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Author:   Aeirou
Date:   Jun 16, 12 at 6:54pm (PST)
Subject:   Forum Rules
Welcome to the Dragon's Dogma Forum.

This is a joined forum between both 360 and PS3 users. Below are the guidelines to be used when posting within this forum but these rules are generally the same you'll be following anywhere throughout Neoseeker.

Use Good Grammar

Nothing is worse than having to read badly structured posts. It makes you looks foolish and uneducated and usually ends up getting your post ignored or deleted. To ensure everyone can actually read and understand your posts, please don't use SMS speak, 1337-speak, abbreviated language or slang. At least try to use proper punctuation and sentence structure.

No Spamming

No spamming will be tolerated in the forum, be it double-posting, flooding, excessive use of profanity, advertising, or off-topic discussion. Keep your posting on topic, otherwise, your post(s) will be deleted.

No Flaming

No insulting or provoking other members in the forum; this is a discussion board, not the school playground. If you flame, your post(s) will be deleted and you will receive a warning. Fail to stop and you will receive a ban.

No Memberating

Memberating is acting as a moderator, such as telling other members off for spamming. You are not the moderator you are another member. Memberating tends to cause more problems than it solves as members will ultimately take your suggestions as a personal attack. Use the report function instead. Memberation will result in a warning, then a ban if it persists.

No Duplicate Threads

Before making new threads, check the Forum Index and the last few pages of discussion. Duplicate threads will be closed and redirected when and where applicable.

No Distributing Illegal Products

Absolutely no discussion on mod chipping, burn disks, or roms. Aiding other members in these practices will not be tolerated. This is not just a forum rule this is site wide policy. Neoseeker will not be involved in any way shape or form with the distribution of illicit materials. This rule will be your only warning.

No Discussion concerning Game Sharing

While Game Sharing is considered by most as perfectly okay we (Forum Moderator(s) and Site Admin) feel Game Sharing is too risky a topic to discuss. Handing out your password to a complete stranger in order to get free games is a form of Piracy and piracy is not tolerated on Neoseeker.


Let's follow the rules and keep the forum clean guys.

*Credit to General PS3 Forum for typing this up, credit to me for stealing it from them.

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