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Author:   Aurora
Date:   Feb 15, 12 at 8:40pm (PST)
Subject:   What's new in LBP Vita?
This stuff:

New Tools
- Unphysicalize – a tool that allows removal of all physical properties from an object, allowing Sackboys to pass right through them
- Sticker Scrubber – allows removal of all stickers and decorations from an object without having to remove them one by one
- UV Tool – allows for zooming and rotating of a pattern on an object
New Materials
- Rain Material – Allows creators to add weather effects to a level by inserting dynamic animated raindrops which can be edited with the UV tool
- Invisible material – the opposite of Unphysicalize which allows for invisible objects if you want to create invisible boundries in your level.
New Logic
- The Memorizer – makes it possible for creators to allow players to save their progress on a level, even with inventory
- Text Tool – allows level creators to insert text into their levels without speech bubbles or notes, complete with varying fonts and styles
New Tweaks
- Static/Dynamic materials – a feature returning from LBP PSP, allowing creators to set materials to static or dynamic, forcing them to either stay in one place or obey the rules of gravity
- An option to instantly destroy anything an emitter emits after the emitter has been destroyed by the player
- Bounce Pads can have a customized sound effect (or none at all), as well as adjustable bounce height.
- Creators can add achievements to their levels

I'm not expecting this list to be exhaustive, but nevertheless, what do you think?

Player-created achievements sound particularly awesome.

Author:   Mudkip94
Date:   Mar 2, 12 at 2:16am (PST)
Subject:   re: What's new in LBP Vita?
I really like how you can add rain to your levels. I can see some levels just being a Invisible world level and not being able to complete the level because the person put an invisible wall that no one can pass.

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