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Author:   Aerotrunks
Date:   Jul 4, 12 at 1:37am (PST)
Subject:   PSO2 Official JP Launch 7/4/2012
Game is being released on PC today, exiting the open beta.

For all the news in its translated story, head over here.

This news comes from here.

Tundra is being made available. Required level is 20.
Arks cash is now purchasable.All those who didn't check out My Room now must pay for it now, among all the other in-game purchases available (ie. storage, costumes, additional mags & characters).
The Matter Board is expanding.
Max Job level increases to 40.

There has been additional news detailing the games "roadmap 2012." That info is here (translated news can be found on the same bumped blog I linked above.)The roadmap details the timeline they plan to release additional content, and also narrows down the Vita release to spring of 2013.

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