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Author:   Cheeseman
Date:   Apr 4, 12 at 8:52pm (PST)
Subject:   Minecraft Forum Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines

[I] Please Do Not Spam Or Post Off-topic Threads
There is an off-topic General Discussion located here for topics not pertaining to Minecraft. Please use it. Any thread made exclusively to troll or threads geared toward insulting the players of Minecraft will be promptly shut-down.

[II]No Advertising in This Forum
Server Advertising is now in its own forum! Videos and stuff may be posted, but try to keep your videos in one thread and don't spam them. We try to avoid posts for buying and selling in-game content or accounts here as well, sorry!

[III] No Flaming
Neoseeker is to have a friendly and an enjoyable atmosphere. Posts that are Racist, Prejudice, Sexist, or otherwise will be punished severely.

[IV] No Illegal/Pornographic Content
Linking to or talking about Illegal downloads is not permitted. Such downloads are not something we want attributed to Neoseeker. Pornography is not permissible either (We try to keep this site PG-13) and will be dealt with harshly. Hacked clients may not be posted as many clients distribute the minecraft.jar which is property of Mojang.

[V] Try To Avoid Duplicate Threads
Please use the index and the prefixes for what they are used for. You never know, someone may have asked the same question you were going to. It's easy to search and may save you the effort of asking us.

[VI] Do Not Attempt to Bypass Bans!
If you were banned, do not use another account to post here. An IP ban can and will be administered to enforce the first ban. Further violations of this may end in a Permanent Ban.

[VII] Bumping Threads is Allowed
Bumping is allowed, but keep it reasonable. Bumping for the sake of bumping is not something that looks good to guests when they see us pointlessly reviving threads from 2009. Keep them within a year and make sure it's a thread that can be salvaged. Bumping only looks good if the thread has discussion value left to it. Use common sense!

[VIII]Have Fun!
Most important part of any forum is fun! Pull up a computer chair and stay awhile. We'd love to see you around!

How to respond to rule breaking posts

Click the button at the bottom right of the offending post and select the proper reason. That is it! It's that easy!

Another Note
The Forumwide Rules of Conduct, Etiquette And Acceptable Behavior can be read HERE.

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