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Author:   Arietta
Date:   Feb 24, 13 at 9:05am (PST)
Subject:   Windows Killing User Processes On Its Own.
Can someone please help me learn what's going on? I'm having a bizarre problem with Windows (that in the end, it's probably a hardware issue because I formatted this computer twice in the last few weeks, and everytime it's been doing the same).

Basically, Windows is killing some processes I start either manually or on startup. Such an example is Bitcasa, the app of a cloud storage provider that is supposed to run in the background, monitoring changes in your files to see if it should upload them. The icon of this program is usually on the place where the clock is. Every now and then I want to check the processes of my uploads just to find the program is gone, and I have to start it again.

At first I used to think this was a problem with Bitcasa itself, but now this has started happening with Dropbox - I have the Dropbox processes open all the time but sometimes I look at the system tray and the Dropbox icon is gone.

Its annoying so I would love anyone who can give me a hand figuring out what's going on and how to fix it.

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