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Date:   Jan 26, 12 at 8:02pm (PST)
Subject:   re: talking on mic
yeah tryed to use my mic today no one responded and it was like 3 games seems to me like people may just be focused on leveling themselves up then the hole team work aspect if anyone dose wanna play a team based game just send me a msg ill be glad to join

Author:   J
Date:   Jan 20, 13 at 6:22am (PST)
Subject:   re: talking on mic
I've got a mic but I don't know how to talk! I know there's K and J keys to type but I haven't figured out what the push-to-talk button is or where I can configure my mic!
Anyway it's not that big of a deal because I don't really have any friends to talk to on PC (I only built my gaming PC about a month or two ago; I got BF3 for Christmas and I'm still really bad!)
When I had Battlefield 3 on PS3 I was really good (I usually came first in every match, got loads of kills, worked as a team, played the objective - of course I still try to do all this now but as I said I'm not very good)
My best mate also had (still has) a PS3 so I used the mic loads but now I can't play BF3 with him anymore *sadface* but yeah...

You're right not a lot of people have a mic on consoles but generally the community isn't as strong and nobody wants to play as a team. For example if I was talking I'd be trying to say useful stuff for the team like, IDK, 'there's a tank at echo', or I'd be talking to somebody. But everybody else that has a mic doesn't even use it properly, they go out and spend money on it just to play shitty music down the *bleep*ing thing to piss everyone off.

Author:   KR_1250
Date:   Jan 21, 13 at 12:50am (PST)
Subject:   re: talking on mic
I have pretty much stopped using game chat altogether. On any game.

Arguing, annoying language, clingers, people playing with insane levels of background noise (kids etc) and worst of all stupid c*nts playing music down the headset.

I just dont use game chat anymore. Party chat or headset off. I play pretty much lone wolf style most of the time now anyway.

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