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Author:   oni_hero
Date:   Jun 27, 12 at 5:47am (PST)
Subject:   How did your Vampire War begin? Dawnguard DLC (Possible Spoilers)
My friends and I have been comparing how we first discovered the rumor that started the DLC... And I found I had a rather violent opening compared to some of them.

I was chatting up the Inn Keeper in Whiterun after making some new dragonbone weaponry, and got the rumor for the Riften Makover in the ratways. I decided what the hell and went to check it out, but the second I stepped into Riften there was mass Hysteria. I thought it was just another Thief being run through by the guards, but as I got to the center of town I noticed bodies everywhere and guards rushing a group of a few people, well, Vampires. After killing a master vampire and two thralls the others seemed to have been taken care of. As I was looting the neat looking vampire armor a guard walks past and goes.

"So I heard they are reforming the Dawnguard, I wonder if Vampires are becoming a problem....."

REALLY?!? Half the market district are dead in the street, from vampires! Then the quest popped on the screen, which caused a chuckle.

Apparently Vampires are attacking cities randomly now, but none of my friends seemed to have this happen before they started it, so I thought it was neat.

Anyone else have a fun/interesting start to their Dawnguard experience?

Author:   x_pontifex_x
Date:   Jun 27, 12 at 10:37pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How did your Vampire War begin? Dawnguard DLC (Possible Spoilers)
I loaded up, it was saved in Riften. Walked past a guard, he mentioned Dawnguard, quest popped up and i went to the cave that leads to the DG base. Fought 2 bears on my way. Nothing fancy.

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