Cena is just another idiot who stands his way, but victory against him will be worth it. Antonio Cesaro needs this victory and hopefully down the line he will get his rematch against Derrick Bateman and finally score a victory against him. But that is not now, that is down the line and right now Aksana needs to focus and make sure Antonio Cesaro is focused on John Cena. She pushes herself up of her chair and then leaves her locker room as she goes in search for Antonio Cesaro to get him ready for his big matchup against John Cena.

Author:   TheWoolmore
Date:   Oct 11, 12 at 10:14am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Robert Roode
The 'It Factor' of Professional Wrestling

The atmosphere in the Adolf Rupp Arena is electric. The Kentucky crowd are deafening, cheering for their idols to emerge at the head of the ramp. Chants of ‘Cena’ and ‘Rocky’ fill the air, with the anticipation of the appearance of TCW’s ‘good guys’ sending the thousands in attendance wild.
The Titantron on-screen changes from the traditional TCW logo, replaced instead with the entrance video for Robert Roode. Roode’s traditional ‘Off the Chain’ theme music hits. Roode’s theme is drowned out by a chorus of boos from the crowd, who are clearly unhappy that he will be making an appearance tonight. The Canadian stands proud at the head of the entrance ramp. Roode, dressed in an expensive grey suit, makes his way down the ramp to the backdrop of fans hurling abuse his way. Roode grabs a microphone from ringside, and ducks between the ropes, before taking the microphone to his lips and beginning to talk.

Roode: I expected nothing less from a Kentucky crowd, especially aimed at someone who clearly has more class and talent than you all.

The arrogance and tone of Roode’s voice again draws heat from the crowd. More chants of ‘you suck’ start, descending into chants for ‘Riley’ and ‘Lesnar’. Roode smirks, and continues on:

Roode: And so I awake this morning to have received a message that, on the next episode of WarZone, I would be competing in a Battle Royal for a ‘Special Prize’. Now I understand that most of the guys in the locker room, and by the looks of it, most of you out here, have the IQ of a ten year old, but the idea that I would compete for a ‘special prize’ like it’s a game at a child’s birthday, is disgusting to me.

(Again the crowd aim their booing towards Roode, both for the insult of their heroes, and more importantly, the insult of their own intelligence)

Roode: As the ‘It Factor’ of both TCW and Professional Wrestling as a whole, I am insulted that I have been tossed into this joke of a match. I look at the list of wrestlers taking part in the World Title Series and I laugh at the lack of talent at the disposal of Eve. It shows the serious lack of in-ring talent, when the main event of the next WarZone is between Doink the Clown and Derek Bateman!

(The name-dropping of two fan favourites draws loud cheers from the crowd)

Roode: I was insulted by the idea that I, a former World Heavyweight Champion, would have to share the ring with a wrestler of the skill level of Santino Marella. I am a main event wrestler, not a joke, and when Eve signed me to the lucrative contract that I am on, I expected to be defending titles on a weekly basis, and not to be part of pathetic battle royals such as this one.

(The crowd erupts into boos and chants of ‘you suck’, Roode, who had an arrogant, smug look on his face earlier, has turned to a more serious and stern look)

Roode: I have carried companies on my back, busting my arse for weeks upon weeks, months upon months and years upon years to keep them top of the pile. Total Nonstop Action was a worthless pile of crap when I first arrived, and yet, after carrying Beer Money to the Tag Titles, and becoming the longest reigning champion in the companies history, TNA became a national brand with yours truly, Robert Roode as the face of a growing brand. I am the biggest star in wrestling, and yet I come into TCW and find myself fighting for a special prize in the opening bouts. As the best wrestler in the business today, I am the only reason these people are in their seats, they’d follow me wherever I went, and TCW are fortunate that they can be known as the home of the ‘It Factor’, and that I didn’t chose to sign with one of the numerous companies who threw money and incentives at me to sign. Instead of right-fully gaining my place as part of the World Title Series, I find myself in this useless battle royal. Well here’s a quick message to you Eve.

(Roode looks directly at the camera, it is clear from the look in his eyes that the frustration and anger is building up inside of him.)

Roode: When I win your joke of a Battle Royal, and claim my special prize, I expect it to be a contract for a match with the winner of the World Title Series. I am the ‘It Factor’ and the attention will follow me regardless of who I face and what title I compete for. Lucky for you, I myself believe your precious World Heavyweight Title is the only belt worthy of me to compete for. So my demand that the ‘special prize’ be a title shot is as much for me as it is for you. Because you see, there is nothing the board of directors would love more than for you to come into the boardroom at your next meeting and hail me as ...

(Roode stares into the camera, shouting at the top of his lungs. The veins in Roode head bulge and his face turns red as he strains and puts on emphasises each last word)


Roode drops the microphone, accompanied by the familiar boom off of the mat. Roode surveys the booing crowd, with the familiar chants of ‘you suck’ aimed at the ‘It Factor’. Roode again ducks through the ropes of the squared circle, and begins to make his way, hastily, up the ramp of the Adolf Rupp Arena to the back. At the head of the ramp, Roode turns and makes the familiar gesture of wearing the title around his waist to the fans. Roode’s theme music is once again drowned out by the Kentucky faithful. Roode looks directly into the camera and utters the words ‘World Heavyweight Champion’. The screen fades to black, as TCW heads into a commercial break.

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Oct 11, 12 at 12:44pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Alex Riley with Ric Flair

The chants of "You suck!" previously being hurled at former-TNA World Champion, the It Factor, Robert Roode. The crowd were livid at his promo, being forced to wait impatiently for his demise. The sound that cut through the chants directed at Roode was a certain guitar riff, which was followed by an enormous pop from the crowd, as "Hero" by Skillet began playing. This, of course, marked the entrance of "The Show" A-Ry!

Alex Riley cascaded onto the stage, mic in hand. His scars and marks from the hellacious TLC match just two weeks ago had seemingly vanished, along with his disdain for losing to Wade Barrett. Alex Riley, instead, had a large smile on his face, as he and Ric Flair walked down the entrance ramp. Riley helped Flair enter the ring by pulling the ropes apart, in a show of respect, and they got in the ring and did their respective taunts as the crowd went nuts. Then, Riley put the mic to his mouth.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Warzone! I'm sure many of you are wondering, 'A-Ry, after that hard-fought TLC match and that crushing defeat to Mr. Wade Barrett, how can you possibly be smiling?' And to that, I would invite any of you to take a look at tonight's match card! *The match card is flashed on the screen.* Alex Riley versus Dean Ambrose! It says that the winner gets Layla, but I highly doubt that Ambrose would adhere to that. The Dean Ambrose's and the Wade Barrett's in the business are slime. They never stick to their word. Nonetheless, I finally get my hands on Dean Ambrose!"

The crowd pop and gives a standing ovation to A-Ry! They can't wait to see Ambrose get put in his place, finally! The Nature Boy tapped Riley on the shoulder and asked for the microphone, and he gave it over with a smile.

"Dean! You're reign of terror has went on long enough! You promise a revolution, but all you've done so far is beat up the guys who made this business what it is today! Terry Funk! Taz! And Arn Anderson! Each of these guys would've beat you to dust in their heyday! So why did you attack them? In fear that you'd never surmount to anything as great as either one of them? I'm sure you'll be out here tonight, retorting that those guys have done nothing but ruin this business! But you're wrong! These guys brought wrestling to the mainstream audience, even with little bastards like you, naysaying their every action! You might think that the old style is dead! You might think that your Revolution can put down the weak, because all of the original warriors are dead and gone! But you my friend are wrong! Alex Riley disregards whatever change the 'Attitude' era calls upon! To cause as much of a ruckus as he can by cheating and destructing property! Alex Riley is the embodiment of a classic wrestler! "

Flair then points to A-Ry, who looks back and has the look of an honored man on his face. Ric Flair is comparing him to the greatest the industry has ever seen, and Riley couldn't have heard a better compliment. The crowd cheer the compliment, but granted, some of the 'Attitude Era' fans are slightly offended that Riley was seemingly placed above their favorite era. Riley took the microphone back for the closing statement.

"Thank you, Ric! But one thing. I may be old-fashioned in my style and attitude. But Dean, you challenged every fiber of my being when you took Layla. You may feel safe now, seeing as how I wouldn't bother attacking you in the back, but tonight, you're in my ring! You're going to step between my ropes! And I'm going to teach you a damn lesson!"

Riley finished up this promo by reaching outside the ring, and handing the microphone to a stagehand, before walking to the back.

Author:   Metallica
Date:   Oct 11, 12 at 4:13pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
This joint role-play is written and bought to by, Metallica & Disenchanted.

The camera's cut back to CM Punk sitting in the the middle of the ring with a microphone in his hand, Punk has a blank look on his face as he listens to the fans chanting his name "CM PUNK!, CM PUNK!, CM PUNK!". Punk is sitting there thinking about his current run in TCW, his next challenge which is The Brian Kendrick and his revolution and era he wants to create in the upcoming weeks. Punks head tilts to the right slightly as the fans continue chanting his name and eagerly awaiting what pipe bomb he may drop next, Punk turns his head back to normal and licks his lips and raises the microphone to his mouth as he address the fans.

"You know, sitting here thinking about things that are circling around my head, I've been pretty impressive so far, I have yet to be pinned which is quite the achievement for any wrestler that steps in the ring, but the biggest achievement in my life is my straight edge lifestyle, the fact that I was always strong enough to avoid poisoning my body with garbage that can mentally and physically mess you up. I love the fact that I am outspoken and many people do not like that one single bit, they consider it to be childish at times and believe that you should just do as what others tell you to do and stay quiet, that's not exactly the way I like to do things in general and I will not back down to anything in which I have a strong belief in. So I come out here week after week and like to drop the odd pipe bomb once in a while, that may or may not happen tonight but, hey!, who knows right? I've come out here because I have this great vision, a vision in which will mark a memorable moment here in TCW that will be spoken about in the weeks, months and many years to come. I've called it the 'CM Punk Era', 'a revolution', 'an order' and in doing so I plan on bringing in more chaos that you can imagine. I love teasing you fans, throwing out clues and messing with your heads just like I am doing right now, but don't worry, when the times comes and all is right, I will not disappoint anyone, because if I do then I feel I will have let myself down, and more importantly, you loyal fans who come to see me wrestle week in and week out."

Another loud "CM PUNK!" Chant starts, Punk decides to stand up and stretch his legs.

"So, lets focus on my current situation here in TCW and I'll leave you fans to think about what I said. I'm in a TCW series tournament for the TCW World Heavyweight Championship, thanks to me last week, myself and my somewhat unlikely tag team partner, Antonio Cesaro, managed to pick up some more points and I will continue to do so, my ultimate goal is to become the champion and there is no doubt in the back of my mind that I cannot achieve this goal, I have said it week in and week out that I am the best wrestler , in the world today, last week, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future. So that brings me on to my opponent who calls himself 'Thee Brian Kendrick' [Crowd boos], yeah that guy, despite him being a somewhat talented individual, he among some of the other people I have faced have no right to be in the ring with myself, I am too damn good to be pissing around with nobodies who are not made for the big leagues [punks expression changes to a little angry]. Yeah that's right I said it and I've said similar things to other opponents who I have been in the ring lately, I'm not doubting Kendrick's wrestling abilities for one second, he's a great young athlete, he's made for the T.V title? The lower leagues of this business as you might say. So Kendrick, how about you bring your Brian Pillman wannabe ass down to my ring and you tell me face to face why you even think you deserve to be in a match with myself."

Punk moves the microphone away from his mouth and folds his arms awaiting The Brian Kendrick to come down to the ring.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Punk continues to stand in the ring, glaring towards the entrance-way impatiently, appalled that Kendrick has the gaul to keep the best in the world waiting. Clearly though, he does, as Punk is left in the ring for several moments, waiting and watching, before eventually the opening riffs of Kendrick’s now familiar theme begin to resonate through the arena via the expensive sound-system, and smoke begins to fill the stage, flickering lights accompanying the arrangement. After another pause, three silhouettes appear in the smoke, a smaller one between two others, one a medium sized man and the other a defined mass of muscle. As the vocals kick in, the smoke begins to clear and the camera gets a clear, zoomed shot of the smirking face of the so-far undefeated Brian Kendrick, who is flanked on one side by his apparent legal representative, Paul Heyman, and on the other side his so-called ‘backup’, The Ryback. Heyman and Ryback begin to walk towards the ring as Kendrick waits for a few seconds, looking around at the fans in attendance and taking in the howls of abuse being directed towards him, with a chuckle. He eventually begins to walk forward himself, looking from side to side slowly as he does, continuing to smile as the capacity crowd hurl foul language at him, and boo as loudly as they can. He shrugs it off, jumping up onto the ring apron as Ryback holds the ropes open for him and Heyman, who enter the ring confidently. Punk stares across the ring, not taking his eyes off of Kendrick even as Ryback begins to approach him, not even acknowledging the monstrous man in front of him in favor of focussing fully on his opponent for the evening. The music begins to die down as Kendrick walks around the ring, the silver design on his pure white coat reflecting the ring lights into several of the spectators’ eyes. He reaches down for a microphone from one of the agents at ringside, and slowly lifts it up to his mouth as the boos reach a crescendo, before lowering it immediately after with a smirk. The audience begin booing once again, and Kendrick carefully tosses the microphone across to Heyman, who garners the attention of Punk, the first time the self proclaimed ‘Best in the World’ has looked away from Kendrick.

Heyman and Kendrick both glance over at Ryback with a smirk, who continues staring intensely at CM Punk, breathing heavily and even snorting a little bit at the acknowledgement of his ability. Heyman lets out a scoff at Punk’s reaction, before slowly lifting the microphone up to his mouth and continuing to speak.

All three members of the group glare across the ring at Punk, who stares back in anger as the fans begin to chant Best in the World. Punk smirks slightly, letting his anger cool as he looks around at the fans chanting at him in support, and raises his arms to make the point of how many people clearly agree with him. Kendrick slowly moves closer to Heyman, whispering in his ear something that Heyman nods aggressively in agreement with. After a few moments of deliberation, Punk interrupts by lifting up the microphone and speaking in response to the band of men stood opposite him.

[Punk laughs]"Paul Heyman, I'm really surprised at you of all people. Until a few moments ago I would still have respectfully called myself a Paul Heyman guy, but I am utterly disgusted at you even mentioned that John Cena of all people has talent. Yeah sure we've been backwards and forwards, over and over again about this subject in the past and I do not need to go down that road of how much I dislike Cena, because it is not about him right now. You also mentioned Brian Kendrick beat Ryback in a match a few weeks ago at TCW's very first pay per view, so what? I kicked the crap out of Brock Lesnar on the very first night here in TCW and comparing Lesnar and Ryback is pretty simple, Lesnar is an animal and a former Ultimate Fighting Champion, what's Ryback exactly? Oh yeah that's right a former goof-ball by the name of Skip Sheffield? [Punk looks at Ryback] Yeah that's right, I'm talking about you and you can stand there trying to intimidate, huffing and puffing all you want, just don't tear a muscle while you're doing it. [Punk looks back at Heyman and Kendrick] I don't have to prove to you that I am the best, you know it as well as I do Paul, You know that I am the best talker, the best wrestler and all around best in the business, Kendrick maybe a great athlete as I pointed out, but you can rest assure that later on tonight, I will be the one standing in the ring, with my hand held high, as I earn more points in the TCW series and go on to face my next opponent and continue to kick anyone's ass who steps in this ring with me! "

Kendrick and Heyman burst out laughing in response to what Punk says, and the fans boo the blatant show of disrespect. Kendrick looks out at the audience and shrugs nonchalantly, clearly not caring what they think. He takes the microphone from Paul Heyman, clearly ready to address his opponent for the first time, taking a break from his incredibly important ‘preparation‘ for tonight’s event.

Kendrick walks towards Punk, and holds the microphone up to the mouth of Ryback, who after several amplified breaths speaks three simple words with the intensity he is now so well known for.

With that, Kendrick quickly backs away from Ryback, who immediately lunges towards Punk and plants him on the ground with a ferocious lariat! Punk hits the deck like a sack of potatoes, as Kendrick drops the microphone to the ground with a loud thud, before beginning to unleash several stomps onto the fallen body of Punk. Ryback grabs ahold of the head of Punk and pulls him across the ring before rolling him over and holding him so he is forced to face Heyman, though he has no idea what is going on by this point. Heyman drops to one knee and gets right into the face of Punk with a microphone on hand, dripping sweat onto the near-unconscious superstar.

With that, Ryback drops Punk onto the mat and the three men in the ring lift their arms into the air in unison, the audience booing wildly and showing full support for CM Punk by chanting his name in between boos. Kendrick and Heyman smirk as they look down at the man who will be taking on Kendrick later tonight, before the camera cuts away for a commercial break.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The camera's cut back to a video shown during the commercial break, the video shows a few referees and EMT's checking and trying to help Punk to the back, Punk refuses help and is noticeably bleeding from the mouth, that's to a powerful lariat by The Ryback.

Booker T: Absolutely uncalled for!
Cole: Oh come on Booker, Punk shouldn't keep spouting his mouth off, it was only a matter of time before someone gave him what he deserves.
Taz:...[Looks at Cole in disgust!]

The camera's then cut backstage, which sees Punk spitting blood out of his mouth, Punk is staggering a little bit and looks absolutely furious! Johnathan Coachman catches up with Punk and tries to get a word from him.

Coach: Punk, Punk, can I get...

Before Coach finishes what he wanted to say, Punk grabs Coach by the collar and shoves him up against the wall, Coach looks like he's about to crap himself.

"I'll tell you something, tonight, I am going to put that little weasel to sleep and then I'm going to proceed to beat the living crap out of him. [Punk lets go of Coach and turns towards the camera] As for you Ryback, you haven't seen the last of me yet and for this union business proposal you guys have, you can shove it up your ass, because soon, you're going to be the ones who will be begging me and my revolution for mercy, and if Heyman or Ryback gets involved in my business again, there's going to be hell to pay"

Punk shoves the camera man out of the way and is caught walking off in the distance, as the camera's slowly fade out too...

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Oct 12, 12 at 8:45am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

I am the Phoenix

Tyson Kidd entered the arena on Monday, three hours before showtime. His hood was pulled up over his head, iPod blasting "Drop the World" by Lil Wayne, sunglasses wrapped around his eyes. He walked for what seemed like too long, before ending up back at the door he entered. He scratched his scalp through his hood, wondering what was going on. He turned back and walked down the path he'd come, before running into a small man in a suit with a microphone. Todd Grisham was visually shocked by the appearance of Tyson Kidd. He hadn't seen Kidd once since his hiring, and looked to be the FIRST interviewer to introduce Kidd to TCW.

"Tyson Kidd?"

Grisham figured he'd inquire to be sure that he really was Tyson Kidd, given the hood and sunglasses, even though the jacket was had the Hart Foundation insignia on the chest.

"No, bro, no questions. I don't have time, I have to... *His voice trailed off, before picking back up.* ...Work out."

Grisham decided to press on, sure to catch Kidd's personality on camera for the fans. He wouldn't let TCW's newest acquisition get off of the camera so easily.

"Do you feel you even have a chance in your match tonight? I mean, The Hurricane had a decent showing last week, and there's always the chance that Gregory Helms will attack again. And on the other hand, the Undertaker suffered a hard loss last week! And was then beaten down by Dean Ambrose! Surely, Taker will need somewhere to take his anger out!"

Tyson Kidd smiled now. He pulled off his sunglasses, revealing slightly red eyes, and he threw down his hood. His "crown" of hair was standing tall.

"Mr. Grisham, I have no doubt in my mind that I can trash the two of these guys. The Hurricane and his alter-ego can attack Matt Hardy all they want, but I'm not Fat Hardy! I'm Tyson Kidd! Have you seen me in the ring, Todd? Have you seen me, even once? I'm a superior wrestler in every way to any guy on the roster! I can take the Undertaker down, because I'm smarter than him.

And you want to know my secret? Do you want to know why I'm the best in the ring?

He had Grisham hooked, he was biting into every word.

"The Undertaker was born Mark Calloway, and The Hurricane was born Shane Helms. The keyword is born, here... The two of them claim to be supernatural! But they're really just men, born and raised with a dream in mind, to headline a wrestling show."

Grisham was obviously confused as to where this was going. His eyes shifted down into the microphone, his shoes, and anywhere besides the red eyes of Tyson Kidd.

"On the other hand, I was brought into this world by a bird. No, not a stork like your mommy and daddy lied to you to get around the truth of sex. No. I was brought into this world, buried deep inside this body! The bird that delivered me was a phoenix, and she cast me deep inside this body. I've had to remain buried in here for years, only getting in touch with myself when I can afford "hallucinogens" as you call them. Also, I show myself when I am in the ring, fulfilling my destiny. But someday, I will shed this skin! Someday, my wings will spread, and I will push down with all my might and fly worlds above you all! I will leave this crumbling world, with its despicable population, in fiery ruins! And I'll look down past my Phoenix beak, at the new planet and laugh at you as you revel in a real Hell!"

Tyson let out a deep laugh, and pushed his glasses back over his red eyes, and walked away. Todd Grisham pushed his hand back through his hair, before mumbling something.

"I thought we did drug tests here?"

Author:   Homicide
Date:   Oct 12, 12 at 11:30am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

The 'Dude'

The show comes back from a commercial break to see Josh Mathews standing in the back with a microphone in his hand. Josh looking as dapper as ever pulls the microphone to his mouth and welcomes us back to the show.

Josh: Welcome back to Warzone everyone, tonight I have a very special guest and honestly I’m surprised he made it back in time for the show; Dude Love ladies and gentlemen.

The camera zooms out slightly to show the back of the Dude. Tattered tie-dyed shirt, tie-dyed bandana, long curly brown hair completes the packaged look of this nostalgic superstar. Josh smiles at the camera before beginning to interview the superstar.

Josh: Dude may I ask what were you doing earlier tonight with that officer? What came of it?

The Dude turns around to answer the question with his hand on his chin in a pondering state, but this isn’t Dude Love. This ‘Dude’ kind of looks like Dude Love, but is far from the genuine article. This is none other than Santino Marella playing dress up. Josh seems a bit bewildered by this, but before he can even ask Santino what he is doing, Santino answers the initial question.

The ‘Dude’: I was a chasing down the missing krispery cream donuts! Sadly the occifer didn’t have them, but I’m still on da case!

Josh is shocked at what he is seeing and hearing with Santino obviously not having a clue as to what went on earlier with the real Dude love, but manages to ask the ‘Dude’ what he’s doing.

Josh: Santino, why are you dressed and acting like Dude Love?

The ‘Dude’: What you mean dressed like? I am The Love Dude!

Josh face palms at Santino’s misspoken words, but continues on anyway.

Josh: Santino it’s Dude Love, not Love…

The ‘Dude’: That is what I said, the Love Dude is here daddio!

Josh: No Santino, I know it’s you.

The ‘Dude’: You know nothing!

Santino brings up his right arm and it’s covered by The Cobra, of course tie-dyed, poised and ready to strike. Josh backs up a little bit and continues to question Santino.

Josh: Then why do you have the Cobra?

Santino looks around for a second one eyebrow up obviously trying to come up with something clever and then it hits him and a smile spreads across his face.

The ‘Dude’: Foreign exchange day! The Socko went with a charming Italian man and I got The Cobra!

Josh just shakes his head in embarrassment for Santino.

Josh: Ok ‘Dude’ what are your plans for the battle royal tonight?

The ‘Dude’: I am going to go in there with my frie… my new friend The Cobra and eliminate all of da competition!

Josh: Sound strategy ‘Dude’, but what are your thoughts on the special prize being awarded to the winner?

The ‘Dude’: There’s a special prize!?

Santino’s eyes bulge out of his head and the Cobra is lowered. He obviously didn’t know anything about this special prize and is now contemplating on what it could be.

Josh: Yes the winner is going to get a special prize, but what that prize is hasn’t been announced yet.

Santino ponders for a few moments before throwing a finger in the air in exclamation.

The ‘Dude’: I GOT IT! I will sneak around and figure out what the special prize is and then trade that information to other fighters in the match for protection…PERFECT!

Santino then storms off leaving Josh flabbergasted by this entire exchange.

Author:   Jaffers
Date:   Oct 12, 12 at 2:36pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
Gregory Helms / The Hurricane

Chapter 1: It Begins

It was a cold October’s night, people’s breaths hung in the air as they hurried around the city. One man stood firmly still though, instantly showing that he was probably a little bit mental, because he was stood in the middle of the road. Much to the annoyance of many motorists, who were now lined up behind him waiting to pass. The man refused to budge though, he instead simply stared down the drivers, it was as if he were challenging them to come out and confront him. None did though. Instead, it was an elderly man who took it upon himself to try and solve this problem. He stepped out of his taxi, and slowly shuffled over to the man causing all this fuss.

The man slowly turned his head to face the old cabby, he gave no response though. He just looked at him menacingly, in a way that would probably make anybody else realise that he was up to no good, and it was probably best to leave him well alone. The old cabby decided to risk it though; I mean what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like he was going to get shot or anything…

The cabby then led the man over to his taxi, and helped him into the back. He then scuttled round the side of the car to the drivers door, and got in. Without even asking where the man wanted to go, he dangerously pulled out into traffic without checking his wing mirrors, and set off on yet another journey.

A few moments of silence followed, before a voice finally came from the back of the cab.

The cabby nodded, and ignored Helms weirdly giving him his full name as he continued driving through the city. The journey was a rather dull one, every now and then the cabby would shoot Helms a question but he’d never get an answer. After about twenty minutes the journey was finally over, and they arrived at their destination.

Helms didn’t seem like he wanted to pay, as he just got out of the cab and began walking away. The cabby wasn’t having any of that bullshit though, and he got out to chase down Helms. With the reflexes of a cat though, Helms span and fired a shot into the stomach of the old cabby who dropped to the ground.

With that said Helms turned and ran off down an alleyway, as various members of the public rushed over to the old man to try and help him. After a few minutes a loud gust of air was heard, as a masked flew into the picture. Quickly he darted over to the wounded cabby, deadest of saving him.

The old cabby reached up clutching the arm of The Hurricane, clearly thankful that he was here to help.

See, I told you he was thankful.

He didn’t actually ask for the mans name, but he’d just been shot so decided to give him a break. He also decided to ignore the fact that he called himself Uncle, even though it was unnervingly strange.

Uncle Ben pointed in the direction that Helms had ran off, The Hurricane decided not to give chase though. Instead he was going to stay with Uncle Ben, as he fought for his life.

Before Hurricane could finish what he was saying Uncle Ben cut in.

With that Hurricane looked down at Uncle Ben, and slowly slid his fingers into the gunshot wound, he felt around for a few seconds before pulling his fingers back out.

Asked The Hurricane, as he looked down at Uncle Ben with hope in his eyes.

The Hurricane lost his shit a little over this, and tipped over a bin that was next to him, spilling the single coffee cup that was in it out into the street. The onlookers were understandably appalled at this. Uncle Ben though saw the good in The Hurricane, and tried to reach out to him.

The Hurricane nodded, before kneeling back down and taking Uncle Ben in his arms. He then mustered up one final ounce of energy to give what were sure to be the last words he’d ever utter.

A single tear rolled down the cheek of The Hurricane, before falling onto Uncle Ben who took his final breath before succumbing to his wound. The Hurricane slowly rose to his feet, and looked down the street where the car jacker had fled earlier. With a deep sense of hatred boiling away inside him, he made the vow that’d send him to the depths of hell; and back again… Or to a wrestling show, either one would probably make Uncle Ben feel equally justified.

Then, with a simple flick of his cape The Hurricane vanished into the night sky. Evil had prospered on this night, but it had also fled knowing one very fear inducing fact; The World’s most incompetent super hero was hot on its heals.

Author:   RatedRViper
Date:   Oct 12, 12 at 7:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
Edge is walking backstage while the fans cheer they see him on the titantron. He is suddenly stopped by Josh Mathews

Josh: Uhmm excuse me Edge. Can i please talk to you about your match tonight?

Edge stops and turns around and stares at Josh

Edge: you want to talk to me? I guess you can. But ive gotta prepare for my match so not too long

Alright. So tonight you have a big match. Well a battle royal... Now this is basically a royal rumble match am i right?

Yeh it is. Except theres no entries... All competitors start... One remains at the end. Simple. And ive won battle royals before. Heck won the Royal Rumble before... And today? Today will be no dofferent

Okay then. Well what dovyou think the special prize is?

Edge chuckles as he looks at his feet thwn back at Josh

Well... Maybe its a title match.. Maybe its a chance to get into the TCW series... Nobody knows. Infact it could even be an apple! But there is one thing. Whether its this week or next, there will be. Suprise. Chow

Edge runs off leaving Josh standing in the interview area

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Oct 12, 12 at 8:53pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
THIS RP IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: RLFierro & The Voiceless

It was a cold night in Kentucky. Summer was over and the fall had arrived. In the arena, however, things were hot. Both temperature and atmosphere wise. Many things were said here tonight and most weren't friendly at all. The crowd was on fire for the show, chants overwhelming everything, even the commentators. They were excited for the show and it showed. Their attention was suddenly caught and silence was built through the arena. The lights had dimmed and a video began to play over the titan tron. On the screen were flashes of the woods. You couldn't pick up what was happening in these images as it was scrolling through them so fast. Suddenly, the video slowed down and a man was shown walking away from the camera. A black hood covered his head and the camera switched to beside the man as he stopped in his tracks.

It was revealed to be Tyson Kidd, the man we had heard from earlier. Every breath he exhaled could be picked up by the camera as the cold had hit wherever Tyson was. Kidd looked down, as did the camera. In his hands was the envelope he was given last week by Bray Wyatt. It had already been torn open and Kidd opened it up and inside was a piece of paper. Tyson opened it and it read "Wherever you need me, my brother, I'm there." Tyson shook his head as if he was disappointed. "All this, and he's not even here. I should've known he was feeding me nothing but lies. I am in need NOW! And he's nowhere to be found!" Tyson began to walk off until voices can be heard in near distance. He turned his head and began to head towards the voices. They grow louder and louder with every step he took. The camera began to pick up some of what the voice was saying, as if the person speaking was yelling. ". . . I know you're hurting man, I hurt too . . ." Kidd moved swiftly, before seeing some light in the distance. It was coming from a fire. He peered around from behind a tree and saw people sitting around the fire, with two men standing. One of the men standing was the voice Tyson had heard. He continued to listen. ". . . I found a way to stop hurting. I found a way to do away with the pain and inner demons I was facing man. I read up on the good book and I don't feel pain anymore. I feel God inside of me man. What are people gonna do when they realize they can't hurt me? I'll tell you what they should do my brothers and sisters. . . they should run."

Tyson recognized the voice now. He pulled something from his hoodie pocket and it was the letter from Bray Wyatt he had read earlier. He looked confused. "This has to be some mistake. Did I make a wrong turn Manson's place?" Tyson began to cautiously approach the people. It was as if Wyatt had heard foot steps heading his way because the man standing behind him headed towards Kidd. It was revealed to be Wyatt's associate, Brodie Lee. Kidd hid behind a nearby tree and just as Brodie was passing him, Tyson reached out and landed a sharp kick to Lee's stomach. Lee fell to his knees and Kidd jumped on top of him, locking in a sleeper hold. Brodie stood up with Tyson on his back and tried to throw him off, but Kidd's grip was held on too tight as Lee fell to one knee, about to pass out.

Suddenly, Kidd jumped off as a hand touches his shoulder. Lee hold onto his throat and begins to cough constantly. Tyson turns around, fists drawn and ready for a fight, but sees it was Bray Wyatt's hand that had touched him. Wyatt had a grin on his face and his cold breath could be seen. Tyson dropped his hands and put them in his hoodie pocket. Wyatt led him over to the fire. Kidd looked around and all the people surrounding the fire were all wearing hoods, their faces not being shown. Wyatt directed Tyson to a seat that was just a chopped down tree. "Take a seat my brother and hear my gospel." Tyson cautiously sat down and Wyatt walked back to his original area, behind him was Brodie Lee, whom was still holding his throat. Wyatt held his hands up and began to speak once more. "My brothers and sisters, we have a man with us who was given a talent from God. A talent that I haven't seen in many years. He was thrown to the wolves when he entered the big leagues of professional wrestling and turned to hallucinogens as a way to escape his pain, his fear, and quite frankly, his failure." Tyson took offense to this and stood up whilst shouting, "I am no failure! I am the Dynasty myself! And I don't hallucinate! I am the Phoenix! I will rise above you all..." His voice trailed off, as he realized how ridiculous he sounded now that he had slept the drugs off. "I don't know who I am anymore."

Wyatt let out a chuckle, looking towards his associate Brodie and then back to Tyson before speaking once more. "That's exactly my point my brother! You're scared! Scared of what the world has to offer you. I'll tell you what TJ, this world was created by our Lord Almighty and believe me, you have a purpose! Your purpose. . . is to be a Champion of God and my brother, I am the only one that lead you past your inner demons and to that salvation!" Wyatt held his arms out and bowed his head donning his white fedora. The crowd all at once let out applause for their leader. "TJ, join my Congregation and I can promise you that you will no longer be afraid. I can promise you the right path. I can promise you brotherhood, all I ask for is your cooperation and dedication to myself, your brothers and sisters, and more importantly, our Lord and Savior."

The camera panned over to Tyson, who looked conflicted in this decision he was asked to make. He looked down at himself and pulled something else from his hoodie pocket. It was a rolled substance that he had come dependent upon these last few months. He then looked back up at Wyatt, who had his arms held out, waiting for a response. Kidd made a fist with his hand and dropped the substance from his hand. It fell to the dirt, crushed and bent. He let out a smile for the first time in what seemed like years to him and spoke. "God placed me on this earth for a purpose! To be a warrior of God and his word! I'm no phoenix, but that doesn't mean I'm merely a man! I can stand for God! Brother, I want to join you. I want to give myself to your Congregation. Just lead me down the right path!." Tyson had made his pledge and joined Wyatt and his Congregation as the others let out a clap again, only Wyatt and Brodie joined along this time. Wyatt chuckled out loud before turning to his group once more and began to speak. "Well my brothers and sisters, we have grown by one here tonight and the teachings of our Lord will go to a worthy man. I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world." Amen." After that was said, the Congregation, including Tyson repeated, "Amen." Wyatt began to walk off, as Brodie followed him. The Congregation stood from their seats and began walking out of the forest, except Tyson. Kidd watched as everyone left and looked up the sky. The stars peering down at him and the camera catches Tyson saying one more thing before it fades to black.


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