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Author:   Fury
Date:   Jun 24, 12 at 10:09am (PST)
Subject:   Halo 4 Forum: Rules, Guidelines, and Expectations

Halo 4 Forum: Guidelines and Thread Index

Welcome to Neoseeker's Halo 4 forum, where you can discuss the Xbox 360's premier first-person shooter, developed by 343 Industries. Keeping a clean community where anyone can enjoy themselves has always been a priority on Neoseeker. To achieve this, there are certain expectations we have of our members. First, please read the Forumwide Rules of Conduct, Etiquette And Acceptable Behavior to gain an general understanding of what is expected while you enjoy your stay here.

Please keep in mind to respect the opinions of other members. Debates should remain just that, and never reach the level of flaming. If you do feel that another member has been disruptive, you may use the report function found at the bottom-right of every post. Such matters may also be discussed via private message with the moderators of the forum:

Forum Moderator(s)


Section Moderator(s)


Category Moderator(s)


Larger matters may also be discussed with the Super Moderators.

Consider the following before posting...

  1. Clone Threads - often times, the thread you're considering making has already been made previously. Please first use the search function at the bottom right of the forum to find threads similar to yours, and post in one of those instead.
  2. Personal Content - avoid posting threads about your own videos, images, custom maps/gametypes, or in-game achievements. There will be dedicated threads for these things which you may use instead.
  3. Advertising - advertising of any sort does not belong here. If you want to post about your clan or event, then you may post on the Halo Clans, Tournaments and Challenge forum.
  4. Spam - please put thought into your posts, and avoid short-message replies such as "epic fail dude!" or unoriginal image replies.
  5. Game Threads - game threads should not be posted without moderator permission. Typically, these threads add nothing to the community. If you do happen to have a cool idea for a game thread that you feel is substantial, then please post your idea on the Requests, Feedback, and Suggestions thread to get the consensus of the other members and moderator approval.
  6. Inappropriate Content - pornography and other questionable content such as gore should not be posted. Before posting, please put thought into whether what you're posting is appropriate for a forum with many young members.

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