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Author:   The Living Angelus
Date:   Oct 9, 12 at 8:33pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Championship Editor
With some nice custom editing skills, you could practically take the WWE Championship, make the surrounding faceplate look like it's part of the leather strap and just have the WWE logo on it, to look like that rumored new championship belt that's in the works. I like the idea, and then I don't. Not sure exactly what all the belts are, I've seen the videos the last few days with them skimming over it, and while they have some cool belts in there, like even the made-up Internet Championship and many other classics, more than any of us will ever get to use, a title I've always tried to create when given a custom create-a-belt editor is Taz's ECW "FTW Championship" belt.

I haven't seen that belt in there so I doubt it's included. Would *bleep*ing flip out if it was though.

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