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Author:   combobreaker
Date:   Oct 5, 12 at 9:08pm (PST)
Subject:   Where is the Naruto Gaming Youtube entertainment?
I love playing naruto games and from time to time, i look up epic fights, tips, commentaries, and stuff. But there's a few people making GOOD Naruto videos... Why is that? Do you know any GOOD Naruto commentators?

So far i know about 4 amazing channels:

SpyN09 (One of his videos)
Dude is relaxed, brings up good topics, shows awesome fights

ShikasClouds (One of his videos)
Makes small naruto machinimas, rarely does commentaries, but uploads epic fights

GameCoreOnline (One of his videos)
He commentates over fights like if its MLG with a little comedy, epic fights

IchirakuTV(One of his videos)
Shows amazing combos, epic fights, randomly chooses his characters and shows off skills

Know any other Youtubers that are entertaining?

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