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Author:   Khornos
Date:   Oct 8, 12 at 7:04pm (PST)
Subject:   Favorite puzzle?
What was anybody's favorite puzzle in this game?

I found the sound puzzle pretty clever where you listen to the sounds to cross the board and fight the mute guardian however I just casted the invisible spell and walked right in.
Fun tip: If you don't kill the guardian but walk right in then walk back out that mute guardian will remain frozen in time not firing back at you.

My other one is later in the game you go back to HourGlass Square a second time (as an old geezer) which eventually you cook some kind of tea herb for an old women (which she gives you a Seal into Vel Subek's Memory Sanctuary) by putting two ingredients into a flame cooker in her house and get a free knife in the process. (not that the free knife with a blade fine as the Queen Of England does you any good after this level)

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