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Author:   Phi
Date:   May 3, 12 at 3:38am (PST)
Subject:   The Pokemon Neowiki!

pokemon.neo FAQ
[Updated: May 3rd 2012]

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. What is a NeoWiki?
  3. Where is it?
  4. Who are the team members?
  5. When will it be finished?
  6. How can I contribute?
  7. How can I suggest something for the Wiki?
  8. Is there a list of what has to be done?
  9. What is a Staff Member's job on the Wiki?
  10. Who can I contact about the Wiki?
  11. Where can I go to learn more about NeoWikis?

1. Introduction

Hello there and welcome to the Pokemon NeoWiki FAQ. If you're reading through this thread, you obviously have at least a passing interest in what this is all about. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to read on. This post will be updated periodically by Relmutsie AN, Avalith and Origin if and when changes need to be made, as this is an ongoing project that will most likely have a few things change from time to time, so we'll do our best to keep you up to date with everything so you can keep contributing!

2. What is a NeoWiki?

A NeoWiki is, essentially, a subsite of Neoseeker that is worked on by any member of the community to provide the most accurate, up-to-date information of things going on in the world of a specific game franchise, in this case the world of Pokemon. Based around the MediaWiki software that runs on Wikipedia, the NeoWiki concept is a much more convienient means to have a database of information for all Neoseekers than Portals. Adding to that, there are, and will be, a lot more cooler tools and functions with the Wikis. If you want to see another example of a Wiki, check out the Final Fantasy, Pro Evolution Soccer or the Digimon Wikis. Taking on such a project like a wiki isn't easy, nor is it something you can sit down and do in a few hours. It takes many months of hard work from a team of Neoseeker members to achieve much, so all the help that the members can offer to us is appreciated, and is recognized by the Wiki Contributor tag you receive if you regularly contribute.

3. Where is it?

The main page is located here.

4. Who are the team members?

The pokemon.neo team is constantly changing, expanding and growing stronger. A list of current contributors can be found here.

In addition to our contributors, there is also staff members.

Lesley Pro_04

And our wiki super admin supervisors are Avalith and Dragoon.

If you have a question about the project, please ask in this thread. While we'd like to field your questions via PM as well, it's not fair to everyone else that you get your question answered privately when a lot of other people may have the same question you do. At least one team member will check through here whenever there's a new post, so your question will be answered at some point. If someone checks through the thread and doesn't know the answer, they'll find someone on the team who does and let them know to answer your question. Alternatively, just edit your question into the Talk Page.

5. When will it be finished?

Your guess is as good as ours. Obviously, Pokemon is an ever growing, ever expanding, ever re-running series of games, movies, anime, merchandise, etc, so a Pokemon Wiki Contributors job is never done. Keeping on top of the work, and having a large base of contributors will make it go faster, but since new ideas for pages will, and should be, constantly springing up, we'll never get bored. And if, god forbid, Pokemon did shut down, we'd still have plenty to do for a long time.

6. How can I contribute?

Before you can start writing up your content, you need to understand the specific markup of a Wiki. Here is a handy editing guide that should send you on your way to start creating content. Another great editing guide is written up here, detailing the basics of wiki editing.

However, should you have any other questions regarding anything about editing, or even anything regarding the Wiki, simply post it in this thread; our staff and contributors will be more than happy to help.

7. How can I suggest something for the Wiki?

Simply post it in this thread. However, you do not need to run anything by us if you do not want to, you are free to contribute anywhere on the wiki any time, as long as you are not deleting satisfactory content, writing unsatisfactory content, or breaking any Neoseeker Rules, which are expected to be followed on the Wiki. But, if you want to run a major idea to us, feel free to use this thread or the Talk Page. If you have a suggestion for NeoWikis in general, please submit your ideas in this forum.

8. Is there a list of what has to be done?

Why yes, there is! It is located Help:Major Projects, and the projects are being performed by the members listed under the respective headings.

Or alternatively, you can just check out the Wanted Pages and Short Pages.

9. What is a Staff Member's job on the Wiki?

Staff members have a number of jobs across the wiki, one of them being contributing. That's right - just like our contributors, the staff members often make regular contributions to the wiki. Because of this, we are experienced in wiki editing, and therefore, one of our most important jobs is to help you.

In addition to this, staff members have some extra powers on wikis - the most relevant to contributors are probably moving pages and deleting pages. If you have a request to move or delete a page, contact a staff member on their talk page, PM them, or simply post your request in this thread.

  • Dragoon is focusing on the administrative aspects of the wiki, reviewing edits made by our contributors for spam, false content and the like. Most importantly, he is here to guide our contributors.

    10. Who can I contact about the Wiki?

    This depends on what you'd like to talk with us about. If it's about contributing, then contact any staff member, or ask in this thread or the Talk Page. If it's a general question or an idea, post it here. If it's something else but still related to the wiki, feel free to contact any of the staff members listed and they'll tell you who you can talk to if they don't know the answer. If it is a serious matter then contact the staff members or a wiki super admin, such as Avalith.

    11. Where can I go to learn more about NeoWikis?

    You can visit the following forums;

  • NeoWiki Best Practices and Help
  • NeoWiki Discussion, Suggestions and Feedback
  • NeoWiki Requests and Planning
  • NeoWiki Bugs

    You can also visit the general Neoseeker wiki;

  • NeoWiki

    Or, you can visit any of the other 150+ NeoWikis!

  • Special:Wikilist

    Extreme credit goes to Avalith for all
    the markup and a large amount of content
    for this page. Credit also goes to Origin
    for maintaining this thread for a great
    deal of time. This page will be constantly
    updated, and is nowhere near perfect.
    Please alert Avalith or Origin of all the
    imperfections or problems and we will fix them
    as soon as possible. Thanks, and enjoy the
    Pokemon wiki, and keep contributing!

    A huge thanks to Relmutsie AN to getting
    the wiki to what it is today.

    And thank you to Dragoon for letting me use it in Pokemon Black and White 2

    Edit Log:
    First posted on May 3rd 2012
    Edited Staff on May 14th 2012

    Author:   Vast
    Date:   May 11, 12 at 7:14pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: The Pokemon Neowiki!
    Eon80 obviously isn't a wiki member anymore.

    Author:   Symphonic Abyss
    Date:   May 12, 12 at 12:21pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: The Pokemon Neowiki!
    Phi - Neither are Dragoon and Avalith.

    "There are 4 staff members" in the team member section needs to be "There is one staff member."

    Author:   Ninthlite
    Date:   Mar 13, 13 at 9:19pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: The Pokemon Neowiki!
    why do we need this when we have bulbapedia?
    I can only see this as being any use if the wiki is automatically linked when we state pokemon names or moves.

    What do you think is a better pokemon Bulbasaur or Charmander?

    Which move should I get on my Slaking? Sucker Punch or Hammer Arm?

    Author:   Sigma
    Date:   Mar 26, 13 at 9:05pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: The Pokemon Neowiki!
    Ninthlite Our goal on each of our Wikis is to become the kind of Wiki Bulbapedia is for Pokémon. We essentially want our Wikis to become extremely popular in the internet gaming community, and that's why we work on them so much.

    And as proof that it can happen, we have some Wikis on here like the Heroes of Ruin Wiki, the Pro Evolution Soccer Wiki, and the White Knight Chronicles Wiki that have made it to the point where they are some of the top sources of information on the internet. Although it seems Farfetch'd, that is our goal with the Pokémon Wiki. As of right now, there is actually a good amount done on the Wiki, though there is of course still a lot to do.

    Which is why we're asking for help. If we get the help we need on the Wikis, they can end up like the Heroes of Ruin, PES, or WKC. Think of all the publicity Neo would get from that, as well.

    Sorry for the long response. xD

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