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Author:   Dragoon
Date:   Jul 10, 12 at 10:47am (PST)
Subject:   The Creed: Forum Guidelines
Assassin's Creed III Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Assassin's Creed III forum. In order to provide an environment suited for everyone it's essential to lay down some ground rules for you all, so we can all enjoy the forum together. Please read this rules and make sure you understand them before posting in the forum. Ex


For a more thorough run down on the rules, please read the Neoseeker Sitewide Code of Conduct

Section Moderators

Aura (360) -- Stitch (PS3) -- TurMoil911 (PS3) -- Shadow of Death (PC) -- Dragoon (Wii U)

Category Moderators

LOD-squa (360) -- Chelskiman (PS3) -- Sonic Flash (Wii U)

Previous Forum Moderator

Profile PM

20/7/2012: Added 30 page rule - Dragoon
26/8/2012: Added LOD-squa as 360 Category Moderator - Dragoon
27/10/2012: Added Dragoon as Wii U Section Moderator - Dragoon
15/1/2013: Added embedding videos rule & Removed EricF as Section Moderator (360) - Dragoon
19/3/2013: Added Aura as 360 section moderator, removed Lorx as PC Category Moderator, added SF as Wii U Category Moderator- Dragoon
11/4/2013: Removed myself as local moderator following requested demotion. Thanks guys <3 - Dragoon

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