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Author:   Aerotrunks
Date:   Jul 13, 12 at 12:03am (PST)
Subject:   First week complete: My impressions thus far
PSO2 has been out officially for a little over a week now (in the Japan region).
An international version was announced earlier, and in a recent interview with it seems that there will be two regional versions of the game (Japanese and International).

With the roadmap we can see the tentative schedule for implementation of features to the game.It really does look promising for the game so far.

I've been playing on and off for the whole week, more so the past few days, and I must say I've had a blast with the game so far.My FOnewm is level 18 and I just evolved my mag for the first time (current level ~32). (Sorry I don't have a screenshot of it, I forgot about the weekly maintenance.) Anyway, made it to the caves working on unlocking the desert area missions, definitely taking it slow.I'm not sure what its like playing on other ships, but ship 02 has a lot of English speaking players across most blocks so its been super easy figuring out menus, shops, visiphone, and pretty much everything that most of us can't read. So for me I've really enjoyed it thus far.
With the news about the second server I was a little upset, but not very shocked.I had anticipated playing on 2 servers, and I'll likely do that unless I get IP banned from the JP server or if the NA/EU servers suffer from lack of attention from SoA we've all come to see in the past. Anyway I'm still optimistic.

But I'm curious about some of your experiences so drop me a reply or pm!
Happy hunting!

Author:   Miller
Date:   Aug 2, 12 at 9:17pm (PST)
Subject:   re: First week complete: My impressions thus far
Unfortunatley your pictures don't seem to work for me.. What were the rares?

Author:   Aerotrunks
Date:   Aug 15, 12 at 6:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: First week complete: My impressions thus far
Oh yeah, look at that.They weren't special weapons, they were just those elemental ones (ie. Dim Saber +3).

Anyway its been over a month since the game has been out and finally Sega has taken a stand on players connecting to the game outside of the Japan area.

Sakai's interview can be found here.

I'm probably going to stop playing until we get our PSO2 US server.It was definitely fun while it lasted.

Author:   Tiger go Meow
Date:   Aug 16, 12 at 5:15pm (PST)
Subject:   re: First week complete: My impressions thus far
So they're going to do something to stop American players from playing? :<

I just picked it back up.

Author:   VeGiTAX2
Date:   Aug 18, 12 at 11:09pm (PST)
Subject:   re: First week complete: My impressions thus far
Recently heard about that and also a bit of a scare with the Sega ID system and attempts on the DB, if those attacks were originating from outside Japan the international community really has screwed itself over.

Hey look we're being abusive!

*ban on international players*


The logic in such a case would be an absolute failure.

Author:   Tiger go Meow
Date:   Aug 19, 12 at 11:56am (PST)
Subject:   re: First week complete: My impressions thus far
Yeah, but Sega isn't shy about saying how much they don't like the outside-of-Japan players of PSO either. They even had issues with the player base for PSU with hackers and glitchers and claimed that it was only international players doing it and not the Japanese at all.


I really don't know what the numbers and statistic for server attacks, hacked games, and so on are for the PSO titles. I just know I don't personally use any hacks, except the english translation files I got so I can at least navigate the menus. I really had trouble remembering everything.

Author:   Aerotrunks
Date:   Aug 22, 12 at 12:51am (PST)
Subject:   re: First week complete: My impressions thus far
The majority of the "hacking" attempts on the PSO2 JP server happened in known English speaking blocks.Specifically Ship 02 - Block 20, 21 and Ship 10 were known to have the NPCs moved to inaccessible locations.
Whether or not the international community were the only ones using these exploits remains a mystery, but a good number of English speaking players saw other English speaking players talk about and actually perform the "hacks".
Its safe to assume a few bad apples ruined a good experience for the majority of us.

Also, just because Sega updated the ToS it doesn't necessarily mean you will get banned for using a connection outside of the Japan area.I haven't been playing nearly as much as I was in July through early August, but I still haven't received an IP ban (or a ban of any type for that matter). It would be wise to keep quiet though while accessing the JP server and do the majority of your communication via a messaging program ie. Skype, rather than using the chat tabs in game, but that's just being cautious.

Also, the identity of the hack of the Sega ID database is anybodies guess, but mine would point the finger at the disgruntled few who were IP banned for accessing the game outside of Japan.

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