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Author:   Twilight
Date:   Oct 20, 11 at 9:15pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
Depending on your depth of role-play it very well could effect the game should you keep your backstory in mind at all times and truly become your character. But it doesn't have any ingame value unless you give it some. They give us the tools to create our world... I take full advantage of that. I'll write up a backstory when I get off this iPod and finish eating lol.

EDIT: Okay, about time I did some backstories. They are VERY simple because there isn't really much to go off of, sadly. ;~;

Author:   shaunybaby
Date:   Oct 21, 11 at 4:28am (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
Shorkey is a man of honour and justice instilled into him by his Nordic parents, He grew up on his fathers farm south of Bruma where he showed a talent with a blade and magic chasing off rodents, wolfs, and the odd hungry lion.

Shorkey was involved with the daughter of a wealthy nearby landowner, Elissa. Elissa's father did not approve of their love, so much so he devised a horrific plan to rid Shorkey from their lives.

Shorkey, along with Elissa and his parents were visiting the Imperial City as they were to see a local performance on King Vrage the Gifteds conquest of Skyrim. After the performance had finished the foursome were walking back to their Inn for the night, but were ambushed by a pair of Kajiht who quickly slaughtered Shorkeys parents. Unprepared and without his blade Shorkey was no match for the hired guns and was knocked unconscious.

When he awoke he was covered in the blood of his parents, sword in hand as guards discovered the crime scene "Stop right there criminal scum!" they screamed at him and started to chase. Shorkey managed to out maneuver them and headed back to his farm, where he discovered he beloved Elissa impaled on his very own weapon.

He headed for Elissa's estate to inform her father but as he traveled north he came across a camp. Desperate running from the law and looking for food he approached the camp looking for a generous party to give a just a scrap of food but what he found in that camp was the truth.

There sat the two Kajiht that killed his parents and lady, he over heard them saying "I wish Mastik would hurry with our coin, I want to get out of here." upon hearing this he attacked them with a fury he did not know he possessed and he carried on north to the estate. When he there he didn't find Elissa's father, just Mastik whom he been stabbed in the gut with a ebony dagger. When interrogated he spouted out that he was double crossed and his attacker said he was heading into Skyrim and then Guards bust into the room.

Shorkey slayed them and headed for the border...

Author:   Honogurai
Date:   Oct 21, 11 at 9:43am (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
I played Elder scrolls since Morrowind, i always played the same character named Eruadan (elven name for Gabriel: Man of God) a dark elf. Heres my story...

Indoril Nerevar was the Chimeri king of Resdayn (modern-day Morrowind), a war hero who united his people. There are 2 stories describing his death.

Nerevar was killed during or shortly after the Battle of Red Mountain, under disputed circumstances. He is said to have killed Dumac, the Last Dwemer King.

But in Ashlander texts as well as accounts by the Dissident Priests found in Vivec's temple, however, it is written that Nerevar was not killed in combat, but by his three advisors, Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil. Afterwards, they set themselves up as the new gods of the Dunmer.
For their treachery, Azura (a Daedric Prince whose sphere is dusk and dawn) proclaimed that someday Nerevar would be reincarnated and would make things right again.

Now im the reincarnated Nerevar, named Eruadan my quest continues in Skyrim. To find the nordic god Alduin (or Akatosh) hoping to come closer to the truth and the killing of the unrightful gods of the dunmer: Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil.

Author:   pansimi
Date:   Oct 22, 11 at 2:04am (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
I have Morrowind, so I'll start from there...

He was a Bosmer thief named Spiv (from book I just read named "The Horker's Law"). He followed rules for thievery passed down through his family. He followed them in almost everything he did. They were useful n many situations besides thievery.

One day, he got caught. He was set for execuion, but persuaded them to lighten the punishment from that to just eternal exile. He was sent from the province Cyrodil to Morrowind. His friend Juib helped him through it.

When he got there, he took the time to learn as much as he could from the locals, including he man who let him out. The man gave him orders to go to a man in Balmora. Spiv went there and found the man. His name was Caius Cosades. Spiv joined the Blades and started doing missions for the emperor. At first, he collected info, then started getting items, then finally went out to kill Dagoth Ur with Keening and Sunder.

Cyrodil heard about this and let him back. He came back and learned that, soon after his arrival, the emperor of Tamriel had been killed. People blamed Spiv, who knew he was innocent. He went out of his way to learn more when the magical power that kept the gates of Oblivion closed was lifted. Demons took over the country, being the cause of mass slaughter everywhere. Spiv tried to fend them off with his enchanted weapons Keening and Sunder, but they only worked on creatures and ash vampires. The demons quickly destroyed thse and wraithguard, the legendary glove.

Soon, Spiv overcame this, too. He decided that he would take the place as emperor. He thought t would be a good idea to tour the country he owned alone. He decided the province of Skyrim as his first destination. He went there and found out he wasn't only elated to Nerevar, but also to dragons.

"Here we go again," were his first words there.

Sorr for any typos. I have a crappy kindle.

Author:   Twilight
Date:   Oct 22, 11 at 2:21am (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.

Another backstory, which is actually going to be my first character and it's very simple. It's the build I have been going on and on about since I heard about mining, woodcutting and in general the "skilling" skills, lol. It's a build centered around using noncombat skills to level. :3 Anyways, the simple backstory is that [Un-named] was raised in the slums and was always told that he would never make anything from himself because "where he's from defines where he will go." He just seeks to prove those who said those words wrong. Obviously once I get a race and name and just evolve the character more in general, I will be able to add on stuff. But atm, not so much. ;~;

Author:   JacqueseVonRIP
Date:   Oct 22, 11 at 1:56pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
Gnasty Gnorc was once the ruler of an army of Gnorcs who had succeeded in taking over vasts amount of land, stealing things, and turning his great enemies, the dragons, into statues. Unfortunately, one young heroic dragon evaded him and ended him.
But it was not the end for Gnasty. Somehow, he found himself in another land - the land of Skyrim. Now Gnasty (Gro-)Gnorc spends his time running around killing non-orcs (who he has mistaken for Gnorcs) and stealing colourful jewelery. He wields a two-handed blunt weapon and uses magic etc etc.
Anyway, now that dragons have appeared, Gnasty thinks it's his chance to get even and return to the dragon realms. Will he succeed?

Author:   CaptainSpcyNips
Date:   Oct 22, 11 at 4:53pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
My nord character will wake up staring at his bound hands with no memory of his past other than his first name, Darrok, and his age, 23. As he escapes his execution he will learn of the people, races, lore, and cities of tamriel. Maybe every once in awhile he might remember a face or important phrase but still has to survive in this strange land of Skyrim.

Author:   CaptainSpcyNips
Date:   Oct 22, 11 at 5:10pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
My nord character will wake up staring at his bound hands while being dragged to his execution with no memories of his past other than his first name, Darrok, and his age, 23. After escaping his execution he must learn of the races, people, lore, and cities of tamriel while traveling across this strange land of Skyrim with the occasional memories of familiar faces or phrases.

Author:   Turkagent
Date:   Oct 22, 11 at 5:16pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
My Wizard(mage)'s story will be something of the sort:

As a child the Breton's sent him to train at the wizard academy of Cyrondill. For several years he studied at the newly formed guild hall of Bruma. By the age of 16 he found had received the required letters and gone to the Wizard Academy of Cyrondill. Once there however, he saw the corruption of the wizards, saw how they conspired to hide secrets and to not share their power with other magic users. In order to send a message to other wizards concerning the abuse of power he found in the academy, he killed the archmage and fled to Skyrim. Once there however, a legion of battle mages captured him, sealed away his powers, and threw him into prison for execution. His main goal is to regain his powers and form a true academy of magic where knowledge is freely shared with everyone.

Author:   Daho
Date:   Oct 25, 11 at 11:14am (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
Why was that reported? :L

Author:   ScousaJ
Date:   Oct 25, 11 at 11:14am (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
*Edit: This only took me about 10 minutes so please excuse any nonsensical things or stuff like that.

My first character will be a Nord.
He was born into the tyrannical ruling family of Bruma, who overthrew the count/countess 30 years prior to my characters conception. At the age of 5 he was by far the best warrior in Cyrodiil. At age 10 he began to mine, and chop wood, being the most efficient in Cyrodiil - and enjoying it.

At the age of 13 he began to steel anything and everything and spread it around the streets of Bruma. Anyone who opposed him was killed. 3 months after this he sold what he stole in Bruma, to merchants in Chorrol. He then stole supplies there and sold them in Bruma. The money he made, he gave away - only to steel it back.

However, eventually everyone - even his family - wanted him dead, and they chased him out of Bruma - and upped the defenses. However, he still infiltrated the city and terrorized the citizens. The same year (age 14) he burnt down a nearby cabin and killed three babies, two 7 year old kids and an 81 year old. The "adults" were out getting fire wood - until there house became fire wood.

Upon discovering who he killed, he became mentally unstable. He regretted everything he did - and tried to settle down. He was turned away from everywhere except the waterfront.By now he was 21 years old. As he was drowning his sorrows in the Bloated Float - the new bodyguard refused to serve him more booze. So a bar fight commenced - and the bodyguard was killed.

My character was sentenced to 17 years jail sentence and then to be executed. Even the imperial prison couldn't hold him. He was placed in the same cell as the hero of Kvatch - due to another mix up with the watch - I-I assume. He bashed the hidden entrance open, not knowing it was a hidden entrance - he was just trying to brake the wall.

Two weeks after starting his jail sentence he was headed north - to Skyrim. He had heard that Skyrim was the land of the Nords and that he would be treated fairly there. However, when he entered Skyrim - illegally - he wash smashed over the head with a blunt object, by one of the guards. When he woke up he was told he was to be executed for crossing the border.

As he was being lead to his execution he began to remember things - such as how to fight, use magic, his name etc. When he submerged into the free world, he knew nothing of his past actions; but something within him urged him to help people.... Will he remember his past actions? Will he return to his criminal ways? When will he realize that he is the last of the Dovahkiin? 11.11.11 holds all the answers!

Sorry for the size, or for the boring content

Author:   TheSpiritMan
Date:   Oct 25, 11 at 12:49pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
I was an imperial vamp in oblivs so I'm gonna say around 200 years after oblivion someone spikes my dudes drink with the vampire cure to destroy my power. They make for Skyrim and I must follow to exact my revenge!

Author:   Aes
Date:   Oct 25, 11 at 6:28pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
I'm not that good of a writer so you'll have bear with me sorries for any inconvenience. (Also I'm carrying over my play from Morrowind)

Race: Nord
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Class: Hunter/Warrior
Magcika: Heal
Name: Anniken, Esia <work in progress>

History: Born in Windhelm, her name was given to her from how she was born, she neither cried nor screamed just gracefully came out the womb and the beauty she was blessed with. She grew up in an army camp moving from province to province. At the age of 13 she had witnessed a terrible war killing her father, her mother then moved to Rifton and re-married. Years later she had two other sisters, Anja, and Tonna as well as a brother, Soldin. She being the eldest she took up after her father and became a warrior often leaving home for months living off the land and taking mercenary jobs. Although she felt as a black sheep of the newly formed family she had a close relationship with her brother Soldin who often wanted to hear of her adventures. Being 20 now her newly formed family moved to Cyrodiil, she refused to move with them and parted ways to Morrowind.

Living in Morrowind, she illegally crossed the border, with a caravan full of skooma and other drugs as well as illegal weapons, being hired as a merc. She was told to protect the caravan at all costs and she did, killing 6 guards and a king’s noble messenger, taken to prison she immediately felt she had to prove herself and killed the first Argonian she seen, mother always said "Never trust a serpent". Once inside she worked with a Khajiit and smuggled in skooma and other items of want, after being caught she then killed a prison guard. On the way to her execution she then got word from the Khajiit that her family had been slayed, so she broke free only find that her mind is ravaged by pain and her body stilt with hate. Soon there after she ventured to find a new meaning in life only to uncover a secret that she is a Dovahkiin and it's the reason why her family had been murdered. After serving several years as a solider for the civil war that broke out in Skyrim, she chooses to live a life of a lone hunter.

Skills: Battle hardened and experienced with the long bow and swords, Eisa' is more than capable of defeating her enemies, while magicka is not her hobby she is capable of using it even if it's only minor healing and restoring. Highly intelligent she is a worthy alchemist and can create a wide range of potions and herbs.

Personality: Eisa Anniken is a natural hunter and prefers the land over cities; she has a high awareness to what’s going on around her. Quiet and often short for words, she is a loner and likes it as such, she is willing to partner up with allies for the sake of the mission. Caring and kind to kids, she is bold and brave and is considered fearless. She has a stern attitude and is somewhat of a 'sailormouth'. She doesn’t like Argonian’s often calling them serpents.

Author:   Unbeaten
Date:   Oct 26, 11 at 10:39pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.

A dragon ate him.

Author:   Andulo
Date:   Oct 29, 11 at 2:01am (PST)
Subject:   re: Character backstory.
My character is a young Dumner called Andulo Olamasa from the Telvanni Isles, where he lives in isolation from western culture in his nomadic tribe. He has always dreamed of travel but has been required to herd netch for his whole life, and occasionally fight off packs of Kagouti, Nix hounds and bandits. He is skilled in a combination of destruction magic and war axes.

One day the wise woman of the tribe had a vision of the world being consumed in fire. The vision concerned Andulo, and elderly Blades member and Alduin. The wise woman tells Andulo to travel to the city of Bruma in Cyrodil and locate the ancient stronghold of the Blades, Cloud Ruler Temple, from where he can speak with the Blades about the vision. After many weeks travelling, Andulo discovers the ruins of Cloud Ruler Temple, nestled deep in the Jerall Mountains.

With no hope of locating the Blades he takes to a night of heavy drinking in a Bruma tavern. Here he briefly spoke with a man named Esbern, who told him he had also recently failed to locate someone of great importance. Before he could enquirer any more, Andulo is offended by a drunken Nord. A fist fight between the two turns nasty when the Nord drew a sword and attempted to kill Andulo. Andulo, sensing near death, unintentionally, but instinctively bellowed two words in a language he did not understand - Yol Toor. An explosion of flames engulfed the Nord, killing him. Andulo stared in shock, but was unable to escape when the guards hauled him away to prison. He was to be executed the following morning.

That night he called upon his ancestors, summoning a spirit which killed a jailor and returned the jail key to Andulo. He used the key to break out of prison, dressed up in the guards armor and made it out of the castle, and eventually out of the city. He continued North until he had crossed through Pale pass across the border of Skyrim, where he ditched the stolen armor in favor of a set of fur armor from a bandit who attempted to kill him.

He was struck by an arrow. He fell unconscious, and awoke to find himself in a prison in Skyrim, his execution imminent.

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