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Author:   mrdmkd
Date:   Jan 3, 13 at 4:37pm (PST)
Subject:   I need help with mage builds
Hi all, I like to try a mage, battlemage or spellcaster type class out I just dont know what type mage class that can solo, i love solo in all my games, i do not like trade skills, so no smithing or alchemy i will do enchanting.
Anyone able to help me out with some advice on various mage builds that can solo please?

Author:   psiberzerker
Date:   Jan 3, 13 at 5:50pm (PST)
Subject:   re: I need help with mage builds
Spellblade is the most versatile for standalone. It's also the easiest transition from non-mage classes. The toughest thing to learn is Magicka Management, but you have a solid backup you don't have to switch out to, because it's already in your hand. (You can also swap out spells if you're good at juggling.) And finally, once you learn the Battle Tactics, you can alternate between Striking, and Casting so your Stamina recovers (From a Critical Charge) while your magicka recovers, and vice versa.

That usually means Destruction, Bolt Spells, Firebals, and Ice Storm, which is the real beauty of this school. Even if they're cold resistant, the secondary effect drains stamina so Dragons can't take off, and the tertiary effect slows, nothing is immune to that except Frost Atronachs (Which are slow enough already.) Wall Spells are the most powerful, if used right. They burn for 20 seconds and if you don't hold it down a full second, it doesn't cost the full magicka. You have to keep them in the AoE, though, so fight them (with your sword) stun them with a shield, or kite them around through the path. Before that, you can use Cloak spells in similar ways.

Conjuration is nice so that if you need help, it's a quick cast, wherever you point it. Flaming Familiar is the best halfway between Destruction, and Conjuration, it's basically a guided Fireball with a 6 second Fuse, and you can have Bound Sword for a good weighless weapon that can't be disarmed, and you can smuggle in anywhere. Add in Atronachs, and Dremora Lords, and followers arent's really needed. (You can travel ight to carry your own gear.)

Alteration, because it's lighter than armor (Which will only slow you down,) and can be perked for Magic resistance, and Spell Absorbtion (Doesn't mix with Summons.) Some utility spells too, Detect Life for a heads up, Telekenesis for grabbing stuff, Paralysis can save your life...

Illusion is advanced. If you're going for a total mage, it's a great school, but has a steep learning curve, and doesn't do damage by itself. (Really good for Nightblades, which are Spellblade Assassins.) can completely replace Sneak for Stealth with Quiet Casting, Muffle, and Invisibility, which allows you to make your escape. Invisibility, and Conjuration is just plain unfair, they get romped on by your monsters, and have no idea where you are to attack you.

Author:   blackomega34
Date:   Jan 4, 13 at 1:52pm (PST)
Subject:   re: I need help with mage builds
I don't see much complexity in making a mage build...

Tell you what...

Make your character, keep using flames.
Join the college of winterhold as soon as possible.
Get a 'summon famlilar' and 'firebolt' spellbook from said college.
Destroy stuff as it comes up.
Get better books as you level your conjuration and destruction.
Invest in perks for conjuration and destruction.
Get level 100 in both.
Forget the other three schools because they do not really help you, except for restoration which is only handy if you play on Master.
Congratulations, you have officially unlocked godmode. (press RT to unlock)

Author:   hbn
Date:   Jan 4, 13 at 1:55pm (PST)
Subject:   re: I need help with mage builds
Also important that you invest in Enchanting, since enchanting your own gear offers way more benefits than finding stuff lying around. Enchanting fortify magicka regen enough will mean that eventually you will negate magicka drain of quite a few spells meaning endless spellcasting.

Author:   The shadow wolf
Date:   Jan 4, 13 at 2:58pm (PST)
Subject:   re: I need help with mage builds
Well try wabbajack and maybe a enchanted sword also invest in destruction spells and conjureation spells also a dagger will help as well also are you looking in being a medic Mage as well?

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