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Author:   ADA 2
Date:   Sep 30, 12 at 12:03pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
Main Event - TCW Championship Series Match
Fatal Fourway
CM Punk Vs. John Cena Vs. Derrick Bateman Vs. Antonio Cesaro

It was a backstage corridor that the camera man was walking down, looking for someone apparently, and soon that person was found. The camera man shouted out to the person as he then turned around, looking back at the camera man who yelled. The man would have a bit of a smile on his face, as he knew what the camera man wanted. The camera was turned on. The fans would see who it was. It was none other than Antonio Cesaro. The cameraman would give a 3.. 2.. 1..and he would allow Antonio Cesaro to speak, and indeed he would start to speak.

A smirk would come from the international sensation as he looked into the camera. This was his last chance to speak to the crowd about the importance of his match and he was not going to waste this golden opportunity. He had s mirk on his face as he stared right down into the camera and continued to speak.

Antonio Cesaro would then walk forward just a little bit, as he would look at the camera, before talking into it once more. He was not yet done, not by a long shot he still had much more to say about his upcoming match.

A smirk on Antonio Cesaro face continues to grow as he would continue to walk forward, before stopping suddenly and then he turns around a little bit and he would then lean against a wall and then he spoke into the camera.

It almost seemed as if he spat those words out as frustration washed over him. John Cena has gotten inside that head and that was not good. Antonio Cesaro would quickly compose himself as he then continued to speak.

Once again Antonio Cesaro takes a small break as he collects himself, when he was finished thinking over what he wanted to say next he finally spoke up.

Antonio Cesaro would practically yell into the camera as his face got intense, and he would move off the wall and walk a bit, his back to the camera, maybe this was over, but no he would turn back to the camera, and he would speak into it once more.

After that was said, Antonio Cesaro would look into the camera with a smile, and then walked away as the camera faded out. That was his last chance to strike fear into his opponent’s hearts and he did just that. Antonio Cesaro has spoken for the final time tonight, he was now ready. He left the cameraman as he headed to his own locker room, the main event would be the next time you would see him and when it comes to the main event, Antonio Cesaro will be the one to have his hand raised in the air as the victor.

Author:   CHKFLIP
Date:   Sep 30, 12 at 12:30pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Destroy a GIANT!?

Scene I; Doing the impossible.
Doink could be spotted pulling into the parking lot of the Neyland Stadium. Knoxville had always been good to Doink through the years; although it had been many years since, it was as if a day hadn't passed at all and Doink had been a main event superstar the whole time. People were flooding his little clown car with photographs and sharpie pens. Doink looked down as he pulled the keys from his ignition. Something was weighing heavily on Big D's mind, but he wouldn't allow his fans to see this. So, with a sigh, he popped his door open and climbed out with a smile to the scream of his many fans. More children than women. He spread a fake smile from ear to ear as he slowly made his way through the crowd, signature after signature after signature, until he got to the door leading into the building. He turned around and opted for a few more fan photos and autographs before getting into the building and seeing someone he hadn't seen in a few weeks time.

Doink huffs past his manager who had a somber and apologetic look on his face. Big D strolls right past the midget and the camera stays on the little one as he turns to face the viewfinder with a grin as big as ever. It looks as if his pushing of Doink into the danger zone is on purpose. The big clown's tag victory was but a bump in the road to the right direction. Looks like this is far from the last we've seen between these two face-painting enthusiasts.

Scene II; Push has come to shove.
Doink was speed walking through the backstage area in a huff after the exchange of words with the manager he hadn't seen in almost three weeks. He was approaching his locker room when he saw Maria walking the halls from the opposite direction. A great sigh escaped him loud enough to get her attention. She didn't look like she was dressed or equipped to interviwe anyone but, in Doink's current state of mind, the clown was self-absorbed just enough to infer the wrong thing here.

Doink turns around and begins marching to the sound booth. Maria looks on with a smile and a shake of her head.

Author:   Suzaku_Firebird
Date:   Sep 30, 12 at 2:34pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Finishing Moves:
Winds of Change (Spinning Side Slam) l Wasteland (Forwards Fireman's Carry Slam) l The Souvenir (Arm wrench transitioned into a short-arm forearm smash)

The first Pay-Per-View in TCW since the eight-month hiatus is upon us. Path to Destiny. That one word......destiny. Fate. A predetermined path in life.

The fans are anxious for Path to Destiny as they sit in the seats of Neyland Stadium in Knoxville. They await a hectic Fatal-Four-Main Event and the crowning of the first TCW Television Champion. The cameras cut to our commentary trio as they hype up the night and run down the match card.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, we are only hours away from the start of TCW Path to Destiny! I don't know about you two, but I'm looking forward to tonight. Starting us off is a Triple Threat Match to determine a qualifier in the TCW Championship Series between Brock Lesnar, Dude Love, and Trent Barretta. All three men look to enter the world title hunt, but who will prevail?

Tazz: The action doesn't stop their Cole! Right after that, we're gonna have our first TCW Television Champion here tonight! Wade Barrett vs Dean Ambrose, this shit is gonna be intense!

Almost as if on cue, the lights begin to dim to a navy blue and the lights begin flashing. The opening guitar riff of "Far From Over" by Rev Theory hits the P.A. System as the titantron video of Wade Barrett begins rolling.

Wade Barrett Titantron

The crowd boos as Wade slowly makes his way out from behind the curtain, loosening his arms. Dressed in dark gray jeans and a black blazer over a maroon t-shirt, Wade makes his way down the ramp. He taunts to the crowd before climbing the steps and stepping into the ring, motioning for a microphone from Lilian Garcia who obliges. Wade paces back and forth, bouncing the microphone into his hand before speaking, the crowd booing him as his voice begins to echo around the arena.

"I will ask you all once to be quiet. I will address all of you momentarily, as I feel I should, however you will all hold your tongues until I do. What I have to say at this moment does not apply to any of you."

Wade pauses as he waits for the crowd to simmer down. Not slowing down, Wade just shakes his head in disappointment. He leans over the ropes and screams to the crowd that he can wait out here all day. In a few minutes that seems like an hour, the crowd finally stops before Barrett begins to speak again.

"Thank you. Was that so difficult? No, I don't believe it was. Now back to the topic at hand.....I feel the need to speak to a man who does not seem to have been listening over the past few weeks. Dean Ambrose, I am speaking specifically to you. And please don't just block me out and ignore me right now, I'm not going to go off with insults that a five-year old would think up. Nor do I give a damn about your affiliation with Alex Riley. I am a businessman, I can see when to try to make a deal that will benefit me in the long-term. However, Mr. Ambrose, I do feel the need to correct you."

Wade walks slowly around the ring, juggling the microphone in hand before raising it back to his lips. He second guesses himself before calling to the back. Raising a hand to silence the fans that are stirring, he awaits as the titantron begins to roll footage of Dean Ambrose from the end of the last episode of TCW Mayhem.

    "It's ironic considering this pay per view is titled, "Path of Destiny". You wanna know why ladies and gentlemen? Tonight is the beginning of my "Path of Destiny" when I go toe to toe with a man I've already beaten once, Wade Barrett. You see Wade, you are talented. You are a fighter and you fight for decimation and complete dominance. While I fight for my revolution, my freedom! You can say it's like the American Revolution all over again, can't you? And we know what happened last time something like this happened. Barrett, that TCW Television Championship belongs to me and only me! This is my calling! My path of destiny! Once I enter that ring with you, fists will be thrown, bodies will be aching, and blood will be spilled and I can promise, the blood won't be coming from me. [The crowd gives off major heat for Dean.] And when the night is through and I am holding my TCW Television Championship over my head with your blood staining the gold, everyone in this arena will be bowing before their martyr and shouting at the top of their lungs ... LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!"
After the footage finishes, the crowd begin booing once again, this time at Dean Ambrose, despite the lack of his physical presence. Wade rolls his eyes before raising the microphone to his lips.

'Shut up. [Crowd stops booing] Thank you. Now then, Dean, I have no issue with you desiring to fight for your apparent freedom. I also thank you for calling me talented, despite it being something I already know. However, what followed that is where you are wrong. I am a fighter, I hurt people, but I do not fight to crush people. I do not stain my hands with filth and blood, I do not put myself in the situation to have my bones broken only so I can defeat others and be at the top of the peak. When I first existed in the abyss, perhaps I truly did. But after my No longer. Because Dean, if you had listened, perhaps you did and were ignorant, or perhaps you thought I was lying.....I do not fight to defeat others. I fight, my Barrett Barrage, my crusade, it comes from my own revolution you could say. To refresh your memory Mr. Ambrose, the lies.....those which people hide behind, the masks, the false appearances that are put on.....those are why I fight. To rip them away, to dissipate the smoke and mirrors. That is why I fight. I fight those who would get in the way of that goal. I've explained myself week after week. I will rip away the lies of this world, one step at a time. No matter how many times I fall, I will get back up and continue on, this is my battleground, my trench, and I will win the war, no matter how many battles I lose."

Wade pauses as the crowd finally begins to speak again. Some cheer, some boo, others just sit there watching Wade. Barrett glances around before stepping out of the ring and walking up the stage. He makes his way over to the minitron and stares at the "Path to Destiny" graphic.

"Now I am done addressing you Dean. You can block me and continue to do whatever it was you were doing prior, I don't care. If I need to tell it to you later, I will do so. Now then, TCW is when I adress you. Tonight, we approach on what is known as the Path to Destiny. That one single word is possibly one of the biggest lies I have heard throughout my entire life. Destiny. Fate. Fortune. The fact that your life is already planned out for you the moment you enter this world. We're all traveling down a road that we can't change. We don't know where it ends, but we have to stick to it. It is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. I have never believed in a predetermined life. It is a lie. The fact that some greater power in the universe exists and plans out your life from the moment your body is formed to the moment your body is dust is accepted astounds me. Nothing in this life is predetermined. The only guarantee is death. There is no "It is my destiny to ...." There is no "path of destiny." There is life. There is death. And the decisions, the changes you make in-between. That is the truth. No lie of a fate set for you. And no lie that your actions do not effect something or someone. Life is not chiseled into stone, it is influenced by what you decide to do. There's no escaping that. You can lie that everything happens for a reason or that maybe the horrible thing you did won't have any impact at all, I even need to repeat myself?"

Wade places his left hand is in his pocket while letting his right arm rest at his side. Nothing left to say, Wade sets the microphone on the stage before walking to the curtain. He shifts it aside and pauses for a moment before stepping through it as we then cut to our broadcast trio. Booker T attempts to make heads or tails of what Wade said before Cole and Tazz tell him to just ignore it and continue to go down tonight's card before the screen cuts to black.

Author:   bobbpugg5
Date:   Sep 30, 12 at 3:17pm (PST)
Subject:   and the race is on...

Derrick Bateman

{"Ladies and gentlemen, our company is in need of a leader." A large, regal podium is set up on a large wooden stage. Actual location: unknown. A crowd is gathered at ground level, looking up at the highly decorated stage and the man leaning on it and talking. There are American flags everywhere, hanging behind the podium as some sort of curtain, as stickers on beams on each side, as an insignia on the stage itself. It's like Uncle Sam just threw up on himself. On the podium itself, is an oversized, stylized version cut-out picture of the speaker's head. Behind the podium is the man of the hour, the man too sweet to be sour, the current front-runner of the TCW Championship series, Derrick Bateman. It looks like some sort of political rally with Bateman decked out in a full suit, almost well fitted, and some totally kick ass sunglasses, ready to be removed for an upcoming dramatic moment. Bateman continues with his speech to his audience en mass.

"TCW is a wonderful and magical place. This company, dollar for dollar, is the best entertainment in the business today. And Miss Eve Torres is running this company wonderfully. I have no qualms with her and her managerial style. I am not intending to step on any toes. But this locker room is in need of inspiration. This locker room is in need of motivation. This locker room is in need of….Derrick Bateman." Cue an applause break from the audience. Flash bulbs flash (what else would they do) as Bateman puts on a super cheesy smile, pointing at and facing the various members of the media around this convention.

As the crowd's roar lowers, Bateman continues. "My ideals, the concepts and beliefs that I hold dearest to me, would lead this company to the greatest prosperity it has ever achieved," he says gallantly. "I am more patriotic than anyone on the roster, and my love of women is unmatched. And I will defend what is right with truth and justice. Truth and justice, by the way, are what I call my fists." Another applause break. Obviously. "I am the personification of manliness, upholding a lifestyle of a true manly man, a shining beacon in a world filled with bacon…as it should be."

"My opponents would tell you that I don't know what I'm talking about. My opponents would tell you that I haven't been around in this industry as long as them. They might tell you that I'm just a nice head of hair, an adorable face with boyish good looks, the body of a god, and the gimmick of a deity. And the latter I will not not disagree with. And I'm not going to get into a shouting match with them. But I can attempt to discredit them, and slander their name in some sort of promotional speech, or what I've dubbed, a promo."

"John Cena would tell you that he is the all-american hero. He would tell you that he's the everyman that TCW needs. Well I think enough is enough. I think we've had enough terms of this guy in office. We've Cena-nuff. See what I did there? I turned his name into a specific insult. And a sound byte for media to pick up on. In case you missed it, here it is one more time, so get your recorders out…we've Cena-nuff. I'm not saying that it's an easy battle with Cena. Some people are going to vote with him simply because they don't want change. They are content with the middle of the road, and will he happy with Mr. Cena in office. But I represent a change. A change made of hot chicks, cool mustaches, and hot dogs with mini American flag toothpicks in them. If you believe in that kind of future, then I know who you'll vote for on November 6th."

"Antonio Cesaro is a threat to our daily lives. He represents the foreign threat to this country of TCW. He is arrogant, abusive to women, and trying to destroy our freedoms with his militant Swiss ways. Just like a Switzerlandian - very hostile. Cesaro claims that he knows what is best for all of TCW, but all it does is placate his own ego. And the sad part is, he doesn't even have the in-ring work to back up his claims. And I have it on good authority that he is a premature ejaculator. Do you really want that man running the company? The day Mr. Cesaro gets into office is the day my name isn't Derrick Rutherford Bateman. This man has yet to get a victory over me. And if you people are with me, then he still won't!" Another raucous ovation kicks starts in the crowd. Bateman soaks it in, looking down and flipping to another page of his notes before continuing. "And CM Punk is a communist. End of story there, am I right?" End of story indeed.

"So ladies and gentlemen, I assure you that I will remain victorious at Path to Destiny. I will move forward towards the TCW World Heavyweight Championship and towards uniting you all like you have never been united before. I'm going to unite the crap out of you all. Too long, didn't read; I am officially announcing my candidacy for TCW President!" The crowd erupts into a feverish applause, completely behind their choice, Mr. Bateman. The camera shot gets into a tight close-up of Derrick on stage. He looks directly into the camera and says...

"I'm Derrick Bateman and I approve this message."}

Author:   Disenchanted
Date:   Sep 30, 12 at 4:17pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN

Walkin' after dark
In the New York City park
Your thoughts are so unholy
In the holiest of holes
Onward Christian soldiers
Filled with jivin' mind control

The blood left on the dance floor
Runnin', runnin' red
The bullet that you asked for
Killin' you to death
Unless you...

Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Voices in my head are sayin',
"Shoot that *bleep*er down."

We are the vultures
The dirtiest kind
We'll cut you once
In your heart and your mind

Walkin' after dark
In the New York City park
I'll pick up what's left in the club
My pocket full of pills
Sodom and Gomorrah
In the century of thrills
[ Lyrics from:
The blood left on the dance floor
Runnin', runnin' red
The bullet that you asked for
Killin' you to death
Unless you...

Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Hold him underwater
'Till the mother*bleep*er drowns

We are the vultures
The dirtiest kind
We'll cut you once
In your heart and your mind
Someone's gonna get you boy
Shoot that *bleep*er down

Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Shoot that *bleep*er down

Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Someone kill the DJ, shoot the *bleep*ing DJ
Voices in my head are sayin'
"Shoot that *bleep*er down"

The introductory video package and music for the Pay Per View come to an end, and the firework display signaling the beginning of the event kicks in with full force. The cameras slowly pan around the arena, showing the excitement of the fans in attendance, before switching to a view of the three commentators stationed happily at their desk...

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the very first Pay Per View in this new era of Wrestling, TCW’s presentation of Path To Destiny!
Booker T: Aww yeah, and do we have one hell of a show for you guys tonight!
Taz: You’re not wrong book, to start with lets talk out about Rocketbuster of a Main Event tonight! A TCW series Fatal Fourway!
Michael Cole: And as exciting as that may be partner, we have a whole lot of action to show off before we even reach the main event! Our first Television Champion will be crowned when Dean Ambrose meets Wade Barrett, we have a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match as well.
Taz: And lets not forget, we have The Brian Kendrick making his in-ring debut tonight against The Ryback, and Randy Orton is taking on Stone Cole Steve Austin in a No-DQ match!
Booker T: Man I can’t overlook my boy Stone Cold for that one, he’s a legend and even though Orton takes pride in killing legends, I think that’s one legend he won’t be taking down!
Michael Cole: As much as I’m sure everybody wants to listen to us talking, it looks like we’re about ready to get underway!

The Camera zooms in on Lilian in the ring getting ready to announce someone or something


The fans jump of their seat, filled with excitement and cheer so loud that even the commentators cant be heard, even with their mics

Metalingus by Alter Bridge plays... After a five second wait, Edge comes out onto the stage with a microphone in his right hand, wearing his T-Shirt. He runs to each end of the ramp before walking to the middle of the ramp, bends down then raises his hands (and puts his fingers into a punk-rock style) then his fireworks go off. he runs into the ring and the music stops as he gets ready to speak to the TCW Universe

Edge: Thank You... thank you for cheering me on in my first match here in TCW, against Brock Lesnar. [The fans chant 'We Want Edge, Lesnar Sucks" repeatedly] But thank you to the TCW board of Directors for letting me join TCW. But i wanted to thank the TCW Universe, if it werent for you, id still be retired.

The fans cheer for Edge, a little quieter than before, but still loud

Edge: Now then... onto my Match tonight. TLC... Dolph Ziggler. The show Off, verses Alex Riley, The Guy Who Gets People To Do His Dirty Work For Him, and finally... Me. The Ultimate Oppotunist, The Rated R Superstar... Edge. Dolph, i have beaten you more times than i can remember.. time after time you tried but failed. Alex, i havent fought you yet but i can see why. Two reasons. 1, because you can't wrestle. i have beaten Kane, John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, and The UNDERTAKER! 2. I don't hit girls...

The fans laugh at Alex Riley as Edge is in the ring chuckling. The fans start Chanting 'We want Tables! *clap clap clap* We want Ladders *clap clap clap* We Want Chairs *clap clap clap*' followed by 'We Want Edge, Riley Sucks. We want Edge, Ziggler Sucks'

Edge: The reason i am in this match is three reasons. 1. because i am tired of Zigglers attitude, just like the Whole Universe, 2. I am tired of Riley hiring people to try and take out his competitiors. and 3. Becuase i will avenge my friend. JEFF HARDY!

The fans roar in cheer and Chant "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy"

Edge: oh, and Tonight, we will have the returning episode of... The Cutting Edge, tonight! with a mystery guest... or two

The camera fades as Metalingus by Alter Bridge plays and Edge exits the ring and heads to the back

Michael Cole: Wow, it looks like edge is looking to make a statement tonight against his two opponents!
Taz: Yeah, and avenge his friend Jeff, of course. The friend he beat up to get into the match in the first place hahaha.
Booker T: Dat was some funny shit.
Michael Cole: Moving swiftly on, we’re ready for our first match of the evening, which is a Last Chance Series Qualifier!

Dude Love Vs. Trent Baretta Vs. Brock Lesnar
Last Chance TCW Series Qualifier
Triple Threat

The three men circle the middle of the ring, and Love and Baretta immediately seem to think the best option is to team up to take on the mountain that is Brock Lesnar. They both charge at him swinging for the fences and managed to pen him back against the turnbuckle. They continue the attack until he falls down to one knee, but as they take a second to admire their handiwork Lesnar burst out of the corner like an animal and takes down Love with a huge spear. He then turns his attention to Baretta, nailing him a massive right before clinching him in a bear hug, and sending him flying across the ring with a huge belly-to-belly suplex. Lesnar continues to go to work on his two opponents, lifting up Love and hitting him with a backbreaker, he doesn’t let go though. Instead he nails it two more times, before dropping Love’s body to the canvas where he rives in pain. Baretta tries to use the distraction to his advantage as he launches himself onto the back of Lesnar, landing clubbing blows to the side of his head. The strategy only works for a few moments though, as Lesnar with ease grabs Trent by the hair, and rips him off of his back. He then forces him against the ropes and looks ready to take his head off with a haymaker, but from behind Love takes out Lesnar’s knee. This allows Baretta the chance to lift Lesnar over him as he back drops him over the top rope and down to the ground outside of the ring! Baretta and Love look down at a downed Lesnar for a few seconds, before turning on each other and going on the attack. Love lands a series of right hands that back Baretta up into the corner, but with a quick kick to Love’s knee Baretta takes control of the match. He lands a knee to Love’s body before targeting the already weakened back of Dude Love. He lifts him into the air, and drops him back first onto the canvas, he rolls into a cover but only manages to get a two count. He pulls Love up to his feet, and this time calls for the power bomb, Trent doesn’t appear to have enough strength to pull off the move though, and Love manages to fight out of it by sending Baretta flying over him with a back body drop. Love then goes to work, landed a series of elbows to the side of Baretta’s head, before kicking him in the mid section and nailing the piledriver! Love makes the cover 1…2… Lesnar breaks up the pin! Lesnar makes quick work of Love as he lifts him up and throws him hard into the turnbuckle pads, which knock Love down. Lesnar then turns his attention to Trent as he hoists him onto his shoulders looking to hit the F-5… And the bell rings for a no-contest. Don’t *bleep*ing no show on my show you pricks.

Taz: What knobs.
Michael Cole: Oh well, shouldn’t have no showed.
Taz: That’s right, meathead.

After the incredible opening match, the fans were on the edge of their seats. It was TCW's first pay per view and the unpredictable would happen tonight as many superstars would begin their "Path of Destiny". One man who would have a hell of a fight a head of him was Dolph Ziggler, who appeared on camera backstage. Ziggler, sitting in a steel foldout chair, tying his boots up looked determined like never before. He knew tonight was his time to shine and show the world what he was made of. Vickie was nowhere to be seen as Ziggler had to put all of his attention onto his tables, ladders, and chairs match and lets face it, Vickie is a big distraction. The crowd isn't in favor of Dolph here tonight and they vocal their opinions. "The Show Off" stand up in a hurry when a door is heard slamming. He sighs in relief and chuckles as he begins to speak.

"Whoa Dean, you scared me there for a second, I wasn't expecting anyone to come in my dressing room until my match was coming up. I'm kinda nervous about my match for tonight. I mean this is our first pay per view. Know one wants to lose on the first pay per view of this business. But I have won ladder match's before, and this time will be no different. Sure I'm facing Edge, and Alex Riley, I have pinned Riley before, and a few years ago I beat Edge for the World Title. So talking about showing off I am the pick to win this one."

The camera pans over to reveal Dean Ambrose, which the crowd definitely doesn't approve of, giving off major heat for "The Most Dangerous Man in TCW". Ambrose doesn't look too happy as per usual, brushing the hair from his eyes. Ziggler seems a little intimidated by his partner. Ambrose steps forward to Dolph, before tossing the steel foldout chair Ziggler was once sitting in into the lockers closest to him. Ziggler flinches in fear, but sees that Dean is grinning like he always does. Ambrose puts his hand on Dolph's shoulder and begins to speak.

Dean smirks and stands proud as if he had already won the match against Barrett and the championship. The crowd weren't fans of either Ambrose or Barrett, but after the weeks leading up to this night, Dean has committed some despicable things. They were obviously torn between who they wanted to lose here tonight. Dean's moment was interrupted when clapping is heard from behind him and Ziggler. Dolph seems to recognize the person clapping as he begins to scratch his forehead. From the side enters the man himself, CM Punk! The crowd cheers for this man, knowing Punk didn't particular like Ambrose nor Ziggler. Dean turns towards Punk and the two men stand face to face with Punk finally speaking up.

"Bravo, Bravo, honestly, that was very touching, oh wait I'm sorry did I interrupt something? [Punk Smirks] You know what, don't even answer that, because it's kind of annoying when two guys try to intimidate one guy ins't it? Well how about I slap the stupid looks off of both of your faces? Maybe I should take you both on in a handicap match at the next Warzone? Because nothing would please me more than to put an end to this charade you two assholes think that you're doing."

Obviously what Punk had said bothered Ambrose, who tenses up and reacts as if he were going to deck "The Best in the World". Punk doesn't even flinch, just stands firm and smirks at Dean's annoyance. Ziggler tries to pull Ambrose back, but Ambrose shrugs Dolph's hand away and begins to smirk himself before speaking.

Ambrose walks off, shoulder bumping Punk on the way out as Punk just stands, biting onto his lower lip. Ziggler just stands looking at Punk and starts to chuckle. Punk reacts.

"Ziggler, why don't you tell your 'master' of insanity to get his facts right, because honestly, I don't really care what those fans think and I don't mean that in a bad way, I mean it in the way that they respect me because I go out and do what I have to do to win and that's kick some ass and on top of that, pass the message on that his revolution or what ever he has planned, when that revolution meets with my order and my CM Punk Era, you can bet your ass that it's going to cause a catastrophic explosion. So Ziggles, why don't you take you, that Mr. Perfect stroke Billy Gunn hair style and please get out of my way before I put you to sleep."

Punk stares directly in to Zigglers eyes trying to intimidate him which fails to do so, only to respond with.

"The only thing that will put me to sleep, is your voice and constant blabbering which nobody even cares about. [Ziggler grins] Catch you later, Punk."

As Ziggler walks out, the camera focuses on Punk whose grin has changed to a slight frown and a smirk, the cameras then fade out.

Michael Cole: Wow, CM Punk didn’t look happy there!
Taz: Can you blame him? Ziggler was rubbing him up the wrong way on purpose!
Booker T: Moving right on ahead we got the much anticipated Television Championship match right here, this should be an incredible match between two awesome young talents!

Dean Ambrose Vs. Wade Barrett
TCW Television Championship

The referee in charge of the contest holds the currently vacant title high up into the air for all to see, performing a complete 360 degree turn to ensure everybody sees the prize up for grabs. The competitors look at it with glee, before returning to their corners and waiting the bell that signals the beginning of the match. They don’t have to wait for too long, as the ref hands the title to the timekeeper and calls for the bell, which promptly rings signaling the beginning of the match. The two men approach each other, before showing an unusual amount of sportsmanship by shaking hands. Eventually, the niceties have to come to an end though, and it’s Wade Barrett that makes the first move, lunging at Ambrose and grabbing him by the head, putting him quickly into a headlock and holding it tight. Ambrose uses his ring sense however to move towards the ropes, before launching Wade away, bounding across the ring towards the ropes opposite. Barrett charges back towards Ambrose and attempts a clothesline, but the move is ducked and the technician jumps up and hits a dropkick, sending Wade to the mat, and ultimately to the floor on the outside of the ring! Ambrose steps back towards the middle of the ring, and crouches down, watching Barrett as he slowly gets back up to his feet and the ref begins his count. With a smirk, he watches Barrett turn around, before running towards him and diving through the middle rope! Both men lay on the ground outside the ring, as the referee moves towards the ropes and has a good look at the two men before starting his count over, ensuring both are still ok to compete. The count begins once again, and Barrett is the first man to begin to get to his feet, using the ring apron as an aid to his re-verticalising. He rests against the turnbuckle post as Ambrose gets back up to his feet, and sensing an opportunity the Brit lays in wait... Before ducking out of the way just as Ambrose attempts to launch himself at him! Dean Ambrose smashes right into the post and crumples to the floor! Barrett lifts up his opponent and rolls him into the ring under the bottom rope before making a cover... One, Two... No! Ambrose kicks out, leaving Barrett incensed! He approaches the referee, who vehemently denies that he had enough time to strike the mat a third time, and during the kerfuffle Ambrose gets up and dashes towards Barrett, rolling him up with a school boy! One... Two... Another kickout! Ambrose hits the mat in frustration, before backing away from Barrett who quickly gets to his feet, and he is not happy. He runs towards Ambrose in an attempt to clothesline him, but it’s another ducked move and Ambrose quickly begins throwing strong right hands at the former bare-knuckle boxer, forcing him back into the corner before chopping him across the chest, eliciting a clear ‘wooo’ from the crowd. Ambrose quickly grabs ahold of Barrett’s head, spinning him around and slamming his head into the turnbuckle with vigor. Wade stumbles backwards, and Ambrose ascends to the second turnbuckle, attempting a crossbody but Barrett somehow finds it within himself to catch Ambrose and fall forwards, slamming him straight onto the mat! Barrett rolls off, leaving both men laying on the ground, panting for breath... Both men slowly get up to their feet and Ambrose attempts a clothesline... But Wade ducks it and lifts up Ambrose... Before hitting the Wasteland! He makes the cover... One, Two... Three!

Michael Cole: And there we have it Ladies and Gentlemen! Wade Barrett is our first Television Champion!
Taz: And what a performance that was to capture the gold, Cole. He truly deserves that!
Booker T: There’s no doubt in my head that at such a young age, there’s no way this is the end for him. He’s looking ahead to bigger and better things here in TCW!
Michael Cole: I think you’re right there, Book, and I for one think it won’t be very long at all until he’s accomplished those bigger things!

All of a sudden, Eve’s music hits the sound system, and the celebrations are cut short.

Eve: Don’t celebrate too much, sweetheart. It’s great to know you’re a champion, but it falls to me to inform you that TCW is a very traditional organization, and so we’ll be keeping within the traditions of the industry. You’ll be defending that Championship... Every single week, on Warfare!

With that, the music hits once again, and the newly crowned champion looks on in anguish as the General Manager leaves.

Taz: Wow! He won’t be happy with that!

The Pay-Per-View crowd is restless when the lights go down, making everyone go crazy. A purple spotlight shows on the top of the entrance ramp over no one. After a few moments of silence a gong is heard echoing throughout the arena.


The arena goes deafly silent, then the dark and deep voice of The Undertaker is heard.

The days are counting down until the return of The Undertaker and the destruction of world. Soon all will witness the re-birth of Total Championship Wrestling as darkness will consume all that it touches. Prepare thy selves for a revolution and embrace the evolution of the darkness.


The spotlight goes away without anyone ever appearing in it.

Taz: Wow! Undertaker! But right now, we get to move swiftly onto our next match, which is yet another last chance qualifier for the TCW Series!
Booker T: Aww yeah, but this one runs a little deeper than the last! My boy Mark Henry is done messin’ with that stupid clown, and he needs to take him down here and now!
Michael Cole: I’m not sure, Book! I think you underestimate Doink as a competitor, underneath that fun exterior is a mat veteran of over twenty years. This won’t be as easy as you think!

Doink The Clown Vs. Mark Henry
Last Chance TCW Series Qualifier

The ring of the bell signals the beginning of this high emotion match, and the two men inside the ring circle one another slowly. They prepare to lock up, but Doink quickly realizes that he isn’t going to get anywhere with that against a man the size of Henry, and slowly backs away to inspect the situation fully. Henry slowly moves towards Doink who sizes up Henry, before sharply lunging forward and diving at Henry’s leg, which immediately causes the big man to drop to one knee as the pain shoots through his knee. Doink jumps back up to his feet and starts aiming well placed kicks at Henry’s legs and lower back, trying to keep the behemoth grounded for as long as possible. Henry tries to push Doink away to allow himself to return to his feet, but Doink dashes towards the ropes and comes back at Henry, taking him down to the mat with a clothesline! The clown quickly makes the cover, but he hasn’t hurt Henry nearly enough for that and the World’s Strongest Man powers out of the cover with a strong kickout at just a one-count. Doink smirks at Henry glares at him, before stepping back a few paces and allowing his monstrous opponent to get back up to his feet and compete fairly. With a smirk, Doink approaches Henry again to tries to grab hold of him, but despite his age Doink is surprisingly agile, and ducks away every time Henry attempts a grab and sends a kick of his own flying towards him. It isn’t long at all before Henry is back one knee again, and Doink is fully in control of the match. After a few moments, Doink decides to take a risk and climbs up to the second turnbuckle, awaiting Henry’s return to his feet... And jumps off with a flying crossbody! ...But Henry catches him! He’s going for it... The World’s Strongest Slam! What a crushing move onto Doink The Clown! One... Two... Thr- NO! Doink somehow, miraculously, manages to kick out of Henry’s finisher! The World’s Strongest Man is furious, and approaches the referee with his complaints, who insists that the count wasn’t slow and Doink kicked out fair and square! Henry turns around to see Doink gasping for breath on the floor, and slowly approaches him, ready to go in for the kill once and for all. He lifts Doink slowly up off of the ground, and whips him against the ropes, and as Doink rebounds towards him, he scoops him up for another WSS! He prepares to drop him down, but Doink starts to struggle, and somehow manages to topple Henry over! He lays on top of Henry as they both drop onto the ground, and makes the cover... But he grabs hold of the ropes, and the referee doesn’t seem to notice as he has the rope in one hand and Henry’s leg in the other... One... Two.... Three! Doink the Clown does it! Doink is in the TCW Championship Series!

Michael Cole: Oh My God! Doink wins! He’s in the series!
Taz: Not fairly though Cole, don’t forget that!
Booker T: Fair shmair! How you gon’ beat Henry in a fair match anyway! Look at him!
Taz: You’re right Book, but at least try!
Michael Cole: He did try! He tried his ass off! But one move from Henry can be dehabilitating!
Booker T: Aww well, he’s into the series! That’s all that matters!

The cameras cut backstage to where the GM is walking with John Laurinaitis. Eve looks ahead, disinterested in whatever the hell Laurinaitis is saying. He carries with him a large stack of papers which look like contracts. Laurinaitis tries to talk to her, but she does not want anything to do with him. Eve walks faster and Laurinaitis increases his own speed. It is a low-speed chase that Eve will not win, and she knows it.

Eve stops and Laurinaitis turns to see what she is talking about. The camera turns as well to find and unconscious Mark Henry, bleeding from the head. A message on the wall, in blood, reads, "His day of judgement has passed." The camera turns back to Eve.

Laurinaitis runs off as Eve looks down at her wrestler with concern.

Taz: What the hell was that all about?!
Michael Cole: I don’t know, Taz, but Henry looks in a bad, bad way!
Booker T: Right after his match as well! He’s walked backstage and somebody has immediately targeted him!
Michael Cole: I hope they get him looked at, quick. He looked terrible! And that message on the wall, chilling...
Taz: It’s awful stuff, Cole, but we got a show to get on with. And right now, it’s about to get even more violent, in TLC!

Edge Vs. Dolph Ziggler Vs. Alex Riley
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

The three men circle the middle of the ring, and straight away Ziggler and Riley go at each other, leaving Edge to stand and watch his opponents fighting. Ziggler takes down Riley and quickly goes to work nailing him with right hand after right hand. Ziggler then turns his attention to Edge and charges at him, only to be met with a stiff clothesline that sends him down to the ground. Edge then continues the attack, stomping on Ziggler’s midsection repeatedly before lifting him up and taking him down with a suplex. Before he can go for a cover though, he’s hit in the back from behind by Riley who was now sporting a steel folding chair. The impact sends Edge down, and rolling out of the ring in pain, leaving Riley to focus on Ziggler. He goes to slam the chair into Ziggler’s chest, but Dolph manages to roll out of the way and quickly gets back to his feet. Riley charges at Ziggler though, only to be met with a dropkick which sends the chair he’s holding crashing into his face! Ziggler then picks up the chair looking to go to work on Riley, however he’s quickly taken out by Edge, who slams a ladder into the side of his head! Edge then sets the ladder up against the turnbuckle pads, and grabs both of Ziggler’s legs. He falls back catapulting Ziggler towards the ladder, but somehow Ziggler manages to avoid crashing into the ladder, and winds up standing on the runs. Ziggler then launches himself off the ladder into Edge, leaving both of them down!

All three men struggle back to their feet, already feeling the affects of the match. Ziggler is the first two get to a full vertical base, and he’s quick to use it to his advantage as he floors Edge with a huge right hand. He then turns his attention to Alex Riley, who is leant against the turnbuckle pad, Riley hits him with a right, only to get one straight back. The two continue to trade blows, until Riley manages to duck under one of Ziggler’s rights and then nails him in the midsection and takes him down with a DDT! Riley makes the cover but Edge breaks it up before he can get the three count. Edge and Riley now begin to battle it out in the middle of the ring, Edge goes for a suplex, but Riley manages to roll out of it. He slams his elbow into the back of Edge’s head, before lifting him into the air and dropping him with a huge back suplex! Riley now spots Ziggler, who was setting up a table against one of the other turnbuckle pads, he walks over to him and nails him with a stiff shot to the kidneys, which knocks Ziggler down. Riley then calls for a power bomb, looking to send Ziggler through the table but Ziggler manages to get out of it. Ziggler springs back to his feet behind Riley, and out of nowhere nails the Zig-Zag! Ziggler then turns his attention to Edge who is struggling back to his feet, he runs at Edge looking to hit him with a Zig-Zag too, but Edge grips the rope sending Ziggler crashing back first into the mat. Ziggler rolls away from Edge into the corner, only to have Edge run at him… And nail him with a spear that sends him crashing through the table! Before he can make a cover though Riley lifts him to his shoulders and nails Sudden Death! He makes the cover 1…2…3!

Michael Cole: Oh My God!
Booker T: Alex Riley wins a hellacious TLC match!
Michael Cole: Forget about who won for a second, that bump through the table must have damn near killed him!
Taz: Such a ruthless and unforgiving match type, none of these guys will be walking right for a week!
Michael Cole: That sounds pretty optimistic to me, Partner!
Taz: Well, back in ECW we’d be fine the next night...
Booker T: Aww and how’s ECW doin’ these days?
Taz: How’s WCW doin’ these days?
Booker T: Aww next up, my boy Stone Cold! I can sense the excitement in here air here folks, people can’t wait for this!

Randy Orton Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Non-Disqualification Match

Randy Orton climbs to the top turnbuckle after his entrance and poses for the crowd. Before his theme even finishes Austin jumps him from behind. He send him to the mat and behins stomping a into Orton's chest! Randy fights back and the two begin to exchange rights and lefts in the center of the ring. This match is starting at an extremely fast pace. Orton goes to Irish-Whip Austin but it's countered and Austin whips Orton against the ropes instead. As Orton returns he leaps up and blasts Austin on his back with a Thesz Press! He drills the knuckles on his right hand directly into the face of his opponent; The Rattlesnake. Austin uses Orton's momentum against him though and rolls over, thus now being on top and delivering some cruel blows of his own to Orton. He gets up and Orton quickly follows, he walks into another right hand from Austin but this one has him stunned. Austin smirks and grabs the back of ORton head before he launches him over the top rope and to the outside! Austin heads out of the ring and walks over to the announce tables. What does he want here? He demands the microphone from the ring announcers and before they can answer his snatches it anyway. He walks back over to Orton, talking in the mic as he does so. "You made the wrong choice stepping in this ring tonight, Orton!." The Rattlesnake gives Orton a shot to the head with his left fist then lifts the mic back to his mouth. "You should have stayed at home, kid." He turns pulls his arm back and looks to club Orton over the head with the mic but Randy some how musters up enough strength in such a short span of time and gives Austin a boot to the stomach! He rips the mic from Austin's hand and cracks it over his head instead! The fans roar as the thud was heard over the sound system. Orton walks around the ring and pulls a steel chair out from under it. He grins as he throws into the ring and rolls Austin in after it. In full control, Orton grabs the chair and waits for his victim to get to his feet. Austin begins to beg for mercy and Orton shows no remorse as he smirks and raises the chair high above his head. Oh, LOW BLOW! Orton drops to the mat and the momentum suddenly switches with Austin now with the chair in his grasp. He brings it down and crushes Orton's ankle! He holds the chair from the sides and repeatedly slams it into Orton's ankle. He rolls around in pain as Austin stands over him with a grin on his face. He drops the chair in the corner of the ring and places is foot on Orton's now injured ankle. Orton's moans in agony as Austin begins to laugh at the torture he's putting his opponent through. Orton hobbles to his feet with aid from the ring ropes. Austin approaches but is met with a cruel elbow to the face! Orton's tries to mount an offense with several right hands but Austin gives him a quick punt to the ankle and he drops to the mat. That's all it takes. Austin lifts Orton to his feet and throws to middle fingers up in his face before he kicks The Viper in the gut and looks for the Stone Cold Stunn-- Orton counters and pushes Austin against the ropes. As he returns Orton leaps up on his bad ankle and RKO! He nails it! He rolls Austin over but the damage may be done. He clutches his ankle as he puts one arm over Austin's chest, ONE.TWO.THRE-- No! Austin kicks out!? How?! Austin kicked out of the RKO!? Orton pulls himself back up using the ring ropes once again and hobbles towards Stone Cold. What's this? Eve Torres is running out towards the ring! She had no business out here, she's going to screw Orton! Stone Cold gets to his feet and jumps Orton from behind with a sluggish blow to the back of the head whilst The Legend Killer is distracted. Eve runs around the ring in her heels, trying not to fall over and embarrass herself. She picks up a chair from ringside and climbs onto the apron. Austin givies Orton a thumb to the head thus causing him to hold his face in pain. Austin turns around and tells Eve to pass him the chair. The fans all sit in confusion as Eve swings the chair and nails Stone Cold Steve Austin on the head! The momentum of the chair shot sends him stumbling backwards and Orton pounces. RKO! That'll be it this time, ONE.TWO.THREE! 

Randy Orton trash talks Stone Cold as he hobbles to his feet. Eve Torres gets into the ring under the middle rope and smirks at Randy as he smirks backs. She walks over to Orton and raises his arm in the air, delcaring him the winner of this brutal contest. Stone Cold Steve Austin, probably not thinking straight due to the chair shot he just took, is helped to his feet by the referee. He doesn't leave the ring though and instead walks over to Eve Torres. The Rattlesnake was pissed. 

Stone Cold:What the *bleep* was that all about?!

Austin is irate and waits for a reply. Instead, Eve Torres slaps him across the face! His blood begins to boil as Eve bares her pearly white teeth with a smile. RKO! Out of nowhere Randy Orton drops the beaten up Stone Cold with another RKO, the third of the night. The fans boo as Randy Orton and Eve Torres leave up the entrace ramp leaving many thinking what exactly just happened. Stone Cold is left motionless in the middle of the ring as Eve Torres raises Orton's arm in the air once more at the top of the ramp before they leave together. 

Michael Cole: Can you believe it?! Did you see that? Eve just cost Stone Cold the match!
Booker T: Damn that woman is pure evil... She put Stone Cold up to this as well!
Taz: Not that it was a fair result, but that’s yet another legend killed by Orton!
Booker T: I can’t believe what I’ve just seen, I’m sickened by this!
Taz: What the hell have these two been doing for the last few weeks, have they been in cahoots the whole time?
Michael Cole: Judging by Orton’s reaction, he knew exactly what was going on!
Taz: I can’t believe this, what does this mean for Orton’s future?
Michael Cole: Well, Partner, it can’t hurt to be involved with the GM.
Booker T: More than involved, if you know what I mean!
Taz: Well, as shocking as that was, we do have more matches this evening!
Michael Cole: And as the people at home can see, Ryback is already in the ring, but he’s awaiting his opponent who seems to be taking quite some time to come out here toni-

Cole is cut off mid sentence, but the quiet but recognizable introduction to ‘Sing’, and immediately stops talking as all focus turns towards the entranceway to the arena. The lights begin to flicker and once again smoke fills the stage and entrance, and after a few moments The Brian Kendrick makes himself known. The audience boo wildly at the sight of a man that immediately made clear his distaste for the TCW Universe, which causes a smirk to appear on his face. He shakes his head slowly as he walks forward through the smoke, holding a microphone in his hand. He raises one arm, calling for the music to be stopped, and speaks as he walks.

Kendrick drops his microphone as the lighting returns to normal, before sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. Ryback glares at his opponent, who simply smirks back, not even remotely phased by the size and intensity of Ryback. Kendrick slowly undoes his long coat, before pulling it off and throwing it over the top rope to the outside of the ring. He shakes his arms and legs in some kind of quick warmup, before smiling at his opponent and mouthing the words ‘bring it’...

Michael Cole: It looks like Brian Kendrick is full of confidence here tonight!
Taz: THE Brian Kendrick...

Ryback Vs. The Brian Kendrick
Last Chance TCW Series Qualifier

The bell finally rings, and the match is able to begin! It doesn’t take long for Ryback to charge towards Kendrick, who ducks out of the way, still smirking. Ryback turns around to see Kendrick backing away from him with an antagonizing grin on his face, and the behemoth once again lunges towards the smaller man, and again its ducked. The third time however, Kendrick isn’t so lucky, and Ryback is able to grab ahold of him by the arm and pull him closer, before throwing him down to the mat with a thud. Kendrick rolls across the ring but Ryback is quick enough to catch him before he rolls out under the bottom rope, and drags him towards the corner of the ring. The monster lifts Kendrick up to his feet before pushing him into the corner hard, and slamming into him with several hard shoulder thrusts against the turnbuckle. Kendrick drops to the mat as he tries to regain his breath, and Ryback parades around the ring shouting ‘feed me more’. He eventually walks over to Kendrick and chuckles as he forces him back up to his feet, before whipping him against the ropes and standing still, causing Kendrick to simply run into the mass of muscle and drop back down to the ground. Ryback shakes his head, before stomping Kendrick a couple of times and lifting him up once again. He drags Kendrick by the hair, glaring at him as he walks him around the ring to show everyone his dominance. Eventually, he whips him into the corner once again, and attempts to follow it up with a clothesline, but Kendrick somehow ducks it! Ryback slams his own head into the top turnbuckle and stumbles backwards, giving Kendrick the opening to run along the ring, and springboard off of the middle rope, leaping towards Ryback and hitting him with a huge kick to the side of the head! Ryback drops down to one knee and TBK quickly hits Ryback with several more kicks to the head, before running towards the corner and jumping to the rope rope, leaping off and hitting Ryback with a spinning wheel kick, that takes him down to the ground! Kendrick smirks as he pulls the hair out of his eyes, and begins to chuckle, almost in relief. He looks around at the crowd, who boo him wildly as he smiles at his handiwork, before shaking his head abruptly and climbing to the outside of the ring. He grabs a steel chair from under the ring and slides inside with it, but the referee immediately tries to take it from him, although TBK isn’t giving it up easily. During all of this, Ryback slowly gets up to his feet, and storms over to the referee and Kendrick, and snatches the chair away from them both! He holds the chair up high over his head, and the referee gets between the two men, forcing Ryback to think about what he’s losing out on if he gets disqualified. He eventually seems to see sense and lets the referee have the chair, turning to watch him get rid of it. Unbeknownst to Ryback though, during this Kendrick has edged away from the conflict and is standing in the corner behind the giant mass of muscle! Ryback turns around upon realizing his opponent has disappeared... Right into a Superkick! Kendrick looks almost shocked that Ryback is laying motionless in front of him, and quickly makes the cover... One, Two... Three! The Brian Kendrick wins!

Michael Cole: Oh My God! The Brian Kendrick has done it! He’s in the TCW Championship Series!
Booker T: Maaan I did not expect The Ryback to get taken down here tonight!
Taz: You gotta be fair to Kendrick here, getting that chair involved in the match was the perfect distraction to keep Ryback occupied for a few moments, giving him enough time to take advantage!
Michael Cole: Well, Taz, you’re right there, but he shouldn’t have even gotten the chair in the first place!
Taz: Shoulda, woulda, coulda. He did, and now he’s in the TCW Series! He could be our World Champion!
Booker T: ...Dayum.
Michael Cole: Well, that may be true... But it could very well be one of these men as well! Next up, we have our Main Event!

CM Punk Vs. John Cena Vs. Derrick Bateman Vs. Antonio Cesaro
TCW Series Match
Fatal Fourway

Cena begins the match on the wrong side of the attack as his three opponent all gang up on him. Bateman lays a mudhole into him then retreats so Punk and Cesaro can stomp away at the defenseless Cena. Punk and Cesaro help Cena to his feet then take turns delivering vicious uppercuts! One after the other they snap Cena's neck back. The uppercut game seems to have finished and Punk and Cesaro are back to working as a unit rather than two individuals. Only one man can win though remember. They set Cena up for a double suplex but Bateman intervenes and gives Cesaro a clubbing blow to the back. John Cena manages to lift both men for a ver quickly executed double suplex! He gets back to his feet but turns into a huge dropkick from Derrick Bateman, who then covers Cesaro for the quick pinfall, ONE.TW-- Doesn't even make the two count. Punk gets to his feet and the freshest of the group, Bateman, mounts an offense. He throws a flurry of rights and lefts but Punk out of nowhere nails Bateman with a headbutt. Not being fully prepared for that move leaves Bateman stunned and Cena tries a quick roll-up! ONE.TW-- No! CM Punk breaks it up. Cesaro and Punk are back to their antics as Cesaro whips Cena into a corner and disposes of him with a very very stiff clothesline. Cena drops to the mat and clutches his neck as Bateman is backed into a corner by both Punk and Cesaro. This is meant to be every man for himself! They lay into Bateman and hoist him up onto the top rope! CM Punk drops him with a superplex but he is soon lifted back to his feet as Cesaro whips him agains the ropes. As the whacky character returns he is thrown up in the air and... Very European Uppercut! He panders to the crowd and CM Punk hooks the leg of Bateman, ONE.2.THRE-- No! Antonio Cesaro spotted the pin attempt from the corner of his eyes and kept the match alive. He pushes CM Punk in the chest, Punk shoves him back. Cesaro shoves Punk once more but Punk retaliates this time with a wild clothesline. Antonio manages to duck it though and gives Punk a kick to the gut, then quickly follows up with a DDT! He covers, 1... 2... No! Punk kicks out. These twenty five points are crucial for all of these men and none of them intend on giving up without one helluva fight! Punk gets to his feet and whips Cesaro into the corner of the ring. Out of nowhere Bateman charges at Cesaro and nails him with a big splash, very Sting-esque. Cesaro stumbles forward and John Cena drops him with a one handed bulldog. The fans are on their feet as Cena runs the ropes, brushes his should... YOU CANT SEE ME! He connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle then CM Punk boots him in the face. He covers Cesaro, ONE.2.THR-- No! Derrick Bateman pulls CM Punk off and throws him to the outside. He hooks the leg of Cesaro looking to steal of the win off not one but two men. ONE.TWO.THR-- No! Antonio Cesaro musters up enough energy to get his shoulder up off the mat! Cesaro gets to his feet and dodges a super kick attempt from CM Punk. Cesaro clotheslines him to the outside and as he turns around into a headlock from Bateman. He drags Cesaro to the center of the ring and nails the Man-Tastic finishing move! He hooks the leg with nobody in sight, ONE.TWO.THREE! Bateman wins and picks up the points!

Michael Cole: Derrick Bateman! Bateman wins the Main Event!
Taz: And that’ 25 points in the series as well!
Michael Cole: He deserves the win, he absolutely deserves it.
Booker T: What an absolutely amazing match that was though, yo.
Taz: Look at the disappointment in the faces of the other guys, this is a big big deal to these guys.
Booker T: All I know is that guy right there is gonna be damn happy to walk away with those points!
Michael Cole: Thank you everybody for tuning in tonight to this incredible event, we’ve been TCW, this has been Path to Glory, and we’ll see you on Warzone!

Author:   The Shape
Date:   Oct 2, 12 at 9:22am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

The dirt-stained, multi-colored VW camper van has been there all night without any signs of life from within. Nobody saw it arrive; it got here before they did. With the show now in full swing, the eyesore is beginning to attract attention. Seen bickering in the vicinity are The Coach and Todd Grisham. After much head-shaking and finger-pointing a resigned Grish eventually makes his way through the small gathering and towards the vehicle, knocking on the door with trepidation.

There is no answer. Reluctantly becoming a source of amusement, Grish strengthens his resolve, counts to three and now bangs on the door with an open palm. A sudden crash is heard inside; the interviewer backs away with a start and almost loses his footing. More fumbling is heard inside, a loud groan, eventually some footsteps. As Grish looks on with disbelief, the door finally opens, revealing the hairy, bedraggled mess that is Dude Love, wearing nothing but a huge pair of white briefs and with Dorito crumbs scattered throughout his beard. Some of those gathered laugh, others back away with disgust; Grisham just stares, bemused, as The Dude wipes the sleep from his eyes and snarls.

Dude: What the hell, man? Have you ever heard of a thing called privacy?

Grish: But...Mr.'re parked right outside of the arena?

Blinking several times, The Dude only now absorbs the scene around him as the camera zooms out to do the same; his van is inexplicably parked atop the steps leading to the arena entrance, with fans walking past in their droves as they arrive for the night's event.

Dude: ...Oh. Right.

Surmising that this would be the extent of their conversation, The Dude moves back inside and is about to shut the door, but Grisham with surprising fortitude holds it open.

Grish: Sorry...Mr. Love...could I just have a few words about your career in TCW so far?

Dude stops and looks around with suspicion, before relenting and stepping fully outside, still in his pants.

Dude: You want 'a few words'? Who the hell cares what I have to say? Do I even have a match tonight?

Grish: I'm not sure Mr. -

Dude: Please, my name is The Dude.

Grish: Sorry, Dude, it's just -

Dude: The Dude.

Grish: Right. The Dude, as I was...I'm not sure if you have a match tonight, but I was actually hoping to hear about your matches this past week, losing to Wade Barrett and then going to a no contest at the pay per view? Are you disappointed with how your career here has begun?

For the first time Dude smiles, shaking his head with disbelief. Grish does his best to avoid the crumbs this action sends his way.

Dude: Disappointed? You know how narrow minded that makes you sound, man? I should be, what, I should be pissed off with myself because I lost a couple of times? Lost a couple of matches?

Grish: I -

Dude: There's more to this business than wins and losses, you know? There's more to life than success that can be quantified, written down, reduced to numerical form. Sure, man, I lost those matches, I lost them good. But does that mean I'm losing at life? Does that mean it's pointless me being here?

Grish hesitates for fear of being cut off again, but the Dude's stare insists.

Grish: Well...a lot of people were excited about the return of Dude Love, they thought maybe....

Dude: Maybe what? That I was going to make a run for the title? Look at me! You think I have a shot against Wade Barrett, against Brock Lesnar? I don't have a chance against those guys! But does that stop me, man, does that mean I'm not going to drag myself back to my feet each and every time I get knocked down, go back out there and give it another go? No way, man! This isn't's not, I know you people love to talk about heart, about underdogs, about fighting spirit, but man, that's not what this is. I'm not here because I want to win no matter the cost, I'm here because man, I just can't help myself! I'm on a grander mission here, a mission bigger than any championship reign, a mission bigger than any win or loss or no contest or count-out or whatever the hell else. I'm on the path to nirvana, man! And, sure as hell, I have no idea how to get there, I just know that it means I have to be here. I know that somebody, somewhere in this dump holds the key. Don't even think, man, don't even ask me how I know that, because if I put it into words it'll blow your mind. All I know for sure is that person sure as hell ain't you, and so you my friend have wasted just about enough of The Dude's time!

With that he stumbles back inside and slams the door shut, leaving Grisham open-mouthed and silent. Whatever The Dude's next step in his search for nirvana appears to require quick movement; the engine whirs to life and the truck suddenly jolts backwards, dropping suddenly as it reaches the steps and stuttering violently as it descends them one by one. Now attracting a larger crowd than ever, the vehicle reaches the bottom and continues reversing around. Before it can pull away, a loud thud is heard, and those gathered recoil in shock...

Author:   Metallica
Date:   Oct 2, 12 at 3:34pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Face - Coming Soon!

The camera's cut to the titantron where a bright coloured face paint logo appears in the shape of a bird, this very recognized logo is that of the Ultimate Warrior who has been in exile for many years now, the image stays on the titantron for a few seconds, shortly after the letters O.W.N appear underneath. After a brief moment of of them both being on the screen, the logo and letters fade out a guitar riff starts to play, this appears to sound like a very slow version of Warriors WWE theme, the video then starts to play classic footage from both the WWE and WCW of Warriors memorable matches and opponents throughout the years, as the footage carries on rolling, there are brief moments in-between each of the classic footage that show, Warrior training, he's seen lifting various weights, running on a treadmill and pumping himself up ready for his dramatic return to competition. While the video is still rolling a voice starts to talk in a very posh British, English accent;

"There was a time, some many years ago where a man who stood out like no other, a man who shot right to the top of the ladder in one company and dominated everything in his path. He took down the best of the best and defeated an immortal at one of wrestling biggest events in history and has held a legacy that will be remember until the end of time. From his outrageous and somewhat unique to the uncanny and yet bizarre promos, to his powerful presence in the squared circle, one man shall rise from exile and reclaim his dominance at the top of the ladder here in Total Championship Wrestling, this one man will bring the power of the warrior gods in which he has used time and time again to make mince meat out of his opponents, he is an unstoppable, unstable and unpredictable force, he is the Ultimate Warrior!"

As soon as the person talking has finished, the music starts to pick up it's tempo and hit it's full recorded speed, the fast riff followed by a fast constant beat of the drums starts banging louder and louder and within a half a minute later, it stops, the dead silence spreads throughout and then that one voice of the Ultimate Warrior ends the video package with:

"The power of the warriors are coming and their presence will be felt and crush you all..."

As the word "All" continues to echo and slowly fade away in the background, the video package suddenly comes to a finish.

Author:   StraightedgeXSavior
Date:   Oct 2, 12 at 5:05pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

"The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler

After that weird and odd video package ends the cameras cut back out to ringside where Lilian Garcia is standing in the ring, in a beautiful white dress with pearls and black high heels, with a TCW labeled microphone she says.

"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the ring the "Show-Off" of TCW, Dolph! Ziggler!"

After finishing introducing Dolph Ziggler she climbs out of the ring, and Dolph Zigglers theme song hits and the crowd instantly starts to boo as Dolph Ziggler comes walking out in his silver tights, and pink t-shirt on. Walking behind him is the loud mouthed Vickie Guerrero. As Ziggler turns around at the top of the ramp about to taunt, He looks at Vickie and points to the back telling her to go to the back and that he does not need her to come out to the ring with him tonight. Vickie gets upset and walks to the back, Dolph continues with his normal entrance taunting the crowd and flicking hair gel at them then cockily walking down to the ring shouting at some of the fans at ringside. Ziggler walks up the steel steps and picks up a microphone and jumps over the top rope then stands in the center of the ring.

"First off Vickie, I do not need you to come out to ringside with me each and ever week, acting like I am a child. I am not a child, and I think last night I proved that in the tlc match against, Riley and Edge. Sure Riley walked out of the match the winner. But he did not pin me! Riley you pinned Edge after I took him out. I should have won that match! But I am not gonna stay out here and complain about losing. This week I have bigger and better things to deal with. I am in a fatal five way match against Edge, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Trent Baretta. A match to decide who will face either either Wade Barrett or Alex Riley next week for the TCW Television Championship. Tonight is my tonight to make up for what happened last night at Path to Destiny. I will defeat my four other opponents tonight. Then next week I will go on and defeat Wade Barrett for the Television Championship!"

The crowd starts to chant "Ziggler Sucks!" and "We Want Riley!"

"And yes, you heard that right. I know for a fact that Alex Riley doesn't have what it takes to defeat Barrett tonight. Riley if you do win somehow, someway, I will defeat you easily for the title. Barrett, if you lose to Riley, it will be the biggest upset in your career. But enough about that for now. Now, I want to talk about my four opponent tonight. First, lets talk about, the Rated R Superstar! Edge!"

The crowd boos at the name Edge, but some fans are cheering for him.

"Edge, I am one of a few men who have defeated you for a World Heavyweight Championship. I pushed you to your limit and am one of the reason why you retired. Edge, are nothing anymore! You are a washed up has-been who should be at home in his recliner eating popcorn and drinking mountain dew, and watching me compete and winning World Titles. Instead you couldn't stand sitting at home so you had to come back and had to get in my way! Edge if you want me to take you out permanently then I will! Watch yourself in our match Edge!"

Dolph starts to get booed more by the fans.

"You people can all shut the hell up! Next, I'm going to talk about Trent Barretta."

The fans are quiet and don't boo or cheer for him. They just leave Dolph go on.

"Trent is a nobody! Trent nobody even knows you. When you walk down the street nobody realizes that your a TCW Superstar. They think your just some weird ass guy walking down the street. I have nothing else to say about you!"

Michael Cole laughs and some fans boo and other are laughing as well.

"Next, a former World Champion. Former MMA Fighter! Brock freakin Lesnar!"

The fans start to scream and yell. And chant "LESNAR!" over and over again hoping he will come out.

"Lesnar, I have a lot of respect for you man. You are one of the greats in the wrestling business. And we are all very happy to see you here in TCW. In our match man, I will not get on your bad side. I say we work together and take out and hurt the rest of our opponents and show them we are here to show pain!"

The crowd boos and chant "Shut up Ziggler" knowing that he is just scared to face Lesnar.

"Lastly, let's talk about the most electrifying man in sports entertainment! The People's Champ! The Rock!"

The fans go crazy just hearing The Rock's name. They begin to chant "We Want Rocky!" and clapping at the same time.

"Rock, you come and go from wrestling whenever you please. You come wrestle for a few months then go and film some lame Disney movie about teeth or some mountain. Rock, pick one or the other, movies or wrestling! If you want I can take you out just like I'm going to take Edge out for good!"

The crowd starts to boo Ziggler louder and louder.

"You people are all marks! All you do is suck up to people like Rock, Cena, and Lesnar! You all can go and mark for them but when the winner is me! Don't join my bandwagon when I make it to the top! SHOW OFF!"

Ziggler drops the mic and heads to the back with his music playing over the pa system and the camera fading.

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Oct 3, 12 at 12:30pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Alex Riley

A deafening "Woo!" is blasted over the P.A. as the Nature Boy, Ric Flair makes his way onto the stage, signature robe and all. The crowd goes wild! Ric Flair pulls off his signature strut and walks down the ramp. Everything he does, every step he takes, is vintage. Fans get a rush of nostalgia, the old man hasn't lost a step! A stage hand hands Flair a microphone, and Flair looks at it, as the crowd around him gives him a standing ovation. He looks around at the people in the audience, soaking in their adoration.

"Thank you."

The crowd pops again! They're loving it. A solemn look crosses Flair's face, and the fans start quieting down. But then Naitch lets out his classic "Woooo!" and struts around the ring, to the crowds enjoyment! Eventually, Flair speaks.

"I'm here on behalf of Alex Riley. *The crowd pops for A-Ry* He has a big match tonight, and since it's still early, he's shaking off some "cobwebs" from that TLC match. A-Ry will be here later to talk about his Television Title match with Wade Barrett later on! *The crowd cheers again! They're in anticipation of the match, as well as hearing A-Ry.* But I'm here to talk about a few other things that I've advised Alex not to think about, but he made me promise to deliver a message, which I'll get to in a bit.

First, I'm going to talk about that match. I'll give props to my boy, A-Ry! He fought his heart out, pushing himself to the very limit to pick up the win! Tough luck to my old pal Edge, who might've picked up a reason to rethink retirement! And Dolph Ziggler. I'd tell you that I was sorry about your loss, but I'd be lying. You're nothing but a poor sport, and if there's one thing I hate in this business, it's a poor sport! Just listen to yourself! You fabricated the outcome of the match! Alex Riley didn't steal your pin! He put Edge through a table while you laid past out after a spear! You might need your head checked pal! Woo!

Flair does his signature strut around the ring, much to the delight of the crowd.

"Now, onto what Alex made me promise to talk about. *He takes out a crumbled piece of paper from his pocket and starts to read it.* 'I am just a shell of my former self. I used to be a competitor, and after Path to Destiny, I feel I am only a gladiator. Fighting with only one motivation, hatred. My hatred has led me to do things I wouldn't normally do. I didn't think twice before slamming Edge through that table, and he nearly landed on his neck. I could have retired him, and I'm afraid, because in that moment, I had no regrets. I wanted to win. I knew my win would put me closer to Dean Ambrose, and consequently Layla. In the end, I have one thing to say, and that's that I'm sorry. I'm sorry to Edge for putting his career on the line. I'm sorry to the fans for letting my anger get the better of me.' "

With that, Ric re-crumbled the paper, and put it back in his pocket. He put the microphone back to his mouth and spoke one last time.

"Dean Ambrose, I don't think you realize what you've done. Alex thinks he's less of a competitor now that he's being fueled by anger, but know this, that Alex Riley I saw was beyond compare to anything he's ever been in his life. You taunt him by challenging him to break his moral code, but he won't do that. The fact that he's festering while he waits only motivates him more! When Alex Riley finally gets his hands on you, you'll finally get it, punk! You pissed off the wrong guy."

With that, Flair walked out of the ring. He had had his fun, and now was the time to remain serious. He walked all the way to the back, thinking about A-Ry and worrying about him. All the fans were left wondering, what would Alex Riley say when he came out later in the night?

Author:   Disenchanted
Date:   Oct 3, 12 at 2:02pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

The Brian Kendrick

- - - - - - - - -

The scene opens on an extremely plush looking private locker room, in the backstage area of the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. ‘How do you know it is a private locker room?’, I hear you ask. It could be something to do with the large portrait of the one and only Brian Kendrick hanging on the wall, in a gold-plated frame. As the camera pans around the room, things look fairly standard. A gym bag tossed to one side with half of it’s contents strewed across the floor, a weights set for any last-minute preparation. As it continues to pan across the room, we finally get the first glimpse of the man himself. Kendrick is stationed on an extremely expensive looking red leather sofa, staring at a large flatscreen television that is hanging off of the wall. As the camera approaches, we see that Kendrick is in fact watching a replay of his own match at this past Sunday’s ‘Path to Glory’ Pay Per View, where he picked up a famous and memorable victory over the monster known as Ryback. Slowly, Kendrick edges further and further forward on his seat, his facial expression changing as the tone of the match moves in his favor. He smiles broadly as he watches himself grab a steel chair, and the following tussle that ensues.

Exclaims the cocky young superstar, a broad smile on his face which eventually breaks into a full on belly laugh as he watches the three count get made on the screen, and mimics the sound of the capacity audience booing wildly as his name is announced as the winner, arms aloft. He briefly searches for the television remote, before picking it up and... Rewinding the footage, so he can watch himself defeat The Ryback once again. This time however, he gets up off of the seat and begins walking around the room, stopping every now and again to take in his surroundings, but for the most part he seems to be in a world of his own, preparing for potentially an even bigger challenge, against an even bigger name in the world of Professional Wrestling. John Cena. Kendrick seems to be someway into his planning after a few moments, when he’s brought back to the present with a jolt as there is a loud, defined knock at his locker room door. He scowls, before shaking his head in frustration and making his way across to the door. He pulls down the handle, opening it up sharply and glaring out of the door at his unwanted guest. His scowl turns to a look of pure confusion, which will surely be shared by the viewers once it is made clear who is visiting. The camera follows across the room and shows the reason for Kendrick’s bemusement, as none-other-than Paul Heyman is standing outside the room, expecting an invite into Kendrick’s domain. Figuring now that he’s here, he might as well indulge him, Kendrick shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly, before stepping backwards and letting Heyman inside. The long time promotor/agent/legal advisor strolls into the room as if it’s completely and totally his right to do so, and removes his baseball cap as he does so, unveiling his greasy mane that surrounds a large bald patch. Kendrick closes the door behind him, and watches as he removes his sports jacket and drops down contently onto the expensive couch that was previously Kendrick’s resting place.

Heyman looks over in a state of shock, as though someone should have given Kendrick some kind of memo. Heyman shakes his head slowly before beckoning over his host, expecting him to oblige but Kendrick just glares across the room, clearly not interested in sitting anywhere near him. With that, Heyman jumps up out of his seat and approaches Kendrick, who looks at him quizzically as he moves closer. Eventually Heyman is stood just a few feet away, and Kendrick shakes his head and raises his eyebrows, questioning Heyman’s reasons for being there without once opening his mouth. Paul chuckles, before finally speaking and allowing Kendrick some kind of insight into why he’s there.

Kendrick simply holds his hand up in the face of Heyman, a’la The Rock in his late nineties heyday. Heyman abruptly stops speaking, and seems somewhat taken aback by Kendrick’s reaction to his more than generous offer. He scowls at Kendrick, not aware of anybody ever refusing his advances for assistance, but it seems as though that’s exactly what Kendrick is planning on doing.

Heyman slowly strokes his chin in appreciation of Kendrick’s words. He clearly takes them all in and nods at half speed, half of his mind obviously deep in thought though he’s trying to stay in command of the situation he finds himself in. Kendrick scoffs at the lack of instant reply, and walks across the room, going into his gym bag and pulling out his ring attire. He lets out a pained yelp as Heyman brings his hand down across his bare back with a slap, clearly meant as some kind of friendly sign but the pain isn’t worth it. Kendrick jumps back and glares at Heyman again, pissed off that he’s yet to leave.

Heyman stars intensely at Kendrick in anticipation of his response. The youngster looks off into space thoughtfully, before pulling his hair out of his face and letting out a deep exhalation of breath. He looks at Heyman, who’s still staring, sweating, the vein in his forehead pulsating slightly because of how excited he’s gotten himself whilst trying to sell his services. Kendrick sighs a second time, before shrugging.

Heyman smirks before letting out a deep chuckle, and pointing into the face of Kendrick despite being stood less than a meter away.

With that, Heyman shows an uncharacteristic amount of agility by swooping for his hat and coat, and bounding out of the room to carry out some important pieces of business, presumably on behalf of The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick watches with a slight scowl, still not sure of whether or not he can trust Heyman... But hey, if it gets him a win over John Cena, he sure as hell won’t be complaining.

Author:   The Crow
Date:   Oct 3, 12 at 3:15pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
Paul Burchill
C4 / Twisted Sister / Curb stomp.

We are treated to the usual dark background of an interview set, the company logo flashes by on the screen hung up on the wall. In steps a man many have not seen since 2012, that man being England’s own Paul Burchill. He looks how you’d remember him, long hair, dark shirt under a leather jacket. He takes a deep breath before looking into the camera.

Burchill: My name, is Paul Burchill and I have issues. First of which is the fact that I am evil. For those that don’t know when I was last on television I had earned the nickname “The Ripper”. You see I was so brutal in my matches that many compared my actions to that of “Jack the Ripper” which for me was fine, I had no issue with it at all. Time went by and I lost sight of my career goals and it cost me my job. What people don’t know is that I had a child on the way, I needed work but who would hire a psychopath? I had to seek help before it cost me everything.

Burchill takes a breath and places his hands over his face slowly dragging them down and back out of camera shot, he closes his eyes for a couple of seconds.

Burchill: Too little, too late did I realise this. I lost my career and I lost my family. I had to begin finding other ways to get money to send for my son, what I did I’m not proud of and I can’t get into it right now that is a story for another day. Just know it was a dark path and the blood, the blood on my hands will never wash away. I accept that harsh truth now but it wasn’t easy, as luck would have it after a particularly brutal night of drinking and breaking skulls I woke up in of all places a wrestling ring. My head was pounding my knuckles were sore and I wasn’t sure if the blood I slept in was mine or somebody elses I couldn’t recall the night before but it dind’t matter, as soon as I crawled out of the ring I was met with a shocking sensation down my spine, my muscles seizes up and I fell to the ground unable to move as my arms were placed beind me and put into handcuffs. I was careless that night I’m told and it lead to an arrest. Luckily not for whatever it was I did but for tresspassing even so, this gave me a chance to think and while I was in there I was able to talk to a priest. I am not a religious man but I got a lot off my chest that night, when I left the prison grounds I was met by my “sister” Katie Lea. She had some harsh truths for me that at the time I didn’t want to hear but she helped me. Katie Lea has been helping me overcome my evil nature and it’s all brought me here tonight. My return, my test, my road to recovery.

Once more Burchill pauses his talking to take a step backwards allowing a couple of stagehands to scamper past doing what ever job they’re required to do. Burchill watches them until they are out of his sight.

Burchill: During my recovery we found another issue I had was an uncontrollable rage, a rage fueled by hurting people by deep psychological problems I had and while you can never quite cure a rage like mine you can learn how to control it. I have done that, as the saying goes “I am one with my anger” it is a beast I can contain. It’s a funny thing but moving on from my story I should talk about the match i’ve been booked it tonight. I’m teaming up with “Dude Love” a man who frankly is not on the same planet to the rest of us, I’m sure people will find it humerous that a man called Dude Love is teaming up with a man filled with hate. I should probably seek him out and go over a stratergy or two but somehow i think it would go over his head. I don’t think he is here to win so much as he is here to remind us all that wrestling is fun. I’m not sure how fun it will be for him when he finds out we’re taking on The Deadman, The Phenom, The Undertaker and Dean Ambrose. I could stand here and talk about The Undertaker and his famous mind games but they are jus that, mind games. No, instead I want to talk about the man he is teaming up with tonight.

Burchill gains a smirk and rubs his hands together letting a small laugh escape he even goes so far as to lick his lips a little before suddenly halting and clearing his throat.

Burchill: Dean Ambrose, I’ve heard a lot about you and from what I’ve heard, you sound like what I was. A man who does not understand pain but enjoys dishing it out at every chance. A man many would call unstable and violent. I’m not going to lie and pretend I know everything about you Dean this is just what people have told me. I’ve not yet had a chance to watch the tapes and see just what you can do. I’ll tell you one thing though, I’m looking forward to it. I’m excited to get into the ring tonight and face what I could call another form of myself. All I have to do is ensure I do not lose myself, I expect you to push me to my limit and to really test me. I have a handle on every thing now but I’ve not been in a match since 2010 this is my test if I get through this without doing anything underhand then I move forward in my recovery but if I fail I fail myself. Dean, I do not plan to fail tonight or any other night. I will over come my evil nature.

Once again that smirk and laugh make an appearance but this time Burchill does not try to hide them in a sense he seems to embrace them.

Burchill: Now, I may be recovering Dean but don’t think for one second that gives you an advantage over me. I may not brutalize you but I’ll do enough to keep you down for that all important three count, if what people tell me is true I already know what I must do about you. I have two options, I can either do as I said and beat you just enough to get that victory or I can provoke you until you make a mistake and capitalize on it. All it takes is three seconds to win, how much pain can you handle before you’re unable to answer that three count? I know what you’re going to say next, you’re going to rant and rave about how you don’t feel pain about how you’ll do what it takes to win no matter what that may be but that Dean, is the wrong way to think. Especially when you’re facing somebody like me you don’t know anything about who I am or what I am now, you have no way to preper for me and that makes me the danger in our match tonight.

Almost as if by magic the lights begin to flicker before a loud pop can be heard causing Burchill to look up then place a forearm over his eyes and shards of glass fall over him from the light bulb that had exploded.

Burchill: Right on time, it would seem The Deadman doesn’t like to be overlooked. I don’t know how you managed to rig the lights to explode ‘Taker but your mind games aside I know you’re the hell of a fighter but you do have to wonder about your age I mean, how old are you? I mean you’re real age late fifties maybe? I don’t know, the point I’m trying to make is while you pack the hell of a punch. Without your mind games how much do you really think you can do against somebody with a mind as clear as mine. I’m no fool, I know at some point this match will just turn into a brawl and if it does I know you are one of the best today but you’re slow Deadman, you have a pattern. I can look at this pattern and I can use it against you. Your punches will fail you all you have is the Hells Gate but once we’ve had our little fist fight you wont have the energy to even think about locking that move on me. In terms of winning I have to say I’m not worried about facing either of you, all mental tasks aside I think I have this in the bag. One thing worries me and it relates to having a clear mind.

For a second Burchill’s eyes move to the side his right hand covers the lower part of his face moving alonghis mouth and downwards out of the camera shot.

Burchill: I have to wonder about the mind set of my tag team partner, I probably should seek out “Dude Love” and make sure he... ~sigh~ Make sure he isn’t chasing Puff the magic dragon. I may be wrong but looking at him I just feel like it’s his favorite way to pass the time. If I have to throw hot coffee at him in order to get him to focus then it’s simple what I have to do. If you’ll excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I have some things to think about and I guess to plot.

With that Burchill takes one last look into the camera not with a smirk, not with confidence but a look of concern. A deep sigh is released as Burchill makes his exit stage left.

Author:   The Voiceless
Date:   Oct 4, 12 at 1:10pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
Coming Soon

A shaky, handheld camera in a rather small group of people, gathered around an old high school gym, points to a slightly spotlighted ring in the middle of the "crowd." An old 80s hairband sounding song goes off, and not many of the fans really care to label either the artist of the song or the name of it. They care to see the man who the song divulges to their eyes. Out of the makeshift entrance corridor, steps a rather large man, bald headed, with a tattoo etched into the left side of his face, over his eye. The tattoo is in Japanese, giving off the idea that perhaps the man is Japanese, but his appearance says otherwise. This is a big, bald, white man, and he looks pissed. He makes his way to the ring, and many of the fans start cheering for him. This is a "traveling" circus sort of business, and the fans tend to get behind the more impressive looking wrestler, as there are no pre-dispositions storyline wise. It would appear that they already are ruling the unrevealed competitor out, and perhaps they should. Besides, who could compete with this behemoth?

The thoughts of the audience are quenched, when a muddy sounding rap song comes on over the crackling PA system. This music already sours the mood toward the other competitor, so when the small, skinny kid comes out with black shorts lined in pink, and a plain, black, hooded coat with the hood pulled over the little runt's head, comes out, he is met with a chorus of boos. He's not even in the same league of the large "Japanese-wannabeast". The old man sitting at ringside picks up a megaphone (The microphones had been getting bad receptions since the start of the night) and announces the names. The big man was called Al, and the little man was called TJ, obviously the names were shortened. This sideshow wrestling company didn't want any names being made, in fear of losing some of the talent. They had nowhere else to go after their departure of a much bigger organization, citing drug problems and issues with gambling as reasons fight in high school gyms and ball rooms.

The old man rang the bell, and the crowd began chanting "Al! Al! Al!" rooting for the obvious winner. The little man doesn't even remove his jacket, let alone his hood, as he rushes the bigger man with punches to his chest and temple. The ferocity of little TJ stuns big Al into the ropes, and some of the crowd cheer. The cheering is blocked out by the more stubborn fans, who can't wait to see the loser get pummeled. They finally see this, when Al pushes TJ back and onto the mat. But TJ is already back up! He rushes the bigger man before getting a hard slap to the neck! TJ flies away from Al again, clutching his neck. His hood falls off, and his face is revealed. Some of the crowd recognize TJ, but not even they care. They laugh at the questionable haircut of the man, all bald but a little spike in the front, like some sort of crown. TJ's face contorts with anger at being mocked, before beginning to kick the larger man in the legs with hard kicks. Kick after kick, the big man starts to fall to his knees, and the little man hits a huge dropkick to the downed man! TJ climbs the turnbuckle, careful not the break the cheaply built ring, and launches off a jumping spin kick once the big man is standing. TJ unleashes hit after hit to the behemoth, as the fans are finally quiet - Their favorite is getting pummeled, hasn't had an offensive thus far. The little man shows great athleticism when he hits a standing moonsault, and turns it into a combo by running up the ropes (a huge risk due to the poor structure) and hits a springboard moonsault! Then he finished off the giant with, what else, but a Sharpshooter! Al taps!

The old man and the speakerphone are but a whisper compared to the roar of the crowd! They try to get high-fives from their newfound hero, who shuns them, not even wanting a part of this throng of idiots. He shakes his head as he wonders why he bothers to compete for such morons.

In the audience, a man in thick, horn-rimmed glasses jots down notes. At the top of his paper, the name "Matt Bloom - Albert" was crossed out, scribbled over, and a new name was written and circled. "TJ". The TCW Talent Scout would have to find out some more about the kid. Or should I say the Kidd?

Author:   Lone Wolf nWo
Date:   Oct 4, 12 at 10:05pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

Atlanta, Georgia, home of the now defunct World Championship Wrestling. This great city would play host to the newest and brightest professional wrestling promotion in the world, Total Championship Wrestling, and their next weekly broadcast of "Warzone". It was here that there would be a debut of a new superstar, ready to take TCW by storm. And the name of that man was Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins was coming fresh off of his recent stint in World Wrestling Entertainment, where he'd become the first ever NXT Championship holder. Prior to that he'd made quite the name for himself on the independent scene wrestling as Tyler Black, capturing numerous championships all over the country. Rollins felt he had been severely underutilized and his talents were going to waste, so he handed in his letter of resignation and was granted his dismissal by the WWE under a ninety day no-compete clause. Ninety days had since passed and Rollins was immediately signed to a deal with Total Championship Wrestling.

Inside the Philips Arena, the crowd was already buzzing. They had been promised an action-packed card with plenty of high caliber matches. Opening the show was a triple threat match featuring Seth Rollins taking on other TCW debutantes, Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho. Both were well established superstars in the professional wrestling world, but Rollins had something to prove. He needed to prove he could hang with the big names. He needed to prove his worth. He needed to prove he was the best, and that was exactly what he intended on doing.

Lillian Garcia: "Ladies and Gentlemen, making his Total Championship Wrestling debut, from Buffalo, Iowa please welcome Seth Rollins!"

The crowd didn't pop loud as Rollins had hoped, with only a few wrestling faithful acknowledging him. "The Lion War" by The Ghost Inside began to ring through the sound system in the arena as Seth Rollins made his was out on to the stage, attempting to get the crowd hyped up with his "moshing". Rollins proceeded down the aisle and rolled his way in to the ring, collecting the microphone from Lillian Garcia as he stood in the center of the ring to a relatively unresponsive crowd. Rollins couldn't help but look somewhat disappointed, but he acknowledged the few die hard fans by pointing to them as they cheered and clapped.

Seth Rollins: My name is Seth Rollins, some of you might remember me from my days in WWE, others from way back when I was wrestling for Ring of Honor, but if you don't remember me, do not fret... you will all know me soon enough. I am the future of professional wrestling and I'm here to usher in the new age... The age of Seth Rollins.

Rollins smirks, lavishing his new found heel persona. He raises his arms outwards, extending them as far as he can, and tilts his head back to face the roof of the arena. He spins, slowly, as to allow the whole arena to get a good look at him. He wants it to sink in that he's here to stay, and he's here to become the best. The crowd however are not taking as kindly to Rollins' attitude. A chorus of booing begins echoing around the arena. Rollins doesn't seem to mind, as he continues to smirk. He quickly brushes a few strands of hair that were in his face back behind his head.

Seth Rollins: You people can boo me all you like, but you cannot deny me my destiny. I come from a little town, called Buffalo, Iowa. It's nowhere near as big as this awful place, but you see I never really fit in back in Buffalo. I was always more of a "big stage" kind of guy. I worked my craft for years on the "small stage" to get to this point. I trained day in, and day out seven days a week to make myself the best I could be. I read books, I watched tapes, I went to live shows and made sure everything sank in. I did every thing I possibly could to be the best for you people, and this is the level of respect you are showing me. This is what I was made for, I was made to be the best. I was made to be better than this. I was made to succeed against all adversity, and I've done it my entire life. And you know what, I'll continue to do it... with or without your support. Because the fact of the matter is, I don't need it. I've never needed it. I see now that no matter what you do, you just can't please everyone, and I'm okay with that, because the only person I need to prove myself to, is me. Ladies and gentlemen, take note. You've witnessed something very special here tonight. You've all just taken part in the beginning of the Age of Rollins.

Rollins drops the microphone down on the mat, as The Lion War once again begins blaring. Rollins steps out of the ring and down the steps to a chorus of boos. The Atlanta fans are not taking to him one bit. Rollins heads up the ramp, once again outstretching his arms and looking skyward as he steps backward, away from the ring. Rollins disappears behind the curtain, leaving Warzone to go to an ad break.

Author:   Metallica
Date:   Oct 5, 12 at 6:36am (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I
A Role-Play Written By ADA 2 and Metallica

It was another big night and another big failure for Antonio Cesaro, he needed that victory he needed the points and once again he failed, once again for the third time running now he was defeated and more importantly pinned by Derrick Bateman. Antonio Cesaro wanted, no he needed to correct this and victory tonight was what was needed to correct these mistakes. He was meant to be sitting at the top of the table by now, but that plan has gone out of the window and now it was time for him to quickly scramble for points and pick up any points he can in any match. Tonight is a tag team match, but the points are on the line and he has to win no matter what. Backstage he was seen with Aksana as he was losing his normal calm composer. He kicked a nearby table and shoved a stagehand out of his way as he lost his temper as Aksana placed a hand on his shoulder and tried to calm him down.

Antonio Cesaro would move forward once again, it was as clear as day on his face that he was not amused, he was in a bad mood because of the numerous defeats he has suffered. His standing in this championship series is not good; he wanted to be higher on the table by now. Antonio Cesaro walks forward as he once again shoves another stagehand out of his way as he looks at Aksana who speaks up to him once again.

He looks down at her as for that brief moment he had forgotten that this was a tag team contest. Derrick Bateman was not his only opponent tonight, there was another he had to worry about and along with that he had a tag team partner that could make or break him as well. He merely stops with his little freak out and then places his hand on his chin as he tries to think who his other opponent is and who is tag team partner is for tonight’s match.

CM Punk wasn't too far away from Aksana and Antonio's conversation, he caught most of what they said and heard every word that was said, more so he focuses on the face that Antonio called him a clown, so shortly after picking up a can of diet Pepsi from a vending near by, he slowly walks over with a cocky smirk on his face and beings to what he does best.

"Clown huh?"

The shock of both Antonio and Aksana leaves them speechless for a few minutes and this gives the perfect opportunity for Punk to have his say.

"You look surprised? But let me take a moment to address something to the two of you, despite the fact you both should have English lessons, yeah I know I know, I've been down that route before and quite frankly I think the TCW management are loving this, they love to constantly irritate me and piss me off week in and week out and that's the reason why I believe they have stuck me in a god awful tag team match with you. Let's get one thing clear, we don't like each other and I know you already know that I cannot stand the sight of you, but that's not the story this week, we have two very strong opponents to face, well actually who the hell a I kidding? We're facing possibly the worst duo in wrestling history, on one hand we have Derrik Bateman who I've said time and time again does not deserve to be in my league and secondly, you want to talk about clowns Cesaro? We're facing Doink for Christ sake[Smirks], that's by far the biggest insult to me, but not only me, you also Cesaro, despite me ripping on you all these weeks you're a touch competitor and I feel if we can manage to co-operate, we can destroy this oddball due of Captain America and The Joker. Although I will stress this fact and that is, if you get in my face, or get in my way at all during the match, don't think for one second that I won't put you down with a GTS, do I make myself clear?"

CM Punk stands there glaring in to Cesaro's eyes, his frown, body language and attitude has pretty much said it all. But Punk decides to do the right thing and extend his hand out for a handshake.

Antonio Cesaro merely stands there as he looks down on CM Punk he was not at all amused with how he was spoken to as Aksana would nudge her elbow into his side, informing him that he should shake his hand. Antonio Cesaro waits for several seconds as he then also extends his hand out as well and grasps CM Punk hand and then pulls him closer.

CM Punk aggressively pulls his hand apart from Antonio's grip and looks at his hand before shaking it a little to get some feeling back in it, Punk then looks at the floor and smiles, he lifts his head back up takes a sip of his diet Pepsi and then has a few last words for Antonio.

"Did you honestly think having a tight grip on my hand was going to bother me at all? And counting myself lucky to be teaming with you? Honestly I'd rather be teaming with Derrick Bateman as much as I dislike him because at least we're on the same page and speaking the same language. But down to business now, we do need these points, we need these points so badly and I am going to tell you this, there is no way I am going to screw this up, I cannot even believe you would think such nonsense! I am the best wrestler in the world, sure you maybe the greatest, but let me repeat, I am the Best In The World, I will not and I do repeat will not screw this up, I want this more than you do and I hope you can understand through that thick bald headed skull of yours. So lets do the right thing, let's go out and kick the crap out of these comic book phonies and get the points which I deserve."

Antonio and Aksana glare at CM Punk as he walks away, but just before Punk goes out of the camera's view, he throws his empty drink can in a near bin, turns around. Punk then puts his hands together and closes his eyes as me moves his hands towards his cheek, he then shouts:

"Night, Night!"

His words are aimed at Antonio in reference to his finisher the Go To Sleep, the camera then moves back at Antonio who just stares a hole right through CM Punk, the camera then fades out.

Author:   RLFierro
Date:   Oct 5, 12 at 2:29pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Total Championship Wrestling - Roleplay Thread I

We return from commercial to the rowdy crowd in Atlanta hyped for their favorite superstars to enter the WarZone here tonight. The commentators were bickering back and forth on who would win each match here tonight, but the discussion was cut short when a voice began to air over the titan tron. In a raspy singing tone, it stated "Soooonerrr or lateeerr, God's gonna cut you doooowwwwnnnn". It caught the attention of the audience who all turned their heads towards the titan tron and pictured were two men. One was looking to the ground with his arms spread out wide, whilst the other had his hands in a prayer like stance, looking to the sky. The man in front was wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a white fedora placed upon his head. A small chuckle was picked up by the camera as the man in the Hawaiian shirt raised his head to reveal a long-haired, full bearded former WWE Superstar, Husky Harris. The crowd wasn't exactly sure how to feel as silence filled the arena. The man standing in the back kept quiet, still praying to the skies. Finally, the former "Army Tank with a Ferrari Engine" began to speak. "My brothers and sisters, my name is Bray Wyatt. Total Championship Wrestling has been in need of guidance. I've watched my fellow man commit the sins against our Lord for far too long." Wyatt lets out another small chuckle as he removes the fedora from his head. "I am here as our Lord's right hand, ridding this company of the demons that plague it!" The crowd begins to take notice of what kind of man Wyatt is and lets out a small chant of boo's.

"Boo me all you wish, but you will have to face our Lord when the time comes. You see, you all sin every day. Some of you go home, pop open a Miller. Others sell their flesh for the mere pleasure of spending your coin on a high." Wyatt's smile disappears as he finishes that last sentence. "You all sin. But when Sunday rolls around, you're in church, preaching and hiding behind your shame. Bray Wyatt use to be like each and every one of you. Until I received my mission. My mission from God. To cleanse professional wrestling from the hell that is today!" Wyatt begins to slowly grin once again, as he bows before the camera and brushing his hair from his eyes so the world can get a better look at him.

"Don't believe me? You have a Deadman doing the Devil's bidding, a Big Red Machine sending people through the flames of hell, and a vicious Viper striking his fellow man with his twisted way of thinking." Bray obviously speaking of The Undertaker, Kane, and Randy Orton, who are legends in this business. "Well my brothers and sisters, this is why I am here. I will march into the mouth of hell and destroy any devil's advocate that stands before me! TCW is the mouth of hell . . . and I am not alone in my journey. My family will soon make their presence known". The man standing behind Bray Wyatt finally drops his arms and steps forward, revealing himself to be former indy superstar, Brodie Lee. Wyatt looks over to Lee and lets out another chuckle before panning back to the camera. Bray pulls something out from his pocket and sparks it. The flame from the now revealed lighter is moved around before it lightens the area a bit more and it brightens a sign stating, "Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia!" Wyatt and Lee laugh out loud before Bray blows out the light. Before the camera feed can fade away, the camera picks up one last thing. More raspy singing, "Come with me. Tiiiiimmmmeeee issss ooooonnnn myyyyy siiiiiiddddddeeee."

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