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Author:   Shadow of Death
Date:   Dec 4, 13 at 10:27am (PST)
Subject:   Character Progression Video

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We explore the systems you'll use to build exactly the character you want to play as you explore Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online. For more information about, visit our website:

Basically, they talk about how leveling your character works. How you have attribute (HP/MP/SP) and skill (Attack/Passive abilities) points as you level up. Attributes increase your Health, Magicka, and Stamina. Skill points are spent on active abilities (like magical attacks), or passive abilities (permanent buffs).

So yeah, it shouldn't be TOO different from Skyrim, only it looks like skill progression goes by how points are spent instead of points + using the skill. There are also 'shards' in the game which give you points. You can find them or earn them (via missions).

It's also said that eventually you can master a ton of skills in the game, basically, if you level up enough. So I'm guessing a high level/point cap. Three skill trees for your class, plus race skills and guild skills (Mages, Fighters guild. Dunno if there are more, sort of implied that Werewolves/Vampires get their own skill trees, like in Skyrim now). Everyone will have access to certain general skills though.

Just a head up for the news team if you missed this. bluexy RabidChinaGirl

Author:   Ascii
Date:   Dec 5, 13 at 5:43pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Character Progression Video
Except for the crafting skills form what I've heard. You either have to master one or be a jack of trades and be mediocre in all of them.

Author:   eljopa
Date:   Dec 6, 13 at 2:05pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Character Progression Video
one thing i really like about WoW was the craft system. i liked how you had to seek out someone who was adept in their profession to craft powerful items unobtainable otherwise, or were sought out by other players yourself. i hope we get to choose a primary profession like alchemy, enchanting, and blacksmithing to really excel in, or dabble a little with all three, while at the same time were able learn to ropes of secondary professions like cooking and fishing. this is one aspect of WoW id be happy to see appropriated.

however, the idea of a ES based leveling system in an MMO is really interesting. again, i just cant wait.

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