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Author:   BluePhoenix
Date:   Jan 17, 11 at 6:42am (PST)
Subject:   Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Rules, Guidelines, Notices and Thread Index
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim forum, As you enjoy your stay here and discuss all things Nordic, theres a few things you should keep in mind. These rules are meant to be adhered to, you will receive warnings for breaking them, constant rule breaking will lead to bans.

[I] Spoilers Are A No No!
This forum has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to spoilers.

quote Anubis
  • Please make sure that any information that falls under this category uses a Spoiler Tag.

    [spoiler=insert title][/spoiler]

  • This includes any information released prior to Skyrim's release as well as mission spoilers, artifact locations, etc. Anything that reveals anything about the mystery. Obviously.

  • Failure too adhere to this rule will result in closure of your thread and may result in a temporary ban.
  • quote Anubis
    This rule also counts towards Oblivion, Morrowind, Daggerfall and Arena spoilers.

    I don't care how old a game is. Use common sense when posting a major event.

    There is ALWAYS the chance that someone has either been living under a rock for the past ten years or, simply put, hasn't been a fan of our beloved series until recently.

    This is probably the most enforced rule on this forum as of now. We are less than a month from Skyrim's release and people are going to be playing the past games over again.

    [II] To Spam or not to Spam!
    There is an off-topic General Discussion for a reason. Anything that doesn't pertain to Skyrim or the Elder Scrolls universe will swiftly be closed/deleted as necessary.

    [III]We don't Advertise here!
    Advertising is breaching the site rules. Dont make a thread or a post with an advertisement in it.

    [IV] No Flaming!
    Blatant insults or posts that are offensive by either being Racist, Prejudice or otherwise will be dealt with severely. These forums are to be enjoyed by All.

    [V] No Illegal/Pornographic Content!
    No linking to Illegal downloads, CD Keys or anything of that nature. Posting anything Pornographic is also a no go zone here. Remember that young people browse this forum too.

    [VI] No Memberating!
    The Supers installed the current mods for a reason, they will do the job they have been entrusted with, you shouldn't go around telling others how to act.

    [VII] No Duplication!
    If there is a thread active enough with the same topic you want to discuss, post in there don't create a duplicate thread, make sure to check the thread index. By the same logic, try not to double post, theres a handy edit button in the bottom corner.

    [VIII] Dont Bypass Bans!
    If you were 'lucky' enough to be banned, don't use another account to post here. IP bans can and will be used if necessary to enforce the first ban. Further Violations of this can result in a Perma Ban.

    [IX] Obey the General Rules of Neoseeker!
    Redemption laid down the Sitewide rules, read those too, for they will be enforced as well. Sitewide Rules.

    Feel free to PM one of the Moderators if you have any questions or need to discuss something in private. They don't bite after all

    Current Moderators


    Author:   The5thAvocado
    Date:   Jul 27, 11 at 9:48pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Rules, Guidelines, Notices and Thread Index
    Don't ban me!

    Ctrl+F is your Friend.

    Forum Community General Skyrim Gameplay Combat/Magic Skills, Jobs, and other Misc. Player, NPC's, Enemies, and AI

    Author:   Anubis
    Date:   Sep 12, 11 at 4:23pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Rules, Guidelines, Notices and Thread Index
    Member: Sage_Mantis
    Date: 9/12/11
    Type: Ban
    Details: 3 days
    Reason: Ignored orders to stop spamming/flamming and also took personal shots at a Moderator. Has been given quiet time.

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