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Author:   Ben Lee (guest)
Date:   Jun 5, 12 at 9:04pm (PST)
Subject:   A shocking surprise!
hey guys. I just found out on that NASCAR driver Danica Patrick will be in the game.When i saw this i completely didn't expect this.She will be a co-commentator and a playable character.

So did any of you expected this?Reply when you see this message

Author:   Shadic Hearts
Date:   Oct 15, 12 at 4:51pm (PST)
Subject:   re: A shocking surprise!

Author:   D.O.W.
Date:   Nov 17, 12 at 5:55am (PST)
Subject:   A Shocking Surprize!!
Here is the list of characters confirmed be in this game:-

Some will be unlockable to play as!!

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