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Author:   Saeglopur
Date:   Sep 22, 11 at 4:11pm (PST)
Subject:   Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Forum Rules
The following rules are set in place to provide the forum with a nice, enjoyable atmosphere. Deciding to go against these rules will ultimately end in punishment, so it's a good idea to have a read through them before you begin posting in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Forum.


Advertising external websites in this forum is not permitted. If you create threads or make posts that are in any way deemed as advertising they will be deleted on site and the perpetrators will be dealt with accordingly.


Flaming can be construed as any type of threats or abuse towards other members. This rule will have a zero tolerance policy and any posts that the moderators deem abusive will end in severe punishment to the offenders. The aim of this forum is to have fun and share our opinions and stories about Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, so flaming will not be tolerated.


The act of Memberating can be described as a forum member trying to take on the role of moderator. Such examples can include if a member wants a thread closed or for another member to be banned. This can be very frustrating for moderators as they have a job to do without having to worry about members that decide to memberate. If you see a post or thread that needs to be dealt with then by all means use the report function (report) and then let the moderators decide how to deal with it. Alternatively you can use the PM function to also let the moderators know of a post or thread.


Spamming is the act of making useless and pointless posts, sometimes in the aim of raising post count, whether it is overall or solely in the forum itself. Spamming will not be tolerated and repeat offenders will find themselves being punished. Posts should stay on topic to the thread at hand at all times, unless it is specified otherwise (i.e. an off topic General Discussion thread).

Thread Titles

It is advised, when creating threads, to have a tidy thread title as it avoids confusing and it also improves the forums overall appearance. Long and unclear titles can look messy and can cause some confusion if they are not laid out correctly. Also, try to avoid using multiple exclamation and question marks, as this also looks very tacky.

The moderators are very fair and are easy to get along with as long as you abide by these few simple rules. You can also check out the site-wide forum rules here.

Happy posting!

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