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Author:   Shadow of Death
Date:   Sep 18, 13 at 9:10am (PST)
Subject:   Your Best/Favorite Loot
Well, list it here, and give personal reasons if you will.


Butcher - This is a very handy shottie. It works well for second winds, especially if you slag the target first. It's tight enough that at medium range, it can be used effectively with The Bee. It fires faster the longer you use it (until it hits maximum fire rate), and randomly refills ammo as you fire, leading to variable clip sizes. It's best not to reload it unnecessarily, because it can end up costing you ammo. It's basically, in terms of application, a leveled up version of the Conference Call.

SWORDSPLOSION!!! - This is also good for second winds, especially with the x3 variant. It's a bit risky to use at close range. If you revive from the initial shot, the subsequent explosions can down you again. At medium range though, it's useful, especially since it can get around corners a bit.


Law - This gun, while being an above average Revolver in its own right, doing more damage than most revolvers of the same level, it also gets +100% accuracy when scoped. The real advantage of it is that it's one of the few guns to exceed the 50% melee damage limit for weapons, and always has the melee attachment besides. Paired with the Order Shield, it's an exceptional weapon combination for either a Melee Zer0, or Melee Focused Krieg, since not only with the Order give ROID damage, but it will heal you significantly with each strike, so long as you're capable of outputting a high amount of Melee damage. That, plus the fact that the gun is so easily obtained (A short mission in sanctuary that will take you seconds to complete if you ignore the optional objectives, which in turn would only take you a few minutes).

Rubi - A Moxxi class of gun, meaning that it will heal you whenever you do damage with it equipped (the source of the damage doesn't matter. It can be grenade damage even). It can also come with a +50% melee damage (Evisceration Rubi), which makes it especially useful for melee focused characters.


Sand Hawk - One of the best guns to pair with The Bee, since if all shots hit, it will multiply bee damage by 7. The waving pattern and slow projectile speed means it's not a gun for all enemies, but it's ideal against slow moving targets.

Bitch - An excellent gun for most situations. It has good damage, fairly large clip, decently high fire rate, and extremely tight fire pattern after the first few shots.

Plasma Caster - I usually wanted one of these (or the Blasters/BlASSters) when I was leveling up to the current limit. They lasted a good while.

Assault Rifles:

Blaster/BlASSter - They are basically the AR version of the Plasma Caster, in terms of use.

Gatling Gun - Failing a legendary gun, blue and purple variants of this gun especially are pretty useful. Each shot does a fair amount of damage, and if all three projectiles hit, especially in a critical spot, there will be a lot of damage. Not ideal with The Bee, but if you're not one to play around with The Bee, it's a good choice. These are especially useful in the first playthrough.

Sniper Rifles:

Lyuda/White Death - This is a useful sniper if you use the Bee, and a decent sniper anyway, due to its large clip size and fast firing rate (automatic)

Pitchfork - A good slagging gun, assuming you get a slag variant, and a nice enough substitute for the Lyuda. It costs 2 ammo per shot, which is a big downside.

Railer (Maliwan) / Moloko - Before the Magic Missile was introduced in DLC4, this was my favorite way to slag when I didn't have a suitably leveled legendary slag sniper. I'd slag, switch and have fun. I preferred the Maliwan railer (for higher proc chance) or Moloko (larger clip) over the Dahl. Less chance of wasting bullets, even if the Dahl would basically be guaranteed a slag after the burst fire happened. Chances are just one or at most two of the shots would be needed against a similarly leveled enemy.

Rocket Launchers:

Mongol - Most useful against larger targets groups of enemies.

Nukem - It's best when you can get one with a clip size larger than 2 (there even exists a 5 clip variant), since the gun uses two ammo per shot.

Norfleet - This is basically an upgrade to the PRAZMA CANON, which is bandit. This is a large area of effect e-tech type rocket launcher, and the projectiles travel in an arc. It's dangerous to use in close range, because of the large area of effect damage.

Grenade Mods:

Meteor Shower - A more powerful variant of the Bonus Package. Both grenade mods have double the listed MIRV grenades, since each MIRV will drop a second one. In both cases, you want either a homing or Longbow. It helps if it's they are Sticky variants as well.

Quasar - This is an exceptional shock grenade mod. It does a large amount of damage, and its large singularity radius means it'll draw in more distant enemies than usual.

Storm Front - Another powerful shock grenade. It does a lot of damage within the area, so it's more ideal than the Quasar if you're going after either one enemy, or a tight group of enemies (esp. Indoors).

Pandemic - An exceptionally strong corrosive MIRV. Three corrosive trails will seek out the nearest target(s) and deal very high Corrosive DoT. It's ideal against mechs, though be warned that if there are no enemies to target, the trails will explod on surfaces after a time, and if you walk through it you'll receive the DoT instead.


Might of the Seraphs - Increases Melee damage a bit. I use it on Zer0 and Krieg, though the boost isn't huge, every little bit helps.

Bone of the Ancients - Increases both cooldown and elemental damage.
     Proficiency Relic - It helps increase cooldown, though it could be a bit better.


The Bee - This is the best shield for DPS, bar none. It adds the listed damage to each projectile so long as visible multipliers aren't used, as it will divide the damage between them instead (Invisible Multipliers will result in bee damage being multiplied, hence the value of the Sand Hawk, Lyuda, Pitchfork, etc). Unlike normal Amp shields, The Bee not only doesn't consume shield charge (and thus requires 0 recharge time between amped up shots), but it does more amp damage per shot. Its weakness is in its low capacity and high recharge delay. Certain classes, namely Axton and Gaige have skills that offset the delay significantly, and there are relics that will help as well.

Hide of Terramorphous - This shield is exceptional in that it is does everything it is listed for well. It's an exceptionally good close-quarters shield. Both a melee Krieg and Zer0 will benefit from this shield the most, but since it is fire element focused, it's ideal with Krieg in particular, as he has a tree that boosts fire damage.

Flame of the Firehawk - The only legendary mission reward. Its special effect is causing a fire element nova every second or so when the shield is completely depleted. Exceptional close quarters shield.

Black Hole - Triggers a singularity when the shield is depleted, and then explodes with a nova blast. Ideal with a Melee focused krieg, since the lack of a shield at close range means he can trigger his bloodlust rampage and restore his health once it's at or below 33% (health bar shaking) whenever it happens.

The Sham - An absorb shield, and one that can come with the ridiculously high absorb chance of 94. I personally don't use this, but if you're facing a hail of bullets, it might be a good option.

Deadly Bloom - A purple rarity mission reward, though it can drop from any suitable loot source if you're lucky, as it's classified as a Legendary rather than a unique. It gives off two strong nova damage blasts. One when shields go down, and again when you enter Fight for your Life. It is not uncommon for the nova damage to revive you, if the enemies in your vicinity are either weak, or low on health.

Might have forgotten a few >_> I didn't list class mods because there are so many between the characters, and it all depends on what your playstyle is. I MIGHT make a list of those in the future though.

EDIT: Forgot the Sham. Mainly because I never use it, personally.

Author:   GoPens
Date:   Sep 18, 13 at 12:54pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Your Best/Favorite Loot
shotgun: Butcher name says it all 8) awesome fire rate & additional ammo effect

pistol: DP Harold of course & infinities for the obvious reasons oh yea grog nozzle too

smg: sandhawk bar none best out there but Hellfire & Bitch also good

assault rifle: kerblaster and shredifier for commando only

sniper rifle: Cobra cuz mr.Torgue said so

rocket launcher: norfleet just for 2nd wind

grenade: magic missile atm but love the fire bee & meteor shower cuz its always fun to blow shit up ;p

relic: sheriff's badge or elemental relic pending on the boss

shield: bee and agitator

Author:   stephers
Date:   Sep 18, 13 at 7:06pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Your Best/Favorite Loot
I'm not exactly far in the game, nor do I know what most of the weapons are called. But I love the guns that have elemental damage haha And the ones with the "shoots as fast as you can press the button" are pretty cool too

Author:   MLongfellowDeeds
Date:   Sep 19, 13 at 7:05pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Your Best/Favorite Loot
Heh, I was going to a Neo 'poll' of sorts this weekend using the same idea...breaking it down into category's and see which weapons are the favorites around here. I'm going to go 3 each category and it can be on a points system as well (1 point for #3, 2 points for #2, 3 points for #1). Here we go:

1. Anarchist [Rate of Fire is amazing, fairly accurate, large mag size, decent damage....what's not to like?!]
2. Gwen's Head [In the right hands, this is one of the most deadly pistols in the game if you know how to use it. Very high crit damage, long burst, and can come in all elements. Dahl relic makes a big difference with this gun...recoil reduction + burst fire delay = perfect]
3. Maggie [BL2 Masher!!! Doesn't hurt that it's the best looking pistol in the game]

1. SWORDSPLOSION!!! [EXPLOSIONS?! nuff' said.]
2. Heartbreaker [A shotgun that heals you!]
3. Conference Call [I don't use shotguns that much, but this one is decent for longer range.]

Assault Rifles
1. Shreddifier [Fire rate is too good to pass up]
2. Lead Storm [My personal favorite Terra killer]
3. Ogre [Solid AR against all types of enemies and real good RoF for a Torgue weapon. Splash damage is higher than average iirc. Very fun to use on my Two Fang Zer0 build]

1. Hyperion Plasma Caster [All Plasma Casters are amazing, but Hyperion is my favorite because of it's accuracy]
2. Bitch [Most accurate SMG in the game, and bonus crit damage is icing on the cake. I still need to farm for one of these in UVHM]
3. Slagga [Decent damage output, but no other weapon in the game can slag as many targets in a shorter amount of time.]

Sniper Rifles
1. Lyuda [Really high accuracy, RoF, and crit damage. The special effect can come in handy, too. For some reason, I can't get one to drop in fire/shock/corrosive ]
2. Invader [Got this in a chest not too long ago and it's quickly becoming my favorite sniper rifle. Pin point accuracy and if you get one with a Hyperion grip (bigger mag size, faster reload speed, etc..) then it makes for a very fast style of sniping play. The sound is great, too.]
3. Volcano [I may be in the minority of players who like this sniper rifle, but it's nice to set everything on fire and headshots with it are very satisfying.]

Rocket Launchers
1. Badaboom [Bar none. Rocket launchers are made to get you up from FFYL and this one fits the bill. No slag required. To fire 6 rockets at the cost of 1 ammo? Yeah. I'll takes it.]
2. Topneaa [Crazy high fire rate and splash damage, and consumes less than 2 ammo/shot.]
3. Pyrophobia [I like it for it's special effect, but the first two I listed are the main two I use]

Grenade Mods
1. Storm Front [Shield stripping (myself and enemies)/healing over time with Rubi. Best grenade mod in the game.]
2. Chain Lightning [Instant healing when paired with the Rubi.]
3. Breath of Terra [Only grenade of it's kind...not the best damage wise but it's cool to watch every enemy in the area set on fire ]

1. Sham [Lots of enemies will shoot you, and this is the best shield in the game to protect you from that.]
2. Blockade [Been using this shield a lot more often with my Commando class. The damage reduction is noticeable and the capacity is above average.]
3. Hide of Terra/Love Thumper [Each shield serves a purpose on my melee build. Love Thumper is a lot more user friendly, but the HoT can't be beat for overall roid damage]

1. Bone of the Ancients [Self explanatory.]
2. Sheriff's Badge [If you use pistols then there is no better relic in the game...boosts RoF, damage AND increases FFYL by 15%!]
3. Skin of the Ancients [I like to increase my shield capacity on certain builds, elemental resistances are an added bonus]

I may have forgot some weapons, but I'll stick with this list for now.

Author:   Shadow of Death
Date:   Sep 19, 13 at 7:54pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Your Best/Favorite Loot
quote Stephers
I'm not exactly far in the game, nor do I know what most of the weapons are called. But I love the guns that have elemental damage haha And the ones with the "shoots as fast as you can press the button" are pretty cool too :colored:
Then you'll like Maliwan as a manufacturer, as they're always elemental, and have increased elemental effect chance.

The "Shoots Fast" gun effect is part of the Jacobs line.

Author:   stephers
Date:   Sep 19, 13 at 7:57pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Your Best/Favorite Loot
Shadow of death Ah I don't know how you can remember that but I guess those are the ones I do like! :3

Author:   Shadow of Death
Date:   Sep 19, 13 at 8:08pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Your Best/Favorite Loot
quote Stephers
Shadow of death Ah I don't know how you can remember that but I guess those are the ones I do like! :3
Things like that area really easy to remember after playing the game a bit, and I've managed close to 600 hours, so yeah >_>

No worries though, you'll learn the quirks fast enough.

Author:   MLongfellowDeeds
Date:   Sep 19, 13 at 8:21pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Your Best/Favorite Loot
If you have played for over 1,000 hours then you will remember weapon parts and prefixes, too. Heh.

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