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Author:   KCIAN2
Date:   Oct 7, 12 at 3:28pm (PST)
Subject:   Online Problems.
This isn't really a question but more of a rant!

I was in Season 6 of the online seasons and after 7 games I was 4-1-2 with 13 points, 3 points from promotion and 6 from the title. I went Germany and noticed during the intro to the match (yes I had to watch is because the guy was one of those clowns that likes to watch the players shake hands) that it kept jumping. So the match starts and I kick-off, immediately sending the ball back to my defense to pass around to judge how jumpy the game was. Assuming Fifa 13 was like Fifa 12, I quit the game after 5 Fifa minutes thinking it wouldn't count as anything to my record. Low and behold I get a loss for it.

Typically I lost my next game with Germany in a match where I had more shots on target than he had shots. So now I had one game left to achieve promotion. I picked the next team, Greece. For anyone asking why I picked Greece, just like I did in FIfa 12 I started with Arsenal and goes every 4+-star team in the game around and around. I don't like those people who go the same 5-star team every game.[/b]

Anyway, I immediately went on the attack with Samaras down the left, cut back and sent a cross to the back of the box where the right winger volley'd it into the opposite top corner. It goes to kick-off, the guy pauses and quits 4 Fifa minutes in. I though, OK I get the win. Wrong, I got nothing.

Typically, I lost my next game again with Greece. It was a slow game due to the excruciating slow internet of the person I was playing, and it only ever seemed to slow when I tried to do something.

Has this ever happened to anybody? What's the over/under on how late it must be before quitting results in you losing the game? I never actually quit games, I just thought I'd do it because nothing had happened and I had the ball.

What do you guys think?

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