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Author:   seanburns92
Date:   Nov 30, 11 at 2:31pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career

Belarusian Third Division

So I had taken control of RGUOR Minsk in the 4th tier of Belarus because of their insane facilities, unfortunately they cost me £100'000 per month this season so I lost money like there was no tomorrow. I have 1 aim in this and that it to try and not sign anybody all season, being heavily reliant on my awesome academy although top youngster would have to be sold at some point to make up for the money we were losing.


With only the league to focus on the board wanted us to follow through with the media predictions and win the league, should not be too hard.


We should have really been doing better with some of the results, particularly the draws, too many of them. Our loss to Veras was massive as well.

It was a big result because it enabled them to have a 4 point lead over us come the mid-way point. We had to make sure they dropped points when we came head-to-head again.

We entered the final half welcoming back a big player in our central midfield who had missed the entire first half so I felt optimistic. Unfortunately a draw to Veras meant we were trailing by 7 points, we had to win every game to stand a chance. We did and just had to rely on Veras to drop the points.

Which they did, only just. With 2 games to go they lost to enable us take top on GD and had to hold out. Very happy then as we achieved our board's expectations.


Sergey Metlitskiy
Our number 1 striker finished the season with 22 goals in 30 games and was huge in our quest for the title, the main provider of goals. In there purely for that reason.

Roman Kovalevskiy
Sergey's strike partner, Roman wasn't great. Stats-wise he didn't look terrific and was absent on on 2nd game because he'd been out drinking. His attitude to training was poor but he done a job, but he'll need to sort himself out if he's to stay.

Andrey Mishkovich
Our 16 year old 'keeper was fantastic in his rookie season. 16 clean sheets was testiment to that. Has 20+ years left and could well spend them all at RUOR.

Igor Astapov
Came back for the final 15 games and was hugely influencial. Managed 4 goals and a huge 11 assists in his little time and I look forward to having him for a full season next year.

Pavel Gerasimovich
Our Stevie G, he'd just pop up with a screamer when it was needed. It took him a while but he eventually started playing well, particularly in the final 10 games.

Dmitriy Slaboshevich
Would be unfair to not menion him. Took Astapov's place in the first half of the season and finished with 25 games and 13 assists. Was a brilliant option to have on the bench.

There was also our left winger Dmitry Zhukov who didn't get a mention but was good, in the sense that he would always deliver in times of trouble and our centre-back pairing of Alexandr Grantovskiy who finished the season with 4 goals, 3 assists and an avg. rating of 7.36, while his partner at the back, Alexandr Zhdanovich finished with 6 goals, 2 assists and an avg. rating of 7.40.

Author:   seanburns92
Date:   Dec 1, 11 at 6:40pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career

Belarusian Second League

So after last season's promotion success we went up to the 3rd tier, the Second Division. It also meant that we would be in the Belarusian Cup, so a chance to make some money for a good cup run. I couldn't help myself in the market as some good youths came up so I can develop them, but the academy churned out another great striker, Alexandr Lechkevich who looks amazing and will be given his chance this season.

Like I say, I couldn't help myself. Pakhomov was a Russian striker who had a lot of potential and would instatly be thrown in, Shtaer would be more of a backup striker, but again had a lot of talent already and for the future. Berezutskiy is a more defensive option in midfield, and again young and talented. Will hopefully make a formidable midfield partnership with Gerasimovich.


The board's expectations this season saw them wanting to win the league again, from what I've heard about this league it shouldn't be too hard. They also wanted the club to reach the Third Round in its debut season in the Belarusian Cup.


Unfortunately it won't let me view just Second League games or even just cup games, so I have to do it like this. It started off a tough transition but in the end we finished on good form, our wonderkid Leshkevich was doing great as well when played, our top scorer at this point.

It also meant we were top after 15 games, the draw to Slutsk meant we were only 3 points clear, Veras remain a pain in the arse even at this level.

We went out of the Cup against our parent club Dinamo Minsk which disappointed the board, but they understood that we done well enough keeping the score respectable. The results weren't great but this league was competitive so we were still going well for the league.

So well we won it in fact, quite easily. Our end-of-season victory over Baranovichi meant that they missed out on promotion too. A very good season which sees back-to-back championships and back-to-back promotions.


Alexandr Leshkevich

A massive player for us, started the season off brilliantly and at one point had 8 goals in 8 games. Hit a goal drought but overcame it and finished as the league's top goalscorer runner-up. Was one of 3 players who represented our team in the league's team of the year.

Pavel Gerasimovich

"Are you Gerrard in disguise!?" Another player who represented the champions in the league's team of the year. Pavel could've had his own goal of the season reel, was outstanding and continue to run our midfield.

Andrey Mishkovich

Was good this season, but not outstanding. Was apparently the best goalkeeper in the league as he was the 3rd player in the team of the year. Improved so much this season, future Belarus number 1!

Dmitriy Slaboshevich

Had a good season and shifted Astapov out of the team. Still young and still improving, looking forward to his future at the club.

Dmitriy Zhukov

Was struggling to think of another player, but he definitely deserves a mention. Was instrumental on the left wing and creates a lot of chances. Was good last season but really came on this season, although he has taken a decline.

Author:   Adidas
Date:   Dec 3, 11 at 10:57am (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career

First Season the board wanted me to win the league and I did it easy.

I had some good players exspecially this 3 guys.

My striker who scored 25 goals in the first season and 7 in the second but he was injured half of the 2nd season.

My CB who was a beast at the back and it was because of him and my keeper we only conceded 13 goals in the first season and 12 in the second.

The keeper who did it really good in the first two seasons.

My transfers for the first season

Golik, Zhuk and Chaley where very good and Shidlovskiy was a backup and did Ok.

Second season the board wanted me to win the league again and it was easy again.

I got one very good regen and three good from my academy. I also got one for free with a PA of 160.

One of my best players and he has a 5 * and he is currently 4.5 *.

All of the have a 5 * potential.

The regen with a PA of 160 did really good in his first season for me but to bad he can't play in the 3rd season because of a rule with 0 foreigners.

My transfers for 2nd season.

I really recommend Makarov but the others where ok and good backups. Sosnovskiy is a regen.

Author:   seanburns92
Date:   Dec 4, 11 at 7:46pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career

Belarusian First League

Another season, another promotion. Just one more away from the Highest League, which as you can tell is the Highest League  There weren't many changes though, our 3 signings from last season were ineligble because they were foreign, so we were once again relying on Metlitskiy and Alexandr "Wonderman" Leshkevich for goals.

We had brought in Akintovich on loan to cover the left-back position because we had 2, and 1 was total shite. Also signed Yevlash who is good, young and a lot of potential. Also Belarusian so he can play this season.


So for this season the board wanted a top-half finish and an improvement in the Belarusian Cup, 4th Round expectations.


We quite clearly have struggled to adapt to this life, a few mid-week games bringing out our worst. Also a weakened side in the Belarusian Cup came up short, a poor showing not that I cared, but my board did.

It meant we were 5th come mid-way point and in a real mess. We were getting our bad run out now though so hopefully we should finish on our usual form.

We did turn around our poor run, but couldn't find enough form to mount a proper promotion challenge.

The wastes of space then finished 5th, would have won the league if we weren't squandering 10+ chances per game.


Pavel Gerasimovich

Was god awful for the first half, but really started playing in the 2nd half and was probably our best player in that period.

Alexandr Leshkevich

Again took a while to get going, but he eventually shown he can do business in this league, finishing our top goalscorer with a pretty poor 8 goals.

Vladislav Ivanov

Really came on this season and eventually forced a poor-playing Metlitskiy. Possible partner for Alex next season.

Dmitriy Terentjev

The final player; Dmitriy really came on this season and is probably our best cnetre back after 2 and a half years of playing right-back.

Metlitskiy, Zhukov, Grantovskiy and Mishkevich were big let downs this season, also with the "no foreigners" rule in the First League I am again without my 3 signings from 2 year ago, Berezutskiy really becoming pissed at not playing and so am I, he's probably our best CM, always improving and not even playing.


Andrey Mishkovich

Our number 1 and I've got a feeling he could be Belarus' number 1 in a few years time. Did disappoint this season but he's still very young and always improving.

Vladimir Lashankov

Came through the ranks last season and has been alright when played. Hope to have him and Leshkevich up front in a few seasons time.

Valentin Berezutskiy

Just look at him, I'm confident if we just had him and Pakhomov we'd have at least got promotion. Bullshit rules.

Ivan Kovalevich

Just had this guy come through our youth setup and looks very promising, alongside a number of players. Very impressed with who we've got this year, but he's by far the best.

Igor Pakulin

Always improving and starting to get chances. Got big plans for him.

Sergey Baha

The final one, also came through our academy this season and looks pretty damn good. Probably won't get first team football this season, will try and send him on loan.


Our aim next season is to do well and achieve our boards expectations in the Belarusian Cup. I also want to win the league and move on, hate it here.

Author:   seanburns92
Date:   Dec 6, 11 at 8:29pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career

Belarusian First League

So after last season's disappointments we remained in the First League, this time though as favourites. Unfortunately due to the league's "no foreign" policy and our financial difficulties I could only sign frees, and there weren't many good ones going so we entered season 2014 with pretty much the same team as last season.

We made 1 signing, bringing in Plaskonny from Dinamo Zhodeno on a bosman. He was young, talented and added to our many strike options. Out saw players who weren't good enough and 5th choice CD Kontesvoy who would have got limited time this season.


So as favourites to win the title, this is now what the board expects, but I imagine they'll take promotion. So will I. Belarusian Cup, the expectation is Fourth Round


A few lads who needed some match practice disappointed against Dinamo-2 Minsk, especially as we had a man advantage for a long period of time. Shocking really.


So yeah, I can now view my league and cup matches seperately. We were rotating a lot more, with talented youths coming through who needed game time. It served us well for the first half of the season, performing very well in front of goal.

And so we were top at the mid-way point, a very good start and needed to keep up our good form to ensure we'd take the title, with the race for promotion really tight.

We struggled in places and at one point dropped bak to 4th, with the leading pack all very close, but we picked up and were solid, especially towards the end of the season.

In the end we won the league by 3 points, finishing with the best defence in the league and scoring the 2nd most goals, despite a heavily rotated team. Highest League here we come!


Vladislav Ivanov

Finished our top goalscorer and had a pretty good record it has to be said. 11 goals in 16 league games is very good and I imagine next season we won't be rotating much so he should get more game-time.

Alexandr Leshkevich

Much more productive this season as a ball-to-feet target man. Always improving and I have no doubt he's going to end up in the national team. Should make a formidable partnership with Ivanov next season.

Mikael Yanush

Our new captain played brilliantly when he was called upon, finishing with the most assists in the team. Leaves me with a difficult decision for CM.

Andrey Mishkovich

Improving brilliantly and a much better season from the future national number 1. 11 clean sheets working well in our favour, deserves to be vice-captain and became the first player to reach 100 appearances for the club.

Dmitriy Terentjev

Was outstanding this season and definitely a star performer. Still young and improving I see a very bright future for him in the centre of our defence.

Dmitriy Slaboshevich

Another solid season for another young CM. Helped a lot with the team around the area and scored some important goals. Another "young and improving" player.

Pavel Gerasimovich

Our oldest squad player continued to remind me of a Belarusian Steven Gerrard, bombing forward and controlling the midfield. It's because of him, Slaboshevich and Yanush I'll be having a problem in deciding on next season's CM's.

Grigoriy Shatalov

Wouldn't have been fair not to mention him. Was brilliant from start to finish and proved to me that he didn't have fitness issues. Was a solid right mid, improving well.


Sergey Kulchiy

One of last season's recruits, impressed me this season and was very solid in the right-back slot. Forced me to think about our usual first choice Evgeniy Kozlovskiy.

Sergey Ruzetskiy

A new recruit and looks like a brilliant prospect. Will try and give him some game time next season.

Andrey Nikitenko

Came through last season but didn't play this season, yet still improving and will get game time next season. With a left mid leaving in the summer there's a gap and hopefully he'll step up.

Ivan Kovalevich

Got some game time and played pretty well. Good with his passing and hopefully has a bright future here.

Vladimir Lashankov

Played a bit this season and scored goals, another definite bright spark from our academy. Looking forward to seeing how he develops in the Highest League.

Igor Pakulin and Dmitriy Novik

Would like to mention these two. Both played a bit this season but neither were that great, the former being decent at best. However both are still young, developing and do look pretty good. Unfortunately that's a cramped CM to break into, may have to turn back to my 4-3-3 for next season.


Our aim for next season is to finally start making some money, get a good cup run and do as well as possible in the top division. Hopefully with a good run we can achieve some European football.

Author:   JohnRush
Date:   Dec 8, 11 at 7:51am (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career
2nd season with Sporting CP is over:

Again I came second in the league behind to Benfica:
Pos   Team       Points
1st Benfica 84
2nd Sporting 74
3rd Porto 73

My team just hit a blip towards the end of the seasons which practically ended my season. However for a 2nd year running, I won the Taca de Portugal, 2-0 against Braga thanks to Jeffren and Leandro. Managed to give Henriques and Pedersen a little run out also.

Best players in the team were:

Leandro, Just as last season, a freaking god upfront! was pretty much keeping me where I was in the league with goal after goal after goal in the league.

Kryvstov, only signed him in January but has made a big impact! quality performances game in game out.

Jeffren, quality player in the wings for me, was always consistent when I played him and his performances show it.

Best youth players
Henriques, home grown player than come from the academy last season and he has just been pure class for me in the midfield. Should become a quality player in the future, he's had interest from Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool over the season also.

Pedersen, signed him for free at the start of this season after being recommended to me, and i'm glad I did! he's has been awesome on the wing for me forming a great partnership with Leandro. He's also had interest from Chelsea over the season.

Williams, signed him for free also and only started using him towards the end of the season so I didn't burn out Andre Santos but has stepped up and been putting in some quality performances.

Author:   Drachbo
Date:   Dec 10, 11 at 5:10pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career
JohnRush. Well done getting in front of Porto, lets hope your next season will turn out even better and third time will be the charm. Some of your players had fantastic seasons, and your youth seem to be ready to contribute already (Pedersen seem to be playing above his quality really!).

Author:   JohnRush
Date:   Dec 10, 11 at 11:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career
quote Drachbo
JohnRush. Well done getting in front of Porto, lets hope your next season will turn out even better and third time will be the charm. Some of your players had fantastic seasons, and your youth seem to be ready to contribute already (Pedersen seem to be playing above his quality really!).
Thanks man! Pedersen just seems to produce the goods when I play him! Leandro is just a god in this league, bargain in the end at £9m. Hopefully I will be able to win the league this season, brought in a couple decent players this season which should push for a better title run this season.

Author:   garthy1706
Date:   Dec 15, 11 at 8:06pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career
Manchester United 2011/12

Now that Fergie has retired my aim is to carry on his legacy and hopefully one day win everything with a squad of players that have come through my academy. For this season though I want to win the league and hopefully win the Champions League back from Barcelona. Let the story begin.


After watching Basel beat Utd on TV with the help of Shaqiri and Xhaka I thought I would scout them to see how good they are on the game. The scout reports read well so decided to sign both of them. I also signed Willian to play the advanced play-maker role after reading many good reports about him on here. I also wanted another right back as I am going to use Smalling as a Centre Back so I went for Sime Vrsaljko as he is relatively cheap and very good prospect. During pre-season I also decided to get rid of players who I very rarely use when I am Man Utd. So that meant Carrick, Evans, Park, Berbatov & Kuszczak left the club.

I also remembered that Barcelona beat BATE with a lot of there good youngsters so scouted most of the ones that played and bought the ones that would turn out good and they arrived in Januray. During that month I let Drinkwater and Matt James go as they were never going to figure in my first team plans and there contracts were up in the summer so I thought I might as well get some money out of it.

League Cup

Our journey in the League Cup didn't last very long. I put out a young side to give them some experience. We played well but went down 1-0. Not overly fussed as this was the least of our problems.

FA Cup

We had an easy start to the FA Cup against Sheffield United at home. I played a young side that included some of the Barcelona players that had just signed. It looked like we were heading out of the competition until Sime Vrsaljko scored an 88th minute to cancel out Ched Evans early goal. I played pretty much the same team in the replay and played a lot better. Danny Welbeck scored a hat-trick plus Ravel Morrison and Gerard Deulofeu both scored there firsts for the club. I made a couple of changes for the Southampton game but Clevery 2 from Welbeck and a Phil Jones header made sure we went through. We then played Fulham and 4 goals from Wayne Rooney help us get through to the Quarter Finals. Our journey ended this as a injury plagued squad lost 2-1 to Spurs.

Champions League

I was handed quite a tricky group with Ajax, Valencia and Udinese. We came through it though relatively easy. We only dropped points in the last game away to Valenica. I played a weakened side in that game as we had already qualified. We were then drawn against Villareal in the last 16. After losing the opening leg 3-1 I knew we needed something special in the home leg. 5 goals from Hernandez helped us to a 7-2 win. We then drew the short straw as we were drawn against Barcelona. After going 2-0 in the Nou Camp we ended up losing the game 3-2 but we had 2 away goals which were vital. At home the match was quite comfortable and a 4-1 victory meant we went through to the Semi's to play Chelsea. After a couple of months out with injury Wayne Rooney scored 2 goal to give us victory at Stamford Bridge. In the home leg I had 2 men sent off but we sill progressed to the final.

On paper we had an easy game as we had already played Valencia twice in the group stages and not lost to them, but a final is a different game and they had already knocked Real Madrid out. The problem I had was that Vidic, Rooney, Young, Fletcher & Shaqiri were all out injured so that meant I started with Macheda up front and Robbie Brady on the left wing. We played poor in the first half and we were behind to a 14th minute goal at half time. I was aggressive with the players at half time and it worked as Hernandez scored an early goal to bring us back level. After that we were poor again and we conceded a penalty in the 84th minute. I thought that was us but De Gea made a great save, and then Macheda scored a few minutes later. We had won the Champions League.


After beating Arsenal 4-0 in the first game of the season my confidence was high but after a couple of changes we were beaten 2-0 by Swansea . I made sure I didn't make that mistake again. We lost a few more games in the first half of the season but we also had some big wins against Sunderland and Fulham to help the goal difference and make sure we were top.

We lost to Arsenal but we got revenge on Swansea and beat them 4-0. We had a resounding 8-0 win over Wolves. That helped us stay unbeaten until we played Chelsea. After they beat us 3-1 the players got nervous and started dropping silly points. A 7-1 win against Fulham ensured we won the league with a game to spare. I played my reserve side to make sure I didn't got any silly injuries and they won 3-1 to give the fans a win in the last game of the season.

In the end we won the league title to make it number 20. I hope for more of the same next year.

Youth Prospects

I had a few good youngsters but below are my main 2.

Has some very good stats and I have very high hopes for this guy. Was hoping to play him against Norwich but was with the England U19's. Will definitely get some game time this year though.

Started him in the game against Norwick and he played well and scored the third goal. This meant he broke the league and Utd's record for youngest goalscorer. I will give him plenty more game time next year.

Next Year

I will be getting rid of some deadwood and will also bring in some new players to help out. Will hopefully do better in the cup competitions to give my youth some more chances, but hoping to retain the league and Champions League.

Author:   ccfc_joe
Date:   Dec 16, 11 at 6:55pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career


Pre-season went very well, winning most of my games, although losing to the one superior opposition we faced. The best 3 players were: Don Cowie/Kenny Miller/Kevin Mcnaughtonalthough no-one is guaranteed a starting place as yet.

Author:   gamersnsd
Date:   Dec 17, 11 at 8:28am (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career
Is it okay if I just post up a MAJOR result from one match? If not, I guess I'll go back and sort out my first 2 seasons with LA Galaxy...

But I'm currently on my third season with the LA Galaxy and just BEAT Barcelona at the FIFA Club World Cup 2013! Managed to wiggle my way to the finals.

It was a big surprise, I tightly marked, closed down, and show onto weaker foot etc for Messi, Villa, and Sanchez... LOL Of course, Fabregas and Xavi were shut down too.. Weird thing is, the game didn't play Iniesta.

The black squares are there to block out my name.. I used my real name and created myself as a midfielder who started out at LA Galaxy - so this is my 3rd season as Head Coach and player haha

Oh... can't post more than 2 urls.. If anyone wants me to, I can post up my in-game character stats.

Author:   seanburns92
Date:   Dec 17, 11 at 5:59pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career

Belarusian Highest League

So promotion meant we were now competing in the top flight after 4 frantic years. So with those expectations now gone we had new ones; To become an established European team.
Also like to point out that I holidayed half of the season after screwing up a bit, resting too many players and giving others chances. It was becoming annoying.

We made much more changes than I expected. A number of players left, Lashankov went on loan with first team chances in short supply here. Slaboshevich's slae put us back in the green, if only for a little bit. In we signed a new backup goalkeeper (Urretaviscaya), another backup centre-back (Acosta), Kucera was another defensive option who could play in the centre and on the right while Lukic, Blokhin and Georgiu were left backs.


The board's expectations was to achieve a top-half finish and also get to the Fourth Round of the Belarusian Cup. I had no worries about achieving these targets.


2 easy ties meant we would go into the new season into the 4th Round. Target achieved and now we have to go hunting this trophy next season.


A very indifferent season where we struggled for consistency both on the pitch and with our line-up. I have no doubt that if we had an established starting XI we would have managed European football, or come very close too.

And so with our debut season season in the top flight out of the way we could look back on a 5th placed finish. Not the best, but it was a decent start.


Andrey Mishkovich

Was voted the best goalkeeper throughout the season and was pretty brilliant. Still young and improving as well, he's an absolute rock in the team.

Alexandr Leshkevich

Next up our top goalscorer. While Mishkovich is the club's record appearance holder (133), Leshkevich has gone down in the record books with the most goals for the club, with his 10 this season taking him up for 43. An absolute beast and an integral part of our team.

Pavel Gerasimovich

The last player with me holidaying half the season I'm going purely off stats and Pavel "Gerrard" Gerasimovich finished as ou highest assister this season. Now 31 we need someone to start coming in for him, but he again proved he's not past it yet.


Next season we MUST finish in the top 3 or get European football if we're to hold onto our stars. Some of our more highly rated youngsters have got to start accepting loan deals because few are progressing, but this new era continues.

Author:   JohnRush
Date:   Dec 18, 11 at 7:28pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career
3rd season with Sporting CP is over:

Finally I won the league with Sporting
Pos   Team       Points
1st Sporting 81
2nd Benfica 74
3rd Porto 69

The team was pure class all season, only losing 1 game all season they proved the rightful champions. Also for the 3rd time in a row, I won the Taca de Portugal, 2-0 against Porto this time thanks to Emmanuel Adebayor and Miguel Henriques. Due to the timing of the game a lot of my players were away on international duty (Leandro, Andrea Poli, Sergiy Kryvstov, Matias Fernandez etc.) So a young team played (Santamaria, Pedersen, Henriques etc.) so not the most experienced attack. However Adebayor stepped up and proved he still had it with a great finish then Henriques scored probably his best goal of his career taking two players on before blasting it in the corner

Best First Team players:

Leandro, Just like last season, the best player for me this season and arguably the best player in the league for the season. He reached the 100 goal mark for the club and is only going to get better from here

Kryvstov, a winter signing last year who has gone on to be a crucial part of my defence, been blending him in with a young back-line and has adapted well and proving a big hit with other clubs such as Arsenal.

Jeffren, I didn't use him as much as last season but when he was called upon he delivered, he still managed to get the highest amount of assists in the league.

Poli, a new signing in the summer to replace the aging Stijn Schaars, instantly adapted to the league putting in quality performances week in week out.

Adebayor, brought him in on loan in the summer to finalise my dealings. I signed him as backup for Leandro as last season I suffered when he was injured as I had no one for backup who was at the right level. Adebayor was offered to me for a 1/5 of his wages so took him on and repaid my faith 17 goals including one in the Taca de Portugal final.

Rodallega, a free signing in summer, a bit like Jeffren in his role. He had a slow start but soon picked up with average performances of 7's each game he turned out to be an important player scoring important goals.

Fernandez, another quality season from this lad again as usual, contributing to 20 goals this season one of the best for the season

Best youth players
Henriques, This kid is really starting to come into his own, he had an injury plagued start but towards the end of the season he shone scoring the winner in the Taca de Portugal. Being home grown he is one of my prized players but with heavy interest from Chelsea and Man City it may be hard to keep him.

Santamaria, beat Tottenham for his signature in the summer after he was released from Real Madrid and has become one of my most reliable players. When Insua took a big blow he did a great job filling in for him at LB. Should be a quality player for me in the future.

Williams, was another free signing a couple years back and has really started to put in some quality performances, his stats are coming along well and with tutoring from current captain Andre Santos he will hopefully adopt a similar role in the future.

Pedersen, I took a punt when I signed this guy last season but it seems to be paying off, not the most technically gifted but it doesn't seem to matter as his high work rate seems to make up for it. Pretty much a poor mans Dirk Kuyt. Not bad for free.

Author:   Drachbo
Date:   Dec 20, 11 at 11:42pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career

Season Statistics
  • Barclays Premier League : 5th
  • UEFA Europe League : Semi-finals
  • FA Cup : Third round
  • Carlings Cup : Fourth round

League Player Statistics

Nr. Name Age App. G A AVG

#24 Tim Howard 34 34 7.04
#35 Tom Heaton 27 5 6.92

#2 Tony Hibbert 32 7 1 0 6.52
#3 Leighton Baines 28 38 1 9 7.03
#5 John Heitinga 29 33 7 0 6.96
#6 Phil Jagielka 30 37 8 0 7.17
#15 Sylvain Distin 35 6 1 0 7.17
#18 Phil Neville 36 9 0 0 6.72
#28 Kyle Walker 23 33 0 1 6.95

#7 D. Bilyaletdinov 28 29 1 6 6.98
#8 Gareth Barry 32 38 1 9 7.03
#10 Royston Drenthe 26 28 4 3 6.98
#11 David Bentley 19 33 3 17 7.06
#14 Reto Ziegler 27 26 6 4 7.21
#17 Tim Cahill 33 31 12 3 7.12
#20 Ross Barkley 19 22 0 1 6.82
#21 Leon Osman 32 10 0 1 6.69
#22 Adam Johnson 25 14 1 0 6.85
#23 Seamus Coleman 24 3 0 0 6.55
#26 Jack Rodwell 22 32 1 3 6.92

#9 Oscar Cardozo 30 11 0 0 6.33
#12 Frazier Campbell 25 4 0 0 6.45
#19 Magaye Gueye 22 34 20 5 7.19
#27 Samed Yesil 19 1 0 0 -
#37 Paul Reilly 18 1 0 0 5.70

Author:   Vangelis21
Date:   Dec 21, 11 at 6:59am (PST)
Subject:   re: Story of Your Season & Career
hello guys.
I will be posting my story in a little while but could someone tell me how to make my pictures appear like seanburns92 ?

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