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Author:   Fluroclad
Date:   Jun 10, 11 at 7:17pm (PST)
Subject:   Modern Warfare 3 Rules and Regulations
Modern Warfare 3: Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Forum. The aim of this post is to give you a guideline of what is and what isn't allowed in the Modern Warfare 3 forum. Please read through all of the posts. These rules are in addition but not limited to the Forumwide Rules of Conduct, Etiquette and Acceptable Behavior. Similar to the sitewide rules, the spirit of the rules will be enforced.

Since the Call Of Duty forums have a relatively large community and highly viewed within Neoseeker, we ask for you to be respectful of other's opinions. While differing opinions and confrontations between members are natural and expected, in no case should you ever attack/insult another person or his/her opinions.

Please, also take the time out to read What kinds of threads do not belong here? and also What kinds of posts do not belong here?.

If a problem arises in the forum. First and foremost, utilise the report feature, which is at the bottom of every post, if something needs to be brought to a moderator's attention. Feel free to send any of this forum's moderators a PM with any questions you have.

These are just the general rules of the forum. If you have any other questions, you can make a post asking your question in the Requests, Feedback, Suggestions and Forum Announcements thread, or you can privately message a moderator.

In addition, please feel free to introduce yourself to the forum here.

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Section Moderator(s)

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Super Moderator(s)

In addition to the forum moderators there are Super Moderators who hold higher authority within Neoseeker. They should only be contacted if a serious problem/issue arises. The forum Moderator(s) should be the first to be contacted.

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What kinds of threads do not belong here?
These are not welcome here because they can lead to dangerous sites which force you to download something (spyware, malware, trojan etc), or give personal details to emails, this is why they aren't allowed among other reasons. You do however have your personal signature to advertise features which are not forum related, it is also a policy that the Neoseeker rules enforce.

When the game is released it is likely that there will be glitches and people attempting to boost/hack, and discussion on how to do Glitch X, which does not need to be promoted. Boosting is also heavily frowned upon by the majority of the Call of Duty community, which is why threads on how to do so, and organizing Boosting lobbies/asking for a Boosting partner are not allowed. The same applies to threads about hacking, how to do it, prestige hacks etc.
Game threads can be difficult to control, because of this you will need to ask for a Moderator's permission to create a game thread. If you have any ideas for a Game thread, you can either post your idea in the Request, Feedback and Suggestions thread or Privately Message one of the moderators directly. These aren't allowed as they often lead to flaming and spamming, but also because some people post the video as an advert for their youtube channel. Videos themselves however will be allowed in the Videos thread once the game is released. Please do not create any Brag threads to talk about a specific accomplishment. Please use the Brag Thread (Once Created). Specfic Topic rant threads are allowed if the moderator sees enough discussion can make the thread worthwhile. Otherwise please use the Rant Thread (Once Created). Yes, Call of Duty: Black Ops is an 18/Mature game but this doesn't mean younger audiences do not visit the forum. A simple search, by a younger member, on Google can lead to this very forum and we don't want children to ask their parents "what's that long thing". Any content like this should be removed from view and the Moderator(s) of the forum wil swiftly take action by removing the content and punishing the member. Please do not make thread titles in capital letters, that are stupidly long, or thread titles that ask half a question. 'How can I...' is not an acceptable thread title and it will be changed. Thread titles are not used to lure people in; people will view your thread if they want to view your thread. Posting in capital letters makes the forum look bad and unprofessional.

Failure to follow these will lead to warnings and possible bans

What kinds of posts do not belong here?
Posting just to mark something as "fail" or "epic fail" is spam. It adds nothing useful to the thread. If you are going to quote someone, you need to add your own message as well. Quoting someone else and posting their reply doesn't add anything new to the thread. Even if your opinion is the same, there's still something you can add or change to it. This includes but is not limited to messages such as "QFT" and "[/thread]". Posting a picture as a reply is spam. It adds nothing useful or new to the thread, and it's generally annoying to see the same pictures posted everywhere Direct, blatant flaming or attacking of a member is strictly forbidden. Any member found doing so should be reported and later dealt with by a moderator. You're not the moderator, therefore you shouldn't act like one. Saying "this thread will be close" will not be tolerated, you can however direct them to an appropriate thread, politely.

Failure to follow these will lead to warnings and possible bans

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Author:   Whelan
Date:   Oct 11, 11 at 9:46pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Modern Warfare 3 Index
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Thread Index

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