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Author:   Agent Mo
Date:   Mar 10, 11 at 8:44pm (PST)
Subject:   About Spoilers
Information about the game (particularly the campaign mode) that may spoil or ruin the game for others (such as what happens in the story), is, as im sure you're all aware, against Neoseeker rules and is very unfair on the people who you may be spoiling the game for. If you intentionally post story information in order to spoil the game for others, you will be banned - this is your only warning. When discussing the game's story or any information that may be considered a spoiler, please use the spoiler tags. Since some people may consider gameplay information as spoilers (even if some of you disagree), I urge those of you posting about gameplay segments to also use spoiler tags. Naming the tag with something like 'Gameplay Spoilers' is also recommended for those who dont mind reading about those kinds of spoilers.

Im aware that many newcomers don't know how to use spoiler tags, so i'll quickly explain it here.

Clicking on the 'Spoiler' box below the text entry field will cause this to appear:


The part between the tags is the information you want to post, and the part after the equals sign is the name of the spoiler. Here is a demonstration:


This appears like so:

Threads that have 'Spoilers!11!!!!!111' in their title do not require use of spoiler tags, however please use them anywhere else, and other game forums

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