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Author:   newtonyid
Date:   Oct 4, 12 at 12:50pm (PST)
Subject:   nsmb2
can anyone please tell me where the 2nd star coin on world 2-4 is please

Author:   John234MKWii
Date:   Oct 4, 12 at 3:14pm (PST)
Subject:   re: nsmb2
NOTE: You can only get this with Super Mario or above.

After the second wall structure, look for the first Pokey. There's a Warp Pipe right next to it, and go under it and you'll find yourself underground where the first thing you see are Goombas walking out of Warp Pipes with a Gold Ring before it so you can get those extra coins. When you find a Brick Block sitting on a yellow platform and from the lower platforms, Ground Pound it and you'll be transported to an even lower area. A stack of yellow platforms can be seen, also a Roulette Block if you want more coins, and there's the Star Coins up ahead. Hope I helped.

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