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Author:   Rune Ripper
Date:   Sep 27, 12 at 10:31am (PST)
Subject:   FIFA 13 Forum Rules and Guidelines

Forum Rules

For those of you who aren't aware of the rules or how to conduct themselves here on Neoseeker, please have a read through these rules before posting. The rules are here to allow you and your fellow members to enjoy their time here. Failure to adhere to the rules will lead to a warning, and several warnings later you may find yourself with a forum ban.

» Helpful links

» Flaming

» Spamming

» Post Quality

» Duplicate Threads

» Advertising

Author:   AliB23
Date:   Sep 27, 12 at 10:35am (PST)
Subject:   re: FIFA 13 Forum Rules and Guidelines
Forum Guidelines - Career Mode Discussion/Career Mode Updates

There are a few guidelines that should be noted concerning the Career Mode Discussion threads.

- Our aim is to make posting here an enjoyable and pleasant experience for all users and the standard of posts in this forum is something that we are looking to address, particularly in the Career Mode Discussion threads.

- One sentence replies that add no discussion value to the thread are not something that we are looking to see. Posts that are well structured and easy on the eye are what we are trying to attain.

- Please use the Career Mode Updates thread if you are posting updates to your Career Mode that are long, in-depth and contain images. Small updates that are a few paragraphs or less and contain no images should go in the Career Mode Discussion thread and not the Updates thread.

- Constructive criticism of updates is very welcome however blatant abuse is breaking the rules and will not be tolerated.

- This thread is an overview of what we are aiming to achieve in terms of post quality. All member's are advised to look at this thread before posting so that you know how to maintain a respectable posting standard in this forum.

Ultimate Team


Phishing is quite a big problem when it comes to Ultimate Team. For those of you who don't know what phishing is, it is essentially when someone attempts to gain access to other user's Ultimate Team accounts in order to steal their victims players. Typically, they do this by setting up a website that looks almost identical to EA's official website. When a user attempts to log into this website as they presume it is the real thing, the e-mail address and password they entered goes straight to the perpetrator. The perpetrator then has your details and can log into your account and steal all the players that you have worked hard to get.

- Please note that the official EA website is:

- Any link that claims to lead to the Web App but does not begin with is a phishing site and SHOULD NOT be trusted with your login details. Nobody can use that domain name as that belongs to EA.

- Providing or promoting phishing links is prohibited and if any user is found to be endorsing phishing links, they will be dealt with severely.

- Please report any phishing links you see straight away so that they can be dealt with and if you can, remove the post from view. This ensures that no other user will have the possibility of visiting the link.

Other Scams - Coin Generators/Player Duplication

- Please understand that it is not possible to duplicate a player or any other card on Ultimate Team. In this case, the perpetrator claims that he can make a copy of a player for you so that you can sell the player on and still keep the other one. This isn't feasible and will result in the victim losing the player that they send to the perpetrator.

- Please report any posts that illustrate that they can duplicate players so that the matter can be dealt with.

- There have also been a few cases in which a user has claimed to have a link to an Ultimate Team coin generator. Once again, this is usually an attempt to gain another user's account information. For this scam, the perpetrator usually provides a link to a website where there is a download link that claims to be the coin generator program. This is not the case and could potentially cause damage to your computer if the file is downloaded.

- Please report any posts that claim to be a link to a coin generator so that the matter can be dealt with.


- Selling coins, players, coin making guides and anything else related to Ultimate Team for real money is prohibited. Posts and threads which are dedicated to selling these items will be deleted without warning as soon as I come across them.

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